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    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Therox Hinso. Moirgitair Vaomir in Nyxheim.
    Nicknames and Aliases: Theroxal/Roxal
    Gender: Male.
    Birthdate: Age: 254  D.O.B: Fall year 110.
    Race: Elven/Human.

    II. Physical

    Appearance: A high stature young man. Stands 6'0" tall, and weighs around 165lbs. He is in shape and very agile, as is the way of the elf. His hair is permanently straight, short, neck length, and jet black. The fringe resides just above the eyes an long side burns cover the ears from wondering eyes. His eyes are a deep, passionate green. He is slim, muscular and defined. Has elven ears. Two tattoo's that reside on his inside palms, one on each palm. The first tattoo is the top half of a werewolf and the second is the bottom half of said creature. When combined together they create the full form of a werewolf. When not in the heat of battle or anything of the sort, he can normally be found wearing a hooded cloak that shadows the face out perfectly when worn. Underneath that is a some-what distinguished grey long sleeved shirt, instead of a set of buttons at the top it is replaced by string running through it. Which can either be pulled tight and tied into a knot or left loose. He also wears black tightly fitted trousers that stick out at the sides like the German military pants and a set of military boots, that come up to just below the knee (None are visible because of the length of the cloak).

    - Height: 6ft.
    - Weight: 165lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style:  Permanently straight, short, neck length, jet black hair. The fringe resides just above the eyes an long side burns cover the ears from wondering eyes.
    - Eye Colour: A deep passionate green.
    - Skin Colour: Pale white

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Slim, muscular and defined.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Thanks to his slim muscular build. The weight he does have, doesn't effect him in a more taxing way then it would others. All this makes him extremely nimble and light footed on his feet along with being intensely fast with his hands and other body parts. He is able to withstand heavy physical damage to his body and still be able to continue.

    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: N/A.

    Physical Imperfections: He doesn't like the colour of his green eyes, hence the red eyes when wearing the mask.

    Clothing style: When not in the heat of battle or anything of the sort, he can normally be found wearing a hooded cloak that shadows the face out perfectly when worn. Underneath that is a some-what distinguished grey long sleeved shirt, instead of a set of buttons at the top it is replaced by string running through it. Which can either be pulled tight and tied into a knot or left loose. He also wears black tightly fitted trousers that stick out at the sides like the German military pants and a set of military boots, that come up to just below the knee (None are visible because of the length of the cloak). When in battle he dons a steel mask that makes the eyes seem red, a gauntlet resides the down the whole of the left arm.

    Distinguishing Features: Has elven ears. Two tattoo's that reside on his inside palms, one on each palm. The first tattoo is the top half of a werewolf and the second is the bottom half of said creature. When combined together they create the full form of a werewolf.

    Voice: His voice rarely heard. When it is, it is calmly spoken and very relaxed. A carefree tone is always present in it.

    [/color]Transformation:[/color] N/A

    III. Mental

    Alignment:  Chaotic good.

    Outer Goals: To explore the known world.

    Inner Goals: Make friends along the way.

    Super Objective: To one day rule the country of Riv Amar.

    Personality: He is quiet person around those he doesn't know, he prefers to test how much he can push someone's boudaries in replace of talking to them. He finds this rather amusing.

    Likes/Dislikes: The world around him, dislikes those who wish to destroy it.

    Hopes/Desires:To finally understand life.

    Fears/Phobias: Loss of his country because he failed his duties.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight.

    Dirty Secrets: Once paid a female to seduce a man.

    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.

    More Thinking or Feeling: He is more thinking than feeling. A unique strategist, but training has told him to feel his way through life and battles.

    Selfish or Selfless: He was completely Selfless and now very selfish but can still be the nice hearted creature he once was.

    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: Never happy with anything he does.
    - Others: Who are you?
    - Friendship: Valued....but not needed.
    - Love: It is something that will make you or break you. Most likely break you.
    - Religion: God is something we must all face.
    - Country: Wouldn't rather be anywhere else. Although, this doesn't feel like my country.
    - The World: The world is a marvellous place, if you know where your going in it.

    Superstitions:  He has superstitions about killing something that isn't completely necessary.

    Admirable Traits: Loves his country.

    Negative Traits: He considers himself a halfbreed. Not Elf nor Human. A horrific accident, due to years of withstanding the many comments and sly remarks.

    Prejudices: He has none, he hates everyone equally. Including his own kind.

    Most Painful Things in Their Life: The loss of his Father by another's hand.

    Mental Disturbances: Every night he relives the death of his father. This has made him quite sick minded. An frequently suffers from insomnia for fear of seeing his father die again. Although, since entering Nyxheim, he has yet to relive this dream.

    Philosophy of Life: We will all die someday. Today is a good day to die

    IV. Skills & Talents

    -Beast tongue: Can converse with animals and therefore call them to fight with or for him in battle. Unfortunately there are certain limitations. The said animal can only be summoned to fight within a certain radius of 30ft. Anything further out then that will not heed the call. Along with the fact the said animal will only fight along side or for him for 10 minutes before wondering back off into the wilderness. This is useful when building up a spell that needs certain requirements or for distracting the enemy.

    -High intellect: Theroxal has a moderate knowledge of the pressure points, nerves and muscles of the human and elven anatomy. Therox gained this knowledge over time, studying and reading many books scattered throughout the library's of Riv Amar

    -Element Manipulation: Therox has been trained his whole life in the ways of element manipulation. Since the time he could walk and speak, his father bestowed upon him the knowledge of the elements. As he got older, so did his skills in this area of expertise. Eventually becoming a Mage. Therox' chosen affinity was Earth much like his father's. Day after day, they trained together in the mighty forest's of Amar. Sometimes they would even live there days at a time. To really become one with nature. Even when his father was murdered, he trained himself. Already having the knowledge to proceed. It has taken an extremely long time to get at the stage where manipulating Earth is second nature, and requires only the flick of a finger. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Fire. Formidable with it he is. But it is not done with such ease. The same can be said about his manipulations skills with the Shadows. Due to his expertise in the element Earth, he has the ability to feel tremors in said element, allowing him to pin point multiple enemies and track their movements. This gives him all round awareness of the situation when in battle.

    -Assassination Blade Forms:

    -Rising the Mountain: One starts of in the “Pouncing Leopard” form. The blade stays at chest level, as the enemy comes into range and is about to launch their attack. One manoeuvres themselves round the strong side of the opponent by rolling, as this is in motion, the dagger slashes the tendon formally known as the Achilles tendon. Restricting movement from that foot. With that completed the next slash takes place behind the knee, severing the ligament. Once done one continues to rise up their body. Severing vital muscles. Upon reaching the “Top of the Mountain” one finally severs the jugular. Resulting in death. This form is extremely fast and precise.

    -Slicing Fang: This horizontal slash is basically designed to dismember the head from the neck with enough power. If not slice the neck cleanly open. It starts off mid height. But can quickly be altered to slice legs or the stomach. Its a deceptive strike, that's intended to make the opponent think one's blade is going to a fixed position. When really there is no fixed target, the body part it strikes can be altered extremely quickly just by the raising or lowering of ones legs. This form is effective in co-ordination with “Wolf Howling At the Moon”.

    -Wolf Howling At the Moon: This is the basic guard stance of the whole style. One cannot perform an attack without first entering this form. It starts of with the dagger in either a reverse or normal grip. This time the dagger is again chest height and the user spins and intricate design with their wrist manoeuvring the blade. The concept behind this form is to use the opponents own strength against them, instead of equalling their strength with your own. Just by letting their blade flow through the strike, but slightly manoeuvring it with your own blade, and letting it slide off. So it gently conceives a new direction. Much like a parry, but not as violent. Instead of trying to change the direction of their strike to away from you. You use their own force to gently disrupt the position of the blade, resulting in the blade sliding off your blade conceiving a new direction. This then offsets the opponents balance enough to land the killing or finishing blow.

    -Pouncing Leopard: This is the exact same basic guard stance as the “Wolf Howling At the Moon” form. Except instead of standing up, the form is in a couched position. The left leg is slightly couched where as the right leg is completely couched. Both feet are on the tips of their toes for that added spring of power and thrust, and the right leg is slightly more further back then the left for easy manoeuvrability. (Think...Monkey stance in martial arts.) Other then that they are exactly the same.

    -Climbing the Tower: One starts off in the “Pouncing Leopard” form. This swift vertical slice is designed to catch the opponent off guard just as they launch their offence. The whole ideology is to be faster than the opponent. The blade stays in a normal grip and chest height, as they strike one rises up with the dagger to produce the vertical strike. Using ones legs to propel the rising motion along with the whole body. As the blade moves up so does ones body powering the strike. It is a very powerful vertical strike. If the first “Climbing the Tower” isn't successful. The form can also be executed vertically down, reversing the motions. This form is extremely effective in co-ordination with “Slicing Fang”.

    -Sun Meeting the Moon: One starts off in the “Wolf Howling At the Moon” form, from this position they continue to advance slowly on the target until in range. Once in range one performs an intricate collection of thrusts and stabs with the dagger at certain pressure points on the body, in specific areas. Sometimes striking the same-ones twice. While at the same time ready to dodge any counter attack. This then immobilizes the opponent in said points and inflicts a considerable pain on the opponent. If struck enough times results in death. This form is quick and precise leaving no room for error. Making it effective and deadly.

    -Kiss Of the Dragon: One begins in the “Wolf Howling At the Moon” form. Constantly circling the opponent very slowly, waiting for them to strike. If they don't strike, when the right moment in time has been found. One faints dashing, and side steps instantaneously opposing the enemies strong sided guard. One then confronts this guard with a powerful diagonal slice from top to bottom or bottom to top. It can be done both ways. Forcing the opponent to guard. Once guarded one follows through with the diagonal slice. Spinning round in the direction the blade went towards (Be it left or right, will always be the way in towards the opponent. Never out, never so the blade ends outwards.). Accomplishing a full 360 degree spin and advancing behind the enemy. The daggered hand extends once behind thrusting the curved tip of the blade into the top vertebrae, severing the nerves completely. This is all one movement, making it extremely quick and deadly. If they do strike however, the “Wolf Howling At the Moon” form takes over. Thus resulting in the same outcome. This form can be done in combination with the other forms. The main concept behind this is to pass the opponents guard and paralyse them from the neck down. Before they know what has happened.

    -Tiger's Claw: This form can be executed in the “Wolf Howling At the Moon” form, and the “Pouncing Leopard” form. One starts with the blade in a reversed or normal grip at chest height, performing a strong horizontal slice to either slit the opponents throat or slice the stomach open disembowelling them. Like “Slicing Fang” this is also a deceptive strike, having no fixed target. But is not as powerful. Can fluctuate between the two with a simple rising or lowering of the legs.

    -Branch That Wanders In the Wind: This isn't actually a form, but a way of walking and moving, that allows precise accurate movements with little or no wasted movement. Taking extreme care in foot placement and the position of the body. When walking in this form it reduces the sound of footsteps completely, to the point were you need advanced hearing to detect him. Like a wind blissfully blowing, leaving little or no trace of being there. Apart from the contact it makes with you. Well equipped for sneaking up on the enemy. It has another use, in battle this form allows him to make good use of his excellent agility. Dodging several counter attacks from multiple enemies. In co-ordination with his Earthen ability to pin point enemies and track their movements.  

    -Gauntlet Defence and Attack Blade Styles:

    -Spiders Web: This is the basic guard stance of the whole form. Again like “Wolf Howling At the Moon” one will not be able to launch at offensive without first entering this form. One holds the forearmed area of the gauntlet in a fixed position just below chest height. The numerous blades that fashion the forearm face the opponent. The concept behind this is to send your aether through the elven markings just before the opponents blade strikes ones armour, manipulating ones blades so they stand up. Out of the way of the strike, it clashes against the armour. Once this is complete one quickly reverses the process locking the blades back into the fixed position, laying down the forearm. Resulting in the opponents said blade being locked in-between the ones now flat. From here one can land the killing or finishing blow.
    (For now, more will be added when I can be bothered to type it up.)  



    -Nitourmius: This is the only summon that Therox has in his possession, it is granted through the combination of the two tattoo's on the inside of his palms, to produce the fully grown form of a werewolf. The seal is formally named the “Crest Of the Wolf”. Called this is because it allows the user to summon the Werewolf who has pledged allegiances to them. In this case the mighty Nitourmius. With appearance of a colossus Werewolf, far greater then normal werewolf's in height, speed and strength. Fur dark as night. The user can implement this summon any time and any place of their choosing. Once summoned Therox' magical abilities increase drastically and his speed and strength moderately. From the creature's seal being released and the sheer surge in aether that he gets from just being around Nitourmius. Thanks to the connecton of aether between the two, Nitourmius having a higher internal pool of aether then Therox. Allowing Therox to reach new heights in both physical and magical aspects. At all times having direct control of the creature. The beast is extremely fast and powerful. This vile beast' jaws are powerful enough to dent steel, if not through it, and are nearly as strong. One bite from it, could easily server half an arm, or even from the arm to the shoulder of a human. It has an extremely well built body, and knows how to use it. Along with having strong magical properties. Nitourmius holds an affinity to the shadows, an is able to manipulate and control them well. At the same level that Therox is with his Earth manipulation. The magick consumption to summon him doesn't leave Therox fatigued in anyway, it is just releasing the beast from its sealed form. Which doesn't cost hardly any magick at all.  Nitourmius Appearance

    -Earth Spells:

    -Earth Compress: Using his Earth aether to manipulate the Earth itself. Two dense walls of heavy, thick earth rise up on either side of the opponent(s) position, about the same height as the average human and twice the width. Once this is complete. Therox uses said walls to slam together at a high speed. Crushing said enemy. This spell can be fatal to most races if not dodged, making this spell quite deadly. He can use this spell several times and one after the other, if first or even second is dodged. It consumes a fairly reasonable amount of aether.

    -Gliding Earth: This spell is more supportive then anything else. Again Therox uses his Earth aether and manipulation over the said element. To manoeuvre and control a block of earth, only big enough to stand on. Using this block as a mode of faster transportation, allowing him to reach excessive speeds unattainable by normal human means or even elven. But this has offence capabilities, using the spells speed as a catalyst to improve his striking power, thanks to the excessive speeds it is able to reach. Because of the small block of earth not being seen by people. (About the same size as his two feet combined.) This often gives the image to on-lookers or anyone that happens to witness, that he is gliding along the earth. Hence the name “Gliding Earth”. The spell doesn't require hardly any aether to activate or maintain, as Therox is only utilizing a block the same size as his feet combined. Presenting the ability of faster movement.

    -Earth Wall: This spell has more defensive role then offence, but can be used in both ways and is very effective in accomplishing what its set out to do. Using his Earth aether and manipulation skills, Therox when faced with an on coming attack. Can manipulate a thick dense, heavy or extremely light wall of earth, straight out of the ground, normally about the same size as an Orc and twice the width of the average human. To protect him from said attack. This is also useful when on the offensive. Therox manipulates the Earth straight up from behind the opponent stopping them from falling back. Minimising their chances of avoiding the attack. This spell has variations in terms of thickness, the higher the thickness of the earth the more aether. This spell only takes a reasonable amount of aether from him in its strongest form.

    -Earth Quake: One of Therox's most powerful and draining spells, using his Earth aether to control and manipulate the tectonic plates beneath the ground. He creates a violent earthquake that destroys anything in its path. Causing gigantic fissures, and inanimate objects to come crashing down. Ravaging the land. Pieces of land break off from each other, and rise higher then others. Therox manipulates the land where the opponent's position is, and lowers it from the rest of the surroundings. Much like a sink hole. Sometimes land from these higher area's completely crumbles onto the surrounding area, the already weakened structure unable to with-stand the seismic activity any-more. The whole area is thrown into chaos. Earth violently shakes making anything on top of it unable to control its balance. Rendering them unable to move. Therox then uses his power over earth to an advantage. Manipulating the course of deep fissures, falling debris's and large chunks of earth. So it all converges on the opponent's position. This is a very deadly spell that requires a lot of aether to activate and control. This spell can only be activated once Nitourmius' seal has been released. Even then he doesn't use it intentionally. (Locked)

    -Fire Spells:

    -Inferno: Therox extends his right palm out towards the opponent(s). While doing that he draws Fire aether to the middle of his palm. Causing it to manifest into a dense ball of aether, just infront of his palm. From this dense ball, he shoots many moderate sized fireballs. With the dense ball of aether being reduced in size each time one is shot. Upon reaching it's target these balls explode in a small mass of wild unfocused flames. Slowly devouring everything that approaches it with its unquenchable thirst. The flames do a moderate amount of damage, from second degree to third degree burns. This spell can be fatal. The amount of aether consumed depends on how much is responsible for the manifestation of said ball. The strongest variation of this spell (Wider area damaged and stronger more powerful flames) takes a lot of aether to commence.

    -Night Fire: This is the combination of Fire aether and Shadow aether. To produce a highly intense Black Flame. This flame consumes most things in its path and is very unlikely to be extinguished by water or ice unless in a weak collection of the flame. It's the most powerful flame he can create and has taken a long time to master, turning from a hindrance to an asset. Once this spell has been activated it takes the place of his usual flames. Executing all other fire spells with the “Night Fire” as its source of domination. This spell takes a fair bit of aether to execute, and means that all other fire spells once this spell has been activated have higher requirements of aether. (Locked)

    -Shadow Spells:

    -Puppet Shadow: Therox can use his manipulation of the shadows and call for them in the form of hands to latch on the opponent's shadow. As a sort of alternative gravity, the shadows pulling against the opponent's movements. There are different variations of strength for this spell, (Stronger the spell, more hands that grab the shadow). This spell stops the enemy from moving at full speed. If he concentrated enough and used enough aether. He could slow there movements to a fraction of their full speed. Rendering them open for attack. This spell is very effective at opening up the opponents defence. The spell requires a bit of aether, but to stop the movements to a fraction of their full speed and maintain this. The spell consumes more, not only is this spell incredibly taxing but it also forces him to stay in the same position while being used to its full potential.
    Locked spells will become available in future SL's.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Riv Amar is his home. He does not hold a political alignment; if he deemed ones quest as more righteous than the other then he would enrol. But obviously he is more than biased toward Riv Amar.
    Religion: Does not lean toward a particular faith.
    Job/Class: Ex-Mercenary/Espionage/
    Family: None.
    Relationships: Just the relationship between Therox and Moirgitair

    Noted accomplishments:
    - Famous/infamous: Infamous in his previous Arcadian life within Elven Society. Therox has yet to leave a mark within his new role in Nyxheim.

    Hobbies: Developing new ways of using his fighting skills, and aether.
    Pets: None.

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
    Sendria, Crusader of Peace:
    Weapon Type:  Dagger
    Origin Lore:  This blade is known throughout the elven world as Sendria.
    Weapon Description: Sendria is a dagger 32 inches in length, 11 inches width, the whole blade itself including the tip is curved for seriously deadly penetrations. The daggers metal is Darksilver, residing down the blade of the dagger are elven symbols, which light up when induced with aether. This was his Father's blade. The last remains of him. His one and only prized possession. (See profile picture for details)
    Special Properties:The blade amplifies his earth capabilities, along with being able to use his other elements through the blade. Plus one very unique capability of its own. Sendria has natural light energy sealed into the blade by the elven elders when it was forged long ago, along with the metal absorbing light aether. Which when stabbed with the blade it releases a full flurry of light throughout the elven markings, destroying such things as demons and vampires etc.
    Alaogormir, Defender of Aggression: :
    Weapon Type: Gauntlet
    Origin Lore: N/A
    Weapon Description: It is a gauntlet that resides down the whole of his left arm. The end fingers of the gauntlet are much like talons but smaller in size, being able to do minor damage with a strike they are used dig into walls or any surface with a vertical/diagonal incline, allowing him to support his weight against gravity in that position. The hand of the gauntlet is the product of silver and steel combined to create the platinum alloy. This is where he has stored earthen aether to its maxium capacity, like his internal pool of aether he is able to access it any time. The ratio of steel to silver is 60/40. Where as the rest of the gauntlet (From just above the wrist, to the top of his left arm) is made of Darksilver. Alaogormir has been charmed to weightlessness making wielding it effective and viable. The main purpose of this gauntlet is defensive more than offensive, but is not without offensive capabilities. The back of the forearm (Where the bone to the elbow joint runs down.) has numerous blades much like Sendira laying across this part of the gauntlet, they are hinged on. (Can move between standing up and laying down the forearm of the gauntlet).
    Special Properties: Each blade has elven symbols that reside throughout them. When induced with aether, he is able to control the position of these blades instantaneously switching between standing and laying down with the slightest channelling of his aether through these symbols to produce an effective assault. Much like Sendria, if penetrated with one of these blades the reaction between blood and the symbols will cause the symbols to release a flurry of light, destroying things such like demons and vampires etc. (Locked)

    (Daggers from Silim SL)


    Armor Type:  Light leather armor
    Origin Lore: (Rumors, legends, or truth of how the armor came to be including the craftsman)
    Armor Description:  (measurements, appearance, materials)
    Special Properties:

    Lissin, Light of the world:
    Item Type: Mask.
    Origin Lore: Lissin, forged in the old worlds is known for it's prowess against the undead in Elven society. Therox modified it and placed rubies in the eye sockets which allow him to see in the intense light and hide his own eye colour
    Item Description:  A mask he wears in battle that makes his eyes seem as if they glow red.
    Special Properties: This too like the other items in his possession is etched with runes through the metal. Also like other items in his possession this mask is forged of darksilver and can produce an intense light, blinding those intended to. This light is detrimental to vampires and demons and off the like. (Locked)

    Properties: He owns no properties or businesses in Nyxheim.

    - Languages Spoken: This man can fluently converse in two tongues, but speaks both of them as if they are his first language. Avarin and Eldarin. One he was born into, the other being thrust upon him at an exceedingly early age.
    - Literacy: He can read and write both Eldarin and Avarin.

    VI. Background/ History:

    -Arcadian History:

    Born into the Hinso family, his father was an Elf and mother a Human. The childhood this brought was nothing too short of happy. Therox lived with his Father, forbidden and frowned upon for a human to live within these sacred walls. He would see his mother at certain dates, but had no real love for her. It was his father that provided and was always there. Therox had no real friends, growing up with only a book that he cherished. Shunned by any-one he approached with the simple shouting of “HALF BREED!” before turning round and exiting. The community were ignorant of his existence, thinking of him as just a half breed, a cruel cold combination of elf and human. Humans already highly despised in the eyes of Elf's, many years of enduring and withstanding these cruel thoughtless comments, he began to believe it himself. The cold reception's when turning up for events or social gatherings were enough to destroy any-ones soul. But Therox didn't hate them for it, he just didn't bother with them. Thanks to these sly remarks and comments. They had made him stronger in both physical and mental aspects. Frequently getting into fights over his heritage. He spent most of his time with his father. Watching and learning the strict training endured to get into the military. Absorbing it all like a sponge, Therox learned the basic knowledge of the elements in that period of time.

    Many, many years later, Therox had grown into a fine young man of the elf's. Advanced in the ways of magick as a mage. His father now having the implications of age setting in, but still able to dominate his duties within the Military with strength, without falter. Having gained access into the Military quite some time ago, he had rose through the ranks reasonably well becoming a high standing captain and proven himself a worthy and indispensable asset to the military. Even gaining the nickname “Green Death” for his formidable ability with the element. About this same time... his father had been set the new task of guarding the elves equivalent of the elixir of life. Legend has, one sip of it's potent liquid said to extent your life span by 200 years. The smell of the mysterious formula is even meant to induce another 30 years of prosper. This highly sort after item. But at the same time a extremely well guarded and impenetrable fortress await those who dare to attain it's might.

    Later, that exact same day. Therox enduring a hard day of mages duty's. Now wanting to just go to sleep. Comes casually back to the house, where him and his father live. Upon opening the door, sat in the chair just in-front of the door, was a stranger, shrouded in shadows. Unfamiliar to his eyes. The frosted over glow in his eyes undeniable. Upon quick glance the absence of elven ears was a fact. He was no elf. Many things rushed through his mind at this time. Hands exclaimed out at their sides in the shocked manner. Therox rushed into dialogue hastily. Met with only simple silence. The being lifted it's hand to the note residing on the table and produced it to Therox's eyes. It was in Eldarin. His father's handwriting. Explaining that he had been given the duty of guarding the elixir of life and he was to meet him there after reading this. Upon reading all of it the being raised a sinister smile to the fatigued mage. In one swift movement, leapt from the chair as if defiant of gravity, pulling the right hand back. To unleash it as a powerful straight jab, amplified with the presence of his weight. Knocking Therox to the ground, about to lose consciousness, vision blurred staring at the doorway, his eyelids heavy, ears ringing. The mysterious person draped in a long black cape vanished out the open door. Before seeping into unconsciousness.

    His eyes opened slightly and he slowly gained his bearing, stumbling to his feet. Leaning on the chair to support himself. There was a sharp stabbing pain in his jaw, Therox automatically knew the blow must have broke his jaw. He didn't know how long he had been out, but had to get to his father. Rushing towards the fortress. The only thing that ran through his thoughts was finding him. The image of the stranger rushed through his head. He couldn't take his mind off that sinister smile and those eyes. Nothing about the man seemed......Human. Twenty minutes pasted, until he reached the fortress. Everything was untouched, the guards were still standing manning their posts. All was the same as he could remember it. Therox walked pasted the guards they acknowledged his father's position and signalled for the heavy doors to be opened, the look of disgust in their eyes was unnoticeable. Wide doors opened gracefully, stepping through the narrow hall ways. Passing all the way towards and through the next set of doors. Until that fate full scene, his father's half dead body laying there, blood stains everywhere. The scene of a struggle was evident. The item in question, missing from it's pedestal. His father's dagger in his hand. There was no evidence of a break in, but someone had obviously. He held his father. The last words that left his mouth were of the trap door under the fire place in their house, and the passing of his dagger unto his son. With a faint smile. He died quietly. Therox called out for the guards...tears strolling down his face. The excruciating pain of his broken jaw wasn't going to stop him from trying to save his father.

    The funeral and days passed before he actually came to find the trap door beneath the fire place. This revealed what is known as “Alaogormir”. Together with “Sendria” He vowed to become an assassin and avenge his father's death. Therox trained extremely hard with these two weapons, determined to master them and his magick abilities. Working his body to the verge of death. Training in the same place he and his father trained. Using the Hinso fighting style as his foundation of this new formidable Assassination style. Sometimes staying there for weeks on end. Living off the land as he was taught how. Eighty long years past, he eventually mastered both Blade-work and magick to the best of his abilities. All that time, the military had been keeping close tabs on him. Upon arrival back into the kingdom. Therox was approached by one of the military figures. Already disgusted with having to talk to him. He spoke “The Council wish to speak with you.” Before abruptly walking off.

    He met with them. The contents of this meeting was simple. They were motivated by getting their elixir of life back. He was motivated by revenge. Of course his answer was yes. As simple as giving a pawn what they want. To help him with his journey and increase his success rate. The council branded him with a seal on both his palms. Known as the “Crest Of the Wolf.”. Sealing a Werewolf inside of him, within these two tattoo's. He was chosen on this mission out of hundreds for two reasons. One, for being motivated by such a cold reason to accepting and two, thanks to him being half human and connections with humans. The government of certain country wouldn't suspect him in league with Avadon or even Amar in that manner. Which made him perfect for their little play. But remember this well.

    A pawn turned into a queen. Is still, just a playing piece.....


    -Nyxheim History:

    Just before his death in Arcadia of old age, Therox Hinso made one request, that he could somehow have changed the past and lived a different life, taken a different road through life. One that wasn't dominanted by vengence and mistrust and just as he came into this world. He vanished, unfulfilled; the fruits of his labours harvested and found wanting. His soul left with the one request of a second chance. The half elven human which had spent the majority of his long life training in order to take revenge for the murder of his father had failed. Not only had he failed himself, he had failed the council as well and those who lent him a soul in which to enter the world. The gods must had been amused when they watched his life unfold before them. Perhaps he was doomed by the etherals from the start, to live a life of hatred and unfulfilment, a life of distaste for those around them.

    Allas, he was free, it did not matter anymore. Free from the hatred that had consumed him since birth, free from the torment of revenge. Free from the shackle which he had tried so hard to shatter with blood of his enemy. The gods however, deemed death to be too great a pleasure; that this was not to be the end of the little man from Amar, he was to rise again from the ashes of his failures and reclaim happiness from the previous life which had blighted him. So here his soul remained, in the web of dreaming; for an incorpious amount of time. Eternities passed and his soul remained frozen intact by the gods; until that fateful day, Arcadia was born anew! Nyxheim became it's new name. Yet, Therox still existed in the webs of dreaming. The gods were also waiting, waiting for the offspring of a human and an elf so he could face the trails of his previous life and choose a different path. In the 110th year Therox Hinso was rentered in the world, born anew. It would be quite fitting the day of his birth also consisted with the start of a 80 year war with the humans. Had the gods forsaken him to a childhood far worse than his previous life? They weren't finished there. In order to keep his decisions not based from hindsight, the gods sealed away the memories of his former life deep within his sub-conscious. Only to be opened one day.

    Therox Hinso was now Moirgitair Vaomir or so he thought he was. His life went much the same way it did during Arcadia, shunned from the society he lived in, the only loved ones he had were his mother and father. He spent much of his childhood indoors due to the fact that many wanted to kill him and his mother. As he grew, so did his strength and intelligence, and with that came curiosity. Moirgitair, spent the majority of his time wondering what it would be like to be a normal elf. One without the blood of the humans running through him. His father always told him it was their blood that will make you stronger than any elf ever was, or would be. He saw something in Moirgitair, even as a boy. Although, Moirgitair found that incredibly hard to believe; the rest of the village hatred him. In a sense they blamed him and his mother and used them as way to unleash the anger for the loss of their loved ones due to the war. It went like this for many decades.

    Moirgitair was nearly a man in Elven society, the people still disliked him but his situation had improved, compared to all those years ago. He could now leave the house without fear of getting into fights or having an attempt made on his life. After all this was his village just as much as the other elves and the people seemed to respect that, yet they still didn't dare speak to him. Moirgitair was not resentful despite being raised in this harsh environment, he was kind and helpful. A loving man of nature, he cared more for the country that had shunned him than anything else in this world and he loved his parents dearly. They had showed him that love conquered all and was more powerful than hatred ever was. A lesson he remembered well. Today was an important day, in the 187th year of Nyxheim; Moirgitair was to enroll as a mage's apprentice that would last for three years, and today was the day he was to venture to Altamira in Nifredil. With the best wishes of his parents, he endeavoured to be successful and make them proud. His journey through life was beginning.

    Those three years passed more quickly than Moirgitair had anticipated, well versed in the lessons of magick, he had shown an unrivalled dominance in the element of earth; perhaps this was Therox's doing. Perhaps it was due to the blood that coursed through his veins like his previous life before him. Regardless of reason, he had bloomed into a worthy opponent during those three years and today was the day he would return to Athel Loren, to be reunited with his parents and his home. It would be that the gods were not the benevolent creatures they had been portrayed to be through scriptures and ceremonies as they had one final trial for Moirgitair, one that no sane person could pass. A trial that took place in the 190th year of Nyxheim's existence. It was designed to break him. Designed to unleash Therox from the shackles that had held him all these years, and it did.

    After a few days travel, Athel Loren was finally in sight. He grew impatient and longed to see his family again, and his town. Although it had only been three years the city had changed drastically, Moirgitair could hardly recognise it. Focusing his eyes to peer at the mighty structures that spewed from the trees. He noticed a rather small black object falling through the sky with some speed. In a matter of seconds it hit the ground and "BOOOM!" his ears began to bleed as the shockwave ripped him off his feet and sent him flying into a nearby tree. The city had exploded with a ferocity unlike any he had ever seen, birds flew from the trees, animals ran for their lives all while the city was emerged in a plume of smoke and fire, smoking debris still fell from the air from the raw power of the explosion. Moirgitair began to cry. His parents were dead...his city was lost...everything he had ever known or had was gone. The harsh realisation hit him like a bullet. He roared into the sky with rage as anger took hold of him and in that exact moment in time Therox was released from the shackles that had held him at bay. Images of a previous life flooded his mind, images of another father dying, images of anger and vengeance consumed him as he lay propped up against a tree with tears falling from his face. Therox's entire life flashed before his eyes and then a voice in his head sprang from the darkness. "We...shall...have......our........revenge, young one." and with that his heavy heart broken eyes shut forever, a new elf would be born that day.

    VII. Past Storylines:

    Title: The crack of dawn. Meeting between a Knight and Assassin.

    Title: An unexpected visit.

    Title: We're here

    Title: New beginnings.

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