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    Lasair (remolded)


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    Lasair (remolded) Empty Lasair (remolded)

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    Name: Lasair

    Alias/Nicknames: Lassie

    Birthdate: 19th April 346

    Race: Cat Efferii

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Lasair stands a petite 150cms tall with a small frame, her black hair falls in a silken waves to the middle of her back which is usually loosely worn. Framing a pale face that looks to not have seen much sun in a long time. Her blue eyes are sad and shy, like windows to her broken soul[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Transformation: Her transformation in to her essence form closely resembles that of her fathers and her brother Isaac's, however, in certain lights if one were to look carefully, you'd see leopard type markings. A characteristic she inherited from her mother.
    url=][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][/url]

    Personality: A shy young woman. Reserved and doesn't speak much to others.

    Alignment: Neutral

    Political Alignment: Howldon)

    Languages Spoken: Esferin and Avarin

    Job/Class: Waitress at Guilty Pleasures

    Inventory: She has no proper home and no other belongings apart from what she carries on her person. Using the showers and the uniform the business provides her as proper clothing before returning to some empty shell of a building and a dusty old mattress on the floor.

    Item Name or Type: Isaac's Bell
    Origin Lore: A tiny golden coloured bell that Lasair and Isaac used to play with as children
    Item Description: Small, golden coloured, worn down by time. Currently worn as an attachment to her "work" collar
    Special Properties:none

    Talents: Along with the natural talents of her race (keen eyesight, strong sense of smell, balance for climbing, moving stealthily, etc.), Lasair has developed a photographic memory.

    Skills: Lasair learns quickly, is nimble on her feet and an avid dancer.

    Life was great, peaceful, happy. Life was good with her mother and father, her older brother Isaac. Always having someone to watch over her and take care of her. That is, until the day the Vampires came and broke into their house, Killed Mother, Killed Father. The day she lost Isaac while running away from the nightmare that plagues her sleep with nightmares still to this day.
    Her name's Lasair, She's now 17 years old, living in whichever run down home she comes across. There are so many empty ruined homes in the area. The day her parents died was still sharp in her mind though one thing still alludes her. Where did her big brother go. One moment she was running for all she was worth right behind him, the next thing she knew she was in some room. Dark and dusty, the motes floating in the air as a ray of sunshine penetrates a boarded up window. Getting up slowly she saw a door and a set of foot prints that she was sure were not hers. Moving was painful, something broken or bruised but trying the door only proved that it was locked. At this point she's still only a little girl. A little girl all alone in a random locked room and she's extremely scared. She's just witnessed the murder of at least one of her parents and lost the only other member of her family. Finally she breaks down and cry's. A howling heart broken cry for her parents and brother, A lost cry for herself.

    It was through strength of will and hurtful anger that she braced herself and turned to the window, yanking at the boards in an effort to break free, finally removing enough for her slim figure to wriggle through. From then on she lived off the streets. Hiding in ruined homes. Always trying to keep an eye out for Isaac but never finding him. She did even try looking for him back at their home, the bodies of her parents laying on the floor, broken and blooded. She quickly gathered up a few possessions, including one tiny bell she had fond memories of. Of her dear big brother. From that day on she went into hiding. Living off the streets, stealing to make ends meet.

    One day she reads in the paper about a family that had been murdered and the vampires burnt. The anger she had built up over the years melting away until there was nothing holding her up. As "luck" had it, she was spotted by a business man as a "pretty little wench" and forced into work at his club, the Guilty Pleasures. To this day, that's where she still is. A slave to her boss and work. Only around as a visage for the patrons to ogle at and fondle to their content. The collar around her neck the sign of her slavery to her boss. A collar she can never remove, with the tiny little bell attached to the front as a reminder of her lost brother

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