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    Hermes Cromwell


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    Hermes Cromwell Empty Hermes Cromwell

    Post  Mokubex on Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:21 pm

    Name: Hermes Cromwell

    Nicknames and Aliases: Ghoul, spaz, Loki,  abyssal one (much later)

    Gender: Male

    Birthdate: 340 September

    Age: 25

    Race: Human

    Soul Type: Newborn

    II. Physical

    Appearance: -

    - Height: 5'11

    - Weight: 160 lbs

    - Hair Colour/Style: long black, micro-dreadlocks ends calico dyed with a small beaded coin ornament with cromwellcrest at the end of left bang the rest tied back with a ribbon

    - Eye Colour: black

    - Skin Colour: chocolate

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    -Body Type & Physical Condition: peak physical condition due to regular hikes and extensive metal working

    -Physical Abilities & Limitations: lock-holmes state:limiter release temporary increase of physical abilities

    -Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: permanent twitch of left eye due to periodic electric shock, extreme insomnia, mental instablity. lack of coordination of biological hand after the 3rd day without sleep.

    -Physical Imperfections: a mechanized prostetic arm he keeps gloved and coverd when in public, a scar across back of his head coverd by hair.

    -Distinguishing Features:beauty mark the edge of the right eye

    -Voice: Medium, often monotone. can get loud and spastic (zim)

    III. Mental

    -Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    -Outer Goals: Earn money, obtain rare metals for his engineering marvels to reduce needless industrialization by making it more efficient and hopefully helping human relations with the more nature intuned races.

    -Inner Goals: earn money obtain rare metals for his engineering marvels, become a self-made ghoul/wight or immortal with a fully mechanized body hes designing. (researching a way to substitute necromancer to contract with)

    -Super Objective: true freedom from the shackles of the dreaming and his own mind

    -Personality:comically and dangerously manic, naive to social matters or establishments big and small. easily distracted aside from his own objectives. Highly secretive of his work. Does what is right often coincidentally out of objectivity rather than actual feelings about it. highly vendictive, insanely ambitious.

    man in the light:leaves subtle clues of his existence through Envoy.

    Likes:- technology, money, learning new things, privacy

    -Dislikes- Magick's unpredictable nature, will bending, politics, slavery, blind devotion

    -Hopes/Desires: to delve deeper into science.

    -Fears/Phobias: being stalked...more than usual.

    -Sexual Orientation: straight,low-sexdrive

    -Dirty Secrets: desire to "tame" a dark elf woman, highly sadistic nature.

    -Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.

    -More Thinking or Feeling:  Thinking more than he think he thinks.

    -Selfish or Selfless: Selfish.

    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: "who are you?! ANSWER ME!"

    - Others: "huh? theres others?!"

    - Friendship: "yes yes thats all well and good, now obey mee"

    - Love: "uhh... whats that?"

    - Religion: "heretic DOES have a nice ring to it doesnt it?"

    - Country: “whats this place called again?"

    - The World: “prepare yourself.."

    superstition: the cromwell family curse

    Prejudices: slavers, slaves

    Most Painful Things in Their Life: the death of his mother.the re-death of his father

    Mental Disturbances: ptsd, savant syndrome since childhood cranial injury, paranoia. extreme insomnia

    Philosophy of Life:  “devour the heavens or make way for the encroaching abyss"

    IV. Skills & Talents

    -Talents: perceptive clarity, quick grasp of engineering. great hand-eye-coordination minus the insomnia's effect, can redirect electricity through biological body to prosthetic storage (years of practice, very painful )

    lock-holmes state: a trance-like state of increased brain activity, time is slowed to him and his senses are increased, in this state he can temporarily release muscle limiters of his body,(risks tearing muscles, tendons and breaking bones)

    -Skills:  undead and human engineering, cromwell style familiars/golemancy, basics of necromancy, alchemy, effigy learned from failed-wight (his father) lightening magic,inventing,

    V. Social

    -Political Alignment: most likely the stubborn fence-sitter
    -Religion: logism /heretic neo arcanum
    -Job/Class:engineer(refuses weapon contracts) inventor, prospector, basic blacksmith, traveling salesmen, mad scientist,
    -Family: mother(elisa) and father(Hector) deceased
    -relationships: none

    Noted accomplishments: monopole made through alchemy hybrid electric/magick storage system.
    - Famous/infamous: infamous

    -Hobbies: reverse engineering foreign tech, tinkering with salvaged junk.

    -Pets: mysterious familiar that speaks through his shadow at night when the physical realm gives way to the dreaming
    Age: 5
    name: envoy
    abilities: limited interactions with the physical realm, manifests through auditory and optical hallucinations, acts as eyes and ears and even leaves messages from supposedly for the mysterious man in the light.

    -pets: cromwell family spider familiars

    Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: prosthetic right arm made from the various metals including espiritos of the failed-wight (his father). customizable with interchangeable parts, tools and gadgets he invents from unrefined ore  or other material he buys, trades and salvages

    E.O.I.( eye of ingenuity) built in: specialized coil that emits variable levels of directed electromagnetic waves to detect any reactions of metal optionally can the waves can be infused with magic to increase its effectiveness and insight, helps him with prospecting and even detecting local magick sources. Can be modified to emit field infused with magic to detect individuals in the area at the costs of magick and electrical storage

    hidden blade attachment: steel blade can be used as a conduct for electric shock or coated in modified poisons extracted from spider familiars.

    wire spools: wires of various alloys and properties, used to set traps normally used in conjunciton with electric shock to kill, disable or activate his devices.

    wrist coilgun, built in: adjustable chamber lined with  magnetic rail able to fire metalic projectiles with deadly force  or fire and increase the speed and power of any caliber bullet upon firing (costs less energy to ignite primers)

    travelbag and belt: stuffed with throwing daggers, various multi-tool attatchments for his prostetic, spools of wire, special homemade explosives requires special detonation similar to semtex , typically used for mining.

    hybrid electric/magick internal storage system


    Armor Type:


    Building Template
    -Name of Building: red warden estate
    -Owner: hermes cromwell
    -Type of Building:neglected 3 story plantation worn wood planks peeled red paint.
    -Detailed Description: throughout 7 poles uniformly protruding from the ground, 5 neglected headstones eroded and no longer legible, 2 recently polished headstones with information purposely etched out in the back of the house    
    -List of facilities: 5 fully furnished bedrooms  eat-in kitchen 2 bathrooms a bathhouse with a sauna hidden laboratory and study in the wine celler,
    -Fortifications/enchantments: cromwell family spider familiars webs disrupts most remote viewing magic and informs owner of intruders or magic sources, webs patterns useds as dream keepers can be triggered though contact with intruder or though web connection to hermes
    -Items of interest: N/A
    Associated Businesses/Factions: former guild school/vineyard

    - Languages Spoken: Avarin, eldarin, Hexxarin(not fluent)
    _ homeschooled by his father after his mother's death


    hermes Hermes grew up alone with his mother at the self-sufficient plantation with wind mills and lighting rods to harvest energy, hermes and his mother tended the struggling vineyard, while learning the cromwell style familiar techniques from his mother, though at night he often snuck into his estranged father's study and regularly looked through his notes in the dead of night though little of his arcane research made much sense to him, hermes took much interest in his notes on undead technology at the age of 13 his mother fell ill with no form of communication to the outside world,  Hermes recalled mentions of his father's attempts to make an elixer, the main ingredient being a rare herb with many medicinal properties it grew near the coast and was the reason his father refused to sell the red warden. As hermes travels to the coasts and sees the herb growing near the edge of the cliff as he attempts to retrieve the herb the ground crumbles causing a rock slide he hits several rock ledges before a rock falls on his arm, hes hanging barely conscious by the shreds of  flesh of his completely crushed arm.

    He hears a boat's bell in the distance but instead he looks on at the vast ocean for the first time realizing how vast this world was and how insignificant he and his mother was by all comparisons that their suffering and death will have no meaning to that endless ever-changing world just as he accepts this cruel reality, his arm tears off and he falls into the ocean below at this point he drifts in and out of conciousness the last thing he remembers is seeing a suit of armor. hermes drifted between life and death being pronounced dead offically several times before stabalizing and falling into a coma, in his dream he drifted in abyss with an infinit number of beaufitul lights he felt himself dissolving slowly, in awe of the lights he began to slowly dissolve into the abyss as he accepted the insignificance of his existence suddenly one of the lights in the distance disappears. a year later he wakes up gasping for air as if he were drowning in his bed three minutes before midnight hermes looks at his side confused at what hes feeling or wasnt for that matter he pulls his arm from underneath the cover to his surprise to pull a metal prosthetic arm.

    his shouts echo through the house the door bursts open and a suit of armor walks in, the newly woken hermes struggles to his feet yelling "who are you?!..where is my mother?!" before wobbling and collapsing and passing out again. the suit replies "relax're safe now" the mysterious metal figure spoke his with a deep voice that rang through his armor he fails to notice a strange shadow etching letters into the wooden headboard of the bed by the morning it was complete, sloppily spelling out the words "and so it begins" he is brought back to health by the suit of armor that reveals himself as his father, hector cromwell a former professor and powerful mage devoted to researching necromancy and was brought back by his students as a wight to continue his research with them however the ritual failed killing them and only
    temporarily binding his soul to the armor, with each passing year the binding grows weaker. Over the next six years the quasi-wight teaches hermes the basics of magic and advanced engineering technology he learned spying on the undead empires. he refused to teach hermes anything but the basics of necromancy fearing he would follow the same path as he did to his ruin.

    Every night since the coma hermes would snap awake gasping for air with eyes of someone tormented by an unending nightmare everynight seemingly to be worse than the last, when asked about the nightmares he could only explain vaguely it as being trapped in an abyss with nothing but a pulsing blood red light and the sound of a heartbeat that echoes through the abyss. however infront of the light always stands a man with indistinguishable features engulfed in the light, no matter how far hermes travels, he can never change his distance to the man in the light, the man in the light casts a growing shadow it extends to hermes own shadow when it makes contact he hears a whispering voice he turns around to see a pitch black figure rise from the shadow, a shadow itself, it steps infront of him and perfectly eclipses the man in the light, the black figure spoke in whisper introducing himself as "envoy".

    The man in the light seemingly never spoke yet envoy would always first approach the man in the light bow and whisper words that hermes could not hear, once done with his report he would turn to hermes seemingly with a grin from ear to ear he could not distinguish his face but he knows envoy is grinning and would continue without a word or movement until he says "with each passing dream he'll grow ever near to you" the creature mutters at the end of every seemingly endless night. one morning he wakes to see envoy the shadow casted on his wall with the same inhuman grin. it became apparent that this was not just a nightmare.

    Even as a failed wight hermes' father did not suffer from the limitations of humans, he did not eat, age or sleep he had long periods of inactivity to preserve the fading magick that bound his soul but did not dream. Despite his fathers wishes for him to avoid necromancy and dark magicks that brought him to this state hermes believed that becoming a wight or a similar being like his father was his only hope to escape encroaching darkness within. Envoy and the mysterious agenda of the man in the light. After his father's passing, he continues his research nonstop seeking precious materials for his engineering inventions ultimately to for building a perfect artifical body all the while seeking more insight into necromancy to perfect his own techniques. hermes was severely handicapped in magic since the accident, use average to most would cause strange effects to hermes varying from temporary to long lasting, loss of sight, spasms, delusions, a state of confusion and more seemingly centering his mental state, making it almost suicide to rely on in combat, to compensate hermes rely on the special properties of the metals he passively stores his magick into and uses it in conjuction with the electic storage system that powers his arm for its self made additions,  compensation to help with his research are the cromwell family familiars,  modified breeds of spiders that drains magick and vital essances from insects and small creatures, the webs of these spiders are special capable of conducting magick, the spider would leave a strand attached to themselves able to sense movement and life forms that come in contact with it, it is through this that the cromwell family learned how to through the web and even learned to instruct them to weave webs in whatever manner they want, the patterns can be used as a identifying represntation of spell components, the webs can be used as dream keepers that requires little to no strain on the user however this is also unfit for combat as it takes many spiders  alot of webbing and alot of time for the spiders to power even an average spell without the users. the main deterent of him using magick, is the strange coaxing of envoy to use magick,on rare occasions even subtly assisting in his research interfereing before his continuing of a doomed project yet still wanting him to recklessly push ahead even use his own stores of magic. The images and delusions of envoy and the man in the light become more and more vivid with each strenious use of magick. he would send electric shocks from his own arm to keep him from sleeping

    hermes now travels sometimes as a prospector salvaging discarded junk to haul back and tinker with for his own uses or back to town to trade or sell at with greater value and brokering deals and contracts with organizations and cities for engineering solutions, though rarely taking military contracts. he can change his lifestyle without a moments notice should he take interest in something, from being hermetic for years on the red warden to suddenly nomadic seen traveling just about anywhere, despite having little to no awareness of the outside world.

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    Hermes Cromwell Empty Re: Hermes Cromwell

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    Character Hermes : Approved.

    If you need help or want to talk to a certain someone to sl with let me know and I can try to get a hold of them for you.

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