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    Sage Amari


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    Sage Amari Empty Sage Amari

    Post  Sage on Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:34 am

    Name: Sage Amari

    Alias/Nicknames: N/A

    Birthdate: December 5th, 340

    Race:Demon (Daevol)

    Gender: Neutral (uses male pronouns to avoid confusion.)

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    - Height: 5’9”
    - Weight: 152 Ibs
    - Hair Colour/Style: Medium-length brown hair that is often messy and lacking any style or grooming minus a quick brush with his fingers. Sometimes the hair is enough to cover his pointy ears.
    - Eye Colour: More of a red color.
    - Skin Colour: Slight tanned.
    - Clothing Style: Simple clothing, normally a dark colored hoody or jacket with comfortable dark colored pants and shoes. Is somewhat of a fashion defect and doesn’t care what is worn, as long as he can move in it and hide is tail when travelling through an area that doesn’t generally accept his kind.

    Transformation: (Only if it applies. Meant for characters with the ability to shape-shift, like all Efferii.)

    Personality: The world is his to explore and to one day own with an iron fist, he will not bow willingly to anyone and will destroy those who stand in his way. Anything that is edible will be eaten if he can handle it and if it is not edible then he is very disappointed. There is no need for much worry yet, he is still a young daevol, no need to pile on any stress but there is a slight urgency to evolve. Like all demons, or almost all, he does have his greediness, wanting what he wants and doesn’t want to do anything that doesn’t benefit him. There is also a touch of insanity to his personality, as if a switch will go on and off in his head turning him into something more animalistic or humanistic- however he just shrugs this off as him still being too close to the Devil evolution and not very far in his daevol one.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Political Alignment: His loyalties lie nowhere.

    Languages Spoken: Avarin and Noldorin.

    Job/Class: A serf, a tool, nothing but something useful in the eyes of the demons.

    Being selfish is one of the known talents that this Daevol has… Oh, that is not really a talent? Perhaps jumping on one foot while patting your head and rubbing your belly? Er…Still no? Well, maybe an art skill in painting is all that he truly has then and even then it’s only somewhat decent.

    Simple thievery skills, many sneaking skills- he is decent in some of his demon skills though he is lacking in the evolution standpoint… Eating a few more elves would fix this problem though. His most talented skill is the shape shifting of his limbs, which he is slightly proud of although he can’t help but wish he knew…more.

    There wasn’t much that Sage could remember before he evolved into what he is now, except maybe a gloss of brown fur and the feeling of a tail- although he still has one now it is not really covered in what he called fur but more of a leather perhaps?  Of course, he could also remember some pain, cracking of bones in his mouth and his claws. The taste of metallic blood as it ran over his tongue and his throat and the squishy noise of the flesh or shrieks of his victims… The normal imp/devil memories that most demons could remember in their very animalistic ways.

    Moving on, most of his past was filled with blood and the cracking noise of things between his teeth as he fed on so many creatures in an attempt to satisfy his large hunger. His first true memory was feeding upon an elfin child that had wandered too far from the bigger elves- who quickly noticed the missing child and searched all over for it.  They were very thorough with their search which made him realized that eating the child caused a lot more problems than he originally thought. After that, it was a lesson learn to just stick with snacking on the humans until he is able to grow older and better defend himself if they end up finding him as guilty.

    Next memory felt painful in his mind, as his body changed with every human and devil with the occasional unthinking daevol that he consumed. He soon stopped walking on all fours and moved more to two legs, his ears were no longer so strange but became more humanoid although slightly not. His horns that were once twisted and dangerous became smaller and not as important although it is still seen. There were still spikes on his spine though that causes him the occasional pain although he is glad that his claws remained even though he ate more humans whom he noticed had no claws. Such strange creatures.

    Overall, he evolved from a mindless animalistic creature into something that has more common sense and intelligence than before. In his want to keep evolving he ended up Grimrah, a place where people can easily disappear at and no one would really question a thing- however he is known to keep travelling through from outside of the area.

    Past Storylines:

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