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    Rikou Salifor the Ranger


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    Rikou Salifor the Ranger Empty Re: Rikou Salifor the Ranger

    Post  ShaininguRikou on Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:49 pm

    ShaininguRikou wrote:Name: Rikou Salfior

    Alias/Nicknames: The Solver

    Birthdate: April the 1st of 123

    Race: Moon Elf

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Transformation: None

    Personality: Rikou is a very nice and caring guy that is stubborn. He never backs down from a fight no matter how tough the challenge. He tries to befriend everyone he meets. When he is enraged he usually ends up scaring people even though he doesn't mean too. He tries to be a perfectionist at everything he does and if it's not then he will continue working on it until it is perfect. He learns by doing things over and over again, but when he learns something he will never forget it. He is also extremely intelligent for an elf even though he never shows it. Most elf's think that he is an idiot because of the way he acts including his parents.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Political Alignment: Riv Amar

    Languages Spoken: Eladrin and Thysar

    Job/Class: Ranger/Tactision in the Armed Forces

    Inventory: He has a golden button up dress shirt on covered with a thick hooded robe with gold trimming making designs that drags the ground. He has a golden sword that is attached to his waist. In his pockets of his robe he has poisons one for consumption and one to put on his arrow tips or sword in two different flasks that is inside a cloth bag. He has on sturdy leather boots with a dagger concealed in his right boot.

    Weapon Name:
    Weapon Type: Bow
    Origin Lore: Found in the same place as his armor.
    Weapon Description: A bow made from Red Oak wood that was carefully painted a metallic grey color
    Special Properties: It glows brightly and hums when demons or anyone that is pure evil approaches him. When Rikou is hit by magick the bow uses the magick absorbed by the armor and channels it into the next arrow he shoots.

    Armor Type:  Long-sleeve steel chainmail that is under his everyday clothing.  
    Origin Lore: He picked up while in a battle with a wizard. He found it inside of the now deseased wizard's chest under his bed. It is said that it can absorb the effects of magick (such as a fireball) and can be used to go into his bow.
    Armor Description:  It is skin tight on his body.
    Special Properties: It is silver with steaks of gold.
    Item Name or Type:
    Origin Lore: (Rumors, legends, or truth of how the weapon came to be including the craftsman)
    Item Description:  (measurements, appearance, materials)
    Special Properties:

    Properties (if this section is used all questions within it are mandatory)
    Name of Business:
    Industry classification:
    Current Owner(s):
    Player Character Employees:
    Brief Description:
    Brief Background:
    Properties owned:
    Partnered Organizations:
    Products/Services of note:

    Building Template
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    Type of Building:
    Detailed Description:
    List of facilities:
    Items of interest:
    Associated Businesses/Factions:

    Talents: Rikou was born with exceptional eye sight and intelligence even for an elf. He can also persuade almost anyone to do the right thing. He has phenomenal hand and eye coordination. He has always been precise with throwing or shooting any type of weapon.  
    Skills: He is an excellent archer. Using his talent of hand and eye coordination made picking up archery an easy task. He is now capable of shooting 4 to 5 arrows accurately almost every time. He is also a good military tactician being able to get his men or just himself out of almost any situation. He expects nothing but success every time no matter what happens.  

    When Rikou was born his parents saw greatness inside of him. At a young age he started to show promise in mostly anything. So when his father thought he was old enough he started to teach him how to shoot a bow. His father showed him how to shoot and the after the first day he was consistently hitting the middle of the target. Once he was confident with his ability to shoot a bow he carried on with him everywhere he went.  In the weeks to come he invited his friend over to practice with him. After give his friend Pablo tips and encouragement. Within a few months he could hit the middle of the target. One day while walking home from school he saw Pablo being bullied by some older elves and he ran over to defend him. He stepped in front of the two men and unsheathed his bow. He told them that if he touched Pablo again he would kill them. The men ran off and Rikou escorted Pablo home. Rikou and Pablo thought they would never see the boys again, but two years later they found Pablo one day after school and kidnapped him. It turned out they weren’t around his age but bandits that lived in the forest. After Rikou realized his friend was missing he ran to Pablo’s house and found a note that they had taken him hostage and they wanted a reward or he would die. Rikou ran to the location to where the hideout was. He counted ten of them walking around the house. He saw the two bullies from two years ago enter the house and heard screams , sounding like Pablo’s voice, when they opened the door. Rikou withdrew his bow and started to take down each man while moving from place to place after each kill. He then shot an arrow at the door to get the attention of the two inside the building. They quickly came out with Pablor with a blade to his throat. After seeing all of their comrades dead, out of rage the evil Elf killed Pablo right in front of Rikou. He screamed in anger and bolted out of the bush he was hiding from while withdrawing two arrows. He loaded them and shot the two elf’s simultaneously killing them instantly. He ran to Pablo and so him speak his last words “Thank You.” After seeing his friend killed in cold blood, he knew that he would have protected the ones he loved most no matter the cost from then on. After that day Rikou changed forever and only concentrated on being the best archer in the world. He started to learn how to use most long ranged weapons as the years went by. He enlisted into the Armed Forces. He continued to surprise everyone and was quickly a general. He and his group of men were the best and everyone knew it. His men followed him through anything because they knew that he was the best tactician and he would be able to get them out of any sticky situation. Everyone thinks that Rikou is satisfied with being a general, but only he knows that one day he will become the leader of the Armed Forces.

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