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    F. Wilmot Joy


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    F. Wilmot Joy Empty F. Wilmot Joy

    Post  Xuthes on Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:58 pm

    Name: F. Wilmot Joy, Frederick Wilmot Joy. Prefers to be called Wilmot, only close associates may call him Frederick. (not Fred, he despises the abbreviation.)
    Alias/Nicknames: Stormspawn, Thunderhead.

    The Stormspawn:

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    Birthdate: January 8th, 283

    Age: 82

    Race: Demon (Hellion)/Elemental

    Soul Type: Newborn

    Gender: XY


    Height: 7'8"

    Weight: 380 Lbs of pure muscle.

    Hair: Wilmot's entire body lacks any hair. Instead, his eyebrows and mustache are made of pure white electricity. The brows and facial hair are move lively during storms, and calmer during pleasant, sunny days. No matter what, his mustache is two feet in length from end to end, and does not grow or shrink.

    Eyes: Wilmot's eyes are pure white and glowing. The glow is always stronger during rainstorms, and small sparks have been seen to flow from them during thunder storms.

    Voice: Wilmot's voice is deep and powerful, having a thunderous echo to it when getting carried away in a conversation. One person described his voice as "One a royal city guard, or a judge would have".

    Face: Wilmot's face is the only thing that shows his age, having heavy wrinkles on his forehead and brow, as well as some under the eyes. His face has a stern, serious look at all times, mainly from his brow. Many have mistaken him for giving angry, or intimidating glares, when in truth he was simply thinking of something with great concentration. Despite the intimidating face, Wilmot's face also shows his gentle side when relaxed, as the stone face clears away only to show a peaceul old man's gaze.

    Skin: Wilmot's flesh is tanned from always being outdoors. It has a rough texture to it, like fabric covered in sand or dirt, and upon touching or feeling his muscle, it has been described as "being as hard as the mountains themselves".

    Build: Wilmot's build is that of a strongman, large, powerful muscles with a massive core around the waist. Unlike other races who have sculpted, beautiful abs and toned muscles, Wilmot's body build is massive and thick from his impressive strength. Despite this, he is still nimble and light-footed, and has impressive control over it.

    Clothing: Wilmot's clothing consists of cloth undergarments, cloth pants, and a pair of leater boots, lined inside with steel.

    Transformation: None

    Personality: After his ascension, Wilmot turned into a watchful protector. The discarded belief of his old self "Only the strong deserve to survive" remains in his head. It has since then evolved to his belief that "killing is only acceptable in the means of survival, justice, and mercy". In a balance of both, he carefully watches scenarios of everyday life where help is needed, and only when it is needed he will act.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, "Judge".

    Political Alignment: Wilmot holds no Political Alignment towards governments or hometowns. He is a nomad who wanders the plane. This does not mean total neutrality. If he finds a town or city in need of services he is capable of helping with, as well as that town or city welcoming him, he will gladly align himself with them.

    Outer Goals: To travel the continent, and possibly to the other continents of the world, watching the people from the distance so that when help is needed, he may assist.

    Inner Goal: To continue gaining strength through training, meditation, and from storms; so that new abilities may be learned and honed towards his ultimate objective.

    Super Objective: To find demi-godhood, or possibly immortality through meditation and the power of storms. This way, he cannot die from aging, and may continue watching over the meek, so that they may be protected.

    Languages Spoken: Noldorin

    Job/Class: None

    Inventory: None


    Enhnced Strength: From the continual evolution of his past, to present day, Wilmot has gained and continues to gain inhuman strength. Capable of ripping massive trees out from their roots, crushing rock into gravel, and even punching through solid steel. Despite this power, Wilmot over the years has learned to enhance his body's precision so that his strength is fully controlled.

    Enhanced Regeneration: All creatures have the ability to heal slowly, letting time and care heal their wounds. Demons have the natural ability to rapidly regenerate, in exchange for burning up and killing the cells in their body ending in a shorter life span. Wilmot has never used this talent, nor will he ever unless under dire need to.


    Lightning Manipulation: Wilmot has the ability to absorb lightning, and manipulate the stored electricity to his whim. Only several branches off of this ability have been learned. Absorbing lightning cannot heal him, however, when struck by lightning, or hit by other sources of electricity, these do not harm him.

    Thunder Palm: A powerful strike executed with the force of sound. Before striking at the foe, a small burst of lightning branches out of his arm. this lightning cannot harm the target, as it is strikes out in less than a second. The energy built up from this lightning is stored in his arm, and the longer it is stored, the louder and more powerful the attack. After the desired length in time is held, Wilmot moves forward, and strikes the foe with his palm. Upon a successful blow from his palm, the pent up thunder is released, and at the moment of contact, the thunder roars, and the force of the soundwave blasts the foe back several feet, even yards.

    Lightning Blast: The ability to arch lightning bolts from his body to the desired location. Lightning Blasts are five times more powerful, and twice as fast as his normal electricity, however, using this ability releases pure lightning in which he absorbed, and not only does it weaken his other abilities, but it requires him to absorb more lightning in order to restore the reserve.

    The Touch: "The Touch" is an ability in which he releases an electricity around his arms, allowing him to generate and hold an electric element to his attacks and defense. This also allows him to throw or create construcs of electricity, such as orbs, as well as use his Lightning Blast ability.

    History: Wilmot's story begins the same as any demon in Nyxheim, crawling and killing others for the sake of blindly gaining power. For the longest time, Wilmot was a common Daevol among the ranks within Kyrheim for a seemingly endless period of time.Originally a quadrupedal beast, after years of killing stronger and stronger demons who had evolved into being bipeds, he himself eventually became one.

    Continued in the mindless cycle of the common demon, Wilmot wandered into the high mountains of Eirein. In desire to fight stronger creatures, and absorb their powers. In the mountains he killed and consumed any living thing that he saw. At the top of a mountain peak roamed a dragon, indicated by the scent of smoke, and the stench of a gigantic reptile. Blood and power hungry, the Daevol scaled the mountain, taking weeks to reach the top, where there lay a massive cave that the dragon burrowed into the mountain with its sheer strength.

    The exhausted Daevol carefully searched the cavern in which the dragon made its home, only to find no trace of the beast. It was unknown if the absence of the home's owner was of a recent event, or if it was long since abandoned. Tired from the climb up, the demon decided to rest within the cave, falling into a deep slumber that lasted a span of several days. While he slept, the tops of the mountains became dark and dense, as an intense storm had begun to brew. Wilmot awoke to the start of the storm, with a powerful hunger. It was then that he heard in the distance, the sound of powerful wings flapping against the winds, which began to pick up. The dragon had returned from where ever it had traveled to.

    The demon found that it was in luck, as this dragon was ancient and weak, appearing thin and fragile. Upon the dragon landing, Wilmot charged forward, giving the dragon a few good furious swipes across its long neck. The surprised dragon recoiled back, quickly erupting into a fit of rage, swiping back and blasting powerful spheres of fire. As the two fought, the storm around them broke, rain pouring down and lightning arching all around them. Wilmot then had the upper hand against the fire-breather, cornering the dragon against the mountain top's edge. Just as the demon lunged into the air to give an attempted final attack, a massive bolt of lightning arched into him, then striking the ground below.

    "It was at that moment that I truly felt alive. Not the rush of adrenaline or the intense emotions I'd never felt until this moment coursing through my body. It was if....I had been born at that moment, glancing at the world in new eyes. I looked at the dragon who moments ago, was nothing more than prey. This creature I had been trying to kill was a person just as much as I am now, and deserved to live out its days in peace. I thank that storm for giving me the gift of thought, the spark of sentience.." - F. Wilmot Joy.

    From the intense rage of the storm, the demon's body absorbed the power of the lightning bolt, and from the immense surge, he had evolve to a higher plane of existence; a Hellion. Wilmot stood up after minutes of death-like stillness, staring down at the new look of his body. The dragon cowered further , the edge of the mountain giving in to its wait. The wounded creature began to fall, and Wilmot lunged forward, clutching the tail of the reptile and hoisting it back up onto the spot they had shed blood against. The redeeming act of peace was done, and the dragon retreated back into the cave, distrusting and confused by the acts of the Hellion. "I am not sure if you can understand me, but I truly am sorry for what I have done to you. I do not expect you to trust me, but know this; I am leaving this mountain, and I will never return. I have done enough to you, and all the innocent creatures I spilled the blood of." He kept his word, never returning to the high mountains of Eirein. Since that day, Wilmot spends his day as a wandering judge, enforcing his power so that the meek and defenseless are protected.

    Ten years after the event, Wilmot continues to hone in his new powers of lightning and thunder, through meditation, training, and absorbing lightning during intense thunderstorms.

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    I look forward to following your Character through his SL's! If you need any assistance finding partners to SL with you can contact me or other inquisitors via the forum private messages or Chatango.

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