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    Yrys Lapis Visara, Marquis of Eternacht


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    Yrys Lapis Visara, Marquis of Eternacht Empty Yrys Lapis Visara, Marquis of Eternacht

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    Name: Yrys Lapis Visara

    Alias/Nicknames: Yrys the Salamander, Marquis of Eternacht, Prince of Eternacht

    Birthdate:June 18, 91

    Race: Gorgon Zaira

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Yrys is around 228 centimeters tall, weighing ninty six kilograms. He has a slender build with toned arms and legs. His skin is a pale white, dark blue veins apparent slightly in his arms, forehead, and under his eyes, giving the appearance of marble. His eyes are a gentle orange color with, the tapetum in the back of his eyes reflecting the same color with brilliance similar to small embers. His pupils are slanted like a serpent. His hair is white in color, reflecting the light of the sun slightly blonde, and falls down midway to his back, for these reasons many would say his outer appearance suggests warmth, though he is a cold blooded creature. Yrys was born with a terribly embarrassing birth defect. He does not have any female genitalia, and is thus a sexual deviant amongst the entirely hermaphroditic Gorgon society.  Yrys does not have any tattoos, as he believes if he were to permanently ink his body, he would grow bored with it and want to replace it within a month. Rather he wears traditional gorgons paints instead, keeping two artists under his coin purse just to wake up early and adorn his body, a different pattern each time.

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    Personality: Yrys is by all accounts an eccentric dandy and a narcissist, which unfortunately leave him very bored very much of the time. Yrys reveres structure, control, and beauty over all things. Just as well, Yrys feels a deep obligation to his Mother, the only one he feels is truly superior to him, and would do anything should she whisper the words. Unfortunately he does not show similar respect to his peers and advisors, and gets into trouble for shirking them for more enjoyable experiences.  Amongst his friends he can be very boisterous and energetic.  He loses his elitist qualities when he has fun, to the relief of his citizens and friends, and the annoyance of his family.  He is incredibly ashamed of his sexual deviancy as being purely male, and hides this fact to the best of his ability. Though he often flirts and seduces others to overcompensate, he will find any reason not to mate.  The fact that his deviancy has taken from him his eligibility to the throne fills him with a deep-seated self loathing, and a loathing for his siblings he would not admit, sometimes even to himself.  What he loses in respect for himself he fulfills with beauty and aesthetics, paintings, music, art of all manners, and magick, which he has described as "man's brush amidst a world of untouched oil."

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Political Alignment: Eternacht

    Languages Spoken: Parsel, Avarin, Noldorin

    Job/Class: Yrys was born to hold the throne but never could, cheated due to his inability to have children. He now acts as spokesperson, as foreign ambassador, as the face for Eternacht and voice for his mother. However, after so many instances of impertinence, his mother the Queen felt he needed more responsibility and named him Dean of Iagus University, a task he finds very dull but does so regardless.  Yrys takes this opportunity to both participate in the teaching of and perfect his own usage of magick.

    Inventory: Yrys tends to wear black silk clothing, a long tunic and a pair of comfortable pants and leather boots.  More recently he has begun to wear black feathers during formal occasions. He adorns his arms in long coils of blood gold, a symbol of strength and wealth.  During certain times of the year, festivals, or ceremonies, his body paints tend to consist of long gold stripes swirling across his body, congregating into whatever God were appropriate, though he tends towards Sicarius. On any given day he wears many rings of blood gold on both hands, eleven in all, four with Lapis Lazuli inlayed, two of volcanic glass stones, and five with peridot stones.  The seven stone rings also act as his vessels for spellcasting, by right of Blood Price magick.

    Yrys owns a pillar adjoined to the west end of the Tower of Vices, like all of his siblings, where he lives. Strangely enough, he does not own very much, as he finds he grows bored with material possessions and rarely keeps anything that isn't special to him. He does keep a large mahogany Grand Piano, growing enamored with the sound of a piano after hearing one on a diplomatic trip to Caelin as a child. He had one built larger for his stature, and insisted on learning to play. It was, as he put it, the best thing a human mind ever produced.

    Weapon Name:- Salamander
    Weapon Type: Longsword
    Origin Lore: Salzador One-Eye commissioned this  sword for his nephew Yrys when he was nearing puberty, concerned that Yrys was too frail and did not have enough taste for raw killing, as a royal Gorgon should.
    Weapon Description: Salamander, named for Yrys' earned title, is a 40 inch long single-sided steel blade, a decorative cross-guard inlaid with rubies resembling a Salamander's head, a wire wrapped handle and volcanic glass pommel.
    Special Properties:
    The Blade's widened end provides greater impact at a small cost of maneuverability.
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    Armor Type: Leather, chainmail and sections of Plate
    Origin Lore: These Royal Scales were presented to Yrys upon his first time exiting the city on a diplomatic trip to Caelin.
    Armor Description: A steel chainmail tunic with short sleeves, and steel shoulder pommels. Leather boots, belt, and gloves/vambraces. He may also wear a pair of gilded steel gauntlets, but only during large, anticipated battles.
    Item Name or Type: Royal Rings
    Origin Lore: Yrys had these rings forged under the tutelage of Volsuung the Blazefather as a tool for his magical practice.
    Item Description: Eleven rings cast in bloodgold, four containing Lapiz Lazuli, two of Volcanic Glass, and five of Peridot. Both volcanic glass are worn on the thumbs, Lapiz Lazuli on the left hand, Peridot on the right, with two on the right index finger.
    Special Properties: The Bloodgold rings allow Yrys to practice the Gorgon magical art of collecting the souls of the living and using them as magical fuel, without incurring wear on his own soul. Bloodgold acts as a powerful conductor for this magic, but at a cost. Yrys must perform a painful and physically taxing ritual at the end of any day he touches them in order to absolve himself of the Bloodgold's curse of greed.

    Talents: Yrys has a natural talent towards the visual arts. Representative oil painting is by far one of his favorite aspects in life, and he often fills days of free time with the task.  However, he despises post-modernism or non-representative forms such as cubism or surrealism, comparing it to a blind and insane man's intolerable ignorance to the truth.

    Skills: Yrys spent his growing life mastering a skill, as did his brothers and sisters.  Magick was not something Yrys chose for himself, but was insisted upon him.  This was accomplished without risk to his young soul through the Gorgon Blood Price Magick.  He did not have an aptitude for magick to begin with, and this greatly frustrated him from his young age.  It was this frustration and the inability to simply quit that left Yrys with the energy and drive to conquer the art.  It was something he could not simply be given, it was perhaps the one thing in his privilaged life he needed to work for, and so magick became a fulfillment to his existence.

    In the still quite young city of Eternacht, in the 86th year, Queen Vaermis of the Gorgons took a mate.  He was a wise and well respected Gorgon mage of the old empire, Volsuung the Blazefather, a fitting specimen, for the Queen would have five children and to each she would dedicate their lives to a task in the hopes they would work together.  This first child would grow one day to inherit the throne of Eternacht, to rule with wisdom and council, and with the knowledge of change Vaermis only wished she had known.  In the year 91, on the newborns day of hatching after five years of incubation, born was the child who would be her most beloved disgrace.  He was named Yrys, an ancient Parsel word meaning Falling Star, for he would never reign in the heavens as he was meant to.  He was born wholly male, not a hermaphrodite as the rest of his species.  He could never have children, never be a mother, and therefore never be Queen.  And so the title would descend to Vaermis' second child, the product of her union with Salzador One-eye, a Gorgon who had lost her one left eye killing a dragon with her shield-siblings.  Yrys' childhood was one of privilege and freedom. He was able to visit other places than his own kingdom for short times. Though he would grow to be a diplomat, he was still a Gorgon, and not trusted or welcome in some states.  His favorite journey was in Caelin, when he heard a piano for the first time.  It was only later in life he had one built to suit a Gorgon's size, and attempted to teach himself from time to time. He was educated very little in the mundane subjects but given ample tutoring in politics, history, and speech just as his younger siblings would, however he was personally given magical education by Grizmark the Blazefather.  He had no aptitude for the subject as a boy, much to his superiors greater disappointment.  He could not focus sharply and spells would have very chaotic effects.  Once he'd even managed, while trying to fill a small goblet with water, to soak his poor father to the bone.  

    Though he would not be king, he would still be a member of the royal family and an integral piece of Queen Vaermis' vision, so long as his deformity was kept a secret, even to his siblings so that they could never ruin him.  To excuse his ineligibility, it was spoken that a vision had come to the Queen from the Trios Mirrdae that her second born son was meant to rule, and her first born was destined for another task which would reveal itself.  None would dare question it, as such blasphemies were not said lightly.  His brother, Siccarus, held a deep respect for him due to this, that the gods themselves would pull Yrys from his royal seat for a more important task.  Yrys even believed the lie for a short time, until he'd grown older...

    Having grown into his stages of puberty, he was introduced to the more sensual practices.  And with it, the knowledge that he was a deviant.  This hurt Yrys a great deal, it was a terrible embarrassment.  He fought his sexual urges and avoided any form of intimacy.  This stressful inner conflict made Yrys's "teenage" years a terribly depressing time.  He buried himself in other works as a means of distraction, mostly through the practice of magic.  This was only fulfilling as a challenge, not as a comfort or a hobby, and so he sought something else to satisfy him, which he found in his sister Ystil, who was born of the artisan craftsman Inspid Sepilvi.  He asked her to teach him oil painting, a task she learned from her father who learned it from a human by the name of Avinichii, who's last name none ever learned.  She delighted in the opportunity to act superior in some way to her eldest brother, and he delighted in a new means of expressing himself, though Siccarus took no delight in standing still for hours on end after days of pleading with him.

    Unfortunatly it was another conflict for Yrys brought about by the truth that his brother had inherited his crown.  Someone he'd loved for over a hundred years, someone he'd grown jealous of. Someone he cursed in anger. But nonetheless someone he desperately wanted to love again.

    Having grown into adulthood, Yrys has only grown with more plots and hopes of taking back what is rightfully his, what was stolen from him.  His greatest wish is to do so without killing his brother, but from his deviant body sprang a twisted greed.  So he keeps to his role as advisor and ambassador, awaiting the opportunity to present itself...

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