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    Thespian's character, Eros


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    Thespian's character, Eros Empty Thespian's character, Eros

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    Name: Arturo Savrin

    Alias/Nicknames:Eros Lockheart. Almost everyone knows him as Eros. He is a playwright, and this is his pen name.

    Birthdate: May 1st, 334

    Race: Efferii

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Eros is five foot nine. He has jet black, curly hair. Despite being forty years old, he does appear quite youthful and being an Efferii does that to you. Which I just decided. He has a distinctive grin and crease lines carved into his face, giving him a distinctively mischievous look. His eyes are a startling green. His hands are all too often stained with ink. His ears stick out slightly and he has an impish look that was more prominent in his younger years. He is more mature now. He is not particularly muscular but has a lean body. He's also rather hairy. In places.


    Eros transforms into a black mountain goat with terrific horns but he often spends time in between transformation as pictured below.

    He also appears as a large, intimidating black horse, or a small black cat with wispy forms. This combination of animal forms and black fur denotes Eros as a Pooka, a rare sub-race of Efferii known for being agile and often untrustworthy.

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    Personality: Eros is a trickster. He delights in humiliating people or misleading them. He was quickly exiled from his people for practical jokes that he took too far. In every job, he would lie and deceive for amusement. He became a playwright because he saw it as a way to lie for a living. One of his plays was even an intentional satire mocking an aristocrat who had spurned Eros, and Eros even got the man to fund it. He is a free spirit, but at heart he is harmless and dislikes outright violence or murder. He prefer quiet musings or relaxing by the fireplace to anything too strenuous. He is deeply thoughtful and is interested in philosophy, but rarely shares these thoughts with anyone as he will often defuse the situation with humour. He enjoys speaking in rhymes because he feels it is important to see the music in life. Because he is an Efferii, though a very unusual one, he doesn't fit in very well with humans, as they find his habits odd. Generally, when alone, he will wear only ragged trousers and nothing else. But he garbs himself in fancy clothing when amongst elves or humans. Habits like this leave him in ill repute among those who get to know him.

    Alignment: I guess he is Chaotic Neutral. That said, he will certainly inconvenience or betray people he comes across if the whim strikes him, but he would never go and murder anyone for fun. Likewise, he might even help people if they need it, and on very rare occasions he might stick his neck out for someone. These occasions are very, very rare however.

    Political Alignment: Eros lives in a townhouse in Caelin, but often commutes with Howldon for bigger productions of his plays, and so he also owns a small, but expensive apartment there. He was born in Lux and lived most of his young life in Grimrah as an outlaw.

    Languages Spoken: Esferin, Avarin, Eldarin

    Job/Class: He is a playwright, and one of the more successful ones. He is often commissioned to do plays in honor of great events.

    Inventory: When in any dangerous area, Eros will carry his two daggers and throwing knives, which he learned to use as a boy when on the run. He also uses darts which resemble quills. He often carries a wooden walking cane. His pen and his writing desk are his most important tools, however, for he is not much of a combatant. He has an expansive library and a very comprehensive encyclopedia that he carries around. He has a townhouse in Caelin and a small apartment in Howldon.

    Talents: Eros has a silver tongue. He usually has no trouble making people believe what he wants them to believe. He can talk his way out of most situations. He is also a talented writer, and he has very keen senses and very sure-footing and an excellent sense of balance. He can transform into a mountain goat, after all. He is agile and a good climber. In addition, he has a lovely singing voice.

    Skills:Eros is a talented pickpocket, and good at sneaking around and spy work. He is also good at working out codes and riddles. He is decent with a dagger in a combat role, and with throwing knives, but his skills in that are very rusty by now.

    Eros was born in Lux. His family, who all transformed into various types of goats or other ungulates that are skilled at climbing, were a client race of the dominant tribe in Lux, as the family could access the city easily due to their skill in climbing.
    The boy was named Arturo and even as a small child, high hopes were laid on his shoulders. He was expected to work hard, as he was the only son his mother had ever had. It was important to impress the aristocrats of the city, or the closest Efferii equivalent to such a class, in order to ensure a good life for the clan. As Arturo grew older, and his parents failed to produce another child, it became apparent that he was quite unable to live up to there expectations. The first incident happened when he was but a boy, and stole the horse of a visiting merchant. Visitors to Lux were rare, and thus their trades were valued, but Arturo ruined this particular exchange. This earned him the unwanted attention of the Chieftains, who kept a close eye on Arturo from then on. Two more practical jokes like the first one (involving Arturo luring a Chieftain's daughter into bat-infested caves and fooling a butcher into selling his finest cut for the price of a tiny steak) and the Chieftains ruled that the boy must be exiled for disciplinary reasons.
    Arturo wandered, lost alone and scared, until he reached Grimrah, the city of thieves. Here he learned from the city's underground the delightful ways of the con-man. His mentor, a down-on-his-luck Dark Elf, taught him about basic street cons. But Arturo also learned about the arts from this elf - And he took on the name Eros, his mentor's favorite poet. The boy then lived primarily in the city, using trickery and deceit to pay his bills. He would also wandering the roads with some local highwaymen and developed many cunning ruses to separate lone travelers from their coin-purse. In this time, Eros would transform only rarely, rendering him in poor control of it. Most Efferii do it often, but Eros' two forms overlapped a lot due to him being unable to control it. Time away from Efferii and more time in human form left Eros thinking more like a human and less like an animal.
    Eros learned from the various thieves and highwaymen how to handle a dagger in a fight. He didn't ever use to to steal from people - That wasn't nearly as fun as tricking them - But he did use it to defend himself when a con went wrong. However, this was very rare for Eros. He was a natural at it.
    Time moved on however, but Eros didn't. He was a young man now, not a boy, yet still he spent his days lying and stealing. Looking around him, he noticed that his friends had either cleaned up their act, or become immoral, lifeless layabouts. Eros, disheartened, was less focused during his work and was soon caught and imprisoned. It was a small sentence of two weeks, only meant to scare him. But when he got out, he learned that his mentor had succumbed to a vicious plague. Eros found the man dead, clutching a copy of his favorite poetry book. Eros was disgusted at himself for not having been there for his mentor, as he had been for Eros so many times. He decided to pay attention to that which had inspired the Elf during his life, and attempt to immortalize himself just a Eros the poet did - Through the written word.
    Eros saved up his money and left Grimrah at the first opportunity, moving instead to Caelin. He lived cheap in that coastal metropolis, but attempted to get his foot in the door with the higher ups. Eros was astonished at how easy it was to weave his way into upper society. Far easier than lying to hardened travelers and guards, anyway. Eros quickly established a fake background as a successful artist and got a few commissions. Writing was the easiest thing in the world to Eros - in a few years, after writing poetry, short stories and plays - One of his works was given a full production in Howldon. Crafting a trustworthy-sounding name for himself - "Eros Lockheart" - Eros became rather successful and eventually earned enough to buy a pricey townhouse in Caelin and commute regularly to Howldon to watch his productions.
    Eros now lives happily in Caelin but his life is not without event. He is often employed as an agent or spy to infiltrate suspicious or corrupt aristocrats. He is employed either by law enforcers or thieves to assist in their jobs. Due to his mischievous, treacherous nature, Eros often gets himself into trouble during elaborate schemes, but is usually resourceful enough to get out unscathed.
    He is often questioned for not taking a bride. Eros is gay and thus not enthralled by any woman, but as this appears odd for a man his age and he prefers to keep such things private, Eros has constructed a false wife named Bethina who died tragically years ago. He claims that he swore his faithfulness to her before she died.

    Past Storylines:
    None as of yet.
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    Merit Purchases:
    Efferii, 750

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