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    Fenix Tarinrath

    Fenix Tarinrath
    Fenix Tarinrath

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    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Fenix Tarinrath
    Nicknames and Aliases: Fenix, Fen, Fent
    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: August 3rd, 345
    Race: Human

    II. Physical

    Appearance: While he isn't so much as athletic as he is intelligent, Fenix does have an average build. He's usually seen standing, as slouching was taught from an early age to be an impolite and pathetic mannerism.

    - Height: 5'9''
    - Weight: 140 lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: Dirty gray in color, and is always restrained from covering his eyes by a bandana and part of an old helmet his mentor passed down to him from a distant time.
    - Eye Colour: Brown.
    - Skin Colour: Tanned mildly, with certain parts of his face showing some sort of pattern, which appears to be a sort of monkey-like marking.

    Body Type & Physical Condition: He's fit, but being a dreamer, his attentions are often elsewhere leaving him to fall, stumble, and the like quite more than one would expect at first glance.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: While his body is highly human, there are some things that he can accomplish even the most trained trapeze artists or acrobats cannot.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Fenix enjoys his body's seemingly natural resistance to most diseases, even if it's just a lie and he doesn't really get sick quite often through dumb luck.
    Physical Imperfections: A set of birth marks on his face that he wants to get rid of. They remind him of a monkey and he was teased sometimes because of it, even if it was only when he was little.
    Clothing style: While attending the Howldon university, Fenix wears more formal attire than his usual open shirt and ragged pants. When he finds himself roaming the halls of the university, it is always in a more refined red and black uniform. A dress suit of sorts with a button-up front and red trim on the sleeves and the edges of the top. His legs are snug in a warm, comfortable pair of dress pants that originally were part of a suit his father wore, or so he has been told. Now the pants are old, worn, but still wearable and proper enough for public use.
    Distinguishing Features: Strange markings line his cheeks and forehead, seemingly similar to that of the efferii tribes that share traits with animals. The thought perplexes him greatly and has for most of his life.
    Voice: Spinto Tenor
    Transformation: Unknown

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Outer Goals: To learn to be a pilot for the mighty airships of Caelin.
    Inner Goals: As dangerous as it has been told to be, he still wishes to indulge in the arcane and mystical.
    Super Objective: Fenix wants to only explore the world, to find a place where he can be at peace, away from the others who would look down upon him.
    Defining Characteristic: While Fenix had a happy upbringing, the son of a maid who cared for a noble's house in Caelin, he still finds that as much as he enjoys helping others, it is hard to understand why his father was never in his life. His strong will though has kept him through all sorts of turbulence in his life, and he has never once strayed from the ideals he or his mother established for him.
    Likes/Dislikes: Fenix absolutely adores steam contraptions as well as any other type of machinery. The intricate parts amaze him so. That isn't to say that he dislikes magic. He actually enjoys it very much, and the idea that there aren't any parts or mechanisms to move makes him want to know even more about it.
    Hopes/Desires: The Caelin military has always been a sort of paradise to Fenix. A place where he could fly a sanctioned airship and roam the world, even if it was under the banner of Caelin.
    Fears/Phobias: Even if it is silly of him, he dreads the thought of stumbling upon a cave one day and falling in where he would never be found again.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Dirty Secrets: Admittedly, he broke a vase that belonged to his mothers' employer years ago, and she had to cover the whole incident up lest he be sent to a military academy or boarding house.
    Introvert or Extrovert: A bit of both, more extrovert than introvert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: While he may be as sharp as a tack, he tends to act on emotions rather than logic.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfless most of the time.
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: The future captain of an impressive airship that he will one day name 'The Linda Admiralty'
    - Others: Fellow brethren in the world
    - Friendship: One of the most cherished and unbreakable bonds in all the worlds
    - Love: Nerve-wracking and frightening, he doesn't understand it one bit.
    - Religion: Fenix believes that without faith, there would be no uniting forces in the world to advance together as a whole, science calls for cold, calculations and is seen as a lone art.
    - Country: Caelin is the only country he's ever known, and where he grew up, it was not a bad district so he is naive to the ways of the real world in some ways.
    - The World: A vast unexplored treasure chest waiting for him to journey across.

    Superstitions: Fenix believes that music and merriment drive away bad luck and evil spirits.
    Method of Handling Anger: His mother taught him a way to absolve his anger, but he has since forgotten what it was.
    Admirable Traits: He is an adventurous, intelligent and hopeful young man, willing to help others wherever he sees need.
    Negative Traits: Fenix can be naive, even brash at times, and has shown to be unable to control his own emotions in the worst of outcomes.
    Prejudices: Fenix harbors ill-will towards the undead, but not outright hate.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Never really knowing his father.
    Mental Disturbances: None
    Philosophy of Life: "Life's just a big map. You've got to go out to the edges and explore it if you wanna die happy."

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Talents: Amazingly, he is naturally able to hold his posture, whatever position he is in at the moment, as long as he wishes, and is an excellent climber. His body is very limber, and able to carry his weight and momentum rather easily as well.

    Skills: Fenix is skilled in the fields of literacy, navigation, geography, and acrobatics. He's also apprenticing in his free time to learn more about steam-tech as well as other types of machinery.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Caelin
    Religion: Undecided
    Job/Class: Student/Engineer
    Family: Fenix never knew his father. When he was born, he was abandoned along with his mother, and his father went off into the world, never to be heard from again. His mother has been, for as long as he could recall, a little thing. Short, curly black hair and a stout body to boot. He took after his father in looks; his hair, his eyes, and even his nose and his markings, even if his mother never told him so, but of course he gets a lot of his personality from his mother just as much. He's asked her many times, and she's told him nothing of the rest of his family, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, nothing at all. His mother isn't very wealthy, but she makes more than enough money for the both of them at her job, which gives him some extra funds to spend on toys and tinkering.
    Noted accomplishments:
    - Famous/infamous:
    None, but he will make a name for himself, he swore it to himself.

    Hobbies: Fiddling with the occasional hunk of steam tech, even if it is in disrepair. He also enjoys reading thoroughly.
    Pets: None. He doesn't like the idea of having something whose life depends on him.

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: He always carries a dagger, crafted from very fine steel, in his inside pocket, or in his sleeve, if he has them. A few engineering tools are kept on a belt with him almost all the time, so he can always have something to do with himself, as well as a book "The Storms Beyond the Horizon", by the author Desmond Bartholomew.
    - Wealth/Possessions: A woven coin purse that he hides in his shirt pocket that usually contains about a days worth of wages from whatever odd job he's working at.
    - Land: None.

    - Languages Spoken: Avarin, Eldarin (Roughly), Esfarin
    - Literacy: Growing up in Caelin, Fenix attended the naval academy in his early years, learning the most basic of skills, and before graduation, learning more advanced processes such as minor engineering, different languages and dialects, as well as navigation and geography. When he was younger, and before he could read as well as he can now, Fenix would have his mother read him adventure stories of brave people going out into the world to explore vast new wonders and places. It was ultimately what drove him to want to join the Caelin military.

    VI. Background/ History

    The earliest Fenix can remember is the day his mother brought him to the place he would soon call his home. Growing up in the city of Caelin, Fenix didn't ever really know his father. Any time he'd ask his mother about the topic, she'd deflect it with another question and the cycle would repeat endlessly. It wasn't annoying to him, it was almost like a game as a matter of fact. Each time he'd learn something new about his father and it would only make his curiosity grow.

    While Fenix grew, the owner of the house they lived in began to see something in him that only a parent could. Potential. The man saw that Fenix had the ability to learn and to grow exponentially, and decided to put him through the Caelin schooling system. It was there Fenix learned the basics skills of life, along with his discovery of steam-tech that drove his interest towards engineering.

    Even growing up though, Fenix will never forget four moments in his life. The first was when he was young, and he had just gotten a model steam-ship and was playing around the eastern wing of the mansion with it, imagining it soaring high above the clouds and through the air... right into a vase that was then shattered into billions of pieces. This was the first time he had ever felt fear, guilt, and anxiety all at the same time. And was the first time that he was shown compassion and generosity by the owner of the house and his mother. When all was said and done, his mother told her employer that she was the one who had broken the vase, and he forgave her for all her years of hard work, never suspecting it was the little boy hiding behind his mothers' uniform that had done the deed.

    A day, just like any other, in his fifth year ended with him being sent home after instigating a fight with another child who had bullied his friends the day before. Fenix himself had more bruises than the other child, but he was still ready to fight even as the instructors arrived to break up the brawl. He was scolded for starting a fight that evening by his mother, but nonetheless she was at least content that he stood up to the bully for the right reasons.

    While he was playing out in the courtyard one summer afternoon, Fenix saw his first Steamship soar through the sky like a shooting star off into the horizon. That one single moment made his heart flutter with excitement, and made him want to jump into the air and scream to the world 'I'm going to be a ship captain!'. It was what, ultimately, motivated him to go through school with the highest honors he could achieve.

    Anyone with family can tell you that losing one of them is an endeavor in itself, but Fenix had little to no family. Just his mom and himself, and that generous, wonderful man who took them in and kept them fed and safe. It was a man like him who helped fill the void left by Fenix's absent father, and it was this one man who showed him all the things he would never learn from his mother alone. Being his near biological father, this man, Adrian Ironfields, left the biggest impact on his life in the worst way possible. By dying. It was by accident at the steam-tech convention that one of the devices there malfunctioned while he was sorting through them, looking for utilities to sponsor, things a wealthy man like him might do. The contraption went haywire, killing him as he shielded the inventor from its' deadly shrapnel. Fenix was in school during the accident, but was informed of it after along with his mother, and after they attended his funeral, they learned he had left money in a fund for Fenix to help him pay through school. Even in death, he found that this mans' generosity knew no bounds.

    Past Storylines:

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    Date: April 5th of the year 356
    Location: Caelin Academy
    Participants: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]; [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Merit Purchases:


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