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    Arai The Executioner


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    Arai The Executioner Empty Arai The Executioner

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    I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Arai Munkaira

      - Nickname: None
      - Alias: None

    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: December 10th 338
    Race: Wolf Efferii
    II. Physical
    Appearance[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

      - Height: 5’10
      - Weight: 156 lbs
      - Hair Colour/Style: Jet black hair cut short, with a low pony-tail in the back.
      - Eye Colour: Arai was born with golden-yellow hazel eyes that shine in the dark.
      - Skin Colour: Fair.
      - Makeup (optional): None.

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Slender and muscular build. His body has fully matured. In any case, he is healthy as any wolf can be.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: As a wolf efferii, he possess great stamina allowing him to excel in physical activity longer than most and does not become get easily exhausted. His body can tolerate the extreme weathers of the north and some degree of strain before given out. He strength and speed dominates that of a normal man.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: None.
    Physical Imperfections: None to his belief.
    Clothing style: He was raised in a human society so his style of clothing differs from the traditions of his tribe. Arai has a variety of clothing in his closet and dresser. His favorite colors are black and gray so most of his clothing consist of those two colors and sometimes white. He favors wearing a black sleeveless zip-up shirt with a raised collar and strap. He wears black elbow sleeves on both his arms, black spiked wrist bands and gloves on both his hands. His pants are dark gray cargo pants with six pockets, a black belt and black mid-calf boots. He wears a black leather belt around his waist with his symbol etched the center of the solid silver buckle. To complete his outfit he wears a long black leather trench coat.
    Distinguishing Features: Arai pretty much looks human, but he gives off the sense he something more intimidating through the look in his eyes. He has a crescent moon tattoo at the middle of his chest just below his neck. He has hair on his chest and more notable on the back of his forehands.
    Voice: Masculine, alluring, and threaten.  

    - True Wolf: He can transform into a wolf at will. His slender, yet muscular build is slightly bigger than those in his pack and most wolves. When he stands mighty on all fours his height comes to the chest of a fully grown man. He has a black pearl furry coat that blends in with the blackness of night. In this form his movements are graceful and runs fluidly like the rushing wind.
    III. Mental

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Outer Goals: Arai wants to keep those lawful beings safe from all which is illegal and goes against the constitution of Howldon. He has a deep dedication and loyalty to his pack, doing that he can to protect them and keep their best needs in his interest.
    Inner Goals: Just to better himself in his line of work as an Executioner.
    Super Objective: Become Fenrir.
    Defining Characteristic: As a person Arai  appears to be well composed and serene. He is always seems to be relaxed and untouched. He is strongly dedicated and serious to his duty as an Executioner. He rarely devotes himself to anything else besides his duty and improving himself since he considers them necessary to achieve his goals. He is friendly to other peoplebut he himself isn't much of a social person. When it comes to getting what he wants, Arai has no problem displaying a more aggressive, callous, and dark nature of himself. He is quite persuasive over wolves hinting more to his dominant nature over his kind. It is so effective on the wolves, that majority of them that live in the city are loyal to him and part of his pack. He has a habit of inflicting harm on anyone who tries to get in his way or tell him what to do. Arai at most times simply fold his arms over his chest as a sign of his dominance over others when standing.
    Likes/Dislikes: Hunting, drawing, dueling, thinking, food, beautiful women, nice weather, animals, and nature are all things he like. He dislikes loud and crowded areas, strong odors, cowards, and weak wolves, wolves who submit themselves to those outside the tribe, dark elves, and undead creatures.
    Hopes/Desires: Dying a good death.
    Fears/Phobias: He is fearless besides the fact he is scared to lose his own kind for any reason.
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Dirty Secrets: Arai has a sexual appeal that brings the ladies to fall for him.
    Introvert or Extrovert: He does not have a problem speaking, but isn't much of a sociable person.
    More Thinking or Feeling: He thinks logically but acts on instincts that are accurate and precise as his claws.
    Selfish or Selfless: Both

    Attitudes Toward:

      - Self: 'The best wolf there is!'
      - Others: 'Stay out of my way or I'll kill you.'
      - Friendship: 'I only trust my pack'
      - Love: 'I won't hunt for it'
      - Religion: “Bullshit”
      - Country: 'My duty'
      - The World: 'A game field in constant play'

    Superstitions: None, they are excuses for peons to mask their bitchness.
    Method of Handling Anger: He channels his anger into aggression that makes him stronger, ruthless, and brutal.
    Admirable Traits: Fearless, honorable, leader, honest, loyal, trust-worthy, skilled, dedicated, reserved, and clever.
    Negative Traits: Stubborn, callous, cold, very aloof, aggressive, brutal, arrogant, and merciless.
    Prejudices: Arai is not prejudice, he just favors his kind over all else.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: There hasn't been much emotional pain in his life. The toughest physical pain he has had to endure was the vampire bite he suffered shortly after joining the executioners.
    Mental Disturbances: No one knows what is wrong with Arai, he sometimes does things on his own without others knowing. He has a superiority complex over wolves and regards everything else besides them as inferior beings.
    Philosophy of Life: "You Only Live Once"
    IV. Skills & Talents

    Talents: Arai possess amazing senses as a wolf efferii and keeps them honed daily in use. He can transfigure any part of his body to his essence, manly his hands into claws, but suffers from the toil it takes on him. Arai also has the gift of the wild given him the ability read and understand others on an emotional level. This has helped him use his persuasive charm and strong will to win people over. Since he was young he was naturally insightful. Just by observing things he began to gain knowledge and prefers it over reading. Arai has exceptional skills as an drawing aristt was one of his favorite subjects usually drawing pictures of his tribe.

    Skills: He is an exceptional hunter because he was taught by his father during his visits to the north. With his senses, he is a skilled tracker. In the police training, he learned how to use firearms and firearm safety. He is no marksman but his aim is good and physical combat was a requirement. As an executioner, he practiced in the art of dueling with a sword and has military discipline and combat training. He also learned special tactics and stealth to deal with paranormal creatures. He has many other skills that allow him to live in society such as cooking and able to operate a automobile.
    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Howldon; he aligns himself with the United Howldon Party political faction of the city. A large majority of the members are loyal to Arai and consider him a strong leader and speaker of equality. However, he has loyalty with the wolves of the North to protect those wolves in the city.
    Religion: Logisim, however, he was taught knowledge Illudim from elves and efferi. His thoughts are wavered between these two beliefs with the former more prominent.
    Job/Class: Executioner and Pack Leader. Though you won't see a pack of wolves roaming through the city, you will see Arai gathering wolves in certain secretive locations to inform them of things and use them as informants and several of them are bounty hunters to catch prey. Though, it isn't just wolves but also other efferii and elves are in his pack, under the protection of the wolves of course. He is the one and only pack leader in Howldon as the entire city is his territory. His pack ranges in the hundreds with just wolf and canine efferii alone.

    Family: His mother is a citizen of Howldon and a retired police officer. He wasn't able to see his father, leader of the white fang, since he protects the Fenrir in the north. The only time he ever got to see him was during the summers.

    - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: A 26 year old Raven efferi. She is an Executioner and has been Arai's partner for 2 years now plus being his senior. At first neither trusted the other because of their races, but over time has developed a special partnership bond. He generally refers to her by her alias as 'Sentinel' while on duty. She is noted by her azure murky eyes and raven black silky hair. She can retract her nails into slender long black claws. She usually favors using two short swords. Her skills are comparable to Arai but have different talents with more experience. On duty she wields, two short swords on each side of her hips. She also has a bow and a quiver of arrows that she is skilled with using. While Arai patrols the street and rooftops, she patrols the skies.
    - Cyrus Durham: This is a man who has dealt with many things after twenty years of service as an Executioner. He has been Arai and Zetira's mentor and their senior officer. They make their reports and findings to him. He is a strict and stern man who expect all members of his team to do their duties without fail as it is their 'Job' to protect the people from the things that are paranormal.

    Noted accomplishments: He made his momma proud by graduating school, becoming a police officer and then executioner. All certificates framed in his office at home, except for his graduation certificate which is at his mother's house. During his time as an officer he has put several criminals behind bars and so far carries out his duty as an executioner quite well with growing experience.

      - Famous/infamous: He is mostly known in Howling for his services as a police officer. To his tribe he is recognized as a skilled hunter and pack leader. Other efferii that live in the city trust him and are loyal to him, especially the wolves. His name is so widely known that most in his community consider him a local famous celebrity. It is because of his duty that he has executed several of their kind, that many 'vampires' do not like him.

    Hobbies: Hunting and training.
    Pets: He has an all-black German Shepherd dog named, Anubis. His mother bought him the dog when he was younger so that he could have a friend to play with. Fully grown, Anubis lives with him and his much freedom around the house since he is trained and well behaved. He usually just guards the house when his owner isn't home. When off duty, sometimes takes Anubis with him to the park to exercise.


      - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: An elegant sword of elven craft, they are the signature and symbolic weapons of the Executioner. The blades are completely made of silver, sharp enough to cut flesh of the undead. Because of the composition, the swords are only used for carrying out the execution than actual combat. They are usually only carried when an Executioner has a warrant to take life.
      - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: Raikuen carries a semi-automatic handgun, painted black. These guns is holster on his left side of his body, usually hidden by a coat. The rounds are made of silver and the inside of his coat support pockets to carry two extra clips of nine. Design was customed made by Albastor Labs for Executioners.
      - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: Another one of the customs and his favorite gun. Bigger silver rounds can do more damage, sometimes even fatal. Raikuen usually only carries this when he has a warrant out to execute a criminal.
      - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: This was of his own design from one of his drawings. Composed of Mat, Tar, and a Silver tip.
      - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: He only puts these on for three reasons: intimidation, interrogation, and to brawl. His jab is quite a stinging if you catch my drift.

    Armoury: Raikuan has a black wolf cloak. Its hood consist of a wolf skull belonging to his great ancestor with marble orbs for eyes. The cloak is usually reserved for when outside of Howldon. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Inventory: His [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. His wallet house important things such as identification and money.
    Wealth: His pay as an executioner is good. He keeps most of his money in the bank and some kept in his house. He uses his money to mostly pay bills and buy food while the rest go to savings. He does keep some money on him in his wallet.
    Possessions: He does not possess much besides everything listed above, the furniture in his house, clothes, a radio, a journal, key to his house, art equipment, and traveling bags.
    Land: He lives in a one-story house on the east side of Earlford. This house has a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and 1 restroom.


      - Languages Spoken: As an efferii he was born with the innate language of kind, Esferin. He grew up speaking Avarin and taught Eldarin by his father. He can speak both languages, but the former more fluent. The later must be practiced from time to time because of how little he uses it.
      - Literacy: Being in school he was forced to read and write. It wasn't something that he like doing but it was required and he did it only because his mother told him too. Now he has no problem at all reading. As a daily habit, he reads the newspapers. He has a journal in his house that he writes in when he discovers something new about paranormal creatures. This is to also keep his writing skills up. He wants to write and publish a book about supernatural creatures to inform people.

    VI. Background/ History

    Arai was born months later after his father mated with his mother. Unlike many of his kind, he was born in Howldon because his mother resided there. While his mother was on duty, being a police officer at the time, Arai was in school learning with all the other children Efferii, but education bored him. The only thing that he liked about school was recess. After school he spent most of his day chasing stray animals and bringing them back home to which his mother would tell him he couldn't keep it. He would spend his nights doing homework or falling asleep in the process.

    His first summer out of school was the first time he had met his father. They traveled to Fenrir woods where the young Arai met most of the tribe, including Fenrir himself. His father taught him how to hunt like a wolf, and use his abilities as a wolf. It was more fun to him to run through the woods to hunt prey with his father's pack then chase pets through streets. He would never forget the words his father told him before he left to return to Howldon.

    “We wolves are dominant, we come second to none. Never allow others to prove them more dominant than yourself. If anyone or thing challenges you, your only choice is to win. Wolves are your family. We are a loyal pack. No matter where you live or go, always trust your tribe.”

    Since then Arai has seen everything as a challenge that he had to win. He did better in school, hunted better and became better altogether. Every year it was the same, Howldon during the Fall, Fenrir Woods in the summer. This year round schedule changed when he completed school and turned 15 where he spent two years in the north with the tribe. One night he had dreamed of becoming Fenrir himself. He was selected to become a leader by the tribe and a rank he kept to lead the other wolves in the city.

    He came back to Howldon at the age of 17 where he started his police training. His mother also helped him with his training since she was once a police officer herself when Arai was younger. It wasn't much different than hunting to him except for he had try to capture his prey instead of killing it, unless he had to. Naturally, being a police was easy for him. He had known how to use weapons since being a police officer, but the one he grew close to using was the sword. He took dueling classes to prove his skills and become a better duelist than others around him. His skills made him stand out and at the age of 22, he was offered to become an executioner that he accepted.

    He thought he knew about vampires till he actually had to execute one with his new partner. Never has he had work so hard to accomplish anything in his life. Since then he became a lot more dedicated to his job, spending most of his time studying while off duty. On duty, he explores the city trying to get leads to his targets with the aid of his pack.

    VII. Past Storylines:


    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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