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    Welcome to Nyxheim


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    Welcome to Nyxheim  Empty Welcome to Nyxheim

    Post  NyxAdmin on Sat May 26, 2012 11:49 pm

    Welcome to Nyxheim  Welban

    « Il dépend de celui qui passe
    Que je sois tombe ou trésor
    Que je parle ou me taise
    Ceci ne tient qu'à toi
    Ami n'entre pas sans désir »
    ~ Paul Valéry ~

    Greetings wandering soul,

    I am pleased you fell right into our trap are trying to peek beyond the shroud of shadows that guard our mysterious world. You seek knowledge to help you answer your current dilemma, to be or not to be a Nyxie. For your convenience I will open Pandora’s box to give you a glimpse of our tender darkness, however small.

    I. The Nyx Community

    Our Mission
    To provide a literate space for all Nyxies to grow as writers and persons by exposing them to a dynamic environment of creative ideas that may stimulate their imagination and nurture tolerance to whatever is different. Our passion and world is our common interests, and the one that protects our friendship bonds from being dissolved.

    Our Vision
    In Nyxheim we do not pursue success based on number of posts or members. Our goal is one of endurance; to continue carrying with us and refining the culture and world we have built together throughout the years, for years to come.

    Our Culture
    Every community that has bested the test of time develops its own way of doing things. Unfortunately there is no book that can tell you everything you need to know about the Nyx Culture; you will learn as you go. Nevertheless, here is a sip of culture to get you started:

    • All members are called Nyxies.
    • All new blood are called Pixies until the Monarch sires them.- The “Head Admin” of Nyxheim just so happens to be a literary character, and the main deity of our world. We refer to him as the Monarch, His Majesty, and for those who have enough confidence with him, Master Matt.
    • Whatever the Monarch says goes.
    • We spell magick with an extra k.
    • We disapprove of ego battles and encourage constructive criticism.
    • We like originality and depth, and thus frown upon wanton copying and shallow characters.
    • We hate histrionics.

    Our Nyxie
    The perfect Nyxie is:

    • Passionate to improve his/her writing style.
    • Adaptable and willing to embrace change.
    • Respectful, mature, and open minded.
    • Eager to help out in the community.
    • In love with storytelling.
    • An avid reader.

    Don't worry if you don't have a couple of these. There are very few perfect Nyxies.

    II. The Nyx Chest of Toys

    You are probably wondering what sort of playground do the Nyxies have to carry out their epic and tenebrous adventures. Nyxheim is a world reborn from the ashes of another, and as such it is only 365 years old. However, many civilizations survived the collapse of the Old World and are therefore quite advanced. Three realms compose Nyxheim as we know it, and they are connected not by seas or bridges but by bi-dimensional cracks spread throughout the land:

    Kyrheim: It is the realm of the Sun God Kyrieth, home to vast breadths of untamed nature teeming with raw magick. If you are looking for a more fantasy based setting with legends, Elves, wizards, and mythical creatures, then this is the place to go.

    Ariaheim: This realm is the sibling of Kyrheim as they both share the same history. Nevertheless, it developed in a much more different way. While most civilizations in Kyrheim stuck with tradition, the ones in Ariaheim embraced change and technology. This realm stands out for its steam-punk, industrialized cities, and Undead creatures with guns. This is the realm of Aria, Goddess of the Moons.  

    Ravenheim: All content within this realm is entirely original; it is the section for the most advanced role-players. Ravenheim is the new world so to speak; the mysterious place people have been getting to know for the last 300 years. Its magick is obscure, its technology made from clockwork just like the largest portion of its citizens, and its deity is Raven, Goddess of the Twilight Skies.

    Due to the bi-dimensional bridges we already mentioned there has been much interaction between the different civilizations of Nyxheim. It is thus not uncommon to find facets of one realm in another. For example, there are a few industrialized cities in Kyrheim just like there are some magickal races in the forests of Ariaheim. Ravenheim however has been much more reserved, so it has kept its aura of otherworldliness.

    There is no main storyline everyone must follow in Nyxheim. However, there are a couple of themes that are of great importance to the world and that may be of interest to your story. First of all, there are two big wars being fought: nature against industrialization alongside the idea of progress (both in Kyrheim and Ariaheim), and the Living against the Necromancer Church, which seeks to bring Lichdom to the world (Ariaheim). Furthermore, there is the excitement of the discovery of a new world (Ravenheim). Finally, the industrialized cities are undergoing an energy crisis; their economic growth and political stability is being threatened by the lack of said resource. Add to this the recipe of individualism (those mages seeking to unravel the secrets of old magick, those scientists attempting to discover the century's most powerful inventions, those wanderers seeking eternal youth, those politicians struggling for power, etc) and you have the recipe for intrigue and fun.

    As it is to be expected, Nyxheim is a very fertile ground for ideas that can suit most tastes due to the way it has masterfully woven together so many different world-motifs. Should you wish to join our main role-play platform, then register and proceed to the Character Creation Guide. You need a new body to enter through our gates.

    III. The Boundless Playground

    For role-players who are not so keen to play using the lore of Nyxheim there are other options as well within the Miscellaneous Stories section:

    Arcadia: This forum contains the skeleton of Nyxheim's predecessor. It has abundant lore to use for inspiration and many sub-forums. It is a traditional high fantasy role-play world with eight elements as its pillar: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, Shadow, Thunder, and Ice.

    Creative Role-play: For those that like an empty canvas with no limitations, this section provides a space to write stories of any type and genre. There are no rules or regulations. It is also a good experimental area to test out ideas and write lore that may be incorporated to Nyxheim, or used to build a separate world within the section such as Arcadia.

    In order to role-play in this boundless playground, you need only to create an account. You will immediately have access to the Misc. Stories section and you may start role-playing on your own or try to find a parter to play with. No character profile or pre-readings are required.

    Bon courage,
    Master Matt

    getting started //Je t'en prie, viens me chercher.
    Welcome to Nyxheim  ArcadiaMatthewSig

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