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    Adrias Settsuki


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    Adrias Settsuki Empty Adrias Settsuki

    Post  Adrias on Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:47 pm

    I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Adrias Settsuki
    Age/DOB: Born human 1505AT. Current age 2216 years old.
    Nicknames and Aliases:
    - Divine Protector
    - Death Bringer
    - The Bloody Prince
    - Devil Prince of blood

    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    High Ancient: Adrias was born in the month now known as September. Hes not sure which day his twin and himself were born, so they celebrate the entire month of their birth. Sylmaria and Adrias were both 2216 years old give or take a decade or two, when they awoke to the rise of the new world and fall of the old. They became less concerned with keeping track of their age after that, at least he did.

    II. Physical

      - Height: Adrias Stands 6 feet 2 inches tall - 6'2"
      - Weight: Adrias weighs approximately 180 pounds.  Adrias is thin yet sculpted, and well toned for looking as thin as he does.

    Hair Color/Style: Adrias has layered shoulder length straight black locks, with red highlights and tips. His hair is longer in the back, and layered shorter towards the front framing his gorgeously pale masculine features. Adrias tends to wear his hair in a variety of fashions and often changes his hair style as he see's fit, a trait he and his twin share so much. His styles and colors often change depending upon his mood, another trait he and his female twin seem to share.

    Eye Color: Being a vampire Adrias's eyes often glow red, when he is angry or hungry; his natural eye color is Hazel. As his eyes are Hazel they often change colors from Blue to Green, and sometimes even a dark brownish/red color.  Although his eye color does not seem to change as much as his twins. Take care when looking into this vampires eyes. As their depths seem to draw you in, the deep ever changing pools have seduced many a female even if he harbors a forbidden love.  you can see the longing for love in the depths of his eyes, be careful you are not bewitched by him.

    Skin Color: Adrias has a creamy ivory snow-white complexion. It looks as if it has been kissed by winters touch, a color that only seems to add to his sexy muscle toned vampiric features.

    Makeup (optional): Adrias will wear make up on occasions, such as if he is performing. Something he loves to do, he has always been one to be the center of attention. His unnatural beauty is enough to bewitch just about anyone he wants to come his way with out additional enhancements.

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Slim build, but well muscle toned and sculpted body. Although he has the height and muscular build his younger, more powerful little sister lacks. Adrias knows better then to mention her height to her. His well sculpted body and abs only add to his pride and ego.

    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Vampiric Strength, Speed, Heightened Senses ect.
    ● Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: None other than intense cravings for blood. Although he does smoke and drink, just like his sister.

    Physical Imperfections: His battle scars on his chest and back that never completely healed when he was  turned. He sees them as a reminder to always be alert and to be wise in who you trust, and to never forget the prices he has had to pay.

    Clothing style: Adrias is quite the unique dresser. He is always switching it up. Rather it be a suit, or casual he always looks quite dashing. He tends to stick to the latest trends and fashions, but every now and then he likes to pull out something retro or over the top' as Syl would say.

    Distinguishing Features: Adrias is always wearing his spelled ring, he is never without it. It is an ancient family heirloom held strong since the fall of the old world. An enormous, rare precious ruby the size of a golf ball embedded in a thick band of white gold. Its enchantments allow him to walk in the day, without the rays of the sun burning him to ash. Something they acquired long long ago for the both of them were protection charms.

    Voice: Low toned voice, seductive and sultry.


    Adrias has a unique transformation ability. One quite similar to his sisters, the only real difference is he is just slightly larger than her in size. When it comes to abilities he is not as physically strong as Syl. He can however hold his transformation longer without it consuming his energy/life force as fast. When he chooses to transform, he has large black and dark-blue wings that span a good 25 feet. He also has razor sharp black talon like claws that are about six inches long and as solid as steel. Strong enough to cut through most anything with ease.
    When he transforms his eyes are black as night, with no whites or pupils to be seen. he also sprouts six inch long horns and tail, with a sharp barb-like stinger on the end. When he is in this state he still keeps a human-like appearance. During this process his skin actually thickens and his strength and speed doubles.
    However when he is in this form, he is consumed by rage. Pure raw vampiric instinct takes over, however he is not as impulsive as his sister is with her fire. He takes his time and uses his brain to encase his enemies and those who have angered him to this point in an icy grave. Although he has some clarity of what he is doing more so then his sister, he is still quite deadly in this form. The destruction that lays in his wake when he awakens, it may not always be as he wanted. His intelligence never wavers, yet his judgment is clouded by his own rage and power. His natural predatory instinct is to destroy everything in his path and drain the world dry and leave it painted in red and frosted in ice. His attack strength and speed double in this form but he can only stay in this state for a limited time before exhausting himself completely. Staying like this too long, could be life costly. His sister has more strength, but he has the advantage of a little bit longer of a battle. Where as she has to end things quickly with her brute strength and rage Adrias can draw things out a bit longer. Though he rarely uses this form those that see it quiver in fear, and most do not live to tell the tale.

    III. Mental

    Alignment:  Neutral. Sorta. For now.
    His alignment is to himself first, then his sister and her coven. He will do anything to protect and ensure not only Sylmaria, but her covens safety. While he tends to stand on the side of good, as he tender hearten as he is,  it doesn’t mean he won’t dirty his hands to take care of his own. His first priority is "his" Sylmaria, she is all he has left and is everything to him.


      - Outer Goals:To help his sister achieve her quest.  Ruling with her over their vampire kin in her city and keeping all well in Caelin and perhaps other reaches of the world as well.- Inner Goals: Adrias has many inner goals as his mind is always thinking and working. Some of his most inner goals are as follows: One, to help Syl achieve all her main goals. First is to get all vampires legalized in all cities not just Howledon, as well as equal rights. Second, is to end all the fighting between the feuding covens, as well as the various races and vampires. To establish a peaceful place in which all races can live together in peace, prosperity and happiness. Third, accomplishing his first two inner goals he can achieve his ultimate goal. To rule over all vampire kind, along side his baby sister. In his opinion if any is fit to rule our kind, it should be her with the kindness and gentle heart she hides so well. She is already a Queen in his eyes. - Super Objective: Adrias continues his undead existence is to help Syl, his only living relative and his forbidden love. To usher vampire-kind into a new world, free of darkness and tyranny. This can only be accomplished under her rule.When he awoke from his long slumber he saw the old world in tattered ruins. As the new world began to flourish and grow they vowed together, they alone would make a place for their kind. As well as her vampire kin to live in peace with all other races, and to end the segregation, war and hate between the races. After all they didn't get put into that spelled slumber alone, there were others. Those others were friends and family. The last of their human bloodline they would ensure survived all worlds. They entered an enchanted sleep to escape the feuding world. Only to awake to the fall and rise of the new world and all its changes, during that time they were all separated. He will do whatever it takes to see her accomplish her dreams, so long as he can stay by her side for eternity.

    Defining Characteristic:
    Adrias is selfless, strong willed, intelligent, confident and a bit conceited. He can even be a bit full of himself at times. Hes a hopeless flirt and a romantic at heart. He keeps his true self and true heart guarded. even if he often toys with the minds of those he temporarily makes his lovers, he never keeps them long. Over the years this has paid off for him. The times he and Syl  separated were torture for Adrias.  Adrias tends be extremely suspicious of everyone. But if you do catch his interest and he becomes interested in you, Adrias always seems to get what he wants. He lets his guard down rarely. Even if you get lucky enough to know Adrias and find out he is very kind and gentle hearted it wont be but a fleeting thing. Adrias tries to be kind and good he stands on the borderline of good and evil. He struggles to contain and control the demon that is his insatiable thirst. Also his insatiable desire for the one he may never have, to the one who may never know.

    Adrias actually likes being a vampire now. Though when he was first turned he despised himself and everything he was. The only thing that kept him going was Syl. Once he was set free from the shackles that held them both down, he started to see the benefits to his new found power. Adrias loves blood, reading, fighting, fine arts, history, technology and so much more. Even  going to parties and just being lost in the flow of time. He is quite the performer, although he pines for someone else, he never lets the ladies see through his masquerade. Adrias hates anyone who attempts to get close to his sister. He also dislikes anyone who kills for no real reason, those who die should always deserve it in his opinion. He also dislikes egotistical, and sexist males.

    Hopes/Desires: Adrias hopes to one day unite with his true love. He hopes for peace and happiness, and all his sisters desires to come true and to rule along side her for eternity. He hopes that there is someone out there, for him yet he feels his love is already by his side. Forbidden love is always the intriguing. If it is not Syl he hopes it is someone that is just as great as her, someone that could release him from him filthy desires.

    Fears/Phobias: Adrias is actually terrified of losing his sister, its his deepest darkest fear.

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (even if he doesn't always admit it hes had a few close encounters)

    Dirty Secrets: Harbors a forbidden love for his only sister.

    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert. While Adrias enjoys a nice party he always needs some solace after to recharge and relax, sometimes its hard for him to put on his facade.

    - More Thinking or Feeling: Both. Adrias often weighs his feelings and the rationality of a situation before making a decision. He finds when he makes rash decisions he often tends to regret them later, and not always because it pisses Syl off.

    - Selfish or Selfless:
    While Adrias can be quite selfish he can also be very selfless. Especially when it comes to protecting her, or kindred from their coven or the inhabitants of the city they live in from danger. As the Vampire Master of Caelin Sylmaria sees it as her personal duty to make sure the streets are safe to walk at night. And as Syl's personal and private body guard he makes it his business to help maintain order and keep his Queen happy.

    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: He always protects himself, if he dies who will ensure the safety of his beloved sister or her coven in Caelin? He sees himself as very important, not so much to himself but important to his sisters survival and protection. After all they are two halves of the same essence. Sometimes he cant help but wonder, even if she drained him dry if he would still exist inside her, and finally be complete.

      - Others: Sylmaria is his all, his everything even if he plays the over protective brother he pines deeper for more. But obeys her every command. Adrias is usually  open to others unless they react negatively towards his beloved sister. He tries to not to be a play boy but he cant help it when it comes to the delectable willing ladies of Caelin that come home to play with him. Besides if he cant have what he really wants something is going to sate his needs, even if its not what he truly desires. At times he cant help but wonder if deep down he brings the women home just to get her attention. To see if deep down she feels the same as he, yet he dare not ever ask for fear of losing her forever.

      - Friendship:  
    Adrias is open to friendship, or more but he tends to be a bit closed off. To make friends with this vampire you need to spark his interest. However he cant help but always try to be the center of all the females present attentions. But that's not always the way he makes friends.

    With males its a bit different. He feels like he can not truly  trust men. Not just because of his worry for his sister, but just because he finds he often does not know what to say unless they start the conversation.

      - Love: In love forbidden, even taboo this vampire struggles and pines for love he fears will never be requited. Hopes to find his real true love whoever it may be.

      - Religion: Adrias is not so much religious as he is spiritual. He believes every creature has a spirit, and that each spirit deserves respect. He does not kill to survive although he has in the past. He makes it his job to set an example for vampire kind. To live a peaceful existence as much as possible, following is darling sisters example. Even if they are living illegally in Caelin as of current.

      - Country: His loyalty is to Syl's part of her city in Caelin and to the vampires in their coven. He does not focus on the country as a whole so much as he does Syl and their  vampiric kin in the city. Only because she wishes it, he keeps watch over the safety of the humans in Caelin as well.

      - The World: He plans on trying to make the world a place where he and Syl and all vampires can live in peace and prosperity under her ruling care. Alongside the other races in a peaceful truce and prosperity and splendor.

    Superstitions: Adrias is superstitious about what his sister says. Things what she believes are 'omens'. She tends to be right far to often for him not to heed her advice. She was quite intuitive before the change, as was he, and just like her, Adrias was the type that relied on his gut and his instincts.

    Method of Handling Anger:
    Adrias is good at controlling himself when he is angry, unless you have offended his sister, then you better run for the hills. This High Ancient with his ice magic is not one to be trifled with. Typically he handles things logically unless directed otherwise by his Mistress. His method of handling anger is by bottling it up typically, or a sudden outburst. There is only so much one can take.

    - Admirable Traits: Adrias never gives up. No matter what he will never be helpless again. Which is why he trains and protects those who can not protect themselves and those he loves. He would die for his sister that is how loyal he is to her, and for him she is just the same.

    - Negative Traits: Over confident at times. Adrias can be quite lecherous when intoxicated. He has a knack for drinking unless there are serious matters to attend. After all he his Second in command in one of the Largest Illegal Vampire covens in existence and the only one in Caelin.

    -Prejudices: Anyone or anything that tries to fuck with his sister or her plans. If they try to mess with him, he just see's it as a game and takes things head on. Even if he is perceptive and calculating he is always up for a good fight.

    - Most Painful Things in Their Life:
    The tragic events leading up to his turning, the staking betrayal of his sister by one she loved, nearly costing him her. His astonishing self revelation that only she could satisfy his hunger, and that he loved her as more than a sister. His lonely existence while he was away from his sister disgusted with himself. Being so near her and so alone at the same time, trying to cope with what little he has by being by her side. Everything else he has endured has been nothing compared to how consumed he is by his desire for Syl.

    Mental Disturbances: His constant urge to kill and maim the world and paint it in endless crimson. Although Adrias fights the good fight and does the right thing it does not mean that it is always easy for him. His lust for his twin, and his uncontrollable thirst for her blood.

    Philosophy of Life: Adrias lives his life struggling to stay what he perceives as good. He tries to live his life as best as he possibly can with as little regret as possible. Even though he has been dealt nothing but strife in his endless existence he will never give up on Syl. He also will never give up hope and never stop fighting. His family is everything to him. If it is gone what is left that is worth fighting for?

    IV. Skills & Talents

    -Adrias has talents alright, some he’s proud of and some he’s not. They are listed as follows: Adrias is fast; really fast. He has heightened senses, strength and abilities and all the other normal vampire kicks. Not to mention he has a photographic memory.

    -Adrias also has a knack for compulsion his form is through words. Even when he was human he always found he could easily sway others to his side. Now that he’s a vampire he can will his way into anyone’s mind, implant suggestions and orders to suit his needs. However if he verbally can command the weaker willed being the compulsion is much stronger. He is more than just a charming, alluring vampire.

    -Ice Manipulation
    Adrias also has an ability to control Ice, he was born with it as a human. Although in his human incarnation the ability was dramatically weaker. After the change his ability to manifest, control and manipulate ice is extensively stronger. As well as his ways to control, produce and master the ability.

    Power/Ability to: manipulate cold and ice. The ability to manipulate cold and ice. Sub-power of Thermal Manipulation, variation of Water Manipulation.

    User can create, manifest, shape and manipulate water, air and ice. This ability typically presents in one natural state element. Ex Ice, Water, Air. As mastery occurs ability growth appears and new enhanced abilities
    Water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally.
    Examples of natural forms of Ice are as follows. Snow, hail, icicles, ice spikes and glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps are just a few examples. Control is created by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms. Thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations.

    Create/generate/manipulate cold in form of various attacks. Freezing areas of differing sizes, shapes and/or objects for several effects. Keep in mind each attack consumes his energy and once its spent it would go on to consume his life energy, and each attack has a different cost.

    Cold Energy Manipulation
    ~Frostbite - to freeze anything to atomic level making it fragile. Does not spend a lot of energy unless maintained for a long time. The more energy he puts into this attack it changes it into another attack called Cellular Disintegration. By causing frostbites that cannot be healed. Create/generate/increase ice. [ using this attack in battle would be a constant energy drain of magic unless controlled it could drain life force.]

    ~Shape, compress, and/or otherwise manipulate ice. The more this ability is used the more it drains his magic energy. But after using this ability his magic regenerates half of what he lost as Manipulating Ice is his strongest ability.

    Favored Techniques for Ice Manipulation
    Cryo-kinetic Regeneration-
    Strongest Ice abilities regenerate half of the magic cost with the sacrifice of a small portion of his life energy.

    Ice Healing-
    He places ice over the injured area and its freezing magic helps as a booster for his vampiric healing abilities to heal him a bit faster. [almost no magic cost]

    May be unable to create ice, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources. Creation of ice may depend on the amount of moisture available, dry areas could make this harder or impossible.  Ice is affected by everything that normal ice would be.

    Although the user is able to use their power to return the ice to its original shape and/or controlling it even under these forces.
    Melt under extreme heat (Fire Manipulation or Magma Manipulation).
    Vibrations are difficult (if not impossible) to freeze. As they cause the ice to shatter, making sound-based abilities a perfect counter.

    ● Skills:
    - Magic:
    Ever since the end of the Old World, Adrias has had to relearn to control and use the magic he once knew. Because the Dreaming replaced the Eight Elements and everything began to work in a different way. Although his knowledge is not infinite, it is vast, he still knows a few good tricks. He uses the magic he knows to control and manipulate Ice, he can even produce it under the right circumstances.

    -He can use magic to certain degrees to alter his natural ability to change the ice, as well as a few other spells. (Others To Be Added Later)

    -Another of his skills is that he is incredibly good at hand to hand combat when necessary. As he is a protector he often practices all forms of hand to hand combat and weaponry battle.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment:  Neutral for now. Adrias's first loyalty is to his sister and her coven, then to their city. He tries to be a good vampire and help her city flourish in peace and prosperity.

    Religion: He is more of a spiritualist, than religious. He believes the world is alive and everything has a spirit and it is all interconnected. He tries his best to respect live even when his instincts tell him to decimate it.

    Job/Class: Adrias is the Second In command to the Vampire Master of Caelin. They rule all vampires who live or visit within the city of Caelin. Syl runs a casino/hotel and underground market illegally in the city. Although they may operate and reside illegally in this town now. He hopes that with the vampire rights movement in time, Vampires will be legal in Caelin. Everything she wants, is his job to see that they are all completed to her standards of excellency. His sister is quite the OCD type.

    Family: The only living member of Adrias's family is his twin sister Sylmaria. His history is long and complicated; he focuses on the present to keep from crumbling under the weight of his desires. The only thing that keeps him going is his sister, but he will never give up hope at least not completely so long as he is with her.

    - Relationships: Adrias is not currently in any romantic relationships. He may take a consort here and there but they mean little, if nothing to him romantically. As his heart is guarded and as cold as ice, locking away the secret lust he has for one he can not have makes him a pretty brash dude.

    Noted accomplishments:
    -Surviving the slaughter of their family.
    -Exacting revenge upon the ruffians who carved the first hole in -their hearts.
    -Surviving his life.
    - Famous/infamous:
    When Adrias was first turned he as well as his sister were known for their bloody ways. They carved their names in the walls of history and left the bodies behind as proof.  He is, and has been known as many things as he has tried so hard to walk the delicate line of good and evil. Since he gained some control over his thirst with age the names took on a new tone.
    - Divine Protector
    - Death Bringer
    - The Bloody Prince
    - Devil Prince of blood

    Hobbies: Doing little things to make his sister happy, reading, and going out at times.
    Pets: Adrias has not had a pet around since Sylar so long ago, when Syl and he raised him. Their beloved and highly missed dragon.

    Weaponry, Armory, and Inventory: (all weaponry he carries is steel metals)
    -A short sword Ruby & Sapphire encrusted with their familys coat of arms on it. Always kept on him at all times.
    He keeps a jeweled dagger in his boot, one around the leg and another in his inside jacket pocket. He tends to stay well armed.

    His Enchanted daylight family heirloom ring. Always on his finger encrusted with a large flawless Ruby.
    Adrias also has a bag that he keeps emergency supplies in. Food rations, extra weapons, books and so much more. It's spelled so he can carry more and its light so if someone were to pick it up they would think it was empty.

    The Bag Contains:
    Food Rations. (Blood & Food)
    First Aid Kit
    Emergency Supplies
    Large Emergency Tent
    Blankets & Pillows
    Emergency Clothes For Men and Women
    Extra daggers (3)
    1 Cross bow
    50 arrows
    10 stink bombs of his own making
    20 smoke bombs of his own making

    Stock & Holdings:

    - Wealth/Possessions:
    Adrias has collected mass amounts of money over the endless years of his existence. His cash flow seems endless, far off somewhere in the billions. Thank god before the fall of the worlds he had invested in many earth materials. Such as rare gems, metals and such collecting things he thought would always have value.  
    Adrais also co-owns a resort & casino and runs an underground black market of sorts. Thankfully families loyal to Syl and Adrias kept the secret passed down generation to generation. That they served very powerful slumbering Vampires and it was their job to see that the money flow continued.
    Those with access to Syl and Adrias's holdings they were aware of, traded off what was left and valuable to create a large nest egg. As well as fund a very lucrative business in the market exchange of items.  Although Syl & Adrias's direct blood line was destroyed they had extended family whose blood lived on. They were who secured the money for their family and masters.
    While the business end flourished so did the nest egg of things their family bartered for them, and invested in. It seems brains were passed down in the blood line.  That very nest egg that was secured by their loyal family and servants funded the casino and hotel Syl would bring about. She would only to add to their fortunes in the trade industry as well.

    - Land: The Proud co-owner of Syl’s Place. “The Caelin Coven, and so much more.” At Syl’s place there is a fabulous underground resort hotel and casino. Fabulous dining options for every race around and so much more it’s absolutely to die for. The only problem is it’s a tight kept secret in the city of Caelin, only those whom are invited find their way to Syl’s place.

    Education: Adrias was highly educated as a human, at least for human standards being home taught.  Through self teaching Adrias has become quite highly educated and fluent in several languages and so much more. He always was a scholar at heart so he kept up his book smarts.
    - Languages Spoken: Avarain and many old languages. There are only a few languages that Adrias can not speak considering his long life and his travels.

    - Literacy:
    Even when Adrias was human his family was semi wealthy and able to send the children to school in the village, as well as pay for a private tutor. They're family prided themselves on education. As the best way to survive in the world he studied. History, science, literature, poetry, astronomy, languages and more. Adrias makes it his duty to keep up on current events. So he can keep informing her of things, as time does not pass the same for him as it did when he was once human so long ago. After all it was his job to tell her the goings of their world so it was best he stay up on everything.

    VI. Background/ History:


    So you want to hear my story? Learn more about the mysterious Second in Command to the Vampire Master that Rules over the vampires of Caelin?

    I can recall it all like it was yesterday. For time passes slower for me now then it once did. It’s all so clear and pristine, even after all this time. I could never forget even the minutest detail it was so deeply seared into my brain. So I’ll make sure not to linger much and give you a brief detailed summary of my long existence since you wish to inquire.

    I have survived the rise and fall of worlds and have seen much in my endless life. If you wish to know my tale then I will indulge you in your request. But with a shortened version of the events that have made me the Second In command to the Vampire Master and sister I am loyal to still to this day. Do read on if you dare enough to care...

    ~Adrias's Human History: The Beginning

    A long, long time ago there was a human boy named Adrias. 2216 years ago to be exact. He was a handsome sixteen year old boy. Happy with his simple yet lavish life. He and his twin sister Syl were the only children of their parents Erik and Emara Settsuki. They had lived simple lives, on their simple yet lavish farm. Raising livestock and crops to sell at the local villages, and for many years they prospered. While things prospered the children grew and there were many happy times shared.

    Their little family lived out quite far in the woods on a nice chunk of family descended land. Many years later that place would bear many names as the land changed. Though when they lived, their little piece of heaven was called by no real name.

    For many years their family lived in peace with the surrounding villages until one autumn evening. Just before dark a stranger came passing through the village asking for shelter. When everyone refused the stranger shelter, they're family took him in and gave the man shelter for the night.

    That night the stranger stayed with them, the children were very curious about him. They asked him many questions even at their parents bequests to leave the man be. The stranger who only regarded the children with kindness indulged their request for information. Though he did so with a bargain, he would answer their questions with a story. A bed time story of sorts.

    So he gathered them in the living room around the fire place. Eagerly the children scurried to take their place aside his chair at his feet. Then he told them a story about a man who had traveled for a long time, and saw many things and who had many great adventures. The children drawn into him and his story, the tale of the hero who did battle with the evils of the night.

    Someone though he was cursed, did what he could to bring more light and goodness into the world. The moral of the story being that no matter how cruel or evil someone is, sometimes even the smallest, kindest act can change people. That in order to defeat darkness and evil that you need not always slay a monster.

    It wasn't long before the children were fast asleep at his feet. After taking the children to bed, they talked for a while and eventually they all went to bed. But when the family awoke the next morning the stranger was gone only leaving behind a small satchel of gold with a note saying thank you. As mysteriously as he arrived in town he disappeared the same without so much as leaving his name.


    ~His human death and Rebirth:

    (Human Age 17) (1 year time span)
    It was a year later to the very night that they gave the mysterious man shelter, that everything changed forever. That nights memories are soaked in blood. Leaving Adrias remembering himself bleeding and dying on the floor with his twin sister. They're little hands reaching out and clinging to the other as they thought their lives were ending. The brutal things the children endured only strengthened their will to live, even as they lay helpless on the floor. But fate had other plans for them, their destiny had only just yet to begin. Little did they know that the same stranger would be the one to save them, another sign that destiny's hand was in play.

    It was that very fateful night that they both were born to darkness. Infected with the vampric virus that kept them tied to this world, not alive but undead. When they awoke from their rebirth, the stranger was there. He explained to the kids what had happened to them the previous night, and that in order to save them he had to make them like him.

    He did his best to educate them before he took his leave. After only a short year he left the twins on their own, freeing them of their Maker/servant bond. He had not told them much about himself only his name and that he was very old when they pried. When the kids asked why he saved them and not their parents to, Kaname was brutally harsh with his explanation.

    Only blaming himself and saying he was too late, it was a fortnight after they had questioned them that he had abandoned them. Or so they had felt. Never the less he was gone, and they did not see him again. Adrias could not help but wonder if they ever would. The only parent like figure they had left in the world was gone, and they were left to their own desires.

    (At this point they have survived their first year of being a vampire the most ravenous time) (Age now 18)

    ~Revenge & Separation
    (They were together for 500 years before separating)
    With their destinies now intertwined even more then before, the unlucky twins stayed together for many years before separating ways. For years to the point that they lost contact. However, the siblings did not finally part ways until they avenged the tragedy that befell their family so long ago.

    The twins will never forget what those mongrels did to their family. Its been forever burned into their memories and souls, some things even time cannot heal. But they paid in blood and pain for their crimes. Oh how they reveled in the blood. After being consumed by rage and revenge for so long. They finally lost themselves to the blood lust and their own desires for many years, and Adrias just disappeared.
    (They were roughly 518 years old when he disappeared, year 2023.)

    ~Adrias Wild and Alone
    (200yr time span)
    Much bloodshed for many years as Adrias wondered the world alone, enthralled with his blood lust. Out only to sate his thirst and pain. Out to cover his own self disgust for his desire for his own sister. Painting the world in red, and leaving it frozen in ice.

    For a long time Adrias and Syl were both known for their ferociousness. Adrias was feared among many and quickly grew a reputation for his ruthlessness. Carving a bloody name in history for himself. However not quite as infamous as his sister though, he never could show her up. He always felt like the weaker half of the two. (Age 718)

    ~Loneliness & Scars (Age 718) (500yr time span)
    After about a hundred years of killing who, what and when he felt like it. Adrias began to notice that he had grown lonely. So lonely he could not bear it anymore, resolved to find his sister he put his desire for her in the back of his mind.

    As disgusted as he was with his feelings, the pull to find her became so strong he could not fight it anymore. He tried finding solace in the arms of other vampire females and other human women but none could give him what he truly desired. Even though he was left with the physical scars of fighting for his human family long ago, he feels scarred on the inside. He cant help but hate himself as hard as he tries not to, so all he can do is pledge his fealty to her if he can find her.

    Rumors of her were far and few and none of them were pretty. He wondered if she was even in a state that she would want him around. He thought of making a progeny but could not do to someone what was done to him. Even if by choice, especially after hearing about his sisters disaster. In the end he was just lonely Adrias looking for solace in his twin.

    And so he searched. Wandering the world in search of her for the next 500 years. (Age 1218, year 2723)

    ~Love & Betrayal (Age 1218) (100 year time span)
    Another slow hundred years passed and Adrias heard Syl met a mortal and fell for him, quite hard. However their love was to be brief. Passionate as it was, the flames of love turned to ice once she revealed her true nature to her love. His family like hers had been murdered by vampires and he despised all vampires. After several months had passed and they had been together she thought it was time to tell him. Syl finally thought he would accept her nature, as he had proposed to her. They were set to be wed so she knew she must tell him the truth. Yet when she told him, he was repulsed by her.

    In a rage that she cares not to remember he drove a stake through her chest missing her heart by a mere inch. So shocked by this betrayal she did not even defend herself, unable to speak a word as he staked her. He said sparing her life is all she would ever get of him, as he walked out of her life forever. Broken hearted and wounded Syl disappeared yet again to wonder alone, her heart slowly becoming more numb and icy.

    When Adrias heard of where this all had taken place he had just missed her when he arrived to find the home she had been living in, in flames. He would have thought she perished had the gathering mob not complained so loudly that the forsaken vamp got away. Then they rallied and said they should try hunting her down. So that's what he did, he tracked his sister for years always on the tip of her tail but never quite close enough to reach. (Age 1318)

    ~After over a thousand years of wondering Adrias began to wonder if he would ever find his sister. For many, many years they searched for each other chasing one rumor after another, until they both met again by chance. It was only when the world they knew, began to fall to war again they grew tired. And at their age they were not interested in world events. They both were tired, tired of the world and its instability. For so many reasons, and so they sought and found a powerful witch. One from the old world who spelled them to sleep. In coffins inside an enchanted cave with those they loved, deep inside the now long forgotten forest of Amar. Thirty four years later. (Age 1352, year 2857.) When they were spelled to sleep.

    ~And so they slept for many many years, hoping to never wake. While they slept the old world fell and the new world was born. With the death of the old magics, the spell that kept Syl and Adrias at rest broke. From the death of the old, the new shall rise. And so the siblings awoke from their 500 year long sleep. (Age on awakening would be 1852, year 0 Nyxheim time.)

    ~Rise & Shine welcome to the new world
    Waking up to a new world, was scary enough, much less having yourself and all that you know changed. When my sister and I awoke, we found not only had the world changed but so had we, and so much more. Ever since the end of the Old World and the birth of the new world, Adrias has had to relearn to control and use the magic he once knew because the Dreaming replaced the Eight Elements and everything began to work in a different way. Although his knowledge is not vast, he still knows more then a few good spells and tricks.

    ~Adrias spent the next 100 years living in the shadows with his sister, accumulating as much knowledge about the new world as they could. Over that time they watched and learned much about the world and how it changed, and the many events that had occurred. It was not easy for this High Ancient set of twins to adapt to the changes, neither of them really cared for change. (Age 1952)

    ~With knowledge in hand Syl and Adrias join the Caelin Coven. We would have been around 1953ish when we joined.
    Syl rises through the ranks and becomes a second in command in the Caelin coven, with Adrias's discrete help. Where she resides with her brother at her side until she has every piece on the board where she needs it to be. With his help all would be as it should in no time at all, at least to them. (Age 1972)

    ~For Syl & Adrias’s 2000th birthday they celebrate by Syl murdering the current Master of their coven. After which Syl asserts herself as the new Vampire Master of Caelin. (Year 148 NT.)

    Present Day:

    ~Syl rules the vampires of Caelin, as Master for the next 216 years. With Adrias by her side as second in command, which brings us up to present time.
    Although my life is extremely long, I hope you have enjoyed this cliff-notes version of my history. For a more detailed look at my life and me, see my Memoir, The incredibly long existence of the vampire known as Adrias Settsuki. Trust me, it’s worth the read, I know I lived it. (Current Age 2216)
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    Storyline: [url=thread link]thread title here[/url]
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