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    Alimir's Force [NPC]


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    Alimir's Force [NPC] Empty Alimir's Force [NPC]

    Post  Green on Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:10 pm

    Given Name: Kazu(ma) Sol Takashi
    Nicknames and Aliases:
    Dragon Champion- A title he's not proud of. The reason being he had to kill to gain such a title. Basically a title he killed for to gain notoriety in Alimir and general respect and followers from fellow Dragons of his kin. He killed the legendary dragon Nir to gain this. Not proud of it but still brandishes it to initially gain Red Dragons' trust and recognition. He feels that this title now holds no merit as Red Dragons have now sided with Malekith.[More to explain in SL]
    Kazu- A shortened name he made for himself when he was a kid. Surprisingly, his first full name was too hard to pronounce so he made it for himself. Friends and family refer to him as such.
    Alimir's Force- A title he's been so graciously given during a regular skirmish between angels and dragons, resulting in both parties suffering losses. The dragons prevailed, but without Kazu's strategies, they surely would've died. He ascended the ranks, keeping this title as a proud one that the rich and poor, old and young know him by.
    Commander- Being a private in the army, once upon a time he worked hard. And by working hard, he's worked hard and put all his interest in this sort of thing. Not because he had no alternatives to do but because he was bent on making something out of himself. He was a commander back in Arcadia, having a large army and a superior, elite squad that protects and escorts him at all times. In the means of the Alimir army, he's just two steps below General.

    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: October 23rd 1637 (In Arcadia)
    Race: Red Dragon, proud and true.

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    Alimir's Force [NPC] Empty Re: Alimir's Force [NPC]

    Post  Green on Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:23 pm

    II. Physical

    Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    - Height: 6'3"
    - Weight: 302lbs
    - Hair Colour/Style: Black as night and sharp, like the spires that run along his spine once in dragon mode
    - Eye Colour: Black and dark as the stare he gives enemies whilst in battle or anyone who's pissed him off. A startling onyx once in dragon form.
    - Skin Colour: A darker tone in terms of Mulatto-esque for his mother and father are from Alimir, his father being dark-skinned and his mother being of mixed heritage herself.

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Muscular all over. His muscles hardened from years of endurance and training not to mention endless amounts of combat.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Being a Red Dragon of pure heritage he has natural speed, strength, and stamina that a normal Red Dragon would possess. However, being in Alimir's army for over a century these abilities have been significantly heightened.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: An unwavering guilt of those he's released his rage upon.
    Physical Imperfections: N/A
    Clothing style: Besides being an Executioner in Howldon, on a normal day he dresses like a regular citizen. He's very enamored with jeans at this time, wearing them with practically everything except for when he's on duty. Thin steel plates adorn his usual attire, adding to his defense.
    Distinguishing Features: His teeth are sharp like razors and all of his teeth are sharpened like incisors. He doesn't mash his food, just simply tears into it and swallows. Also, his smile is quite dazzling what with him taking good care of his teeth. (white and pearly ;o)
    Voice: Gravelly and deep with an immature charm to it. He hardly practices his native tongue Draconic nowadays (all his dragon acquaintances are still in Malekith) so his snarls and growls have minimized. But when agitated, he just can't help but slip into draconic and curse the person out with snarls and fire-breathing.
    Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Height- 11 feet tall
    Weight- 5390kg
    Length- 22m long.
    In his full dragon form, Kazu is a force to be reckoned with, as a matter of fact. Long and sharp scales defend his massive and fiery bulk. Two horns curl on either side of his head, creating a sort of crown on the top of his head. Long jagged claws adorn his paws and feet, adding to his already dangerous arsenal. His tail is long and whip-like at the end which forms a cluster of spikes that are in a crown-like position and inside the makeshift crown is a ball of white hot flame. His wings are like that of any dragons' his size; strong and able to fly him at fast speeds. His teeth are dangerous as well, the only difference from them in his human form is that they're longer and more sharp giving him a nasty and devastating crunch. Raw muscle adorn his body, showing off battle scars he has gained from his many wars, battles and confrontations with opposing forces. The one drawback Kazuma has is that he never uses this form. In fact, the only reason why this is being documented is because he has used this form only once in his life and that was in the final days of Arcadia and in turn, Alimir. To use this form again would spell certain injury to him, given his inexperience within this form.  

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    Post  Green on Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:16 pm

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Outer Goals: To live life to the fullest and be appreciative on this new lease of life.
    Inner Goals: Find and raise a family. Also, to bring back his Takashi clan to former power.
    Super Objective: To raise a land for Dragons only.
    Personality: Cheerful and outgoing. Very adaptable in terms if he's with a mature crowd, he tends to act mature. If with a younger crowd, acts younger and more brash. No, if he's with an intelligence devoid crowd he will not act stupid.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Fighting, Living, Eating, Watching stage plays, solving riddles and puzzles, his job. Dislikes: Arguments, Women who give him heck for nothing, Annoyances, Children being hurt, Scary/Startling things.
    Hopes/Desires: To one day unite all Red Dragons against Malekith and restore their former glory.
    Fears/Phobias: Startling things or sudden noises. The reason being it brings back memories of the war. In particular, a jump attack launched by Dark Elves that resulted in his Lieutenant being killed in a gruesome and brutal fashion.
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
    Dirty Secrets: Was introduced to sexual immorality at a young age, something that has given him a rather detest towards females in particular.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: A mix of both. When it comes to strategies or figuring something out he solely relies on thinking. Now, in the heat of battle he does whatever the fuck he wants to. He can do no wrong in his own eyes.
    Selfish or Selfless: Being a Red Dragon he is naturally considered selfish. In fact, he is but he is working on it. The only time where he's selfless is on the battlefield, offering up the last scraps of his food to his loyal soldiers and followers.
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: "Easily angered. A fiery maelstrom of emotion."
    - Others: "I don't trust them."
    - Friendship: "Valued and greatly appreciated."
    - Love: "The state of feeling when I don't have to constantly question her loyalty and feelings towards me."
    - Religion: "The Valorian Way is the only religion I'm aware of."
    - Country: "This is not Alimir I can tell you that."
    - The World: "Unusual and strange. As if Arcadia had been remodeled."

    Superstitions: Always covers his cereal with milk before eating it.
    Admirable Traits: Caring for others, especially those of which he sees potential within.
    Negative Traits: Short-tempered and Brash.

    Red Dragons: On the battlefield he thought he had all of the Red Dragons on his side to fight valiantly. Little did he know about the deal Carian had decided to make with Valor. Nor was he apart of it. Now, every Red Dragon he treats with general distrust and vehemence.

    Dark Elves: An occurrence that sparked this was when a surprise attack had felled his squad mate in a brutal and gory fashion.

    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Having his trusty partner, Oro, die in his arms.
    Mental Disturbances: A staggering amount of guilt of the ones he's killed in battle. Does not apply to Dark Elves or Angels.
    Philosophy of Life: "Live life to the fullest and always repent for your never know who's listening."

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    Post  Green on Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:01 pm

    IV. Skills & Talents

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Talents: Being a Red Dragon he has the obvious race-exclusive a dragon will have. Unmatched strength and an affinity to fire magick. Once in the heat of battle (no pun intended), on command his body begins to heat up thus increasing his body's activity and performance. He also has the choice to transform into his full form, unleashing Hell upon his enemies.

    Partial Transformation- Being a Red Dragon for quite a while he has mastered this particular skill with moderate difficulty. He is now proficiently able to change his hands or feet into claws for improvised weapons. He rarely uses this skill in tandem with his full transformation solely because he prefers to use weapons.

    Commander's Combat- Being a Commander in the Alimir army, over years of wars, battles, and trades gone wrong he has learned many techniques and abilities to use once in battle. Hand-to-hand combat isn't really something he uses considering he has a weapon on him at all times but he can rely on his bare bones skills confidently. Commander's Combat also entails his use of weapons of all sorts to an intermediate degree. He now uses it as a back up for him considering he's an Executioner in Howldon.

    Expert Strategist- A skill that is pretty much mandatory for a Commander, especially in the Valorian army. Highly decorated as such back in his time he was able to come up with strategies that would effectively lead his team to victories. There's not really much time to use this skill nowadays but its something Kazuma uses when playing games such as Hide and Seek, Chess and Mafia.

    Fire Magick- Being a Red Dragon of expertise and top notch skill, Fire Magick and the perks that come with it are handy and skills that have been beaten and ingrained into him. In a sense he can never forget his home element. Fire Magick involves thermodynamics control, manipulating the fire itself to take on shapes of impeccable wonder. With his mastery over Fire magick comes a 100% resilience to it.

    Swordmaster- There's just something about the use of a blade that intrigues many, including Kazuma. Is it the sleek and elegant way it moves through the air to meet its fleshy and vital target? Or is it how it displays a warrior's will and determination more so than a firearm? Either way it had completely won Kazuma over in terms of weapon use and Kazuma has become well versed in swordplay. It's his chief weapon and tool--not, its his primary partner.

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    Post  Green on Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:48 pm

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Howldon
    Religion: The Valorian Way (even if it's dying)
    Job/Class: Executioner
    Family: N/A

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Jenny- His Executioner partner who seldom goes out into the field alongside him but rather supporting him while she sits out in her communications room, feeding him information via a headset. She constantly bickers with Kazu and his partner, Deuce. She shares a romantic relationship with Deuce, unbeknownst to Kazu. She's a Human who's nerdy and enjoys sweets.

    Deuce- Kazuma's second in command and calm, cool and collected counterpart to Kazu's fiery persona. A bit annoying at times and very calculating, he is a well valued member of Kazu's team. He is a dog Efferii (boxer breed) who likes archery (despite his inability to perform it) and chewing on things.

    Noted accomplishments: Too many things to list.
    - Famous/infamous: As famous as an Executioner can be in Howldon. He is well revered and feared considering his over the top takedowns and arrests. Back in Arcadia, he was known by all in Alimir, Lumbren and Silim. Presumably if any angellic Daevas survived the restoration of worlds they would remember him.

    Hobbies: Sharpening his blade, Sleeping, Solving Riddles, Playing Games with his team, Reading up on times
    Pets: A small gecko named Shadow who is hardly noticed by many. He's always with Kazu, even when Kazu isn't aware of it. The reason being Shadow is attracted to his heat. He's nothing more than a pet.

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    [Locked]WEAPON: Sword
    Weapon Name: Dragonsworn
    Weapon Type: Katana
    Origin Lore: A sword given to him by his commanding officer while in the army. He shortly died afterwards and the sword's true nature was revealed; being able to house the minds and souls of only 3 dragons, regardless of lineage. It only houses one currently; his elite squad member Oro who was destroyed by a Dark Elf ambush.
    Weapon Description: A simple katana that has been given stronger properties due to it using energy from a housed soul within the blade. Ornate lacquered hilt along with a circular guard. Truly a sight to be held. Especially in action.
    Special Properties: Able to house souls albeit only Draconic ones.

    [Locked]WEAPON: Shield; Buckler
    Weapon Name: Dragon's Temper
    Weapon Type: Buckler
    Origin Lore: It was once said a dragon possessed this in battle but was felled by another dragon. During one of his missions he stumbled upon this, a gift from Hobbits in Thesela. It isn't sentient provided it does not have its own intelligence but it does possess great defensive qualities.
    Weapon Description: A shield fashioned to that of a dragon's head but attached to a bracer so that the user can put it down. In battle it takes a sample of the user's mana to ignite a fire shield that the shield itself maintains. Kind of like a match that keeps burning until it's not needed anymore. It covers the user completely in a ball of flame when needed and defending against attacks both physical and magical.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    WEAPON: Gun
    Weapon Name: Executioner's Standard Issue Handgun
    Origin Lore: Made for him personally when he joined as an Executioner.
    Weapon Description: A silver and plastic gun made for him especially. Holds 10 silver bullets including one in the chamber. Hardly uses it unless he's hunting for other criminals.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    WEAPON: Longsword
    Weapon Name: Executioner Sword
    Origin Lore: Made for him personally when he joined as an Executioner.
    Weapon Description: A normal steel and silver blended longsword given to him when he joined the Executioner Squad. Double-edged with an eagle's wings for a guard. Balled pommel. Nothing fancy. Used only when he's hunting and bringing in criminals.

    ITEM: Executioner Badge; A silver badge that simply states that he is a member of the Executioner squad apart of Howldon.

    ARMOR: A long, flowing black cloak he wears when on duty.

    PROPERTY: A penthouse suite he owns in Earlford. He shares it with Deuce and Jenny. Very spacious and providing. He's hardly inside though; prefers to sleep outside under the stars while on the balcony.

    Education: (Mandatory)
    - Languages Spoken: He speaks Draconic fluently, Draconic being his native and first language. He has since perfected Avarin to a degree and is now learning Eldarin.
    - Literacy: He's not one for reading. Instead he has Jenny decipher stuff for him and Deuce to read documents while on duty.

    Merit Purchases:

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    Post  Green on Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:44 pm


    Now let's see what really happened to Kazuma, shall we? He was a Red Dragon, Commander of the Alimirian Army and the previous Dragon Champion. He had accomplished alot in his Arcadian life, rising through the ranks and becoming famous all over Alimir. Heh, to enemy countries such as Lumbren and Silim. Aye, he lived a great and proud life, suitable for a Red Dragon of his repertoire. And then it happened.

    The sky went red, stars seemed to literally fall from the sky and crash into Arcadia. The Gods of Arcadia were obviously having a tantrum. But during this moment of temporary national weakness, neighboring nations decided to attack each other under the pretense this was just a temporary thing. Kazuma knew better but still followed his General's orders.

    Anxiously he put on his armor and gathered his weapons. Dragonsworn, his beloved katana blade that housed his dear supporter's soul Oro. He slung a rifle onto his back and slung on his Dragon's Temper. It was going to be a bloody and tiresome battle but Kazu lived for it. Breathed it. He only felt truly alive and some sorts of worth whilst in battle. Gathering his legion and elite squad in front of Alimir's front gates, he spoke up.

    "General Braise has already taken his army and gone to Silim. Our job is to defend Alimir and fend off Lumbren's advancing forces. My fellow army mate, Commander Zeto will keep what's left of the army and the strong and proud Valorian citizens here in Alimir just in case another nation attacks! Aerlind has our backs and presumably, Amar and Nifredil do as well. Our enemies are beings of the dark and light but know this; none of them are our enemies or allies! They are merely stepping stones...a sort of scratching post for our bloodied claws! We will get stronger and we will prevail!" And with that, Kazuma let out a white hot stream of fire into the air, using little to no mana to forming it into a white hot dragonoid of flames that roared and flew off towards Lumbren. His army banged their claws and weapons against the ground and their proud chests. Some hopped on horseback and quickly sped off while others took to their native forms and flew at great haste. Kazu rested his hand on Dragonsworn.
    "Oro. It seems as if this is the last time we will strike swiftly into battle. Strike with me one last time, brother."
    "Sir! Aerlind has gone with the enemy, remember?"
    "Well shit yeah. Argh, grab all the dragons you can!"
    Kazu flashed his point teeth and roared angrily, his army roaring in response. His back began to morph and bulge, the sound of bones breaking loud and boisterous. His armour had been specially made for this; two slits giving way to his dragon wings. He stretched them to their full wingspan and easily took off. In no time, he was flying ahead of his army with their eager blood lust spurring him on.

    The dark kingdom loomed ahead, dark clouds vivid against a red, bloody sky. He shifted his eyes into his dragon form which in turn enhanced his vision tenfold. He could make out the miniscule army that was advancing towards them. A few Shadow Dragons and Dracoliches, the rest a bundled heap of demons, dark elves and incubii. Kazu ripped Dragonsworn out of its scabbard, the blade making a shrill but mighty roar as it did so (Oro's signature roar). He clenched his shield fist, proud azure flames spurting out of the dragonhead's mouth. Just then, he was caught off guard to swarming Red Dragons, along the masses of darkened forces. The Red Dragons had chosen to betray them!!

    "My army! Attack with the strength of our forefathers! Burn them to the ground! Rip out the hearts of those who have betrayed us!" Kazuma opened his mouth, his berserker rage soon setting in as he dived towards the advancing army. Shadow Dragons of the juvenile stage advanced towards him, spitting out black and darkness aligned flames. Red Dragons circled upon him, recognizing him as a dangerous threat. With ease he darted to and fro around them, letting his partner Oro within his blade make hasty work of them. As Kazu continued he brought up Dragon's Temper in front of his face, an azure flame shield forming around him creating a makeshift dragonic meteor. As soon as he made contact, his army advanced and clashed with Lumbren's and the Almin's that were alongside them.

    The battle Kazu had started lasted exactly twenty minutes and seven seconds. The war itself lasted for the whole week. This battle had left Kazu mentally and emotionally scarred having lost many of his men, to the infidels and the other countries.

    Almir had truly fallen.

    His followers who would swallow their pride and drink out of a latrine if he had ordered them. After being outmatched and his forces dwindled, Kazuma was left alone with a handful of men. The war was taking its toll on him. Soon and reluctantly did he make a pact with whoever listened and whichever deity took pleasure in watching his might in battle. "If this world is destroyed may my body, mind and soul survive so I may see it's end result." One last skirmish had pushed Kazu to the brink, resulting in transforming into his dragonic form. In this mode he was more free, more stronger and even more berserk. He took with him three other of his kin before being killed, ripped to pieces by an onslaught of flame, magick and teeth.

    His soul remained intact however, and was given a second chance once Nyxheim was created. His soul, mind and body were given back to him, complete with his memories and weapons as well. One thing, however was taken away from him; his full dragonic form wasn't as strong as it used to be. This however, did not plague him for he preferred his humanoid form.

    First thing that happened to him was Kazu was stripped of his weapons upon arrival in Nyxheim. In fact, he woke up in a dark and musty cell. A large Red Dragon gave him an ultimatum after telling him that Valor was no more; Serve the crown or be banished. Given his reputation, he was given a couple of days to consider.
    Hostile at first, he quickly (painfully and stubbornly) learned that the Malekith Empire was in power and what was left of Red Dragons were the Royal Guard to the Solidor Dynasty. Almir was nowhere to be seen. It was disgusting and further residence in the Malkian Empire would have provoked him even more so with that, Kazu moved on, travelling all over Nyxheim having taken the exile over the servitude.

    He took refuge in Howldon, stealing people's livestock for sustenance. Kazuma was stealing a sheep until he stumbled upon an Executioner Take down. The Executioner died during the struggle but Kazu, having taking notice in his bravery and valor, took pity in him and decided to slay his oppressor.  The rest of the Executioners came in shortly after, taking in Kazuma and later, inducting him into as one of their own. Now, Kazuma operates as an Executioner apart of a team and still, one day, aspires to release the Red Dragons from captivity and restarting his proud race from scratch; a new Almir.

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    Update; He's a Npc in Howkdon. Will t
    Kill him off in due

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