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    Jericho Joshua Jordan


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    Jericho Joshua Jordan Empty Jericho Joshua Jordan

    Post  Jericho on Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:43 am

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    Name: Jericho Joshua Jordan

    Alias/Nicknames: Close friends call him Jerry, or Arby. For one reason or another, Sally has even been among the monikers given to him.

    Birthdate: December 8, 327.

    Race: Human.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance: Jericho is about six feet even and weighs one-hundred and eighty-seven pounds, the weight distributed evenly in a lean, muscular build. His hair is noticeably orange, not red or copper. Jericho has bright green eyes. He has freckles, reaching highest concentration across the bridge of his nose and spreading out smoothly across his cheeks.

    Jericho wears blue overalls with a shirt most commonly pastel yellow or purple but powder blue and slate gray have made an appearance on him before. He is sometimes wearing a straw hat, sometimes chewing on a piece of straw, but almost always smiling and with his sword.

    Jericho also speaks with a country drawl.

    Transformation: N/A.

    Personality:  On the surface, Jericho comes off as aloof, and perhaps even a bit ditsy. However, he has been shown to be quite thoughtful and caring of others, especially those close to him, as well as surprisingly in-sightful, and far sighted.

    He is good-hearted at the core and is generally well-reasoned and amiable, though has a pattern of dangerous temerity. Some call it bold, others call it reckless, but the man does not seem particularly responsive to fear. Note this is only in respect to fear, rather than caution, care or concern.

    Alignment: Neutral Good.

    Political Alignment: He is politically aligned to none, being a wanderer at heart. You could say he is aligned to himself, and personal allies, however. This will usually determine what side he takes if any on matters of politics.

    Languages Spoken: Due to his cosmopolite nature, Jericho long ago had a slightly modified version of the spell Tongues cast on him (with augmented spell permanency), allowing him to communicate across any language barrier without being able to cerebrally comprehend the language itself. A working example would be that he can speak with a merfolk, but not write their language. This does not grant him knowledge of cultural mores or social norms of the culture in question.

    Job/Class: Jericho's "profession" would be labeled a detective, though his work chains far out of that ballpark from bodyguard to arbiter. In essence he is a wanderer out to help people.

    --A chunk of star metal held on his person at any and all times unless otherwise stated.

    --A satchel of holding((can hold an almost infinite amount of items due to a magically tempered rift within. When the satchel opens, this rift becomes relatively finite, and is then dependent on memory to achieve the desired item.)
    ^>>>> food to last him a weeks time. Most of it is canned and can be cooked readily. Comprised primarily of beans, fish, bread, and vegetables. From time to time he may have packaged meat though it is rare. He also has various cooking wears like pots, pans, ladels, etc. Various changes of clothes, though for some odd reason they are all just the exact same clothes he has on. No one knows why he is obsessed with those particular sets of clothing.

    --Amanda his noble steed. A purebread horse of the highest caliber, she has been with him since he was a boy, and she just a calf.

    --Spellwatch; broken

    Weapon Name: Sally.
    Weapon Type: Straight Sword.
    Origin Lore: Sally has been with Jericho for any number of years after an event involving the Rift, a place where dreams are said to originate from, on behalf of a dying girl some odd fifteen years ago. He cannot recall how he came across the sword, but there has been an unspoken mental link between the two ever since.
    Weapon Description:
    --Gilded Edge of Starmetal
    --Blade is four feet long, 5 inches wide, crafted of steel.
    --Hilt is seven inches, a silver counterweight at the base depicting an avian creature, perhaps a crow or raven. Insulated against lightning via rubber panelling beneath the custom black grip.
    Special Properties: The edge is highly conductive, but resilient to magic based assault.

    Talents: Jericho can 'jump good'. 'Jump good' is a skill that Jericho learned from a distant culture of aboriginal natives outside of the Nyxheim world(primarily the dreamscape he earned Sally from). Their leaping ability is such that Jericho can leap straight up over three stories with what seems like practiced ease. It is important to note that Jericho cannot fly.

    Aside from this, Jericho is a Majestic Sorcerer, familiar with the 8 schools of magic, specializing in 3 (abjuration, evocation, transmutation), and also familiar with Deep, and True Name magic, but to an elementary level.

    --Abjuration: This school is focused on protective spells, as well as spells which cancel or interfere with other spells, magical effects or supernatural abilities, such as Break Enchantment, Dimensional Anchor, Dispel Magic or Remove Curse.

    Evocation: This school is called Invocation/Evocation. Evocation is focused on damaging energy-based spells such as Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Cone of Cold. It also includes conjurations of magical energy, such as Wall of Force, Darkness, Light, Leomund's Tiny Hut, and the Bigby's Hand spells.

    Transmutation: This school is known as Alteration/Transmutation. Spells in this school alter the properties of their targets. Examples include Bull's Strength, Polymorph, Plant Growth, Move Earth, and Water Breathing.  

    Skills: Despite looking what most term a 'farmer', synonymous with someone technologically ignorant or otherwise of an unfulfilled education, Jericho grasps higher mathematical concepts with ease and is well-versed in advanced technology, magical theory and spellcraft.

    Jericho is a master swordsman and skilled hand to hand technician.

    He also has a knack for piloting airships. He is not well versed in their upkeep, but can however run routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly for a while.

    Jericho technically has no 'past' and no 'future'. While he has impacted the past, and he exists in people's memories, to a diviner searching in the past, they will find no imprint of Jericho and looking to the future, it seems as if he has no destiny.

    What is readily readable about his past, are factors from which others specifically remember.

    Jericho's birth was never recorded, though surely happened, but what is most recently known about his first appearance, was some odd 15 years ago, in the events that led to the aquirement of Sally, and his journey into the Dreamscape.

    Past Storylines:N/A

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    Jericho Joshua Jordan Empty Re: Jericho Joshua Jordan

    Post  Green on Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:31 am

    Rittel isn't even an Inquisitor.


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    Post  Gemini on Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:57 pm

    Revised. >_>

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    Post  Jericho on Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:41 pm

    Edits asked for have been made.

    Note: I am reading through the lore more and more every day here, and I continue to find more and more interesting things about it. I intend to add some of these things to my sheet for pure 'spice' related reasons. Majority of it will in no way effect the character on the levels of power, but more on complexity and story-based fronts. I will update every time something is added so it may be reviewed.

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    Post  Ivory on Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:56 pm

    Approved. You can rp sl now Birdy. As the magick stated are examples Birdy has been told what is possible and what isn't possible in terms of magick here. Have fun writing now Alice.

    Note: Later today this will be moved to the Book of life since its been approved. If you ever wanna add any small edits to it you may tell a courtier and they can move it back into purgatory for you to do any edits when you do make changes.

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