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    Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie


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    Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie Empty Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie

    Post  Ivory on Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:47 pm

    (Note: When it comes to wraith in fae terms it means spiritless masses of magick and energy that took the silhouetted form of a small Celeste.  A wraith will form a fae when their “self”, mental/personality combines with their magick and is born.)

    Biographical Data and Physical Appearance

    Given Name: Tealla of Min-der
    Known for: Being Quendi’s companion/doppelganger
    Title: Fae Wraith, Sparkle, Pest
    Race: Celeste Fae
    Languages Spoken: Fey, Tactical, Eldarin, Thyrsar, Hexxarin, and Noldorin

    Birth date: She was born around 3300 A.T.  She is a centurian fae.
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Rogue, Seelie Celeste Fae
    Distinguishing Physical: Her wraith like appearance makes her stand out wherever she goes.

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    Appearance:   She has an inner physical body and an outer shell made of her magick.  Tealla is said to feel like steam when touched most of the time.  Many fae like to stay away from her because normally a fae with a wraith like appearance is close to death however, Tealla since birth has always had that aesthetic.  Her wings glow as the reflection of Arcania with flecks of stardust (fairy dust) floating around velvety, butterfly shaped wings, with soft flowing intricate veins like feathers.  Tealla’s skin tone varies from pinkish violet tones to creamy ivory tones of light depending on how much magick is around her surroundings or if she is enticed by something.  Her facial features are unnoticeable because her colouring and wings are the only things all races are able to see of Tealla.  It has been noted when she uses astonishing amounts of magick her entire appearance will change to the entire spectrum of a prism’s light.  

    Height: Tealla's outer shell is five and a half inches tall however her physical body is a mere two inches.  Her outer shell is prismatic and hides her physical appearance which actually changes light hues to how her emotions are.
    Weight: She is as a feather upon moonlit wings
    Eye Colour: Not Applicable
    Hair Colour/Style: Flowing straight long mid-thigh locks, from bluish indigo hues to silvery white.

    Clothing Style: Some people swear she wears no clothes at all while others believe she wears a flowing long shirt with a shoulder-less top with a small sleeve dangling on the left arm.

    Distinguishing Features: Her iridescent colouring could not be anything but a spectacle.
    Voice: She has a dark voice with tranquillity of aging time within her.

    Transformations: Tealla being a faerie may change her appearance at will.  She tends to mimic a creature around her with relative ease however it will only last approximately five minutes.  The one problem with her transformations is her eye colour will not change from her natural iridescent hues giving her away.  When it comes to transforming into inanimate objects such as a rock she will have a slight shimmering tone that reflects in the light a bit different than the rest of the rocks in an area.  She also has the transformation of Quendi when she was a seven year old (twenty-eight in elf years) moon elf girl for however long she wishes to keep Quendi’s young form.  When Quendi is unsure of someone she will have Tealla often act on her behalf as Quendi.

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    Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie Empty Re: Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie

    Post  Ivory on Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:45 pm

    Basic Outline

    Basic Alignment: True Neutral
    Political Alignment: Tealla has some yet very little attachment to The Snow Mist Court, a smaller court connected to the Hawthorn courts.  She also has no obligation to protect any countries even though her honest attachment to the Elven countries and Malekith can be noticed as stronger than Quendi’s endearment towards political alignments.

    Method of Power: Tealla’s main source of power comes from Quendi.  Although they are two different people they share the same soul so the majority of the time Tealla receives magickal protection from Quendi and in turn protects Quendi when possible.  Tealla often says Quendi’s life has no grasp onto her own life force however Tealla’s life circumferences Quendi’s soul.
    Physical Abilities/Limitations: In rare occurrences after using tremendous amount of magick with Quendi, Tealla will temporarily become transparent or have a deep slumber. Disappearing from many races eye spectrum also happens when Tealla has gotten herself dizzy.

    Outer Objective: To aid Quendi in sending astray souls and wandering spirits back to the natural order of rebirth.
    Inner Objective: Assimilate from her current path of being Quendi’s reincarnation and form her own life within the material plane Nyxheim.
    Super Objective: Tealla has always wondered what her true face looks like and wants to one day know if she has a face like other fae, or if she is faceless; People assume she is more in tune to the wraith than alive.

    Religion:  Faeries are spiritually connected to harmony with nature and the land and do not have religions they believe in.  Tealla nevertheless, still believes and can be seen worshipping Pailai, the  goddess of Arcadia.  It has always been one of Quendi's rules and is part of Tealla's nature to do so, but not as zealously as Quendi.
    Fears/Phobias: She has a great fear of the words thank you.
    Dirty Secret: Tealla misses being around The Solidor family and loves the tantalizing taste of their aphrodisiac saliva.
    Prejudice: She is a seelie fae.  Although she is a seelie she dislikes humans.  She does differentiate the differences between a child and an adult.  Tealla is easily offended by weak minded creatures that are superstitious because many items thought of as lucky repel her.  

    Likes: Music, Pleasure, Dancing, Flowers, Crystals, Apple and Oak trees, Heartsease, Tricks, Bright and Shiny things, Primrose for keys, and to leave a little of the last.
    Dislikes: Bells, Bread, Paint and Glue on houses, the words ‘Thank you’, Iron, Steel, Saronite, and Violence.

    Phobias: Her greatest fear is others saying thank you to her
    Most Painful Things in Life: When other creatures ignore her thinking she is just a wraith/figment of their imagination.

    Mental Disturbances:
    *Tealla gets disturbed by the after images Quendi telepathically sees to a small degree.  
    *She has a hard time learning to control her magick compared to most fae and has yet to master it.
    *There are great mental disturbances of diseases within the mind being thrown off from Tealla's/Quendi's mind merging as one.  She has had an easier time adapting with this as she is a fae lent to creation and order.

    Selfish or Selfless: She loves to test anyone whether they are friend, foe, or stranger.   Some people believe this to be a selfish act while others find it to be a selfless act to teach others.
    Method of Handling Anger: Tealla ignores foul mouthed people and curses (literally) anyone who is offensive to her.

    Introvert or Extrovert: She usually is an introvert whom is calm and collective nonetheless her playful fae tendencies get the better of her.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Tealla is the thinking type which enjoys a tactical game of the mind done on behalf of involuntary willingness from others.
    Disposition: Calm, Reflective, Competitive, Little Self-worth, Playing tricks.

    Attitudes Toward:
    *Self- Believes she is more like an object than a person.
    *Others- Many people do not have enough understanding of history in which reoccurring events keep occurring.
    *Monarchy- Respects the Queens/Kings of the faerie courts and shows some consideration to anyone Quendi respects as well.
    *Friendship- An unnecessary factor as they lead to greater grief and ties to the world.
    *Love- Adores flowers and gems to the point they have more value than her life or other creatures.
    *The World- She keeps her opinion of the world to herself but finds it a detestable place with all the destruction to nature she has seen.
    *Law- Law of Three (See fae section in Nyxbook for description).

    *Killing sparrows are unlucky since they are a bird that carries the souls of the dead.  
    *Knock three times on wood after mentioning good fortune so the dryads can keep evil spirits away.  
    *Yawning is the sign that danger is near.  If you don’t cover your mouth when you yawn you will lose a piece of your soul.  
    *When children are sick it is best to tie red ribbons around them to keep illness away.  
    *The sound of bells drives away Tealla because she is afraid of loud noises.  She also believes her bell like voice is better than any man-made bell.  
    *Saying I trust you is a very cruel thing.

    Philosophy of Life:

    Light is blight; White is strife,

    Shade is delight,

    Welcome to the twilight.

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    Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie Empty Re: Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie

    Post  Ivory on Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:10 pm

    Affinities & Abilities

    Affinity: Tealla is a convoluted faerie with many different skills.  Her main skills are in Spiritual and Light with some small amount of skill in water and earth.



    Tealla has the usual abilities many fae possess:
    *Floating, Flying, Dancing, Pranks, and so forth.
    *Tealla also has the uncanny ability of a natural resistance to holy/unholy magick.  
    *Her ability prisma iris is the only one she possesses from being so close to being wraith like in appearance that is unique to her.  
    *She can sometimes make her appearance the same as her surroundings- camouflage.  


    *There are some abilities that differentiate her from regular fae that are in regard to her soul connection with Quendi.  She shares smaller amounts of the same talents Quendi possesses on a totally different scale than her.
    *She can send the undead back to Elysium just like Quendi however she can also call forth undead whenever she wants using necromancy skills she grew up learning from her environment in Lumbren.  These necromancy skills she had to develop however with the knowledge of undead she already knew from Quendi’s memories she was able to learn how quickly.  Tealla uses this ability to have undead protect them while sending them back to Elysium once their energy is used.
    *There is one skill Tealla does not possess that Quendi has.  She can also travel back and forth with Quendi to The Dreaming however Quendi has to carry her in a special crystal so she can’t be harmed because Tealla literally falls asleep whenever she leaves the physical plane.
    *Tealla can do realm magick and make plants grow.
    *She is also learning alchemy.
    Tealla's spirit magick is far less advanced then Quendi.  Often time she uses rituals and dances to accomplish her magick that Quendi can do without a word if she desired to.  Tealla also has problems with sending spells further than the spot she is in.  


    Name: Prisma Iris

    Type of Magick: Independent/light magick

    Effects: Tealla not only has the ability to change the presence of light and shadows in an area but the ability to use her body as a conductor prism, in other words, Tealla can control light to bounce off her body and refract into many different colours of the spectrum.  In some sensitive races this can cause them to have seizures seeing the flickering lights and colours while, in others it will affect the eye sight of her opponents nearby.

    History:  This is a natural ability Tealla can control of hers.  Her emotions and concentration are the only thing that can overpower her control over it.

    Name: Umbra Ace

    Type of Magick: Light magick/ Manipulation/Physical Attack

    Effects: She will throw her Margartam by itself or with a bunch of other shadow-like needles on an opponent which can temporarily paralyze an opponent for several seconds, if hit in certain spots or with undead she will attach strings to the needles and use them as puppets till the strings are cut.  Once the paralyzing state has finished her Margartam comes back to her like a magnet.

    History: Tealla’s Margartam is her only weapon she has that serves her as dream keeper in most cases.

    Name: Catena Umbra

    Type of Magick: Light Magick

    Effects: Chains made out of shadows wrap around creatures under the control of necromancy and immobilize/slow down enemies till Tealla is away from them.

    Incantations: “Catena Umbra”

    History:  For some strange reason undead want to eat her. In order to get away from them quickly when undead look hungry she uses this spell to get away.

    Name: Auferam Spiritus

    Type of Magick: Amortir

    Effects: Steals one day of life from anyone she kisses or sometimes with just a touch.   It also is used to break the soul of undead into smaller pieces so they live a shorter time.

    History: This magick she learned probably as a copy in a way of the incubus traits of stealing energy from ones they “play” with as she spent many years living with the Solidor family before returning to Quendi.  It also gives Quendi more life however, she is against its use Tealla insists on using it once in awhile.

    Name: Li

    Type of Magick: Water Elemental/ Alchemy

    Effects: Tealla can manipulate small amounts of water in the air.  As a fae she uses it mainly to grow plants however she also uses it in this spell for a different purpose. Tealla can manipulate energy in lighter elements in the air, like carbon.  Using this she can produce limited quantities of alkali metals.  Sodium and Lithium are the easiest to produce.  Using very small vials designed to carry doses of rubidium and water, separated only by a thin sheet of glass she throws at an enemy. On impact the vial shatters allowing the elements to mix, sends shards scattering in every direction, and coats nearby metal in highly corrosive film. In a Pinch, Tealla is able to create a similar effect with lighter metals like Lithium and Sodium and just throws small amounts of water to have a smaller corrosive effect. She usually carries only two vials on her at a time and prefers just to use the smaller effect for pinches.

    History:  She learned how to manipulate small amounts of water through what knowledge of memories she has of Ebony manipulates ice.  She is only able to manipulate small amounts of it.  She also uses Lithium to speed the process of plants growing in poor conditioned places.  Heavier metals like Rubidium and Francium she is working towards being able to make during battle; however, it requires way too much preparation and takes her a day to complete ahead of time the vials beforehand.

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    Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie Empty Re: Tealla Min-der, The wraith like faerie

    Post  Ivory on Tue Jun 24, 2014 10:06 pm


    Family: None


    Elen Min-der Quendi aka Ebony- Tealla has a soul bond with Ebony because of how she was formed with Ebony’s lost memories/magick.  In some ways it seems like they have a telepathic bond to each other.  Their perspective on everything is like yin and yang yet they seem so similar because they share the same aspirations.

    Solidor family- She has a generation tie of friendship with the Solidor family.  Veo took much time being a companion to her, teaching her many things about Malekith.

    Note: She’s been in several relationships with different fae males however she’s infertile.  Most faeries she’s been with do not grow accustomed to her personality and leave very shortly.

    Noted accomplishments: N/A

    Hobbies: Tealla’s favourite past time is pulling pranks and making others complete riddles.  She also has an uncanny green thumb making plants grow in the most infertile soils.  She sometimes enjoys reading which is an unusual habit for any fae to have.  Above everything else she loves dancing in the moonlight as it is when she feels the most at peace.

    Pets: Tealla has a shadow pet named Shade which is made out her own magickal manifestation. Shade in turn looks like a backpack that floats behind Tealla.   In a fit of sapphire glow Shade will cough up prepared vials of Li and her Margartam for Tealla.  

    Weapon Name: Margartam
    Weapon Type: Needle
    Origin Lore: Tealla came to have this small needle weapon at birth when she arose out of her flower holding it.  No one knows why she was born holding such an item however it is speculated that a piece of Darkwood and a small grain of sand had contaminated the flower she grew in.
    Weapon Description: Margartam is the name of a single sliver of Darkwood attached to a pea sized pearl.  It is approximately two inches.
    Special Properties: She uses Margartam as a dream keeper for her magick and it is thought the pearl could be made up of something else entirely in spite of it looking like a pearl on the outside.

    Education: Tealla has received some education from some rogue faerie in Malekith and Veo.  There was some other fae in her late childhood belonging to The Snow Mist Court which taught her other faerie traits. Tealla also has all knowledge of Ebony’s memories of when Ebony was taught as a little girl.

    Literacy: She can write in Hexxarin and Eldarin however her handwriting is too small for most people to read.

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    Tealla has always been a Cosmos faerie yet this time within The Dreaming as a wraith she developed into a much different kind of fae than her previous lives.  Before Tealla began it all came about one twilight when Ebony was practising her magick as a child within Annwvyn.  Sometimes in Annwvyn Ebony would make portals that literally would consume only inanimate objects, the portals would then send the objects into The Dreaming for safe keeping and be brought back from The Dreaming to the material plane through those portals.  More often than expected some objects would come back different than before or she could not find them within The Dreaming as they took different forms.  For Ebony it was the idea of trying to see if a living organism could go through that Ebony's experiments began.  She hypothesized if all creatures existed within both planes at the same time perhaps she herself could one day go through The Dreaming without having to leave her physical body behind.  To this day Quendi has yet to accomplish this idea however not all was in vain, Tealla was the creation of those experiments.

    The first and last experiment was with an organic seed.  Ebony began to travel back and forth within The Dreaming with the seed on her for safety precautions in order to not have the serpentine creatures harm it.  She tried to grow the seed but it was impossible to grow; time does not exist within The Dreaming.  Instead the seed ended up connected to the wraith of Tealla as it slowly consumed memories and magick Ebony lost to Elysium.  The seed eventually began to glow a magickal aura when it was ready to be planted.  After a long time of failed attempts to grow it within The Dreaming Quendi brought back the magickal seed to Arcadia where she roamed the world looking for a place it would grow.  She tried fertile soils and infertile soils till at last she decided it may be a lost hope.  Her acquaintance Veo Solidor was into botany and a bit of alchemy.  She decided to allow Veo to try what she could not accomplish as she has always had a beneficial relationship for generations with the Solidor family as allies whom exchanged information.  Veo and her brother Carian both diligently worked together on this project.

    The seed finally grew into a beautiful Alcea rosea “Nigra” aka black magick hollyhock.  It was a species of flower very uncommon.  When the first buds blossomed it was described as chocolate maroon decked in black blood.  Many botanists flocked to see the flourished flower even though there has still yet to be one bud to bloom.  It wasn't till the last bud blossomed that Tealla awakened to the world of Arcadia, approximately 3317.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Tealla's appearance when she was born was far different from what she is now.  The iridescent glow she has now was no more than a constant teal colour.  She was born infinitesimally one of the smallest faerie in existence, a mere two inches.  Within a few days her colour changed with her emotions always giving away how she felt yet her physical appearance could still never be seen clearly.  It wasn't till she could walk before she began to grew her outer shell.  To this day she has kept this outer shell throughout the many years.  Sometimes her iridescent hue matches her clearly visible emotions while most the time there is no way to tell what she is feeling through her looks.  This outer shell became very important to Tealla to protect herself from showing her emotions to others.  The Solidor family took custody of Tealla with much interest in her as she looked fairly different than other faerie with her wraith like appearance.  Tealla was not allowed to leave the castle as her appearance was too flashy and undead would always try to eat her.  They had some unseelie fae of the area instruct her as much as possible about their realm and she was easily influenced by the lessons she was taught.  Quendi also sent many books and information to Tealla at her bequest even though there was no written communication between Tealla and Quendi.  Her telepathic communication with Quendi was something used to gain information about other lands Quendi travelled through without the need of a written paper trail.  

    Staying with the Solidor family helped in growing Tealla's personality however no matter if she grew up away from Quendi she still has some familiar traits and personality conflicts with her identity just as Quendi has.  There were also many times Tealla became mentally unstable and lashed out from the confusion she went through from day to day.  Nevertheless, just like when Carian was a small mischievous boy there was never a dull moment with a prankster fae around.      
    A few years before the end of Arcadia Quendi went to gather Tealla from the Solidor household prophesying that there would be war that would come to their country. Tealla has travelled with Quendi since then as her companion fae.  Unlike other fae that are companions to elves in Nyxheim Tealla has preferred to be more of a rogue fae.  Tealla will only travel around with Quendi and when they are back within Altamira they live separate lives.  Even as a rogue she has always shown respect towards the courtling faeries and their Queens/ Kings.  Sometimes she does deal with a small court within the caverns of Altamira called The Snow Mist Court that was built during Nyxheim's time.  

    During the first several years of Nyxheim it was discovered a newly found trait fae could do.  Taking the form of nature for a small period of time.  It became more commonly used after the tragedies of war and industrialization came into being.  Not only can Tealla transform into nature for short periods of times but as well into Quendi's childhood form.  The bond with Quendi is so intense that this is possible.  Whether to be used as a defence mechanism or as trickery to a stranger they both agree to use it.

    There are a few events that have triggered a huge impact on Tealla.  The first twenty years of Nyxheim Quendi and her stayed within Altamira noting the topography and changes throughout, beneath and around the outskirts of the city.  In year sixty they began using hidden runes within buildings outside of places banned of magick to lure out any spirits wandering aimlessly in places they can not use magick.  It was during this event they both began to practice using their spiritual magick over more vast areas and have been working more on this over the last three hundred and four years.  The elven wars and the bombing of The Fae Islands had a great impact on Tealla in which she refused to believe that an adult human could be good.  Tealla had helped in the construction of the Riv Amar faerie court in year one hundred ninety five.  While Tealla was aiding the faerie courts Quendi was spending time going through Athel Loren and other bombed areas from the Elven wars doing her usual rituals.   More elves could be seen with fae comrades at this time.  Elf children that came to study magick in Altamira are seen with fae as well.  The system they created to bring out wandering spirits from magick banned cities is also used to send undead, that wish to not be alive once more, on the outskirts of Obsidian.  The Ecclesiary hunt these runes down and destroy them whenever they notice an undead suddenly disappears.  In year three hundred sixty two they both feel the disturbances of The Dreaming.  Tealla and Quendi fortify Annwvyn before travelling to find the source of this disturbance.

    Tealla has never been able to establish a sense of belonging to Nyxheim and is quite indifferent in that subject.  She does not share the same empathic feelings towards the undead like Quendi becoming indifferent to them.  As hard as it is for both Tealla and Quendi their own teachings emphasizes not to be empathic towards the living to bring out the desired effects to connect with souls to contain their spiritual power yet, be open to all creatures.  Tealla struggles with wanting to be a part of Nyxheim leading to relapses in her spellcraft with space.

    Tealla's magick usually comes directly as a source from Quendi except for when she is using her own personal light magick or magick stemmed from the muses of an area.  During the last few centuries it fatigued Tealla to tap into Quendi's power but it has recessed in the past 145 years, the year she reached adulthood.  Tealla can currently use her own magick from The Webs of Dreams to enhance Quendi's spells without the need to tap into Quendi's power bereft by the emotional draining such spells cause to the soul.

    (Note: 40 at the end of Arcadia...Year 260 reached adulthood...At current time is 405 years.)

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    (Well done Rae)

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    Reread it like seven times.

    Approved yo

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