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    Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~


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    Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~ Empty Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~

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    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Elena Bayl
    Nicknames and Aliases: Elena the Magnificent! (By her fans), Little Hatter (By her father), Baby Doll (By her family friends)
    Gender: Female
    Birthdate: September 22nd, 340
    Race: Human

    II. Physical

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    - Height: 5'1"
    - Weight: 98 Lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: Red, short to fit her tophat. Falls to her chin on the sides with bangs that fall to her eyebrows. Reaches the middle of her neck in the back.
    - Eye Colour: Green
    - Skin Colour: Pale cream

    Body Type & Physical Condition: She's a fairly developed girl who's in great physical condition for someone her size. She has exceptional stamina and is very healthy as she spends most of her days keeping busy around the city.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Great at running, and quite fast. Very sneaky since she's so small she can have it so she'll barely make a sound while moving about. Also quite weak in terms of physical strength due to her size but can still perform everyday tasks such as moving small - medium boxes of equipment and props or crates of empty bottles from the tavern.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: None, she is a picture of perfect health for a young woman.
    Physical Imperfections: She hates her legs, constantly thinking they're too skinny.
    Clothing style: She is a magician, an illusionist! And so most of the time when she's out on the street she dresses as one. She wears her green tophat and cape most of the time, those being her most treasured items. And she also has a thing for wearing ribbons on the clothes she wears under her cape. Long sleeves are also a must of course, as that's where she masterfully stores all good amount of her equipment. Though when she's not out on the streets and back at home she wears completely casual clothing. Outside of her uniform Elena will usually just wear whatever she finds lying around in her room.
    Distinguishing Features: Her red hair and her dazzling smile.
    Voice: Cheery and youthful, think your typical super-happy female protagonist.

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Lawful good
    Outer Goals: Entertain the masses with her "magic"~
    Inner Goals: Reunite with her father
    Super Objective: Learn real magic
    Personality: Elena is a very cheerful and outgoing person, and is also very innocent. She loves to help people as well as make them smile, that's why she enjoys doing what she does so much.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes making people happy, reading about magic, putting on shows, performing random tricks on random people, her father, her friends and fruity drinks. Dislikes bad people, rudeness, violence, and horrible smells.
    Hopes/Desires: She hopes to one day be able to use real magic, as well as see her father again.
    Fears/Phobias: Angering people, losing her loved ones, death.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight, and completely innocent
    Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
    More Thinking or Feeling: Feeling
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfless
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: Of course she loves herself, and believes if she remains happy all the time she can make those around her happy as well
    - Others: She's nice to everyone and trusts mostly anyone at first, unless she can feel that they're obviously bad or she was warned beforehand.
    - Friendship: Elena absolutely adores making friends.
    - Love: She has a very innocent view on love, and many a young woman's fantasy about finding the perfect guy that she always wants to be with. Someone like her daddy.
    - Religion: She has no views on religion
    - Country: Sees it as something to love, as it is where she was born and raised.
    - The World: A massive place with a ton of adventures just waiting to happen! ... Some day!

    Superstitions: None
    Admirable Traits: Incredibly cheerful and helpful, never afraid to speak her mind.
    Negative Traits: Quite possibly too innocent
    Prejudices: None! Never!
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Parting with her father
    Mental Disturbances: None.
    Philosophy of Life: Smiles are contagious!

    IV. Skills & Talents

    -Quick leaner, she can pick up on the basics of something rather fast. Especially when it has something to do with the arts, or illusions.

    -Quite persuasive when it comes to talking to someone, she's always been known to somehow be able to change the views of most anyone she talks to on things she believes strongly in or knows a lot about. It's just something about her...


    -A practiced illusionist, as she's been perfecting her arsenal of tricks with the help of her father since she was very young. Can perform several illusions from the most basic pick a card, or make things appear from her hat to the advanced vanishing acts.

    -Intermediate flute player, when she's not performing tricks out in the square or just on random passerbys she's more than likely playing her wooden flute in her family's tavern.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Howldon
    Religion: None
    Job/Class: Street Performer/Illusionist/Part time waitress at the family tavern
    + Mortimer Bayl - Father (Missing)
    + Todd and Dana - Family Friends/current caretakers
    + All of the regulars at 'Cups' - Her dear friends and fans

    Noted accomplishments: She's well known amongst the residents of Earlford for putting on an entertaining show in the square, and for being a very cheery girl, but nothing more.
    - Famous/infamous: Locally famous.

    Hobbies: Performing magic tricks, playing the flute, reading.
    Pets: None.

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
    Item Name or Type: Green tophat
    Origin Lore: Given to her by her father at a young age.
    Item Description: A plain green tophat made from silk with a flat rim. about 8 inches tall and perfectly fitted to her head.
    Special Properties: None

    -She also carries around several other normal items and props on her person such as cards, dice, ribbons, cloths, a small baton with a bouquet of flowers inside, etc. The tools of the trade. The only thing special about them is the way she uses them in her performances.

    Name of Business: Cups
    Industry classification: Service Industry
    Current Owner(s): Todd and Dana Miller, family friends of Elena and her father ever since she can remember and long before.
    Player Character Employees: Elena Bayl
    Brief Description: A two story brick building with a sign hanging over the front door that has the business' name on it. A family owned business, several neatly arranged tables inside, bar near the front entrance with a kitchen behind it. The upstairs is where Todd and Dana as well as Elena stay.
    Brief Background: Opened by Todd and Dana Miller in 330 when they decided to settle down in a peaceful place, has been successful enough to keep business going for all these years.
    Properties owned: Single shop enterprise
    Headquarters: Earlford
    Partnered Organizations: Independent
    Products/Services of note: a beautiful and cheerful waitress, and occasionally music.

    - Languages Spoken: Avarin (fluent)
    - Literacy: Can both read and write perfectly in avarin.

    VI. Background/ History

    Although Mortimer Bayl was a travelling magician, he happened to be in Howldon, Earlford specifically visiting friends, when Elena came into his life. And even though shortly after the girl's mother completely disappeared from the area, her father stayed with her. And so he settled down to raise his child in Earlford. He could still make his living there after all, plenty of street performers do! And he was one of the best. And so always at her father's side, Elena Bayl grew up around the wonders of "magic". Not real magic of course, but illusions. And she quickly became fascinated with it all at a young age. She decided quickly that she wanted to be just like her father.

    The first time she told him that, she was four years old. And with those few words Elena made him the happiest father in the world. And so he got her a tophat. Just like his! only green. And it quickly became her prized possession. As she grew older, Elena always watched her father perform, and even at certain times assisted him in his act. Those were the happiest times of her life. And as she grew even older still, Morty started to teach her everything that he knew so that one day she could be just like him. As she always dreamed. It seemed that she was living a great life, and as a result she grew into a very cheerful young lady.

    Then when she was 16, Elena even began putting on shows of her own with her father in the audience this time. It was indeed a very happy life for her. Although later that same year her father sat her down and told her, with no warning whatsoever! "I'm leaving, little hatter, but I promise I will be back one day. And when I do I'll show you what real magic is like." And then leaving her in the care of his dear friends Mortimer departed from Howldon.

    Now at age 22, Elena is still living the life of a street performer, as well as a waitress for her current family. And although she's always her happy and cheerful self, more than anything she's just waiting for the day her father will return.

    VII. Past Storylines: (Mandatory - add to this as you go)



    VIII. Merit Purchases: (Mandatory - add to this as you go)

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    Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~ Empty Re: Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~

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    Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~ Empty Re: Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~

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    Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~ Empty Re: Elena Bayl, Illusionist extraordinaire~

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