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    Yuki Onna (completed)


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    Yuki Onna (completed) Empty Yuki Onna (completed)

    Post  Yuki on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:44 am

    Yuki Onna


    15th September 323



    Standing an elegant 5'2, Yuki has fair skin, marked by flame tattoos on her belly, arms and forehead. Brown wavy hair with a multitude of braids in, that falls just below the shoulders. Her form is soft and supply, athletically built from many nights dancing and partying. As for her clothing style, Yuki loves the punk look and dresses most nights when dancing or hunting prey in her knee high boots, laced up the front, leather underwear and bra which is linked to a leather collar. Metal cuffs with jewels on either wrist, can be decorative or deadly, complete the outfit.

    In her Incubi form, horns protude from either side of the flame tattoo on her forehead, wings the colour of blood with lethal claws at the tip and down each side as well as down both arms starting at shoulder and elbow, usually only three each. Her nails lengthen to a point, perfect for a weapon or just to mark her prey in a teasing manner. Lastly her tail which is the same colour as her wings, with its deadly striker at the tip, is strong and fast.

    Yuki loves the punk rock scene, her attitude and personality heavily match this theme of her life currently. She's a party animal who loves to play and tease. On a more serious note, Yuki can be quick to temper, usually ending in a kill, proud, self absorbed and highly selfish.

    Chaotic Good

    Political Alignment:

    Languages Spoken:
    Noldorin and Avarin

    Yuki doesn't have a job, she lives day to day, from one victims home to another. Always living for the next party.

    Yuki doesn't have much, moving where the party takes her. She does have a few more modest clothing but mostly stuff that shows plenty of skin.


    Weapon Type:
    Origin Lore:
    Weapon Description:
    Yuki's voice is soft, alluring, hypnotic and sultry. Not only does the use it to lure but also to kill.
    Special Properties:

    Weapon Type:
    Yuki's Cuffs
    Origin Lore:
    Purchased in a jewelry store
    Weapon Description:
    Metal cuffs in the style of flames the encircle her writes, the points are extremely sharp.
    Special Properties:

    As many of her kind she has three most prominent abilities: Amour, Ardeur and Amortir. Of the three Yuki prefers to use Ardeur and Amour the most. Effectively using Ardeur to heighten her own desires and filling the area around her with her essence, luring in the most delectable of people. Her most enjoyable ones are those already taken but other women.

    Yuki might seem the party animal but under the surface of this crazy Succubi she is a well learned woman who enjoys cooking, fine dining and art of all kinds. Yuki is also a skilled drummer

    The Onna family are neither wealthy nor are they poor. Yuki was born an only child so profited from both parents utter devotions. Some would think that this is the cause for her selfish acts and proud nature. Her upbringing consisted of many years home schooled by plenty of teachers, all due to Yuki's growing power and hunger to control her emotions growing up. Because of this, the family tended to move around alot and Yuki never got the chance to make many, if any, friends at all. While educated, Yuki's life was secluded.

    After her years of study were up and she had a better handle on her powers and emotions, Yuki traveled around Kyrheim, often returning to places she had lived as a child. It was during these travels that she stumbled upon a night club called the Guilty Pleasures, A young man playing the dj there captured Yuki's attention. The music flowing through her, enticing her. From this came the beginning of Yuki's party life and the party animal she is today. It also gave her a chance to watch over the woman performers and idolize their outfits. Soon after which she purchased the outfit she party's in today.
    It was also during her stay in Howldon, while visiting the Onyx district, and the parties she wriggled her way into, that she met an artists that was taken by her. He proved his skill in ink many times with her and eventually she asked him to ink the flames that to this day cover her body. Needless to say, when she returned home, her parents were not happy, but they loved their only child and soon came to accept the tattoos on her as part of who she was. As well as the artist, Yuki also became infatuated with a rather skilled drummer. Often spending hours watching him until finally asking him to teach her. Being a quick learner she soon outmatched even his skill.

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    Yuki Onna (completed) Empty Re: Yuki Onna (completed)

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    Other then the problem I told you in chat...


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    Yuki Onna (completed) Empty Re: Yuki Onna (completed)

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