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    Gabrielle Fidelis


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    Gabrielle Fidelis
      " We were born to serve, and to cherish those we serve."

    - Puppy - Jeanne
    - Elle - feminized
    - Mutt - Alistair

    Age: 12
    Race: Efferii
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 14th, 350
    Birth Place: Grimrah
    Orientation: Unsure

    Physicality & Wellness
      " I'm not that tiny! Hey, leave my ears alone!"

    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Height: 4'3"
    Weight: 57 lbs.
    Body Type: Scrawny
    Physical Condition: Underdeveloped for his age
    Distinguishing Features: Wolf ears when in human form
    Physical Imperfections: Some scarring on the bottoms of his feet and his back, as is to be expected from a slave's upbringing.
    Illnesses & Afflictions: None as of yet.


    Makeup: Jeanne often dusts his sun-streaked face with powder and blush before applying a coat of lip paint and gloss. He makes for a very lovely girl - with his soft skin, full lips, long lashes, and luminous eyes - whenever a convincing disguise is needed, though more often than not he is feminized simply for Jeanne's delight.

    Hairstyle: Seemingly without his notice, Gabrielle's hair has outgrown what's traditionally proper for a boy. Such silly social quirks are beneath the notice of a curious pup too fascinated with the outside world to fuss over himself, and so it falls to Jeanne to groom him as she likes. His mistress seems content with the glossy crown of honey locks, as well as their current length. The layered ends reach his shoulders at current, and though the pup himself is prone to trying it all back in a bunch, Jeanne is just as likely to give him extensions. Gabrielle is pleased with both arrangements, though it embarrasses him a bit!

    Clothing: The mock sailor-suit is very nearly Gabrielle's everyday wear. Though his wardrobe in Caelin is stocked with an extensive collection of clothes suited for both boys and girls, there is a row dedicated to multiples of this outfit in particular.

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    Gabrielle The Puppy
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Gabrielle's efferii form manifested itself in a moment of rage and panic when he came of age. The consequences of that incident condemned him to the lowest rungs of the slave market, where he was fitted with the collar that binds him now. The imbued properties of the thing bind Gabrielle to a less threatening form than his actual essence - that of a puppy, and ensures obedience to his master or mistress.

      " It's Jeanne's wish, how could it be wrong?"

    Inner Workings:
    Chaotic Neutral

    Dirty Secrets:
      Gabrielle, while a boy, is often cross-dressed by Jeanne for her amusement.

      It is the nature of men to do evil, where as women are inherently good.

    Super Objective:
      He's yet to truly settle on a direction for his life; he feels as if it is not his right to choose.

    Fears & Phobias:
      He worries that if he were to ask for his freedom Jeanne would send him away!

    Hopes & Desires:
      To always stay with Jeanne. She's so sweet to him how could he ask for more?


      Loyal, submissive, brave, noble


    • Scratching behind his ear will make him blush and tilt his head
    • He sometimes is prone to wandering when he isn't told to stay in one place
    • He has to have Jeanne's say so before he'll lick a person


      He's very obedient to his owner in response to the care and compassion she's shown him. His morals rarely factor into a decision as he trusts his Mistress to make the proper choice for them both. Gabrielle is cheerful by nature and delights in being a source of happiness in the lives of those who are important to him. Though he is very black and white in his judgement of strangers - usually choosing to assume the worst of them rather than risk the safety of himself and his dear ones - once his loyalty is earned it never wavers. As his namesake would suggest, Puppy is always smiling and loves to run!

    Feelings Toward

      Self: He's motivated to be stronger, but his fears constantly get in his way. The only time he finds that he isn't scared is when Jeanne is involved and then he'll fight tooth and claw to protect her.
      Others: Cautious, often even outright hostile to other men.
      Romance: The thought has yet to occur to him.
      Friendship: Those who are dear to him are more precious than anything of monetary value in the world.
      Religion: The thought has never occurred to him
      The World: Gabrielle looks at the people within the world with a glass-half-empty perspective, but he is easily enraptured by the little wonders of nature itself.

    Likes & Dislikes:

    Self: Scritches and scratchings from good friends! Especially behind the ears.
    Food: Strawberry shortcake !!!
    Drink: Uhm, water?
    Pastime: Playing dress up for Jeanne.. but don't tell anyone!
    People: Jeanne is his favorite person in the whole world!
    Color: Green

    Self: He hates that he's afraid of quite a few things
    Food: Vegetables. YUCK!
    Drink: Anything alcoholic
    People: Strange men, especially physically intimidating ones.
    Misc: He gets Seasick easily; collars make him itch; being away from Jeanne makes him sad.

    Social Evaluation
      " Stay away or I'll tear you...oh Mistress says you're okay."

    Profession: Kept Boy!
    Purchasing Habits: Jeanne provides him with a weekly allowance, which he is prone to blowing all at once on sweets .///. The tummy-ache is so worth it!

    Level of Education: His mistress has taken it upon herself to act as a governess to the little efferii, educating him as she herself was educated. Though it seems strange to him, that a slave should be so learned, he is secretly both pleased and awed by learning.

    Political Alignment:Gabrielle does not feel inclined to learn the intricate art of politics, comfortable, instead, with following Jeanne's viewpoints as best as he can.

    Friends: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Family: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


      ●Running around and around and.. around.. and.. a.. round
      ●Cooking, generally something with a high caloric content and a sweet taste!
      ●Meandering about and usually getting into some sort of trouble


      ☑ He is a rather clever hunter - using snares and simple traps - when Jeanne allows him the opportunity.
      ☑ Obeying orders comes natural to him. While he lacks the decisiveness to lead, he is the perfect follower.


      ☑ Gabrielle is well versed in general housekeeping and service, as well as cooking.
      ☑ He's an above average pickpocket and light enough on his feet to break a quiet entrance!

    Armaments & Inventory
      " Did you bring me a present?!"

    Primary Weaponry› Concealed Knives :
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Weapon Name: Ornamental Daggers; 'Hair sticks'
    Weapon Type: concealed melee/throwing weapon
    Weapon Description:
    - Measurements: 5inch from blade to hilt, average
    - Material: most are made of mid-grade materials, though a few - those which were gifted from his noble lady - are encrusted with real gems. The sparkles please him immensely!

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Cosmetic kit!
    Acquired: A gift from his mistress' mother, Jacqueline, who seems to find his feminization amusing.
    Effect: n/a

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Dog-shaped purse
    Acquired: purchased with his own allowance in Caelin!
    Effect: n/a

    Prize Possessions

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Enchanted Collar
    Acquired: Forced upon him by his master in Grimrah
    Effect:Forced into "puppy form" unless permission is given otherwise; obedience to owner (Jeanne).

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Book of Princess Fairy Tales
    Acquired: Jeanne's gift to him on his first birthday with her
    Effect: N/a

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Type: Princess Doll
    Acquired: One of the many toys provided for him by the Chevaliers.
    Effect: n/a

    Background Script
      "I don't have any regrets - I have so many good things in my life! And how would I know you, if not for the hard times?"

    Act I "The Runt":

    "What would a pretty pup know of freedom? Slavery really is the best option he could have hoped for."

      To a slave, there was no such thing as second nature. Gabrielle was born into this lot as was his mother, and her mother before them both. No one knew who his father was, probably another lowly wretch or one of his mother's many masters. She was a pretty woman, after all, and just coming into the ripeness of her youth when she'd bore him. Gabrielle never questioned how his mom had died; questions were unbecoming of a slave.

      Until his tenth summer the life of a captive had been a relatively easy one for Gabrielle. He'd never wanted for much other than a wild adventure here and there, but he learned quickly that getting caught doing something that would bring the ire of his Master could be very painful. He worked hard to not get caught but an Efferii pup with too much curiosity in his head could only be so lucky. Gabrielle was always smaller than the other slaves, even so, he learned to absorb more than his fair share of pain without a wince. When violence no longer frightened him into proper behavior the hunger began.

      Though he was not a stupid boy, he proved incapable of simply existing. Gabrielle could not relinquish his curiosities, his questions, his wandering. There were many nights his stomach twisted in empty knots. Malnutrition hardly helped his waifish frame. Hunger, was his first lesson.

      At ten years of age, his true education began. How to sing, how to dance, and how to play the harp - for Gabrielle was born a pretty thing, as pretty as a girl! And he was destined to amuse the old and debauched. There were days he was set to pluck the taunt strings until his fingers bled! But he endured, he always endured. It hardly made life any easier. There were other boys in the household who could not swallow back their suffering so easily. A slaves entire life revolved around the absolute truth that the strong may overwhelm the weak, and so Gabrielle endured their ire as well. He could not blame them. They suffered as he suffered, and so he never struck back.

      But the hunger... The hunger hurt more so than anything else could possibly. It howled in his belly like a wolf, as he was, and in the savagery of a moment the animal in his blood emerged. Blood. There was so much of it. It stained his hands, his paws, his mouth, his maw. That's what led him to the Auction Block, to his second life.
    Act II "A Kept Boy":

    "I do as I'm told most's those days that I really want adventure that I get myself into the most trouble."

      Grimrah had always been his home. He never thought of leaving it, especially since his Master kept him safe from the cut-throats and politics of that world outside the townhouse gates. Oh, he had ventured out a time or two in his short life, curiosity getting the better of him, but he never adventured too far. It was unsafe to wander. He'd heard the horror stories of the Black Palace but never had he been forced to step foot there until the day he was to be sold.

      A slave killer, he was fitted with a warded collar that stretched tight across his throat. The humming magick within it locked Gabrielle within his Efferii form, and forced obedience from his base self. Should any master brave his reputation and make purchase, Gabrielle would be compelled beyond contestation to obey his whims. If he didn't have an owner by the end to the day, his Master would cut his loss and sell him to the less scrupulous slavers, and he'd be theirs to do as they pleased with.

      Gabrielle was terrified of that prospect, but was resigned to it; Who would want such a scrawny wolf pup? Evening had almost settled in before the woman with moon-kissed hair paused before him. If her tresses were unbound he knew it would reach to the ground, as tall as she was. She was beautiful, and she scared Gabrielle. Her eyes pierced him in ways he just wanted to whimper and hide from, but his training kicked in and he remained still.

      Words were exchanged, as were coins, and after the initial inspection he was taken to the bath house to be cleaned and 'dressed' for his new Mistress. He wasn't sure of the life he was about to enter, but he knew it was probably better than where he would end up otherwise.

    Act III "Chateau De Chevalier":

    "If I hadn't been stuck as a puppy I would have run, but then I never would have met her."

      The cage was a bit small, he could hardly twist around in it. He was carried out and handed to the woman's servant. She still scared him, just the look of her. She didn't look nice at all. Beautiful as a rose, but as deadly as a spider. For many days he saw nothing of her as they sailed by ship, but he was well fed. It was a pity circumstance kept him from enjoying it. When at last the sickness of the sea was put behind him and the pup was brought on deck Gabrielle had lost count of days and time all together.

      He was loaded into a carriage with the woman's other belongings. She was rich, he could tell that much easily. The old Victorian house they were brought up to was well kept and even had an entrance gate. He would never find his way around there! He had hoped he would be put doing something away from her. Somewhere he could be alone and away from everybody. He would soon learn that was most definitely not the case.

      His Mistress ordered him brought in immediately. He still didn't know what to call her and that scared him. Punishment always came from doing bad thing and not addressing ones owner as he or she wanted was very bad. He couldn't talk in his Efferii form, though, and the choice to shift was denied him, and so the best he could do was try to stay as quiet as possible.

      With his tail tucked between his legs and his ears laid back against his head, he waited and watched. He followed the one who was sent to fetch him, the one who carried his leash. It was a huge house... He couldn't even remember where to turn to get out and then they came to a door. He could hear someone inside but he was curiously afraid to find out. Masters always hurt their new slaves. That was what the other boys had told him. What was he going to be brought into? He didn't know, but the door opened.

    Act IV "Jeanne":

    quot-y monologue thingy here!

      As soon as he saw the little girl his head popped up. She was too well dressed to be another slave. She was seated as prim and proper as a little lady could, reading, with a book cradled in her lap. Gabrielle could tell immediately that the woman who'd purchased him and this young girl were related. She was a miniature version of the woman...She probably had the same temperament too.

      Jacqueline, for that was her name, the Lady of Chevalier Estate, spoke aloud to the room in general. With a voice that sounded vaguely amused she explained that the pup was to be a present, a 13th birthday present, and that Jeanne would command him now. The girl looked up to what he presumed was her mother as the words were exchanged, but she said nothing herself. She didn't seem overjoyed or even phased at all. The woman stepped toward the door, and Gabrielle, which prompted him to lay his head down in an attempt to seem even smaller.

      Maybe he was a replacement pet for a slave she'd killed... How many could she have gone through before Gabrielle was picked out? - A slave killer himself! His leash was tethered to the arm of a chair before the woman and her servant both swept out of the room. It was only after several long moments that Gabrielle dared let out a sigh, and look toward the little girl. He wanted to please her early on in hopes of avoiding whatever harsh punishments a young mind could dream up, but he didn't know what she wanted of him!

      So he sat there, his fear keeping him from wondering about. For what seemed like an eternity he simply layed still. The girl hadn't approached him at all though she seemed to be occasionally moving closer in her moving about - stretching; fetching this book or that; reaching for a snack left on the tabletop beside her. He sniffed the air and savored the smell of warm chocolate biscuits ... His stomach growled, but he ignored it.

      It had been almost an hour when he finally decided to move from the spot. His first step was so very cautious! He expected to be yelled at. When he wasn't, he looked over to find the girl watching him as he watched her, though she didn't say a word. He crept slowly around the room as a puppy would, discovering various places he could hide. When he had scoured the whole room, staying very clear of the girl, she started moving and he froze. If he were a boy sweat would have dripped from his face!

      He lacked the daring to do anything more than stare... as she moved back toward the table, and gathered up another sweet treat for herself. His stomach protested again and he feared that she heard it. Of course she had, and she crushed some of the biscuit up before holding her hand outstretched. Gabrielle was all the way across the room and he could still smell how good they were. He couldn't ignore her.

      In a proper act of subservience he crawled to her on his belly. It was slow pace dictated by his growing fear that she would move suddenly, and strike him. He was less than inches away from her hand when he looked into her eyes. The moment was of the sorts a person remembers for the rest of their life. She had a different feel than the woman had, than her mother. She wasn't scary or mean. There was an unconditional calm in her eyes that smoothed the bristled fur on his back. He licked a piece of the biscuit from her hand and his tail wagged, once.

      It was the most decadent thing he'd eaten in as long as he could remember, but he waited for her say so that he might have some more. There were no words exchanged between the girl and her dog. She smirked and he ate everything in her hand. Gabrielle looked up after he was done, his tail going very quickly from one side to the other, and just like that she lowered her hand to pet his blunt little muzzle. He found that he rather liked the feel of her soft hands and the gentleness they provided. She could still hurt him, though, and that did worry him... until she scratched behind his ears.

      Gabrielle planted his bottom and groaned happily! He knew then that someone good had found him, that she would keep him safe.

    Out Of Character Synopsis

    Intended Purpose:

      synopsis of what you want to achieve with your character/ what you want to roleplay/ your characters role in the world in OUT OF CHARACTER, simple terms goes here.
    Past Storylines:

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    Storyline: [url=thread link]thread title here[/url]
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