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    Jabba Takayanagi


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    Jabba Takayanagi Empty Jabba Takayanagi

    Post  jabbadagutt on Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:19 pm

    Name: Jabba Takayanagi.

    Alias/Nicknames: none.

    Birthdate: Unknown. (for reasons outined in history) Beleived to be 80 - 100 years old.

    Race: Dark Elf.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 175cm tall. 65kg. Deep dark purple eyes, can look black in bad lights. Black hair. He has tribal tattoos marking his face, and a deep scarfrom one corner of his face to the other. His body is also covered with scars.

    Transformation: N/A

    Personality: An extremely mysterious and aloof character who naturally mistrusts people, however is deeply loyal when he makes a friend. While he could never really be described as good or nice he is much nicer and easier to get along with than most of his race, and disagrees with secularism.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

    Political Alignment: A Nomad with no home. (outlined in history)

    Languages Spoken: Fluent in Eldarin, but with a grasp on most languages (with varying degrees).

    Job/Class: Sellsword.


    - (any nicknames associated with the weapon)
    Weapon Type: Sword
    Origin Lore: Unknown (refer to history)
    Weapon Description: A hand and a half bastard blade, made of an incredibly light steel, and covered with runes of undetermined origin.
    Special Properties: Unknown. (Just an ordinary blade for now.)

    Armor Type: Breast plate.
    Origin Lore: Unknown (refer to history)
    Armor Description: Looks like an ordinary light steel breast plate, graven with similar runes to edge.
    Special Properties: Unknown. (Just a normal breastplate for now.)

    Talents: Keen eyesight.
    Above average analytical thinking (even for an elf).

    Skills: A devestating swordsman, with an inate abilty for military tactics (although usually found in the lowest ranks of any company).

    Very little is known about Jabba, even by himself. He woke up with terrible wounds in a wooden hut in the middle of the woods. He had no memory of who he was, where he was, or what had happened to him.

    The owner of the hut explained that after hearing the sound of a devestating explosion deep within the woods he went in search of it's origin. All he found was a mass of devestation with debris every where. He saw Jabba on the edge of the scene horribly wounded, but still alive.

    As he dragged Jabba away he suddenly felt a massive force dragging him toward the epicentre of the explosion. After much effort and exertion he managed to drag Jabba and himself away from this power just as a temperal rift dragged in all the debris.

    The only clues that Jabba has to who he once was are the breastplate he was wearing, with the name Jabba Takayanagi inside, and the sword he was clutching, which he simply calls Edge because he has no recollection of it's true name.

    He went back into the woods, to the place the woodsman found him, but he found little and less help there, so now he wanders the world selling his sword to anyone with the coin and the need - all the while hunting for clues as to who he really is....

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    Jabba Takayanagi Empty Re: Jabba Takayanagi

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