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    The Ventriloquist


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    The Ventriloquist Empty The Ventriloquist

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    Name: Erebos Kyrios

    Alias/Nicknames: The Ventriloquist/Ven

    Birthdate: October 12 359.

    Race: Sombra

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: His appearance varies, depending on however he would like. Shades can manipulate their form, in a variety of way. However in general, Erebos has chosen to remain in the classic cowl and hood. His face remains hidden, and lacks any sort of definitive detail. One can imagine a Grim Reaper, minus the skeletal figure. Erebos is simply manifested darkness, raised, and given the shape of a human silhouette.

    Transformation: Erebos possessed the ability to shape shift, in such a way that the Sombra can interact with the physical world through his "Shade". His limbs can bend and stretch in inhuman way, akin to smoke or fog, much most other forms he acquired. Most of these shifts are rather simple, nothing too dramatic however.

    Personality: Erebos has a very strong curiosity for things, anything really. Even among his kind he is known to be a bit of a free spirit. This has led him to rebel against the lawful nature of some of his kin. Their rules seem restricting which to him, inhibits learning. However, there comes a bit of a problem, in that the organization of the lawful society as a whole makes learning easy to access. Currently, Erebos has found himself torn in this aspect. He pushes himself to experiment and try new things, to seek higher learning than he has been "instructed", but he tries against his nature to obey the law of society. The fact remains however, that should something come along that proves it more worthy to be studied, than the rules followed, the Sombra would pursue said information. Erebos finds interest in the smallest of things, to the most grand. It is this curiosity that may one day lead Erebos to prove a leader, or a rebel. The future in that aspect remains a mystery, both to himself, and to others.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Political Alignment: Omen.

    Languages Spoken: Avarin, Floreo

    Job/Class: Librarian

    Inventory: The item to which he is bound. It is a single die, in which he has taken fascination with due the early use of it to both learn of games, and numbers simultaneously, as well as the aspect of "chance". Also Erebos carried a puppet, which took the form and shape of a small, orange tabby cat.

    Properties: None.

    Talents: Writing, Rhythm, Organization of Items/Things, Hand/Eye Coordination

    Skills: Puppeteer

    Background/History: Silence. This was all that was in the beginning. However, quickly the lack of all would change to something far more meaningful and grand. It was in this silence during the moment of birth that Erebos had been set free. It was this very haunting silence he would never forget. A single, confined moment in which the Sombra had felt his first emotion. Desire. A desire to fill this void of utter, complete emptyness. Anything, a thought, whatever that may be. A color, or simply a lack of one. A sound, anything to take the place of his utter lack of understanding. That is when he noticed those around him. Cloaked, ebony, and for the most part faceless beings. This too, would change his life forever. What where they? They were Sombra, his people as he would come to learn quite quickly in fact. It was these very people, and this image that would drive his curiosity for the rest of his days. They represented, unbeknownst to him at the time; order. A crowd around the place in which he'd been brought into existence by the ceremony of new-birth. They were there before his creation, at its very beginning, and would remain with him until the day he perhaps simply faded. Why? Because in Omen, law and order everything. It was how the Library of Lazuli kept hold it's secrets. It was the law of the Patriarchs that governed his society. It was order and structure that would one day send him through Academy, and provide him with the knowledge he had been born to seek. It was order that he would one day come to question down to very essence of his Shade.

    The city of Omen. October 12 359. It was on this day that a singular six sided die was taken, carried through the dark grey clouds and mist, and placed in the Ritual Stone for the ceremony of new-birth. This single object would thus become the heart and very life blood of the Sombra, Erebos. He was born into a city some might consider eerie, but the Sombra found it home. A moving metropolis, Omen was in constant search around Ravenheim, looking for trinkets, what not's, doo dads, and anything of interest or importance really. Such was the way of the Ombra people and such was the way of Erebos. His first find, was a simple puppet. Upon discovering the item he'd become overwhelmed with fascination. A small, orange, wooden tabby cat. Attached to it; string, and some sort of handle on which one could twist and pull to make the creature move. HOW EXCITING! This was his! Erebos quickly took up the item and would keep it forever, guarded from thieves and such of course. However, day after day he would play with the object, it's life like movements nothing like his kind but more akin to the visitors. Visitors which in his few years had come far and few between. In time he'd grown to harbor some fondness for the object, some might even find the obsession odd though his kind did not. This was normal. He was a Sombra and any true discovery was worth fascination.

    Erebos would quickly mature, in fact upon birth he would instantly obtain an adult figure. His mind had been almost absent though, before quickly taking in every aspect it could gather. From the endless shades of grey that painted themselves across the city. To the buildings, the obelisks, cathedrals, sanctuary and such. They city lacked color in it's design, usually simply white, black or grey. The orange kitten on the other hand did not. Yet another thing that fascinated him about the toy. There were books to read, languages to learn, mathematics to discover. The latter of which he had done at a very early stage in life thanks to his die which always remained with him both out of necessity as well as choice. Learning was key to his people, key to his maturity. He both felt this inside himself but was also instructed that this was the way. Song and dance, reading and writing, playing and working, expressing one's self as well as obeying the law. All where the simple parts of his early life. Fundamentals that would one day lead him to be painted upon a canvas of a much bigger picture than himself. A picture of order.

    Order remained supreme. It guided him, controlled him…restricted him. Was he as the puppet? Simply lead by a string pulled by something larger? These thoughts had recently begun to surface in his mind. What did this mean, where would the strings lead him were this theory true? Questions. Answers. Two sides of a simple coin. Answers lie in the die. Little did anyone know upon his birth it would play such a big part in changing the way this Sombra saw things from most others. He'd begun to roll it even before finding his puppet, thinking a great many things of the object but understanding little…at first. It had 6 sides, and 6 corresponding digits. He knew this now. Though, unlike his puppet, it was always unpredictable. Yet, in contrast, very predictable at the same time when one thought on the matter. 6 possible outcomes, which would never change, but the chances of predicating an outcome varied as much as his Shade itself. It didn't follow order, it was free. His hand could perform the exact same action every time and instruct the die to roll a 6, though the likeliness of this happening were often times very slim. Erebos had decided. He did not want to be as the puppet, but as the die. Erebos wanted to explore that which had never been explored before, he wanted to make himself unpredictable. It was in this way he could truly discover something great, something worthwhile. But what of order? Was it not necessary to guide the flow of life, to instruct one in the ways of the past? Would the knowledge he one day hoped to bring to his people simply be lost should he and his people be more like the die? Perhaps the puppet was safe, perhaps…to be as the puppet was the correct way of things. For now, he was young and he would wait. Acadamy was coming soon, perhaps there he would find answers to the many questions that filled his head. Unspoken words…would they ever be heard?

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