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    Post  Leon on Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:43 am

    I. Biographical Data
    Given Name: Léon Victorie de Bourbon-Orléans
    -Nicknames and Aliases: Nightmare Knight, Christopher M. Furst.
    -Gender: Male
    -Birthdate:  6/6/unknown He is at least 400 now.
    -Race: Shadow Demon

    II. Physical

    Appearance: -
    - Height: 5'11:

    - Weight: 185 lbs

    - Hair Colour/Style: Long; medium/darkish blonde. During his years of slumber as he aged his hair became darker. He keeps his hair long because it is somewhat reminiscent of his dead mother. He has an Oedipus complex.  

    - Eye Colour: - Eye Color: Normal Personality- Amethyst.
    --Kind Alter Personality: Light Blue.
    --Indecisive, Irate Personality: Crimson.
    --Christopher: Golden.

    - Skin Colour: Pale, white. As described once in a storyline Leon is pale enough that against the Dark Elves he looks like he almost glows. His skin is more of a white with base tones that are brown.

    -Body Type & Physical Condition: As he got older he filled out. Leon’s shoulders broadened and his musculature filled out. He looks quite healthy now at a glance, perhaps even over a long stare.

    -Physical Abilities & Limitations: His body isn’t as stable as it used to be and he gets tired after prolonged periods of time; he hides it well. In fact, he chooses to stay indoors most days. The war was long and hard, and the years have not been kind to his body or mind.

    -Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Wraith syndrome? Being a magic user for so long has put much stress on Leon’s body and mind. Eventually, his magic will consume him and turn him into a wraith.

    -Physical Imperfections: Leon has a very big scar across his entire left shoulder, given to him long ago in a battle that now has no name or significance.

    -Clothing style: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] usually is seen wearing riding pants, boots and a waistcoat as they are the most comfortable things for him. However, he is also often seen in uniform as he serves his prince dutifully.

    -Distinguishing Features: Most notably his eyes and skin. Of course, a shiny title to go with those features sure helps. Also, the tattoo on his back. Leon has a very intricate tattoo on his back that he adds to every couple of years.

    -Voice: Medium, male-toned voice. It is neither too high nor too deep. It is about in the middle. It’s a soft-spoken voice, smooth, sometimes amused, or sarcastic. Tends to have a stern tone to accompany his holier-than-thou attitude. Can be very playful at times; however he would not show that outwardly in public, unless ordered.

    -Transformation:  Attainable only by a few Shadow Demons is the true form of their people. They embody what shadows really are; skin melting away, bone and blood to form a beast. None who have seen the true form of a Shadow Demon live to tell the tale however.

    III. Mental

    -Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    -Outer Goals: To serve the crown.
    -Inner Goals:  To find an end for himself, a proper, honorable end. Deep down somewhere the idea of his magic consuming him is worthy of fear.
    -Super Objective: Unknown.

    -Personality: Leon is often very neutral, reflective, and offers little to no advice. Do not get on his bad side as he has quite the temper, but, it takes a lot to make him angry these days. He finds he has very little purpose, especially after Carian’s death. He says very little, unless spoken to directly by an authoritative figure. He could not think of displeasing his master, as he has the same face as Carian. He is very clever and will use his superior psychoanalytical skills to get into someone’s head; he need not lift a finger to torment an enemy. Also, it pains him so to use magic, so he sticks to weapons if possible. Leon is also trustworthy with an ability to keep his objectivity in difficult circumstances. Though he pretends to be more casual than he is, he actually has a razor-sharp understanding of those around him, a fact which his wicked streak finds hard not to abuse, although he prefers to remain neutral these days.

    First Alternate Personality—Kind alter: is the compassion that Leon could never fully be because of his demon blood. This personality does not want to fight for fear of losing something important to him. He is much closer to Iki-Ryo as this personality than Leon can be as his first alter or himself. If he has to fight, which is rare he uses necromancing, so that he can use Iki-Ryo as an aid. He also has memories that he refuses to share openly, that could help Leon find the memories he had lost when crossing the gate. He refuses because he feels it would make him disappear. He often goes by the name of Thérèse.

    Second Alternate Personality—Indecisive, irate alter- He is the full Shadow Demon that Leon cannot be. He is the cold, unemotional, calculating sadist that Leon developed after he became the King’s right hand Knight. He would rather use hand-to-hand combat or weaponry, and refrains from any magic. If he does use magic, it is to conjure ice and not necromancy. He refuses to necromance. He also has a lot of trouble making decisions, and would scatter his military and re-order them to do something several times, going over General’s heads with his authoritative position to get what he wanted. Sometimes he would respond to the name Cain. This personality takes over when Leon desperately needs to complete a goal, or is deemed too slow or unfit completing a task. Iki-Ryo keeps this personality in check when he feels that it's too out of control.

    Third Alternate Personality--Christopher is more of a mask than an alternate personality. He was created for the purpose of  Eheeling and dealing E Leon works with several people underground, funding research to further his own goals. Christopher is more of an alias used to harbor in money, than another personality. Although, the mask he wears for this man might as well be.

    -Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Sweetbreads, Ira, horses, owning property, the color green, art, politics.

    -Dislikes- Ephiran, speaking for long periods of time, soul powered items, Nagash, his son's unwillingness to cooperate, Carian’s death, and especially vampires.

    -Hopes/Desires: To find a proper, honorable end for himself before the wraith takes full control, to find Alice if possible.

    -Fears/Phobias: Being turned into a wraith, much of the new world as it confuses him at times.  Being left alone (yeah, that’s right Carian you asshole.)

    -Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

    -Dirty Secrets: Fell in love with the idea of Ira, if not Ira himself when he was just a boy.

    -Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.

    -More Thinking or Feeling:  Thinking.

    -Selfish or Selfless: Selfish.

    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: “They…they’re all very loud. Sometimes they tell me what to do, but, I’m still me…somewhere." 
    - Others: “Most of them are dead. Good." 
    - Friendship: “I suppose you are expecting a shrug or something?"
    - Love: “I loved. It is without doubt a game made for suckers." 
    - Religion: “I still necromance. The church killed Carian. They leave me…conflicted." 
    - Country: “My country was always something I enjoyed, albeit that does not include the people in it." 
    - The World: “All of these machines are ridiculous. Soul power? Ridiculously perplexing." 
    Superstitions: He once heard of a tale of a person who hiccupped for years. That was always unsettling. And the rumors surrounding the Eye.

    -Admirable Traits:  A righteous warrior, serving his crown loyally. He was always faithful to the crown. Tends to make his own choices regardless of the crown, unless the order is absolute. Usually sticks to his guns.

    -Negative Traits:  Blind devotion (although now it really has its limits.)

    Prejudices: That all Vampires are disgusting, still hates Dark Elves too...sort of.

    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Loss of his mother.
    Mental Disturbances: Wraith Syndrome! Lotta whispers. Dissociative Identity disorder. Oedipus Complex.

    Philosophy of Life:  “…You can sleep when you are dead."

    IV. Skills & Talents

    -Talents: Lock picking. Shadow Magick, Necromancing, Summoning. Vast knowledge recall, especially lore and politics (not photographic memory however.) Horse collecting, rather horse appraising. Plays various instruments but will refuse if asked directly to play for someone. Fencing. And! A great sense of fashion (you’re welcome, Leon.)


    Fencing: This is one of his main types of combat. He uses two types of fencing blades. First--close range fencing is possible using his Colichemarde sword. This short, sharp sword merges good parrying with good thrusting capabilities, so that faster fencing is achievable. The blade allows for a higher degree of maneuverability. The weight of the blade is concentrated into one’s hand, rather than the blade being the heavy part; it became possible to maneuver the blade at a greater speed, and with a greater level of control, or, a more precise thrust of the blade. The shape was odd, but workable. The cross section of the blade is diamond-shaped. This blade is also best suited for dueling.

    Fencing cont. Rapier: Close range combat using a Rapier sword. The Rapier is a long-bladed sword that has a complex hilt. The sword’s power relies in its thrusting abilities, while the blade might be broad to a degree; it’s not suited for cutting, rather than stabbing and piercing. The blade is sharpened from the center to its tip—the point being the focus of the sword. The hilt is complex, as most Rapier blades are. His Rapier has a sweeping hilt designed to protect the hand. Rings extend forward from the crosspiece, which are covered by a metal piece. This is purely for aesthetics. The cup hilt is what actually protects his hand, blooming outward, while wire pieces wrap more around the top of the hilt. He is best noted for using this blade during civilian combat—or mercenary work and not militaristic work.

    -Dueling/Military Training quick kills: Stiletto Blade: This weapon is best used for military/assassination type of jobs. Its diamond cross sections are good for piercing armor. This is the main use of this blade—it leaves an awkward wound that is hard to heal. It rips at the skin so that it is harder for blood to clot.

    -Necromancing, and a few various other magics.

    V. Social

    -Political Alignment: Whatever passes for the shadow nation these days.
    -Religion: Questionable Church of Necromancy
    -Job/Class: Knight/Noble
    -Family: One daughter, who likely isn’t alive anymore, Alice. Son Atticus, their relationship is complicated.
    -Relationships: It’s complicated.

    Noted accomplishments: None.
    - Famous/infamous: infamous

    -Hobbies: Traveling.

    -Pets: Pendant spirit
    Age: Unknown.
    Name: Iki-Ryo.
    Abilities: Can transform into an animal spirit, the smaller the form, the less energy he can harvest from Leon. They share a single energy source. He is very adept in Shadow Magic.
    Likes: Leon, melon, sweets, fighting.
    Hates: Leon's other personalities, being told what to do, people who think they are better than everyone else, disobedient-ness, having to repeat himself. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Age: Forever 15 (in horse? lol) She's necromanced however, and was created tirelessly to make her as stunning as she was when she was alive. She's 26 hands (8.6 feet)
    Likes: Apples, berries, Leon, fancy items for her.
    Dislikes: Yelling, thunder, flies, the color blue. (why? I do not know lol) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
    -Weapon Name: Useful sword.
    -Weapon Type: Swept-hilt rapier.
    -Origin Lore:  N/A
    -Weapon Description: The blade itself is made from steel, the tip plated in platinum. The hand guard above the hilt is a wire model, plated in gold, the grip made from bone. The guard spirals upward, and blooms out, creating a swept effect, thus its name.
    Special Properties:  Cuts good. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    -Weapon Name: Useful short sword.
    -Weapon Type: Colichemarde Sword-
    -Origin Lore:  N/A
    -Weapon Description: A short sharp sword, predecessor to it’s ancestor; the Rapier. Fits neatly into his customized weapons belt. The colichemarde is made of steel, the grip wired with a decorative gold.
    Special Properties:  Stabs real good up close.  [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    -Weapon Name: Leather Long Bow
    -Weapon Type: Bow
    -Origin Lore:  N/A
    -Weapon Description: Decreases resistance when pulled back at a certain point. Able to fire arrows made of ice, when he runs out of normal ones. The durability of this weapon is less than his others, being handcrafted. Grip wrapped in fine leather dyed white.  Leon rarely uses magic arrows anymore, and settled for ones with barbs.
    Special Properties:  N/A [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


    Armor Type: No armor. Nightmare Knight dun need no armor!
    Origin Lore: N/A
    Armor Description: N/A
    Special Properties: N/A

    -Item Name or Type: Eye of Sherrok
    -Origin Lore: It is said that Sherrok granted his eye only to the most worthy of necromancers, as his eye was all-seeing and all knowing; it was the gateway to the other side. Sherrok was a powerful alchemist who would cast off his own soul for power. Legend has it that once he did he became akin to immortal, scouring the earth for souls to feed his immense power. One brave soul defeated Sherrok, took his eye and locked away his other body parts. To have one eye is power, to have two eyes and Sherrok’s heart, one can conquer any creature of any race; they will all bow before Sherrok’s might.
    -Item Description: Pendant on an enchanted golden chain.
    Special Properties: Holds necromanced souls inside. It is said that it can rip the souls from the living if they are in enough despair. Leon does not know the limitations of the Eye, just that it is useful for storing and summoning the souls he has collected, especially his precious familiar and horse. The more souls there are the more strain the users mind feels. The Church tried to create a copy but it often resulted in the item breaking and consuming the user if too much strain was put on it, or because they did not have enough power to keep the souls under control.

    Item-Leon owns a small piece of saronite, which is worthy of mention as it was given to him in a sealed box during a storyline. Also, it is worthy of mention because of the upcoming global storyline.


    Building Template
    -Name of Building: House #3
    -Owner: Leon
    -Type of Building: Townhouse
    -Detailed Description: A modest townhouse in Caelin. This townhouse faces a small pond, which is teeming with fish, frogs and other water-based creatures. The townhouse has a terrace, wide, open rooms with hard wood floors, and high-vaulted/cathedral ceilings. There are three bedrooms with full baths, one half-bath on the first floor, an extra loft on the very top floor, a dining room, walk-in closets, an eat-in kitchen, and a small garden in the back with the pond. The back has a fenced-in deck. BONUS: Pretty great neighbors too.
    -List of facilities: Three full baths, fireplace, half-bath, eat-in kitchen and running water (obviously).
    -Fortifications: Standard old drop of nothing.
    -Enchantments: Leon places wards around his townhouse so that none shall scry him here, or assess if there is magic in the area.
    -Items of interest: N/A
    Associated Businesses/Factions: N/A

    - Languages Spoken: Avarin, Eldarin, Hexxarin (because he is a necromancer) and Noldorin.
    -Literacy: Leon is very smart, he is well-read and self-taught. Although he was formally educated he did not fancy the ideals of his teachers. He does enjoy reading but only reads when he’s run out of other things to do, since he finds it only passes the time when he is bored. Politics, combat, art, music and culture interests him he more than anything else.

    VI. Background/ History:
    [CURRENT HISTORY] Leon took it upon himself to seek out his family after the fall of Arcadia. The Church had taken Morgan away rom him, she refused to abandon them and eventually she passed away all together. Leon had abandoned the church long ago, as their ideals were changing and he did not agree with them. The only problem was that they had his work. He had done much for the church including looking for a way to replicate the eye. They never made a completely working model, although sometime later Leon finds out they made a model that harnesses the life energy of the user.

    In the years following the destruction of Arcadia and up to the time at which he was called back to Carian's service he did odd mercenary work for money as the colonies rebuilt themselves. He felt most satisfied killing those who would bring about the new order of the world, those who wanted the world to move forward; money’s money. Currently, Alice is missing.

    Morgan passes away before the birth of their second child, although shrouded in mystery, Leon could not prove the church tampered with her pregnancy. Leon finds out much later after his stasis that Nagash and his dirty little followers had used Morgan as a host for one of the replica eyes. She did not make it, and it was punishment for him leaving the church. There was a first 'son', a young protege but he was very young and refused to leave the church. The boy was so interested in Nagash and his teachings and it left Leon unsettled every time, he only became that way after Morgan had passed. Alice was the same way, looking for the secret to lichdom, although she never attained it. Leon could only conclude after his student was found dead that Alice had a hand in it.

    Not too long after that, Carian and Leon try to shift the order of the church back into the teachings of the old world, as Nagash is becoming very strong. It does not work and Carian is assassinated. Leon was alive but his prince was not. Did that mean he was free? He’d freely pledged his service to the crown, of course, he had a purpose. Leon turned his back on the Church of Necromancy, forsaking them to whatever fate may fall upon them…after slaughtering a lot of them in a blind rage. Leon grew very silent in the following years, and stopped speaking almost altogether. He found the world lacked purpose. With the permission of the crown he was put into a state of stasis until such a time where he was needed again. The treaty gave the church much power and Leon was in no state to fight them again.

    Long years passed, his body still aged, but time did not seem to pass for him; stuck endlessly dreaming. At first the voice that woke him was quiet; it whispered through his mind and chased him in his dreams. It guided him through his subconscious. Gradually, it would become louder, a pleasant, melodic voice that was genderless. The voice would eventually break the seal of his stasis and lead him to the woman that would bear him a second child, a boy named Atticus Dace; he remains in the care of his mother’s (Edani Dace) (She took the name of her previous mate, a human) family. She is not a Shadow Demon however, so he is breaking all natural laws held by his race. It is still unclear what the voice wanted with Leon, and has yet to show itself again. Atticus later rejected the ideas of Shadow Demon culture and wanted to find his own place in the world despite the urging of his father. They meet every now and again, much to the interest of Ira.

    Leon once again pledged his service to the shadow crown, and currently protects the young lord, Ira. He was shocked at first that the young boy resembled Carian almost exactly. It brought him some joy, mixed feelings, and depression. He questions his reason for protecting Ira, but would not dare abandon his duty. He finds purpose for himself watching over Ira, but darker feelings lie beneath the surface.

    Leon’s magic was never entirely used for good, personal reasons mostly; selfish man.  His selfishness warped his magic into something that will eventually consume him. He was informed by another mage that once your magic of the horrors that wait after being consumed. As the years passed to the present day Leon often felt his grasp on reality slipping, hallucinations among the more extreme end of things.

    [PREVIOUS HISTORY]Leon was born out of wedlock, to a young noble woman and a man with great influence over his fellow nobility.  His father,  a very influential noble,  often gained much seized land from the King, even playing advisor and his mother, his mistress; one of many. He was going to marry Leon's mother, but, decided against it at the last moment, making him an illegitimate child. His "brother" actually the son of his father's real son; his nephew took the family title and every honor that came with it. They, however, were not both Shadow Demons—mixing their blood with other races is forbidden; the penalty is death. The secret was very well kept. Leon knew, but his mother's life was the price of breaking his silence.

    Because of his extreme prowess in fighting and education, he was already in the King’s military service by the time he was twelve. He was also a trusted ally and occasional messenger of the King, as his father convinced the man that Leon's life was hard to extinguish. He was not treated as a son, but as an asset, and if his usefulness ran out he would have no place. So, Leon had no choice but to perform outstandingly.

    By the age of thirty, Leon was controlling three large masses of land; he'd seized them all himself in his King's name. He was given rule over their military, but not politics. He ruled his ever-growing military with an iron fist. If one man could not complete the training, they were thrown out; there was no place for him to mess up, or have incompetent men. He became the King’s most-called upon Knight. Because of his necromancing—he earned the title Nightmare Knight; he was known for his brutality and disdain.

    Leon made the mistake of attacking a very powerful, very unconquerable Shadow Magic Sect. Word had gotten to him through many sources that they were plotting against the Kingdom and would attack at the coronation of the King's Son. Leon could not let this happen, despite hating his family. He worked very hard to uncover the location of the Sect, to end their traitorous plots. His job, was to, at all costs, protect his King. The King would be passing on the throne soon, and he needed to make sure that no one got in the way.

    On the day of the new King’s coronation, there was an assassination attempt from the strange sect. Leon fought hard, killing almost every member of the sect; some ran away. By the time he’d gotten to the Leader they’d both exhausted most of their magic. In one final attack, Leon lost, and seemingly banished to the Void for eternity.

    Leon was unexpectedly saved by a very old and very confusing Dragur Thibault-Jean-Louis Morjuet, who would become his master. The world of the Dragur's was hidden between the world Leon knew and the world of Void. It is said they from time to time drop in on the "human" world and eat the souls of the wicked. It sustains the crystal used to hide their people from prying eyes. Thibault took interest in Leon, a young man who smelled like dark magic. He had to learn more. He cared for Leon, returning to his land with the blonde and when he awoke questioned him endlessly. He eventually let Leon rest, and when he returned their conversations continued. Soon he was quite moved by the lingering anger he saw in Leon's eyes, and forced upon him apprenticeship. Leon had no choice but to agree to train under the man, on the condition that he take a spirit with him when his training was done. Leon had never had a companion for necromancing, and hoped this spirit could help.  Being the King’s Knight meant that he needed hand-to-hand combat over magical sparing. His magic was not very developed until he met Thibault.

    When Leon’s training was over, he returned to his regular world, time was so heavy as it lurched forward around him; he and the spirit did not get along well.  His first order of business was to use Thibault's influence to gain the approval of the world's current leaders and their peers. He spent nearly thirty years sifting through and using Thibault's social networks to manipulate, back-stab and convince his way into higher political standing. His second order of business was to reclaim his entire army or put a new one under his command. Knowing who he was, and seeing his newfound powers, his military pawns fell into place. He forced them to attack the clan who had taken his mother, and to kill everyone, including the innocent. His third order of business was to kill his father, his brother and the King; they were a constant blight on him and he wanted revenge.

    Leon marched in the front line of the attack; his burning anger fueled his ever-growing motivation. The invasion went smoothly, and he received surrender from his former King. The man appealed to Leon's "honor", and he played along, bringing a large milita to their doorstep and partaking in "peace talks". However, behind his back the King had ordered that any information on Leon be sifted through and their pawn was found; his mother. They threatened him with her life. In a fit of rage, he killed them, and dragged the Royal Guard Captain's body out into the courtyard, and slit his throat in front of his other men. His rescue attempt was futile, because they killed his mother regardless; she was just a pawn to them. Leon showed them their King's head and seized power for himself and his large milita. He was only one piece in the puzzle to spark the flames of revolution. When all was said and done, Leon was on top, his enemies toppled, and a pawn seated on the throne all while he pulled the strings. His father and brother were still alive and he needed to kill them and his goals would be complete. His anger blinded him and when he stormed his father's estate, he found nothing left; they had run away. His victory was very hollow.

    Over the years Leon created foreign relations with Thibault's political powerhouse connections and formed many alliances that benefited his power grab. He grew weary of politics eventually and moved on, not really caring if his work paid off in the long-term or not. He re-joined Thibault who appointed him a master in his own rights; he would be able to completely join the Dragur and teach and train the younglings.

    His entire personality changed when he took his position at this group. His "kind" alternate personality took this chance to make itself know; he had been ruled by his irate personality most of his life and was rarely himself. The kind alter gave him a chance to be more like himself, even his companion, Iki-Ryo noticed the change, and welcomed it. At times of great stress he would return to his irate alternate.

    He took over many areas of land and assigned a successor to each section of land; although he was far from ruling over every patch of land possible, he had a good chunk in his control. He also immersed himself in mercenary work, the underbelly providing a good income and information on his brother and father; the cowards who fled right during his return. His search became an obsession, the tree finally bearing some fruit. His search led him to several different nations; his brother was the first to be found. He horribly maimed his brother, torturing the younger man into telling him why they escaped and where they both escaped to. His brother revealed that his father had sold all of their belongings and became merchants; their way of life was now quite humble. The story was not moving enough and Leon killed him anyway. He awaited the return of his father's caravan, and brutally slaughtered him too. His death was very slow and very painful and when all was said and done Leon's quest for revenge left him feeling emptier than he did before. He quickly returned to Thibault for good immersing himself in their great library of magical texts; he needed an escape.

    Leon eventually found his answer. They could summon a "gate" a portal really to another land, to start a new life, to escape this nightmare. The magic however was quite forbidden and Leon had a very hard time convincing Thibault to help him; he'd already taken so much. Leon turned to the aid of his master’s spirit appealing to her sense of justice, who in turn convinced Thibault. It was a clever but terrible tactic and Thibault had no choice but to agree. He did not tell his clan formally that he was leaving and disappeared into the Human Realm with Leon. In the few years that Thibault was there he began preparations and completions for Leon to pass through the gate.
    (A history in Lumbren to be explored through story line.)

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Leon had many lazy days, and explored his similar race in Lumbren. He had heard about them through the Church of Necromancy, and knew that in his heart he may not truly be so alone. He took leave of his home at the castle many times, and spent long, sleepless hours studying this Church and their beliefs. He found comfort in a place where he could freely necromance, and share his knowledge of alchemy without being looked down upon, as many other nations would. He took great interest in medical science, helping where needed, and helping promote the Church. He funded research in many areas, wanting to further his own studies; his crave for knowledge was insatiable.

    As time passed within the Church, several unfamiliar laws met him, such as the mating law and law to not share information outside of the Church. He studied the people, gained their trust over time and came to be very close with one particular female: Morgan. She was a very active member of the Church of Necromancy, knowledgeable in alchemy, but restricted to just knowledge. She was not trained in magic or in fighting, but self-taught in alchemy. She aided Leon’s quest for knowledge, and in turn gained much favor with him.

    Leon eventually felt the need to shower her with gifts, finding her more fascinating each time he saw her, and brought her beautiful things from clothing to jewels. Leon had very good taste, and was quite pleased when his gifts suited her fair skin and light hair. He expected nothing in return, finding all he needed in the comfort she provided him. She filled many holes in his life, replacing the longing he had for the comfort of his mother, in to a feeling of peace as long as he was in that Church.

    Morgan filled his days with calm like the one he had not experienced in years; she filled his days with a light-hearted happiness. He took his time winning her heart, the time he did not usually take with others. His life was filled with many sex partners and very few loves. He and Morgan did eventually sleep together, and she bore him a child, who matured very quickly. By the age of four, the child was very developed mentally, and started training by the age of ten.

    Leon was not around much, visiting sometimes to check on his child and the woman who won his heart. Morgan was very weak after bearing a child, and did less work for the church and rested often. She was one of the few lucky enough to live through childbirth. However, their child Alice was quite strong, showing an affinity for necromancing as well as a decent understanding of the body and its weak points. She would prove very useful as her father was. Leon was quite proud of a strong offspring.

    He deemed her ready for training like no other, to prove not only her worth towards the crown but as a Shadow Demon. She was left with a task, to raise hordes of minions, to train herself to become very skilled in necromancing, and would not leave The Tower until she completed this task. Leon checked on her periodically testing her skill, leaving her every time to train on her own, as she was not ready. Fifty long years passed and Alice finally completed her task, and Leon took her from The Tower.

    (Alice used with permission)

    VII. Past Storylines:

    Title: If That One Wasn’t Strong Enough
    Date: July 21st, 2011
    Location: Isis
    Participants: Nikolas & Leon

    Title:  Take One Every Twelve Hours
    Date:  May 10th, 2011
    Location:  Aerlind Black Market
    Participants: Nickolas & Leon

    Title: The Silk’s Stone
    Date: March 24th, 2011
    Location: Isis Web Alleys
    Participants: Derin & Leon (although Derin never posted)

    Title:  Flowers of Despair
    Date: May 29th, 2010
    Location: Lumbren Tantalise Reside
    Participants: Vehuesii & Zeiri

    Title: Turning Lead to Gold
    Date: November 12th, 2010
    Location: Amar-Asrai
    Participants: Machael & Leon

    Title: Resurrecting the Sun
    Date: Jan 15th 2010
    Location: Lumbren Malekith Kingdom, Necromancer’s Temple
    Participants: Apollo, Leon, Kohei, Stephen, Reg & Ryder

    Title: Eating from the Tree of Knowledge
    Date: Nov 29th, 2009
    Location: Malekith Kingdom
    Participants: Carian & Leon

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    Unfair? Isn't it unfair to turn your eyes from the truth and then criticize others? Isn't it UNFAIR to pretend that your conscience is clear and that YOU'RE the one in the right?
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    And super sexy

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