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    Vex; The Lightning Cat


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    Vex; The Lightning Cat Empty Vex; The Lightning Cat

    Post  Vex on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:16 am

    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Vex Rosa.
    Nicknames and Aliases:

      -Vexy: A nickname given to her by her dear mother, it was made when her mother saw the feminine side of Vex. Only her mother has said this nickname without any consequences as Vex herself doesn’t like the name a lot.

    Gender: Female.
    Birthdate: May, 20th, Year 345, Seven-teen Years old.
    Race: Efferii; Wild Cat.


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    Post  Vex on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:17 am

    II. Physical


    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    (Only the head matches the character, ignore the lower body.)

      - Height: Five foot and four inches.
      - Weight: One hundred and fifty lbs.
      - Hair Colour/Style: Long golden hair that reaches down to halfway on her back. Above her ears are some beautiful flowers.
      - Eye Colour: Bright yellow eyes.
      - Skin Colour: Slightly tanned pale skin.

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Her physique is in tip-top condition to match with her slim figure.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: As a Cheetah Efferii, Vex has amazing stamina which grants her access to top ranges of speed, agility and reflexes. Of course by using a lot of this stamina, she can tire out very easily after straining it for some duration.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: None.
    Physical Imperfections: None that she knows of.
    Clothing style: Being brought up in the woods of Harrowood, the clothing that she would have are not that much. A plain white shirt with some beautiful tribal patterns on it, paired up with a normal black skirt. All of her clothing were hand made by the skills of her mother, made especially for her.
    Distinguishing Features: Of course in her Human form her attributes are that to a normal human, but there is more to it than just that. Feline like ears, long and sharp claws and a tail accompanies her form.
    Voice: Soft and delicate tone.

      -Cheetah: The Essence of the Cheetah, being able to transform her body at will into a golden coated cheetah with smooth fur and yellow eyes. This form is the same as a normal cheetah in the wild. With heightened senses and great speed in this form, makes her on par to normal animals and Efferiis of other Essences.

      -Part Transfiguration: As most Efferiis can do, with the ability to transform to their Essence must come the restrain and options of what to transform. Vex can partially change parts of her body to that of her Essence. An example would be changing her hands into claws allowing her to scratch, grasp, climb and claw away with them. It does not give the exact benefits of going into a pure transformation but her abilities do increase depending on what changes.

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    Post  Vex on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:19 am

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Neutral.
    Outer Goals: Learn new things and undercover secrets when adventuring.
    Inner Goals: Find something to help her mother.
    Super Objective: To explore the world.
    Personality: A calm, quite and relaxing person is Vex, not liking to make herself the target of attention but stay in the background when needed. Even though not being shy at all she prefers to keep things to herself rather than to the open public, this creating an aspect of mystery when people meet her, unable to predict or think of her thoughts and actions.
    Likes: Drawing, Gymnastics,Hunting, Nature and Beautiful things like landscapes, people or objects.
    Dislikes: Blood, Loud Noises, Demons and Bullying.
    Hopes/Desires: Exploring the world of its legends and myths.
    Fears/Phobias: No fears or phobias.
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
    Dirty Secrets: Too much to list.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Thinking.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfish.
    Attitudes Toward:

      - Self: “One in a kind feline.”
      - Others: “Normal people.”
      - Friendship: “Those I like.”
      - Love: “...”
      - Religion: “Peoples beliefs.”
      - Country: “A beautiful place.”
      - The World: “Holder of mysterious things.”

    Superstitions: None.
    Admirable Traits: Her independence, pride and honour.
    Negative Traits: Her stubbornness,
    Prejudices: None.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Watching her father die.
    Mental Disturbances: None that she knows of.
    Philosophy of Life: “Life is hard, deal with it..."


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    Post  Vex on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:22 am

    IV. Skills & Talents


      -Gift of the Wild: All Efferiis will have this talent, the Gift of the Wild allows Vex to communicate mentally to creatures by physical touch, this giving them the power to read and understand their emotions and talk to them through their minds.
      -Enhanced Speed: By having the Essence of one of the quickest animals of Nyxheim, her speed is unmatched by most others. Even in human form her speed is still great yet excels when in her transformed state.
      -Enhanced Senses: Even with most of her senses heightened thanks to her Essence, her keen eyesight is best out of the others. Being able to pin point things from quite some distance and see much clearer when in darkness.


      -Hunting: From training by her father and a white tiger, she has gained the knowledge and experience on how to hunt animals with anything she has with her that she can put to good use.
      -Medicine: Passed down by generation to generation, her mother managed to teach her what she knew about medicine. This giving Vex the basic understand of herbal remedies and medicine that can be used on people to treat illnesses, health problems or even wounds.
      -Hand-To-Hand Combat: With a lot of trainning with the need to survive out in the wild and when hunting, she has prepared herself with advanded combat using her body as a weapon. This was needed when to defend herself if without a weapon. Vexs light and agile body allows her to dance around the enviornment and land quick, sharp blows at her opponent.


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    Post  Vex on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:24 am

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Harrowoods.
    Religion: None.
    Job/Class: Hunter.
      -Father: Blake Rosa. (Deceased)
      -Mother: Gail Rosa. (Alive)

      -Dean Fray: A white tiger that taught the things he knew to Vex when she was young, looking after her when her father died due to the connection the father and Dean had. Dean became almost a guardian to her till she could look after herself, then they became good friends and hunting partners.
      -Team: When given a high rank in the tribe, she was given herself a chance to make a team and lead it on scouting patrols and hunting sessions. This team consists of Vex, (???),(???),(???) and (???). Each of them are still based at Harrowoods.
      {Will put the names when I think of them}

    Noted accomplishments: None worth mentioning.
    - Famous/infamous: Infamous, but a bit known within her tribe.

    Hobbies: Exploring and hunting.
    Pets: None.
    - Languages Spoken: Pure Esferin and Avarin.
    - Literacy: With no proper school to go as a child, Vex was taught the basics of how to read and write by others in her pard and her parents. You could say that she has a preference with History and Geography with her interest in legends and beautiful landscapes.

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    Post  Vex on Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:25 am

    VI. Background/ History

    To understand Vex, we must dive down into the depths of her mind.

    Everything seemed as peaceful as every when Vex was born. Her parents were proud to have brought such a beautiful baby girl into the world. Straight away they knew she was going to be an amazing woman when she grows up. As normal, she was into a pard for where she was raised up together with other cubs. The tribes shaman leader blessed everyone in the pard, hoping for greatness out of each of them. Given tales about the Muse of Horrowoods, Harrowyn and other mystical tales and legends of the world. Any story would fascinate such a child with an open mind. Surprising how such a story could influence a trail of events in the future.

    Time passed by quickly, year after year until there was no longer any need for the pards assistance. Now classed as adolescence, Vex left the pard to begin learning from her parents. She was amazed at her first sight of an older white tiger, knowing a bit about their history and the dynasty that they have, the treatment they get surpasses everyone else in the tribe. Aspired to be as great as one of them, her mind was determined to surpass the ‘higher’ class in the society. This was the start of training a few hours a day followed by learning and practising how to hunt by her father. Then when resting and relaxing Vex would stay with her mother and learn about medical health care, such as making remedies and treating wounds.

    On a special occasion which became regular after the first time, Vex and her father would be joined by a friend of their parents, a white tiger named Dean. His knowledge was greater then her fathers along with his skills and talent. Shy and scared at first to even greet the tiger, Vex gathered the courage to talk to the tiger and she was excited and overwhelmed with joy as they began to talk. Knowing that she was able to meet and watch a tiger was incredible. From then she sought out to become better then Dean, with the help of her father. The training continued and became tougher as was her plan to achieve greatness. Vex and Dean continued to meet up to practise together and go hunting with her father, trying to learn from first-hand experience and watching how a white tiger would do things made her toughen up and hone her own skills, happy and proud of what she could achieve, even Dean praised her by her progression.

    Getting older and more wiser with her skills increasing more, more people were starting to hear of this woman that had been hunting with a white tiger, displaying great strength and ferocious hunting skills. On a normal hunting day, well it didn’t turn out to be anything normal; Vex, Dean and her father were out to practise once again when they encountered a wandering undead. Of course as they were all brought up to listen to Harrowyn, they instantly greeted the lost soul with their power to let them rest. A tough fight and the battle was far from over. Distracted for a moment, Vex was caught of guard and rushed at by the undead, no time to protect herself she thought for the worst and hoped. Her prayer was called but not in the way she wanted, her father got in the way and took a fatal blow, his blood sent onto her daughters face and skin which petrified her. The mere sight of the blood from her own parent scared her, she couldn’t move at all. With the power and swiftness of Dean though she was saved yet the end for her father was close. Without the proper medicine to treat such a grievous wound, he continued to bleed out. Vex summoning up a waterfall of tears from her eyes, not leaving her father till his final breathe. His last words were to Dean, telling him to protect her till she was old enough, and this he swore till his final days. Vex knew what would have to happen and with so she ran back to her mother, while Dean decapitated her father.

    Years went and she started to get over the fate full lost, yet her happiness and cheerful attitude went along with it. Dean taught her everything he knew to help her survival in tough situations and fight on her own even without a weapon, her speed and agile reflexes helped with her hand-to-hand combat skills. Closing herself off from the world, Vex’s mother made every effort to try and help her in anyway possible, this by being for her and continuing her learning of medicine. The Shamans putted trust into her prowess and allowed her to lead groups of other felines to scout and hunt around the area. Keeping her on track with even more training she became one of few known by most people in the tribe, one of the only with the essence of the cheetah known at least.

    Reaching the age of adulthood, as keeping his promise to the deceased father, Dean, having taught everything he knows to Vex left her on her own to progress by her own means and ways. Some of the shamans even spoke of her in meetings about leadership when older and much wiser; her actions had done a lot for their tribe and should be greatly rewarded for her efforts. Things took a turn for a worse once again. Vexs mother became greatly ill and none of the medical treatments that her or Vex knew was working. She begged for the teachings from the shamans so she can communicate with Harrowyn to gain guidance and knowledge of how to possibly treat her sick mother. Too young for spiritual training they had to decline, that brought out a lot of anger which started to influence a lot of her following actions. Leaving the group that she was in order to do more research of illnesses and treatments, nothing was found unfortunately. Vex now patiently waits for the time till she can gain spiritual help from Harrowyn after many attempts to try and find the muse within Verdeluz, no such luck however.

    VII. Past Storylines:


    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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