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    A Flower in a Meadow: Caspia Grange


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    A Flower in a Meadow: Caspia Grange Empty A Flower in a Meadow: Caspia Grange

    Post  Foxglove on Tue May 29, 2012 8:04 pm

    Name: Caspia Grange
    Alias/Nicknames: Foxglove, the name she uses in substitution of her own, a pseudonym of sorts.
    Birthdate: May 17, 339.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

      Height- 5' 2"
      Weight- 110lbs
      Build- Solid but lean
      Eyes- Warm Brown
      Hair- Mouse Brown, past shoulder length
      Marks- None aside a birthmark on her right shoulder that reminded her mother of a lily petal

    Personality: Of all things, Caspia is used to being the odd girl out. Of her immediate family, she became the only female when her mother succumbed to a seasonal plague, and remains the only young girl in the family of sixteen children. When in school, she had a gift for memorization, but her status as a "Flower man's daughter" left her outcast with few friends. The two friends she did have discovered each other romantically early in their teen years and Caspia was left to develop her own romantic longing. A boy named Raiku caught her eye, and sense her fourteenth year, she has vied for his affections but has never dared to step out of her shadows. Year after year, she would watch as he dated another girl, and that girl proved to be unfaithful, uncaring, or simply not worth his time. But Caspia's affections never strayed, which only furthered her desire to show him just how much she cares, and express that, whether he knows it or not, she is the one for him.

    Bright and quick-witted, Caspia has a gift for intelligence, but refuses to flaunt it in front of others despite certainly using it to her own advantage when the opportunity arises. She is diligent and hardworking with an unshakeable determination to accomplish a goal once she has set it. She has a tendency to beat around the bush and can become impatient in social situations, and on occasion, shamelessly arrogant. However, her casual demeanor remains soft and sweet, and after all, all she really desires in life is love.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Political Alignment: Howldon

    Languages Spoken: Avarin

    Job/Class: Caspia is a florist, herbalist, and flower farmer, following in the family tradition that dates back to the second century.

    Inventory: Caspia travels lightly with only what will fit into a small knapsack on her back. She usually has little money on her, at times no coin at all. Her most prized possession is a beaded bracelet with three wooden carvings of roses. It was her mother's gift to her as a child. Caspia's home is the three-story building that hosts both her family's business, and her immediate family's home. Out in the plains, her grandfather and three uncles (and their families) run the flower farm that produces the bountiful stock of the store.

      Knowledge of Plants, Herbs, Flowers: Caspia was educated in such from an early age, and retains this information as a part of her trade.


      Swimming in Speed: Caspia has a strength for swimming that she established in her school days, but she has not practiced in the competitive sense for some time, and the rust on this skill remains undetermined.

      Flexibility, Silence, and Adaptive Maneuvering: From her own pursuits, Caspia has amounted what equates to a relative amount of stealth, speed, and gymnastic ability.


    Caspia was born the first daughter to a family dominated by men, to a kind and gentle mother and a soft-natured father. She was swiftly succeeded by twin boys a year later, and another boy three years after that, named Phlox and Flax, and Solidago. The four of them were born into a bustling family of flower farmers and florists, but their mother made sure to teach the four adequate lessons in herb lore before she passed in September of 353. Only Caspia seemed to retain the information, but of course, her brothers were younger with less exposure.

    In school, Caspia was a lonely star, speeding through her education effortlessly but without many friends to confide in. For a brief spell of time, she found comfort and friendship in Phillipa Cray and Shallax Fost, but not long after Caspia had been welcomed into their fold, the two became romantically entangled and phased Caspia out completely. On her own, she stumbled upon a boy named Raiku, and love at first sight set roots deep within her heart. The rest of her school days were dominated by a watchful eye over Raiku, admiring from afar but lacking the bravery to confess. In an attempt to distract herself, Caspia joined various teams and honed her swimming and gymnastic abilities, but no amount of physical recreation could comfort her heart.

    After her education had been completed, Caspia settled into the fold of her florist career, fitting the mold like everyone else in her family and tried to forget about the boy she secretly fell in love with. Years passed but the obsession did not stray, and when she started to hear stories of an executioner of the same name, her heart lurched while her mind hesitated. She waited, patiently but agonizingly, and at long last could wait no longer: she had to tell him.

    Bidding her father farewell, and warning her brothers to do their fair share, Caspia took off to track down the man she loved, promising she would return someday. Her father could only shake his head at her, figuring her nothing but a mindless twit chasing a fairytale, but lacking the heartlessness to warn her otherwise.

    Several times since then, Caspia has come across Raiku in varying situations, but each time she could not work herself up to a heartfelt confession, even irritating the man when she wasted his time. She has not given up, and will not give up, until she tells him the truth. She loves him, with all her heart and soul, and will not go home until her affections are voiced.

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    A Flower in a Meadow: Caspia Grange Empty Re: A Flower in a Meadow: Caspia Grange

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