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    The Vampire Nihilus


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    The Vampire Nihilus Empty The Vampire Nihilus

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    I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Savion Relinqeris
    Nicknames and Aliases: Nihilus, Master Relinqeris, The Untouchable Vampire of Nightmares
    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: His birthday is November the 7th, but he born in the Old World. He was turned into a vampire when he was 25 years old by Samuel Relinqeris. He was active in his undead life for 464 years before he went into slumber. He slept for 316 years before he was accidentally awakened by Ira on August the 18th of 335 to the Nyxheim calender. Nihilus is a 780 year old vampire.
    Race: Human Vampire

    II. Physical

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    - Height: 5'9
    - Weight: 154 lbs
    - Hair Colour/Style: He has white hair with a silver tint when in the light, groomed slightly curly and cut to the base of his neck.
    - Eye Colour: His piercing eyes are a stunning dull murky twilight blue, though true as his natural color he can make them turn a deep blood red, the eyes of a vampire, at will and depending on his mood.
    - Skin Colour: The texture of his skin is smooth like marble and pale in tone.

    Body Type & Physical Condition: His eternal body is slender with a fit build. Due to being dead his condition is deceased but normal for an undead being.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Nihilus has the supernatural speed and strength of a vampire triple his own age due to his bloodline. He is more weaker during the day and weakened when coming into contact with silver.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: As an undead creature and doesnt suffer from the illnesses of the living, but can be poisoned by silver.
    Physical Imperfections: None.
    Clothing style: Nihilus lives by a simple informal business dress code since he has become the businessman to the general public. He wears dark colored suits, particularly black clothing.
    Distinguishing Features: Nihilus still looks like the same as he did from the time he was turned into a vampire in his mid-twenties. Nihilus has a naturally seductive appeal that makes him desirable to both genders. A handsome man of masculine facial features carrying the beauty of what mortals dream of possessing.
    Voice: The charming voice of a male vampire that speaks in a strong seductive and mystifying tone.
    Transformation: None.

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Outer Goals: Nihilus wants to see people enjoy themselves at his nightclub and make money off of them. In charge of Ira's safety, his goal is to keep him safe at all times even if he himself is not always present. He is also trying to track down a mithril coffin that he believes is related to his great grandfather, Gwaryan.
    Inner Goals: Nihilus inner goal is to gain the power and resources need to take on the Undead empire, everything he does is to further his way to reaching this goal in some way.
    Super Objective: To see Malekith regain its former power and glory to defeat the Ecclesiarchy. To see Nagash destroyed once and for all so Malekith can get back to having its super power.
    Personality: Nihilus has a strong desire to learn of the new world and discover new things that has made him more open and social. However, Nihilus retains the same heartless and manipulative mindset hidden by the polite and smooth facade he puts on in front of others to hide his true agendas, though he maintains a respectful mannerism. Nihilus is highly deceptive and cunning to the point that the over all existence of life is nothing but a game to him. At times Nihilus can display an air of cheerfulness and excitement when having what he considers to be fun or interesting to him. His loyalty and allegiance is to the royal family of Malekith, only. He wouldn't call it compassion, but he likes to support  and be generous to those who are loyal to him and the royal family. It would not be wise to betray or come across either. Nihilus holds a dark and unholy vengeance for those who committed treason against the crown long ago and doesn't mind adding to the list.
    Likes/Dislikes: Knowledge, Learning, Experimenting, Magick, Jewelry, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Killing, Reading, Philosophy, Alchemy, Necromancy, Dragons, Spiders, Dark Magick, Magikal Items, and Weapons /// The Ecclesiarchy
    Hopes/Desires: To bring down the Ecclesiarchy, find Gwaryan, and see to it that it is Ira who takes the throne.
    Fears/Phobias: Nihilus fears to meet death a second time or letting anyone of the royal family get assassinated or killed.
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Dirty Secrets: Nihilus used to make love to Carian but since he has been dead there hasn't been anyone to replace him so Nihilus is less sexual than he used to be.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Thinking.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfish.
    Attitudes Toward:  
    - Self: The Untouchable Vampire of Nightmares!
    - Others: He has two different attitudes towards others, others of value and others of nothing. Those of value are normally those he takes an interest in. The others that he considers nothing is well… nothing to him, he could care less what happens to them.
    - Friendship: Nihilus values friendship, he is one that believes a person cannot make it alone.
    - Love: Love is something he values above a lot of things, he never felt such sensations before he met Carian. Once Carian die he no longer loves anyone as strong. His love has been distributed to the royal family of Malekith, particularly prince Ira.
    - Religion: Nihilus is curious about the other religions in the world but he normally says 'Fuck Nagash, he not shit and the those who follow him are even worse of a piece of shit.'
    - Country: His home he desires to see reclaim its former glory, but still beautiful and unequaled.
    - The World: This world is strange and still a mystery to him.

    Superstitions: That the web of dreaming and nightmares is where the true world is.
    Admirable Traits: Charming, compassionate, smart, handsome, reasonable.
    Negative Traits: Manipulative, cold-hearted, sadistic, apathetic.
    Prejudices: The Ecclesiarchy.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: The death of Carian was so painful he cried tears of blood and went into deep sleep.
    Mental Disturbances: What troubles him the most is when he can’t understand something or makes an error, it actually annoys him and usually causes him to stress till he finds a solution.
    Philosophy of Life: "Live life while you can."

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Nihilus is a vampire with all the supernatural speed, senses, and strength of one. He was bitten and drank from Samuel Relinqeris, the former and second Master of Relinqeris, that has given him the power of a vampire triple his own age. As the current Master, Nihilus has unique vampiric abilities untouchable to most vampires. He can read and feel the memories from those whose blood he consumes, which can do from mere skin contact without the victim even being aware of such a painless method to feed. His ability to hypnotize through eye contact is potent enough to be considered direct mind manipulation and is effective on four victims at a time to compel them to do whatever he wants. It is more effective on those of weaker will. A person's mind is at their most vulnerable when asleep and it is Nihilus who can invade into a sleeping person's mind just by placing his hand over their head. He can even levitate in mid-air and fly. This could either because he drank from a powerful vampire like Samuel or the fact the drinking of Samuel gave him the ability of telekinesis. Yes, with the power of his mind, just by thinking of it Nihilus can move things, hold it in place, and even crush it by willing it. He can still use the element of shadows, but the way has become more creative such as he can make shadows grow to make an area appear darker than what it naturally is. He can hide or mask himself and others in shadows to become unseen by all eyes of the living and undead. Nihilus has a great photographic memory, remembering everything from the time he could first see to the time he died, from the undead life he spent with Carian from the moment he was reawakened to the present time. Simply put, he has forgotten nothing. Not a name, not a face, not a moment of time has become lost in his mind but there are memories he suppress into the back of his mind. He is gifted with the skills to play several instruments such as the piano, violin, and guitar. His years spent as a political figure has made him into quiet the persuasive orator or conversationalist when it comes to verbal communication. A talented writer also for he has been known to doctrines, policies, poetry, laws, speeches, and even plays and songs. Though he is out of practice, Nihilus still has the knowledge to create undead, zombies, ghouls, wrights, specters, and of course vampires. In the modern world, he has learned of engineering, science, and technological advances of this day and age. He still retains his  knowledge and skills as a former general to Malekith, being a deadly tactician and combatant with a history to show for it. He is a master fencer and ruthless fighter. The only thing that is more fearsome than his fighting is his manipulation. He is very good at manipulating others, so good that it is almost implied in everything that he does to get others to do exactly what he wants them to do. His centuries spent with the fascination of spider's has lead to his ability to understand, communicate, command and summon them to his aid.  His study in ethnics, psychology, philosophy, and logic play a huge role in how he does it. He still knows how to sail a ship and pilot an airship. In the modern world he has learned to operate and drive an automobile and is still learning how to pilot an airplane.

    Infinite Bloodlust: A powerful spell that was taught to him by Samuel Relinqeris. It is not so easy for this spell to be initiated as it requires twenty blood sacrifices for it to become active. When the sacrifices are given, the spell presents itself in a rain of blood from the sky. For a living being, this induces great fear and despair to break their minds and will, even known to cause insanity, psycho, and lunatic behavior. For the undead and those of wicked hearts, this spell is a boost of power, especially for vampires, known to make them blood drunk  with the desire only to shed more blood. The more blood shed by those under the influence of the spell only helps prolong the spell even more till no more blood can be shed. Nihilus had a habit to use this spell on the battlefield in the Old World, showering his enemies in blood for them to be attacked by crazed vampires who can potentially become over-addicted to blood from the effects of this spell.

    The Spider Curse: This terrifying and deadly curse is something Nihilus created himself back in the Old World. The curse is trigger when Nihilus points his finger and has eyes on his victim and utters the word 'haunt him/her' in Noldorin. When one is cursed by Nihilus they become haunted and tormented by spiders, seeing them everywhere they go either hanging from a web or crawling around somewhere close by, but the victim will always be aware of the spider's presence growing stronger each day. It is known that the curse victim even has nightmares about spider's crawling out of their body and covering them from head to toe. The curse last for a week and at the end of the week, the victim becomes plagued by uncountable spiders in their sleep, biting them with poison and suffocating their body from inhabiting it from the inside, usually while the victim is sleep then disappear once they are dead.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Malekith
    Religion: Is main Neo Arcanum with beliefs in Ecclesia Necromantica, but disregards the worship of Nagash because of his own strife to better himself. He believes in Logicism to a certain degree. He is not truly dedicated to the god or goddess of the world but does give offering to them. Even he knows better than to reject the belief of the high deities.
    Job/Class: First of all, Nihilus is the chieftain to the royal family of Malekith, has been since a world most of which disregard. Second, he is the current master of the Relinqeris Master Clan, one of the exiled covens and loyal to the crown. Lastly, he is the owner of a nightclub called Sanguinista in the city of Howldon. He is a council member to the crown's cabinet, and personal bodyguard to prince Ira
    Family: Samuel Relinqeris (Deceased), Khadija Relinqeris
    Relationships: Single

    Noted accomplishments: Nihilus has a list of accomplishments worthy of note from back in the Old World. Nihilus became the first child of Samuel Relinqeris. Upon taking the throne, Carian declared Nihilus his untouchable, the first untouchable known to date. He has won several victories for Malekith, defeated the pirate king Othello and took part as a general in the war between Malekith and Almir where they became victories.
    - Famous/infamous: As Savion Relinqeris, he is known as a famous club owner and wealthy business man, using his ability to walk in the sun to portray him as human. As Nihilus, he is known as the infamous vampire of legend in the Old World, spoken and known about through books of history. Only few know that Savion Relinqeris and Nihilus.

    Hobbies: Playing with his pets, playing his violin, painting, counting money, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, and walking out in the day.
    Pets: Seven dogs, six cats, two raven birds, one fox efferri, and a spider farm of various kinds of spiders. His main pet is a black-widow named Kali that he usually keeps close on his person somewhere.

    Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventor

    Weapon Name: Haylal
    - Slayer of Lord Kings
    Weapon Type: Long Sword
    Origin Lore: The sword was forged by the legendary and famous night elf royal blacksmith, Rive'el over seven hundred years ago when Nihilus officially began his services to the royal family of malekith. Nihilus carried the blade for ceremony reasons and during time of war. It was used to take the head of the pirate king, Othello, noble lords of valor and key members of the coup and assassination of Carain.
    Weapon Description: The sword's overall length is four feet and two inches long. A three foot long high grade steel and sangue alloy blade and fourteen inch long handle, with black crystal inlay and wrapped in black leather.

    Item Name or Type: Ring of Nihilus
    Origin Lore: This item is a product of Gwaryan given to one of his children and after his death the ring was kept in the treasury of the royal family for hundreds of years lost in a mountain of wealth before it was found by Carian in the Old World and given to love Nihilus.
    Item Description: A solid gold band with ruby and amber smooth cut inlay lined across the middle of the golden ring.
    Special Properties: The wearer of the ring is immune to sunlight and has a minor resistance to fire, meaning the wearer won't burn as quickly when touched by flames even from a dragon. It also gives some warmth to Nihilus skin to better make him seem alive to the touch.

    Item Name or Type: Gentleman's Walking Cane
    Origin Lore: Nihilus bought a custom self-designed cane 20 years ago by the vampire craftsman and architect De Niro. There is not much lore about it besides Nihilus carries it around when in public to better potray himself as a gentleman.
    Item Description: The cane is exactly two feet and nine inches in length having a high polish, black painted hardwood shaft with a black obsidian stone head.
    Special Properties: With a twist of the shaft it can be removed to reveal a sword, a two foot and three inch long blade for those times in need to defend oneself or duel.


    Name of Business: Sanguinista
    Industry classification: Nightclub/Bar
    Current Owner(s): Savion Relinqeris
    Player Character Employees: There is no discrimination in employment to work at Sanquinista but majority of its employs are vampires with few humans. There are ten hostess, four host, two bartenders, one secretary, one manager, one co-manager, twelves dancers, seven bouncers, six tattoo artist and one dj, DJ Megus.
    Brief Description: Sanguinista is a large two story building with a large red neon sign that reads its name in a fancy font above the front entrance. There is a large sitting area with many black wooden tables and party booths where people come to enjoy the food and drink services by their host/hostess and socialize. There are two bars along each side of because of its size and customers. The middle of the club is where the dance area and platforms for pole dancers ares at with few comfort sitting areas. The back of the club is a stage for bands and musicians, a DJ booth, and another dance area. There is several backrooms for storage supplies, restroom, dress room for dances, and back exit. The upstairs is mostly exclusive to VIP only for luxury rooms, tattoo room and owners office with a viewing window overlooking the bottom floor. There is also an underground basement for sleeping coffins for the vampire employees and owner. The club opens at dusk and closes two hours before dawn every night. Anyone seventeen and older is allowed into the club of any city legal race. Weapons are not allowed and violence is not tolerated. Drugs, sex, and gambling are prohibited but usually happens upstairs anyway.
    Brief Background: Sanguinista was built on February the 8th of 360 and was completed on November 12th of the same year. Ever since its opening on November 20th it has been quickly growing in fame and clientele. The master of the city has been known to attend from time to time as well as the famous rock stair Ira.
    Properties owned: The building itself.
    Headquarters: Howldon, Vampire District
    Partnered Organizations: Guilty Pleasure
    Products/Services of note: Beer, liquor, food, tattoos, drinkable humans, lap dances, piercings, and live entertainment.

    Name of Building: Relinqeris Manor
    Owner: Savion Relinqeris
    Co-Owner: Khadija Relinqeris
    Type of Building: Mansion
    Detailed Description: The Relinqeris Manor was built long ago in the and destroyed in the Old World. It was rebuilt early in the new world by Khadija Relinqeris. The Mansion is large enough to dubbed as a covenant for the followers of the Clan. It is of a gothic style designed by dark elf architects, has a large acre of land, and even a pool in the front surrounded by trimmed cut bushes gated around it. The inside features a grand foyer, entire interior hand crafted with the finest quality of furniture and household appliances to make it appealing and show of fine wealth. There are many types of rooms within the mansion, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, restrooms, corridors, courtyard, library, indoor pool, kitchen and underground lair.
    List of facilities: The mansion itself
    Fortifications: The entire perimeter is gated off by a black metal ten foot fence with spikes at the top being the least of anyone's problem as zombies and wraiths guard the complex from intrusion and known to roam out during the day. Night security consist of vampire guard patrols and mounted turrets on the roof for those times to imply force from an invasion of power.
    Enchantments: An enchantment spell has been placed on the mansion since the first master that protects it from the day period. The doors and windows remain lock and sealed, appearing as murky tainted black glass that not even the rays from the sun can pierce through. As the day period comes to an end and gives raise to the shadow period, the windows slowly become transparent again till only darkness remains.
    Items of interest: The Grand Library of Relinqeris
    Associated Businesses/Factions: Malekith

    Education: Nihilus received a well rounded noble education in the old world by dark elf teachers and educated on vampirism by his own father, Samuel Relinqeris.
    Languages Spoken: Noldorin, Avarin, Hexxarin, Eldarin
    Literacy: Nihilus possesses a genius level intellect; he is extremely knowledgeable in many things. He retains knowledge and skill such as in different types of magick, warfare, weaponry, medical science, surgery, myths, theology, anthropology, anatomy, history, technology, botany, zoology, philosophy, metallurgy, science, alchemy, and mathematics. He has studied in libraries in Lumbren, Silim, and Nifredil in the old world. His mind is his most useful weapon, the vast quantities of information stored within his brain is what makes him dangerous, able to process rapidly. Information stored in his brain he can pull out quickly as if it was on the top of his head. Nihilus plans to dig deeper in the fields of necromancy and learn the language Thyrsar.

    VI. Background/ History

    The story of Nihilus begins in the old world, Arcadia. He originated from Caelin, Aerlind being a young lad helping his parents shipping business disturbing goods across the land until one fateful day they came across a fierce storm within The Cradle. From what knows, his parents died at sea while he went drifting away on a piece of wreckage for days before washed up on Lumbren’s shore. He was found by dark elves that put him up for auction at the slave trades. Nihilus has bought by some vampire that sought out his beauty as a child and spent a few days in his serve before he staked him in his sleep. He ran away while being pursued by dark elf slave hunters, got caught and knocked unconscious. Nihilus was bought before the prince of the land for his crimes of killing his slave master, Carian. When he finally came to, he was in a bed and there was Carian taken on his appearance, playing the tricks of an Incubus. Under the dark powers of his seduction, Nihilus gave into Carian and became his lover, the first untouchable.
    In the following years to come, Nihilus saw himself less of a slave by the day as his became accustomed to the ways of Malekith. He learned as Carian did, sharing studies and classes together with Carian mostly flirting with him. He eventually became a citizen in the care of Carian but knowing he was a human, Nihilus grew and Carian wanted to preserve his youthful beauty appeal before he lost it in age. That is when Carian introduced Nihilus to Samuel Relinqeris, a vampire lord and master to his own clan for over three thousand years. Samuel thought it was around the time he took on a prodigy of his own and complied to immortalize the young man by turning him into a vampire, his undead son and future heir. In the next years to come, Nihilus learned from Samuel and mastered everything he was taught about vampirism. Nihilus grew to the point that his new found powers made him rather freighting evening to other vampires that older than him because of the master bloodline he came from. He went on to be known as ‘The Nightmare’.

    Nihilus never did anything to make him known outside of Lumbren, even when years later when he led the Black Fleet for the first time in battle against the Pirate King Othello in Geminis, Aerlind and eventually took his head. On his return to Lumbren after spending a week in Aerlind, he was blessed with a younger sister, Khadija Relinqeris. She was not as fortunate as Nihilus was to receive a well round education from Samuel before his passing, leaving Nihilus as the heir to the Relinqeris Clan and Master. Nihilus had little time to celebrate due to events happening in Almir. He became very upset and angry when he found out Valor tried to kill his love Carian. Nihilus befriended Leiados for helping save Carian while he was not there. With Carian using his dark influence to sway the race of red Dragons over to them, the Queen of Valor gone, Phoenixes gone, and humans left to fight over leadership, Malekith made the move to strike down Valor while it was at their weakest. Nihilus even used the infinite blood lust spell to give power to the dragons to crave more human blood along with the undead army. Valor was conquered.

    Nihilus saw Malekith as Empire that was growing to be untouchable with the defeat and conquest of Valor and Carian married to Luna for political reasons gave them rights to Aerlind. The only thing that kept them from controlling the South was Silim, which Nihilus agreed on the proposal that they lay waste to the angels and conquer the land. Malekith was winning, but after the world collapsed, due to the absolute change of geography and the destruction of so many cites and lands, Malekith was much weakened, though remained strong. What gave it the last kick out of the list of world super powers was the secession of the Necromancer Church. In which Nagash gained much control of the Undead, and turned most of them against the few numbered Dark Elves. Nihilus stayed loyal and true to Malekith even though at this point most of the Undead were considered traitors by cause. Nihilus fought against other Masters clans and their initiates with the other Exiled Vampire Clans while Carian personally dealt with Nagash. It was Carian’s sister Veo who stopped the fighting and allowed Nagash and the Church to go. Angry, Nihilus asked why and she informed in that Carian had died. If Nihilus still had a heart, it died along with Carian and became broken. He cried tears of blood days before and after Carian was buried. Nihilus could not take how he was feeling, gave his sister temporary leadership of the clan and went into deep sleep in his crystal bed deep within the underground dungeons of the palace for the next hundreds of years to come

    He slept through the ages, unaware that the world above ground was changing and stabilizing until August the 18th of 335 when he was accidentally awakened by Ira, who at first he mistook as Carian from their resemblance and fell in love with the boy as if he was his own. Nihilus spent the next ten years catching up with time, learning of a world that was somewhat completely new to him but his hatred for Nagash and the church continued to burn brighter as he became aware of their own independent super power and vowed that he himself would put an end to it. He made it known to them that he had returned to the world by making himself public, even building a club in the city of Howldon which they declared war on. He there has been assassination attempts on his life by young fledglings that knew not of his power and thus his fame and infamy grew with the years to come, resuming his positions in Malekith, promising this time that all of them would be safe and untouchable.

    VII. Past Storylines



    VIII. Merit Purchases

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