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    Cytral Empty Cytral

    Post  Lucca on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:26 am

    Name: Cytral the herald of Woe


    Birthdate: 23/5/317

    Race: Dark elf

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: Roughly 65 kg
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Bright emerald green
    His pale skin standing testament to his studies as a warlock he keeps it impeccably clean, his entire back riddled with tattoo's and inscriptions in them he has hidden the greatest of his discoveries, making sure none can see them. Unless he chooses to reveal them.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Hidden beneath his robes is a frame that is surprisingly athletic despite the usual neglect one can find within the Kabal, it is his own belief that akin with Alchemy equal exchange is required and as such using muscle to store power will decrease the toll of magick on one's body. Strangely enough his body carries no easily visible markings, not a single speck of ink or piercing of steel revealed. This along with the strange color of his eyes cause many to mistake him for a moon elf or perhaps a pale wood elf at first pass, this was all done to enable him to travel outside of Malekith and it took many years to establish this guise.

    Transformation: None as of yet.

    Personality: Thirst for knowledge, slight paranoia, surprisingly charismatic, well spoken and extremely well educated. Likes it when other people underestimate him. Wants to travel as he has realized the libraries of Malekith although vast hold little new and so he needs to travel to find more knowledge.

    Alignment: Chaotic

    Political Alignment: Malekith

    Languages Spoken: Eldarin (Fluent), Noldorin (Fluent), Avarin (With a heavy Eldarin accent), Parsel (barely) , Hexxarin (Almost fluent) , Fey (Barely).

    Job/Class: Warlock of the crying soul kabal

    - Will breaker, devils walkingstick
    Weapon Type: Staff
    Origin Lore: It is said that in the deep recess of Malekith rests a single blood red tree, the wood stained from the pain and torture of the city's many slaves. Each cut, each scream and each death causes it to grow further. It is said to touch the tree is to accept madness, despair, hatred and woe into one's very being. This staff crafted from that very tree now polished to a shine contains the very spirit of that tree, extending its roots ever outwards, unable to dig through the mountain and so instead gifting the warlocks of Malekith with its branches to wield as implements to channel their foul magic through in order to spread its insanity throughout the world, forever searching for despair, pain and suffering.

    Using the innate properties of the wood along with several runes that stores and uses soul essence wherever it may be found, this is how the staff is able to perform its own breed of Magick, the soul of a former slave long since broken down to nothing more than a mindless tool to be used for this specific purpose grafted and trapped in the staff to distribute the power as is needed.

    Rumors include the staff spreading pestilence, suffering and illness to all those that come near, a single touch being enough to bring even the most stalwart of men to their knees screaming in agony.

    Weapon Description: A single piece of wood roughly 5'2 long and two inches in diameter, its handle is of polished red wood, the head a red dome that seems to pulse with light, veins of something seeming to ripple and push against the surface, wanting to break free but unable to do so. Several runes are fashioned into the wood, circles going around the handle and riddling the length of the staff.

    Special Properties:
    When someone is struck with the head of the staff a seed is planted, it will slowly corrupt the area that was struck, causing it to rapidly decay with excruciating pain.

    Magicks used: Effigy, Necromancy.

    If struck with the back end of the staff it will leave a mark, visible only to the warlocks of Malekith, it marks this man as one to be put to death without fail.

    Magicks used: Effigy.


    Armor Type: A red robe along with an engraved mithril circlet, girdle and armbands.
    Origin Lore: One of the treasures of the crying soul Kabal this has been enchanted several times over, days turned to months as this finely crafted set was brought into being, grafting the soul of minor creatures to the set to imbue them with individual and wondrous properties.
    Armor Description: Measurements: Robe: Long enough to comfortably fit the wearer the height makes it so that it down to drape along the ground, the width of the gown however allows for easy movement without restrictions: Material: Unknown. Color: Varies. Bracers, girdle and Circlet: Each crafted from Mithril they hold various inscriptions, the metal seeming to change and warp with each passing second when in open view.
    Special Properties:

    Able to change size, color and appearance at the command of the wearer the circlet catches the wearers thoughts, transmitting it to the rest of the garment to have it follow the wearer's wish. The circlet is unable to be removed except by the wearer himself and the bracers and girdle only by command of the circlet.

    Bracers: Each holding a soul essence port they are able to be fueled to complete different tasks, the right one contains a soul essence furnace and the left one used for communicating with the kabal.

    Girdle: Able to shift and change to suit the wearers need it can change in an instant from a thin chain with an appendage on either side into a full suit of mitrhil armor, keeping the wearer safe from harm.

    A tattoo placed on his left forearm:
    Origin Lore: A special ink held in high regards and with a particularly high price. The only piece of ink visible by ease, this is however a paradox, the ink being such in nature that it can only be seen under the light of the moon. The tattoo itself marking him as one of the warlocks of the Crying soul.
    Special Properties:

    Only visible under the light of the moon.

    Talents: Magical affinity, agility, savvy, Eidetic memory (Just to clarify for those that don't know what this is, there is a thing called google. I thank you in advance)

    Skills: Engineering, trade, subterfuge, Effigy; Minor. Familiar Magick; Major. Alchemy; Minor. Torture, Soul essence extraction.

    Already before he could speak he learned that sticking out to much from the crowd could be bad and as such Cytral sticked to the text book definition of norms for his group, remaining in the middle of the pack, never falling behind nor reaching ahead. That was until he at the age of four got his first teacher, an older dark elf that was a master in the art of summoning he wasted no time, his regieme strict and his interest in the boy low. None the less Cytral showed an exceptional growth, often making away with his teachers books and study notes, thus taking knowledge and learning quicker than his teacher ever anticipated, going around the tedious process of trial and error and going directly to the answer. Consuming knowledge and picking up skills as a sponge he only spent four years before he felt he had surpassed his first teacher, taking two others but refusing to continue under them as after some time they became more interested with studying him he still made away with some skills in runecrafting and transmutation. From there on out he only knew the companionship of books and the screams of slaves as he mercilessly extracted what was needed for the great nation to continue its way of living. At the age of fourteen he was beginning to create theories of his own, his summoning mixed in with the knowledge of runes reaching new heights, binding spells and incantations to paper or items to speed up the process.

    Spending many years with his nose buried in the dusty old books he preferred going to the parts of the libraries seldom visited, dedicating three years of his life only to attempt to perfect the art of summoning, educating himself with the inner workings to enable him to bind new creatures rather than laying his faith to the work of others he soon realized he needed something to test this on. Alchemy was of course something paramount to him although he never went all to deep, simply learning the most basic just in case he would need it and then sticking to that for now, also working on the art of runecrafting he spent countless hours improving this craft, his mind able to recall even the most intricate of patterns with only a glance and able to recall each page he had ever read flawlessly allowed him to 'read' these books whenever he had a spare moment.

    One of his theories was that as equal exchange he needed to keep his body as sharp as his mind, this due to the simple philosophy that a brilliant mind in a sick body would slowly but surely be corrupted. Also he has become aware of the link between physical health and longevity, as such he would dedicate time, at least thirty minutes every day to pursue what he thought the ideal body. Adding many tattoo's to his back and to his back only it was slowly filling out and at the age of 42 he made a shocking discovery, although the libraries of Malekith were vast and the knowledge they held were great this was all something someone else had found before him. He wanted to find what was new, search through the world to write tomes of knowledge unlike the world had ever seen. He spent the next four years preparing for his voyage, crafting his staff and robe along with the peculiar rune that lay hidden on his left forearm.

    By the day he had turned forty he realized his means of transportation, he would hitch a ride with the hedonistic prince of Malekith. He often visited and brought with him an entourage of various creatures, although he never bothered with the boy before he now investigated him intrusively, letting no stone unturned and parting with many rations of Soul essence to gain the information he craved. Knowledge was after all power and could it help him in any way he would not let it slip past without notice, soon he found his research had payed off and as such he was ready for his departure into the world, his thirst for knowledge had far outgrown this playground of his and with what he could do, traveling the worlds should prove little trouble.


    the first:

    Name: Zer'koth
    height: 3'
    Weight: 37 kg
    Level of intelligence: Human
    Personality: Gluttonous, likes shiny things, simple minded.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    A rather simple summon it is one more often than not used for menial labor or sentry duty it is one rather simple and with little or no use in a conflict as it is rather weak and will disappear at the first sign of combat, either to return to its master or to its home plane.

    the second:

    Name: Mattheo
    Height: 5' (Shoulder height)
    Weight: 150 Kg
    Level of sentience: Beast
    Personality: Fiercely loyal, aggressive by default, obedient.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    A summon often seen following the warlocks of the crying soul it is used primarily for personal protection, keeping one's enemies at arms length until one escapes or something else can be summoned instead. Although fairly simple this is a robust and loyal summon, known to fight until its own death simply to provide escape or aid of its master.

    The third:

    Name: Ormhiller
    Length: 9'
    Weight: 112 kg
    Level of sentience: Human
    Personality: deceptive, trickster, unpredictable.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Although one of the larger summons this one is rarely seen in use due to its nature, often demanding barter or trade before the contract is sealed and some times requiring certain components to ensure the summon takes place. Although it is known to turn on its summoner should the whim take it this summon is often a last ditch effort, some times however used for information gathering or silent assassination due to its natural stealth and incredibly powerful poison. Due to the size it is however also adept at restraining its victims and capable of swallowing them whole.


    Although not a master in this field he is able with the correct components to create simple alchemical compounds and some degree of transmutation.


    Through the use of runes he is able to bestow items with magical properties, more complex and powerful magick requires more time and more often than not the use of specific components to have the enchantment take. I.E he can not make a normal sword shoot fireballs but he can make the blade store heat and cause it to release it all at once when a command phrase is given.

    Past Storylines:

      - Title:
      - Date:
      - Location:
      - Participants:

    Merit Purchases:


      -Familiar Magick: Summoning, Binding, Sealing.
      -Effigy: Enchantment
      -Alchemy: Transmutation

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    Cytral Empty Re: Cytral

    Post  Eplith on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:06 pm

    [I] Limit the number of languages that he is able to speak / understand.

    [II] Add more information as to how exactly the staff is able to do what it can do. "Because it is made out of the wood of an evil tree" is not enough.

    [III] The armor cannot change its shape and/or size unless it is doing so while retaining its original mass. So the more that it is "stretched" the weaker it will become. Though I do not see any means as to how it would be able to change its physical properties by your character's will.

    [IV] Remove the rune that is able to open personal pocket dimensions, or change it to something else. It will not be allowed as it is.

    [V] Add some information concerning his magical abilities, and "Jacks of all Trades" - those who are exceedingly good at several different things - will not be accepted.

    [VI] It seems as if this was made more for just being stronger than the next guy with all that you have added, and I feel that you should limit all of the potential abilities that he may have. At least I do with the small, generic history that you have provided.

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    Cytral Empty I see you trollin

    Post  Lucca on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:20 am

    1: He is a warlock with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, knowing how to read the books is paramount to be able to read them. Also I know people around 20-25 that speak four or five languages, it would seem natural that a creature not only by default smarter but also twice the age to do better?

    2: The runes.

    3: its magick, drawing and changing things is kinda what it does, through the law of equal exchange it COULD take the mass of the air surrounding it ps (Thats not a small amount).

    4: Why not? Please explain?

    5: thats ok

    6: I prefer revealing more of my chars past during RP as it gives a better feel, I believe we had this discussion the last time I posted a char on this forum and I hoped you would remember as much. If you want to however I would love to argue with you some more.

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    Cytral Empty Re: Cytral

    Post  Eplith on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:53 pm

    [I] He knows languages that he should not even know, and even still he does not need to know as many as he does. Limit it to at least five, while also removing Esferin and Floreo.

    [II] More information; what type of magic out of those available does it use through said runes so that others might have a better understanding of its use.


    [IV] Because time/space stuff is generally a no, and there is nothing available in Nyxheim that would allow a manipulation of a personal "pocket dimension." Remove it or try to find a means for it that conforms better to Nyxhiem lore and standards.

    [VI] Now that access to magic and almost everything else that previously required merit to purchase and use is unrestricted, character profiles will have to meet a standard equivalent to certain things that they have. If you are wanting to use and have all that is listed here, then your character's profile will have to earn and justify it being so. This is not an argument or a negotiation, if you continue to treat it as one then it will remain pending as it is until it is corrected.

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    Cytral Empty Re: Cytral

    Post  Lucca on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:24 am

    Edits made.

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