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    Clave Vesari


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    Clave Vesari Empty Clave Vesari

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    Leave alone, my fellow Nyxies, just postin here to keep better track of it, almost finished. Promise.

    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Clave V. Vesari
    Nicknames and Aliases: None, yet.
    Gender:  Male
    Birthdate:  Jan. 7th 344
    Race:  Human

    II. Physical

    Appearance: Very slender mesomorph body structure with a slight muscle build. Ordinary features as far body hair, eyebrow length, width and thickness, etc. Maintains a strict cleanliness of self appearance.

    - Height: 5'8"
    - Weight: 144 lbs
    - Hair Colour/Style: Short fair brown hair. Slight Curl. Extends no farther than his forehead and before ears.
    - Eye Colour: Cool brown
    - Skin Colour: Slightly-tanned light brown skin

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Physical condition is slightly average, due to father's strictness in physical appearance and healthiness and more current, due to his job helping move shipments and cargo from transporter to transporter or warehouse.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Physical limitations are normal extents of humans and only exceeded by an emotional catalyst, whatever that emotion may be.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: None. Fit health condition.
    Physical Imperfections: No spectacular tone of muscles, or definition of one who specially engages in workout to perfect such features.
    Clothing style: Varies from day to day. Simplistic style, color and so on.
    Distinguishing Features: Very charismatic appearance toward strangers and has very stern control over facial expressions.
    Voice: Mid-range, maintaining essence of prior high-pitch pre-puberty voice. On the edge of annoying and respectable.
    Transformation: None.

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Outer Goals:Make a living to support self, friends and family.
    Inner Goals:Become greater in mind through faith in naivety bred truth.
    Super Objective: Survive. So as to spread ideas of peace and acts of nobility.
    Personality: Introvert. Apathetic due to intergraded logical sense of evil that exist and mostly only introvert in order to observe the emotional connections between himself and others.
    Likes/Dislikes: Critical thinking and others who can understand the way his mind works, instead of believing he is arrogant, over zealous, or overthinking.
    Hopes/Desires: To publish works of philosophical excerpts and have them effect the world he lives in.
    Fears/Phobias: Nothing to do.
    Sexual Orientation: Hetero
    Dirty Secrets: None worth sharing.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Thinking
    Selfish or Selfless: Both.
    Attitudes Toward:  
    - Self: Vessel to carry messages of information and wisdom to improve relations with others and surroundings.
    - Others: Either aid or hindrance to obtaining and spreading the information.
    - Friendship: A promise to honor trust and another person's being, physical and not, mistakes and all.
    - Love: A feeling strong enough to trump anything seeking chaos.  
    - Religion: Control. Religion is not necessary to spread good, thus unnecessary completely. An illusion of what is and what defies what is.  
    - Country: Group of beings stuck on progress and improvement toward way of life.
    - The World: An infinitely beautiful and mysterious place.

    Superstitions: None.
    Admirable Traits: None narcissistic enough to call, himself, admirable.
    Negative Traits: Overthinking to the point of disconnection from interaction of the world and people around him.
    Prejudices: None, just against mal-intentions within people.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Struggle to remain self and understanding the world's population.
    Mental Disturbances: Daydreaming.
    Philosophy of Life: Seek truth, find purpose.

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Talents: Tactical method of thinking and in processing analyzed information.


    V. Social

    Political Alignment: The World

    Noted accomplishments:
    - Famous/infamous:


    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: Weapon Type:Hand-me-downs of father; steel-tipped pole and a steel sword. No particulars, just sturdy and in more than satisfactory condition.

    Origin Lore: Sword was weapon his father, Clade, used in his line of work. Pole was bought for Clave on 17th birthday.
    Weapon Description: Shiny metal toward middle of blade, with mild grain along the edge of one side of the blade. The blade is straight and extends from a customized 3 3/4 inch hilt, woven over by moderately thick, rope-like material; creating an arrow style pattern pointing up and stopped by a steel cap, relatively close in weight with the blade.

    The pole is capped on both ends, made from wood and hilts in the middle. The hilt is not obvious, as it concaves only slightly, rippling only in this section to provide better grip for certain techniques. The pole is 44 inches.

    Special Properties: None.

    Armor Type:  Nothing spectacular, just mismatch collection of a chest plate, leggings, forearm protectors and other scrap pieces of armour. He currently is working to obtain better armour.

    Origin Lore: From junkyards, things his father collected from job or looked around for. Whatever was obtainable was made Clave's own.

    Armor Description: Bronze shin-guard and forearm-guards, iron chest plate, broken steel gauntlets and wrist braces, steel caps to fit over toes of shoes and other miscellaneous pieces.
    Special Properties: None.

    Item Name or Type: Small notebook, pocket-size, 5 1/2 inches in length 3 1/4 inches in width and 1 1/4 centimeter thickness. It is a dark green, with a marble like appearance. Kept in his left side pocket.

    Origin Lore: Given to him by his mother, among the others that he keeps stored at home.
    (More items to come as storyline progresses, or either I, or Clave, think of something else.)

    - Languages Spoken: Avarin
    - Literacy: Very well spoken, astute in grammatical structure and literary analysis.

    VI. Background/ History: RghDrft

    Nov. 3rd, 320, South of Howldon

    The gentle breeze of a fan cloaked the atmosphere of the room in calming susurrus, serenading a newly dubbed mother family members aiding and caring for Kureen Vesari and her newly born son, Clade. She laid asleep, Clade next to her in a protective crib. The moon's light shone through, still in its first act of the night as only but a mere glint of the sun's presence glowed upon the horizon's very edge. All had settled inside of Kureen's home by now and they only awaited the arrival of Clade's father, Clay to return home from his duties as a guard in patrolling borders near Grimmah. In time, his arrival came, cheers went 'round once more and everything was right. All that is became was as their lives passed attached to the everlasting flow of time and its enigma of meaning in accumulation of experiences. A little over two years later, Clade's younger brother, Clive, was born on Feb. 6th 323. And following very shortly after was their baby sister, Kahlona, brought into existence on Aug. 16th 324. The family became quite the lot within a very short amount of time, so Clay's effort as a father became drained by his determination to keep his family's needs met at all cost. The more he worked, the more work he was offered and with that became an equal product of skill, matched by his drive. This, nonetheless, made his children more fond of him, despite his rare attendance at home. The Vesari's, both Kureen and Clay had quite a bit of relatives to assist them, Kureen's more so than Clay's as most of his family either were physically incapable or socially unfamiliar with Clay; most of his family have either passed, or became thieves, assassins and s occupations of the sort. One family member of Clay's, his brother, Craus, was a regular visitor, though. The children adored him, still ignorant to the fact he was as thieving as any one person could be, pressing Kureen's patience with him and her husband over bearing close relationship with Craus. As the years passed, his visits became more radical, such as later times in the night, sometimes in the early morning and more sporadic, nonetheless lessening overall in occurrence. Many a y  

    May 3rd, 322, Salem

    A husband, Shannon Graelin, and his wife Dawn sat in clasp of one another around their newborn duaghter, deeply afraid and excited at the same time as they looked back and forth between the child and each other. Producing smiles radiant in happiness that only this moment could bring as they gratefully embraced their beautiful new baby girl's presence, Salene. The dad, being from Salem, met Dawn in Howldon, after one of his family's many visits to see relatives and later he traveled alone, mostly to see her and sometimes only. Not long after were they married and led themselves to this present moment. Time passed, revealing trials and the latter triumph in taking on this new life. One of more troublesome trials they found in raising Saleen, was her not so particularly fond outlook on magick, which bore problems towards her growth in Salem; mental affliction through social means. Shannon and Dawn, not too long after watching her depressive state, decided to pack up and head towards Howldon, to possibly assist Salene, the age of ten now, in finding what areas her potential could flourish in and focus more on keeping her comfortable. Salene eventually took a strong liking toward writing, literature of any kind really, but mainly Salene liked just being able to express herself as other authors did whether through the tales of fantasy and emotion, or the conciseness in experts or essays expressing a less romantic approach to understanding self. As time progressed, she began to fall more and more in love with her new home and interest in the world. Her growth from a quiet young girl into a passionate, no longer under spoken young lady took steady course

    Jan 7th 344, Clave is born in Howldon. -----SL In prgrs-----

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