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    Reoral Yala


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    Reoral Yala Empty Reoral Yala

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    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Reoral Yala
    Nicknames and Aliases: The Brewer
    Gender:  Male
    Birthdate:  3,000 OT
    Race:  Wood Elf

    II. Physical

    Appearance: Reoral looks like an elven corpse. That's generally all he is. He is well preserved, so little fleshy bits won't be falling off of him constantly. But he's dead. Here's a picture.
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    - Height: Reoral is about 6 feet tall.
    - Weight: He's only about 100 pounds, considering he's lost most organs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: Long, dry hair like in the picture I linked above.
    - Eye Colour: White. Not bright white, just glazed over, dead eyes.
    - Skin Colour: Pale

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Corpse
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Not physically able, very frail.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Being dead
    Physical Imperfections: Corpse-ness
    Clothing style: The cloak on the left of this :
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    Distinguishing Features:  Being a corpse
    Voice: His voice can be found Here, at 5:52 -
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Transformation: Not Applicable

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Outer Goals: His goal is to continue living and living well, collecting strange flowers and making exotic concoctions.
    Inner Goals:He is desperate to become a powerful thaumaturge in the magicks of Fire. This, however, is nigh impossible for one in his position.
    Super Objective: Reoral actually lacks any final plan. As of now, he's just going about his life.
    Personality: Reoral is generally an introvert, but this is more by habit than by choice. He lives on his own and has only one true friend, so he keeps to himself.
    Likes/Dislikes: Reoral generally dislikes technology and likes nature, a product of his occupation as an alchemist and his upbringing as a Wood Elf.
    Hopes/Desires: He desires to one day become a powerful thaumaturge, however this is a pipedream in his condition.
    Fears/Phobias: Reoral doesn't have a strong phobia per se, however, he is a bit of a coward. He runs from any physical conflict, and rarely goes into dangerous areas without hired mercenaries.
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, however in his condition it doesn't matter much.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert, again this is by habit and not by choice. He'll hold a conversation but only with one person, and not for long. He isn't a loner per se, he just doesn't get out much.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Thinking, absolutely. A talented alchemist, he spends most of his time with his thoughts, thinking of new concoctions.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfish, but not overly so. If it doesn't trouble him too much he'll lend a hand, but he always looks out for number 1.
    Attitudes Toward:  
    - Self:  He originally hated himself after being raised, but after a few years he got used to being undead.
    - Others:  Usually he views adventurers and such as tools to go out and do what he can't. But he values life and people.
    - Friendship:  He only has one friend who he values dearly.
    - Love:  He doesn't aspire to ever have this. He's far too old and far too dead.
    - Religion: He finds the institution of religion to be not for him, but he doesn't bother those who have it. Undie and let live. 
    - Country:  He has no political alignment or aspiration, and he couldn't care less about the world and its goings on.
    - The World:  Same concept as Country, as long as it doesn't affect him directly.

    Superstitions: He's very practical, and lacks most superstitious belief.
    Admirable Traits: Intellect/Ambition
    Negative Traits: Cowardice/Antisocial-ness.
    Prejudices: He is a bit prejudiced towards adventurers, and thinks most of them are just braindead tools for him to pay and get him alchemy supplies.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Memories of a long-dead family and friends who he left behind as a walking corpse.
    Mental Disturbances:  He isn't terribly disturbed by much anymore, nor is he any longer plagued by mental illness. He's settled into life as an old corpse.
    Philosophy of Life: He stays isolated and enjoys his own company, while he allows others to go about their business. Don't bother those who don't bother you.

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Talents:He's capable of basic fire thaumaturgy, i.e fireballs, setting ablaze dry plants, etc. This, however, takes a lot out of him.

    Skills: Basic igniting of dry wood/plants, and e can throw a fireball or two. This takes a lot out of him though. (Mandatory)

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Not applicable- He lives outside of any city (But if any alignment were necessary, it woudl be to Obsidian.)  (Mandatory)
    Religion: Not Applicable
    Job/Class: Botanist/Alchemist
    Family: All long dead or disconnected from him.
    Relationships: One relationship with a trader named Helen. They're good friends, and she's the only one in his network that knows he's undead.

    Noted accomplishments:
    - Famous/infamous: Among alchemists, chefs, and some adventurers who know their potions, Reoral is well known for being a talent in the world of the floral and alchemical arts. Nobody except his closest friend, however, know that he is undead.

    Hobbies: He loves his work- Alchemy and botany are his hobbies.
    Pets:  None.


    Building Template
    Name of Building: Brewer's cave
    Owner: The Brewer (Reoral)
    Type of Building: Cave
    Detailed Description: The Brewer's Cave is what it sounds like. It's a cave in which Reoral makes his home and base of operations, as it were. Reoral uses this place off the outskirts of Obsidian as a place to make his potions, collect his flowers, and simply sleep. It is here where he spends most if not all his time, as he sells his wares through the medium of Helen, his closest friend.
    Fortifications: The cave is covered in traps and various locks, making it nearly impenetrable without knowing every nook and cranny.

    Education:  (Mandatory)
    - Languages Spoken: Elven/Common
    - Literacy: Very literate

    VI. Background/ History: Reoral was born in the year 3,000 OT in a small elven village called Amari. Here he lived a long, simple life as an alchemist and botanist, taking to the nature flair of his race perfectly. However, even the life of an Elf comes to an end. He died of natural causes in the year 3,350.

    Enter Belfa- A close personal friend of Reoral, a merchant who had done a large amount of business with Reoral, helping him sell and buy goods for his alchemy. Unbeknownst to Reoral, however, Belfa was also a training Necromancer. Devastated by the loss of his friend, Belfa took Reoral's body away from the village of Amari before his burial, and raised him in Malekith. Here, Reoral decided to stay. As an undead he would never be accepted back into the village in which he spent his life. He lived here with Belfa through thick and thin, the both of them living even through the transition between the old and new world.

    Of course all good things must come to an end. In the year 70 NT, the war of the church agaist Malekith waged, and with it, so came the death of Belfa. His friend gone, Reoral fled the city of Malekith, and went to Obsidian- however, he didn't want to be confined to its walls. Reoral hired a group of mercenaries to clear out a cave for him, and made that his new home. To this day, that cave is his home and his base of operations.

    VII. Past Storylines: (Mandatory - add to this as you go)



    VIII. Merit Purchases: (Mandatory - add to this as you go)


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