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    Isaac remodeled


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    Isaac remodeled Empty Isaac remodeled

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    Name: Isaac.

    Alias/Nicknames: Kitty

    Birthdate: March the 13th, year 350.

    Race: Efferii; Essence of a panther.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance: Isaac’s eyes are two golden orbs that hold captive the wildness of his soul. His raven hair is rather unkept, falling in strands to the left and to the right, framing the delicate lineaments of his feline face. Though of a light colored and fair skin, Isaac is not pale, and when exposed to enough sunlight he tans to a lovely darker shade.

    Height: About five feet and four inches, give or take. (Approximately 162 centimeters.)

    Weight: About 106 pounds. (48 kilograms.)

    Build: Though gracefully slim and almost delicate, he still manages to retain a fit build, with his muscles not overly prominent although still present under his slender guise.

    Eye Color:
    Opaque golden orbs with long black eyelashes and a thin line of black surrounding the edges to catch attention and draw focus to the golden orbs; a natural “cat’s eye” look.

    Hair color/style:
     A head of black hair that almost has a reach to his shoulders seems to caress and frame the boy's face, with most of the fringe going between his  eyebrows half-way down to his nose, conveniently leaving his eyes clearly visible and drawing focus to them more so than the rest of his face.

    Clothing style:
     Although he might be seen wearing all sorts of clothes, Isaac personally prefers expensive ones. Thanks to his Master Ira, several suits made of the finest materials have been tailored just for Isaac. Then again, due to his owner's deep interest in fashion, Isaac often has to wear different styles, some of which he refuses to wear in public (though sometimes to no avail).

    His primary transformation is to that of a Panther to reflect his essence, with jet-black fur and shades of glistening dark blue seen should the light strike him at the correct angle. The panther's is not unlike that the boy, rather thin at first sight until a slight move betrays the rippling of muscles along its form. While his Essence is unleashed, Isaac''s eyes take on a predatory glow and his whole aura seems much more wild and aggressive.

    Due to the tragic events lived, this quite positive and energetic Efferii has taken a turn for the worse. Isaac has quite pessimistic view of life; this seems to have shaped his personality at least to those whom only know him partially. His philosophy says everything is passing, everything can change. The things that make him happy or content might disappear in a blink of an eye, so he tries to enjoy them as best he can. He has learned not to trust anyone but himself, and usually his prince Ira. Nevertheless, despite his attempt to fully trust Ira, sometimes doubt and fear secretly seeps from his heart, at restless nights when he has to sleep alone. For that reason, he has tried to make himself as independent as possible, often forgoing meaningful interaction with others in favour of fleeting moments of happyness.

    “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”

    Alignment: Playful

    Political Alignment: Isaac is loyal to only one person, and that is his owner. Besides that, he feels Howldon is his home.  

    Languages Spoken:
    : Esferin, Avarin and Eldarin. He learned Esferin from his parents, and had to learn Avarin in order to survive in Howldon. It was his Master who arranged the Eldarin lessons so that they could communicate with each other better.

    Level of profiniency:

    Esferin and Avarin - Both spoken as if they were his mother language.
    Eldarin – Intermediate and with a distinct accent when he speaks it.
    Noldorin - Though Isaac cannot speak Noldorin perse, he has learned a few phrases and words that his lover repeats often or has taken the interest in teaching him (usually command phrases).  

    Job/Class: Student

    If we skip his wardrobe, Isaac doesn't really own much, he does however have access to a larger supply of items without owning any. Isaac also has a couple of musical instruments, a piano being the most important of them.

    Jewelry - Although he has a natural attraction to most things shiny and such he calls neat, he still does not carry many pieces of jewelry, and keeps in his possession only a few rings and a silver necklace he holds quite dear.

    Weapons; - Although he usually relies on the power of his essence to keep him safe, Isaac also keeps a small collection of knives, his joy and pride being the straight razors, a set of five each in sterling silver and set with a single ruby on each side of the hilt.

    Along with the natural talents of his race (keen eyesight, strong sense of smell, balance for climbing, moving stealthily, etc.), Isaac has always been quite gifted in the areas of arts and science, more specifically painting and technology.


    As expected of a student of Howldon University, Isaac is quite clever and critical. He is majoring in Art and has shown to be a remarkably talented painter. His style is known for portraying intense, dark, and haunting themes reflecting his bleak outlook of life. Though his paintings have already been exhibited at museums and galleries of high stature in the city, all of them are on the penthouse’s walls or Malekith, because Ira hasn’t allowed him to sell any yet. Isaac abhors the snobby circle of high-class art lovers and never makes act of presence unless Ira insists of assisting to these exhibitions.

    From his youth, Isaac still posses less socially accepted skills such as parkour, lock-picking, and pickpocketing. Due to his racial talents, he seems to be quite proficient at tasks involving speed and agility. In addition, though not really a martial arts practitioner, Isaac knows how to fight and defend. This is because Ira does not like his lovers to be useless, so he tends to employ them as bodyguards. Leiados has been taking care of Isaac’s basic training.


    His early years riddled with hardships he lived a simple but fulfilling life, spending most of his time either with his parents and siblings at home or outside running along the shady allies he learned to call his own. Soon being swiped up into crime he found lifting pockets and transporting “goods” a decent way to make a living, wanting to keep from becoming a load on the family and helping to support them using what little he could scrape together. The fateful change in his life however seemed to come at the same as what he saw as a deliverance from his hardships. He had managed to strike it big, picking the pocket of a wealthy noble right in front of his face and even managing to get away with it! The fence had of course undercut the value but what could one expect? This was the way things worked in Howldon, you took all the risk and someone else made it big because of that. They still managed to live well that week and at that time it seemed as if they would finally be able to drag their way out of the dredges of society.

    Falling asleep on that fateful night nothing indicated what would take place later on, the horror that would befall his family due to his actions. The sound of the door they had held for as long as Isaac could remember leaving its hinges and being reduced to splinters. His parents braved off the attackers long enough for the children to escape Things seemed to float off into a blur from that point on, and although all is forgotten to Isaac his family was murdered that night and his sister ended up someplace he did not know.

    For days he wandered the streets, never stopping, not to rest nor to eat. Finally collapsing in the middle of the streets he remembers fleeting images of someone carrying him towards some place, although he did not know where he honestly did not care, there was nothing left for him anyplace else. Having given up hope the Efferii resided to wallow in self-loathing, not bothering with sustaining himself he ate little, barely enough to keep his mind going. Refusing all kinds of contact with others he responded to attempts of reaching out towards him with simple silence, his eyes seeming distant and his face growing heavy with worry already so soon in life.

    Losing the concept of time entirely there was however something that triggered a response within the boy, a scent familiar to him seeping through the woodwork it was faint at first although it steadily grew in intensity. That perfume, he remembered it well, a better time surging through his mind it was wrenched from its destructive state, A heavy pounding resounding through his skull leading his hands to reach up, gripping the dome tightly in fear that it might split open. He could hear words although it was as though he was beneath the water’s surface, there was a sound, someone was speaking, to him? But he could not make out the words. Moments later he felt a burden released from his form and his mind turned blank, looking up at the person speaking he somehow managed to decipher what the man had said.

    The next days going as a blur to the boy there was so much going on he could not hope to remember all of it, The days melding into weeks he started to settle in with his new surroundings Leiados and Sariel seeming somewhat like background figures to him at first his main focus remained at Ira and the boy rarely ever left his side. Leiados being related to by Isaac as something that is there, thinking of him more as a piece of inventory rather than an actual person as he rarely spoke with or of him. Sariel on the other hand seems to go not so well with Isaac, they would fight just like cat and dog with Isaac often baiting Sariel into a chase or argument only to spur it on and then should things go out of hand fall back to either Ira or Leiados, the latter more often than the former choosing to ignore the conflict.

    At first he was never quite sure where to place his new adoptive father, on one hand he was kind and caring although on the other side something within kept nagging at him, a single nail scratching lightly at a heavy door. However pushing this aside he was never quite pleased being treated as a pet, he adored the lavish attention and affection he received although he still retained his rebellious nature, often leading to Leiados or sometimes even Ira scolding him for either breaking something or simply misbehaving.

    As soon as he became more used to what would become his routine and his dietary needs were met another set of thoughts were revealed to the boy, something he hadn’t really thought about as it was always something around him but never something he participated in. Ira of course jumping at the possibility as the cat questioning him offered to teach him. Although hesitant and nervous at first it was to him a slightly clumsy affair but soon enough he was introduced to the guilty pleasures of the flesh.  Still somewhat unsure of how to feel about what happens he does know he enjoys it during the process, before and after however he tends to be quite timid and withdrawn about sex, not so much innocent more than cautious about sharing that kind of bond with anyone, even his lover.

    His sexual orientation always having been somewhat doubted by himself the truth would be he never found anyone other than the demon prince he was truly attracted to or inclined to sleep with and although Ira has invited him to play with the others and them to join as they were playing Isaac never enjoyed this and thought it an insult. Often going as far as simply leaving the room should such a situation occur, Ira’s constant pushing on the subject did however lead to one night, although the cat himself would not care to repeat it and if the subject is brought up he is more than likely to either change the subject or simply vanish from the scene of the would be “crime”.  

    Although not naturally jealous or possessive there are some rules that to him should not be broken and some lines that should never be crossed.
    He will however often toy with Ira’s other pets in different ways, often leading them to chase as he courses through the city. Enjoying teasing the others and pushing their limits he knows just what buttons to press and often chooses to press them.

    During his more recent years he took an interest and enrolled in the Howldon university, seeing it more than anything as a sort of safety net along with something to occupy his days with. Even so there are times when he simply does not show, easily distracted by even the smallest occurrence he sees himself more as a drop in student and during his three years of study he has not once showed up for any of the final exams. The only reason he is allowed to continue attending the school being due to his benefactor’s generous donations towards the upkeep of the establishment, which in Isaac’s mind was just a fancy word for bribing them to let him stay.

    Never really putting much thought into what he would be doing the next day he does not prefer to make any plans and instead wishes to take every day as he sees it fit. He does however have a more serious side to him and should it be needed he is known to take control of situations and people almost like second nature to him, often using his information and knowledge in several fields to draw similarities that will help him in any given situation in order to sway those that may oppose him. Although rarely showing his alternate demeanor the few people that have seen him in such a mindset would almost swear that he is an entirely different person and it often leads to confusion when encountering these people in different settings.

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