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    Name: Persephano Shadow Thanuric-Ezmekiel


    Birthdate: July 16, 205

    ]Race: Wood Elf

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Persephano stands at a height of 5'11" barefeet, 6' feet if he's in his battle boots. Weighs 155lbs. He's usually outfitted in his Armed Forces garb, his rank crest on both shoulders and over his heart on his jacket. Unruly, salt-and-pepper coloured hair adorns his hair, it becoming this way from its natural green due to years of stress, combat and performing missions. Persephano has dull, hazel coloured eyes but accented with noticeable emerald green flecks in them. Scars are evident at first glance of him. His eyes always seemed to be transfixed in an everlasting scowl but a faint grin can always be seen on his lips. Walks with a graceful stride, as Elves should be in possession of, but with passion and a sense of direction and deliberateness. He's always wearing a form of light armour too. Leather bracers on his forearm, leather grieves and a dark, matte black cuirass (made of leather and bronze) on his torso.
    Transformation: N/A

    Personality:Persephano's personality is in contrast with his scowling demeanor. Soft hearted and always the gentleman towards those who show respect, he tries his best to refrain from swearing. He's more of a reluctant leader to his squad mates. he prefers to talk things out as opposed to barking orders. He treats his family and friends just as well. He cares for alot of things; his country, his family, his job, his home, etc...

    Alignment:Lawful Good

    Political Alignment:Riv Amar

    Languages Spoken: Eldarin, (learning Avarin in his off time)

    Job/Class:First Lieutenant of the Riv Amar Armed Forces' Western Watch and Border Patrolman.

    ]Inventory:On his person, Persephano carries his elven badge to signify his rank. He has a small pouch to hold his money. On his left wrist, he has a thick bracelet composed of animal parts that carries over a dozen different needles, each with their own effects and purposes.
    Weapon Name: Bladewhip
    Weapon Type:  Half blade, half whip.
    Origin Lore: By the reknowned Craft Lord in Riv Amar was this piece tailor made for Persephano himself. The current wielder asked for a blade that could move fluidly at any moment's notice. The Craft Lord answered, making this blade.
    Weapon Description:  (insert picture Manuel) The hilt is 11.5 inches long and composed of silver. The blade itself is an inch thick, 9 inches wide and 2 and a half feet long. The handle is composed of wood covered in dull bronze and bound by leather tightly. The blade itself is composed of steel and indurium. When it is in its whip form, the blade separates into thirten segments of the blade, each segment held together by bronze and indurium cord. The 'blade' is five feet and three inches long in this form. It'd be heavy for the average human man to lift and use, but it works well for just about any Wood or Moon Elf. Persephano has taken his time honing his skills with this weapon, knowing how it works and functions. He is able to wield it in a grandmaster manner whether it be in whip form or blade form. To activate the whip function, he only has to offer a miniscule amount of aether to get it to elongate and assume its second form.
    Special Properties: See up above.

    Armor Type:  Cuirass (part of a full set)
    Origin Lore: Persephano asked the Craft Lord to customise his standard Armed Forces armour in a way so that his family crest can be shown on the right side of his chest.
    Armor Description:  It fits on his torso perfectly. It's a bit dull to look at, being it always concealing underneath his tattered camo green cloak. It's lined with silver along the edges. It has quite a bit of wear and tear, due to Persephano's longstanding affiliation with the Armed Forces.
    Special Properties: Has a minor ward that, should he choose to activate it via aether price, deflects any metallic blow with a tangible, blue white barrier. The more aether he puts into using it, the more effective the deflect is. Example: if a rapier is gonna clip him, he might use aether to push the rapier away whereas if he's defending against a heavier equipped enemy and defending against a battleaxe he will use quite a bit of aether to send the battleaxe careening away. Note, him using the aether price function for this Ward will leave him anywhere from okay to extremely haggard and exhausted corresponding with the amount of aether used. Little to heavy amount, respectively.
    Armour Type: Bracers
    Origin Lore: Persephano wears it along with his cuirass. Likes to keep the scars on his forearms a secret.
    Armour Description: A pair of leather bracers that he wears. They're died black.
    Special Properties: N/A
    Item Name or Type:Vulnerary
    Origin Lore: He actually nicked this off an enemy when him and his squad were trailing a band of traitors who had run off with important documents. The thing is, Persephano doesn't know which needles are exactly but has a good sense of what they can do. He figures the red ones are used for poisoning that leads to death, purple ones are used to incapacitate, blue ones are used to alleviate pain and the green ones are used for healing; he found all this out through testing on animals, ashamed to say.
    Item Description:  Composed of animal bones and held together by animal gut(?), Persephano has kept this bracelet on his person. It's ornate, outfitted with fancy looking beads and twisted knots of leaves and other earthen things. It looks like a piece of jewelry or even something a Nomad would wear. It's appearance belies its true purpose.
    Special Properties:Houses many needles with remedies, poisons, etc all cultivated from his Elvish upbringing. Nothing too serious like auto-kill needles or any of that. He can't replenish them but he can reuse them.

    Talents: Good with animals.

    Earth Manipulation- Persephano has a deep understanding and complete grasp on the element of Earth. This could only be achieved through years of training and honing perfecting is skills. At the cost of aether, he can freely manipulate almost all earthen things. Herbalism is also included under this. Manipulating dirt, rocks, gravel, sand, etc costs only as much aether used. The more he uses, the more he reigns over. Herbalism is a bit different, costing more aether and even more concentration.

    Armed Forces Training- Persephano's been alive for a long time. He's served the military ever since he became of age (it seems to be a trend in his family). Training includes a long list of skills, including the Elven basics that have been honed and even advanced over time. He also knows rules of combat, hand to hand combat, all types of melee weapon handling, formulating strategies, etc. He's exactly what a First Lieutenant should be made of. And in time, even more.

    Cool Head- As a ranking Lieutenant, Persephano has learned to adapt to upbeat situations, no matter how perilous it may be or how dire the consequences are should be fail to keep a cool head. This, in turn, has granted him an unnatural cool demeanor for him when dealing with such situations.

    Persephano Shadow Thanuric-Ezmekiel was born on July 16, 205 to his parents Esmeralda Thanuric and Odin Ezmekiel. He's the youngest out of three. All boys. His elder brother Jeremiah and his eldest brother, Othaniel are his siblings. Odin, being the military man that he was, had them all trained at a very young age.

    When Persephano was about 12 years old, his mother passed away. The matter in which his mother passed was a terrible won. Having overused her own aether source did she go on a rampage against Riv Amar. The reason why is still unknown and the atrocities she committed are still spoke of even to this present day. Her name alone has brought feelings of disgust and shame along with the name, 'Thanuric'.

    This led to Othaniel leaving the family to join the Armed Forces of Riv Amar and Jeremiah turning to a life of crime in the wake. Persephano, having loved both his brothers (and still does)was at a sort of crossroads. On better judgment and self discovery did Persephano decide to follow not in his brother Othaniel's foot steps but joined the Armed Forces due to personal convictions and that in him joining would bring some sort of satisfaction to his widowed father.

    Persephano gradually rose through the ranks, settling at First Lieutenant for now. His own squad was disbanded after an inner dispute concerning his best friend, Lestrade.

    Now, having the famed sword, Durandal, in his possession Persephano has been granted Lieutenant Colonel status by the Armed Forces' General, Michael himself. Persephano continues to do his active duty as a trusted member of the Armed forces of Riv Amar all the while still trying to figure out his family's deeper history.

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    Character sheet is done.

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    Revised : Well done.

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