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    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Kylar
    Nicknames and Aliases: Kylar Stern
    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: April 2nd, 340
    Race: Human

    II. Physical


    - Height: 6'3”
    - Weight: 185lbs
    - Hair Colour/Style: His midnight black hair frames his face and hangs in a bow cut.
    - Eye Colour: A piercing blue
    - Skin Colour: Lightly tanned

    Body Type & Physical Condition: An ectomorph in prime condition
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: All the physical prowess of an accomplished gymnast
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Beginning stages of Arthritis
    Physical Imperfections: A scar across his neck, covering his jugular
    Clothing style: He is almost always wearing a dress shirt, grey waist coat, black tie, and dress pants. He wears two plain gold rings on his right hand and a necklace with a cross bound to his wrist wrist. Occasionally he wears a scarf and a hooded jacket, to hide his features from onlookers. He is almost a butler in appearance and is often confused for one.
    Distinguishing Features: The crazy look in his eyes often give him away, but it could also be the jerky movements of his body or the creepy smile he gets sometimes.
    Voice: Silky and smooth, but a distinct icyness to it. Kylar's voice seems to put most people on edge or off put them.

    III. Mental

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Outer Goals: Find a job as a butler
    Inner Goals: Kill Drake
    Super Objective: Cure his growing insanity
    Defining Characteristic: The ease with which he smiles
    Likes/Dislikes: He likes a lot of things, but the top 5 are: Cold steak, orange juice, being alone, juggling, and demonstrating his excellence. He dislikes only 3 things: Drake, milk and loud noises.
    Hopes/Desires: His hopes are that one day he'll find his brother and he desires to accumulate enough renown to never be forgotten
    Fears/Phobias Afraid of snakes, or anything serpentine
    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
    Dirty Secrets: None yet
    Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfish
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: The best of the best
    - Others: Give them exactly what they deserve
    - Friendship: Loyalty unto death
    - Love: Waste of time
    - Religion: Even bigger waste of time
    - Country: What the fuck who cares
    - The World: Burn it all for all I care

    Superstitions: A firm believer that Dragon's don't exist and never will
    Admirable Traits: Loyal, Honest, Reliable, Meticulous
    Negative Traits: Arrogant, Self-centered, Cocky, Defiant
    Prejudices: Utter contempt for Dolls and Undead
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Escaping from the asylum
    Mental Disturbances: Paranoid Schizophrenia and PTSD
    Philosophy of Life: Live and let die

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Talents: Ambidextrous, Highly Observant, Annoying

    Skills: An average swordsman, barely above average marksman, an okay drawer, a good musician (Saxophone)

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: None
    Religion: None
    Job/Class: Jobless/Ex-noble
    Family: A brother who lives in a mountain castle in some random city
    Relationships: He doesn't really have any as of yet

    Noted accomplishments: Escaped from an asylum, escaped from his families murder
    - Famous/infamous: His name is famous, but other then that no one knows him

    Hobbies: None
    Pets: None

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: Dual Kopis and Dual Six-Shot Revolvers
    - Wealth/Possessions: Two gold rings and an ebony necklace with onyx cross
    - Land: Burned out ruins of his families estate, but he doesn't care to own land

    Education: Educated to a highschool level
    - Languages Spoken:Avarin, Noldorin and Sign Language
    - Literacy: Avarin

    VI. Background/ History

    The moon was high when Kylar was born, it illuminated the grisly scene just the same as it did the rest of the world. A blood curtling scream was still bouncing off the walls of the dark alley as the baby was born, the scream ended in a gurgle. He was still covered in afterbirth when he took in his first silent breath; the air smelled of blood and fear, but the baby had no way of knowing this. He blinked, the image of a shrouded figure filled his view, blocking the carnage from the babies view. The figure swooped him up and held him in the light examining the baby curiously before cradling him in his arms and fleeing the tragic scene. Kylar watched the world impassively from the creature's arms as the bobbing movements eventually rocked him to sleep. The next few months of Kylar's life passed like this: blood, bobbing, sleep...

    The figure talked to Kylar in his sleep often speaking of vampires and Howldon, but also of how life was and what life had planned out for him. Kylar was a happy baby. He learned a lot from that figure during his childhood, but he never learned his name. He learned how to do all the basic motor skills within the first 3 years of his life the vampire was a very proud parent of the boy. Kylar's life, however intelligent the boy might be, was forcibly nocturnal and a growing boy needed his light. He was curious about the daylight, the sounds of laughter intrigued him more then a cold distant sounds of the night. The figure reluctantly agreed to let Kylar explore more and more of the outside world, eventually meeting the Sterns and their boy, Dorian. The Sterns were a very kind and peaceful people, welcoming Kylar with open arms and eventually, making several deals with the vampire who raised Kylar, agreed to adopt him as one of their own. As Kylar looked back on the vampire for the last time, a small voice started speaking in the back of his mind, one that screamed of death and destruction.

    The Stern household was opposite their name, they had very little rules.. so long as Kylar made an effort to enjoy himself and participate in family activities. Kylar was happy, but he didn't feel right. As Kylar reached his teenage years, he was finding himself more and more agitated with how the family operated. He was angry nearly all the time, but kept up a facade of being the same curious, albeit quiet boy they took in. His anger took his toll on him, but all the while he denied it and suppressed it. By now the voice in his head had materialized into a figure, a figure named Drake. Drake was the kind of person who, in Kylar's eyes mind you, just said what felt right, he spoke of freedom and escape as often as he did similar ideologies Kylar had. Drake was the first real friend Kylar had, except of course, the vampire who he vaguely remembered.

    Over the next couple of months Kylar, who was now 18, was taught a rudimentary knowledge of sword fighting. He knew how to cut, slash, stab and slice... but he didn't know how to wield a sword with any sort of grace, but for Drake's idea... Kylar didn't need finesse. One night, much like the night Kylar was born, the same smell filled Kylar's nostrils as he looked in horror at Drake. The figure was coated in blood, sweat, tears and other various bodily fluids, staring at him from the window with an otherworldly grin. Kylar sprinted for the freedom Drake promised, sprinting out of the families walls and into the open arms of night. This freedom was short-lived however, Kylar was too unstable to be able to function on his own, Drake had abandoned him. Kylar was locked away in an asylum, where he was taught how to cope with what had happened... how to cope with what he became. This went on for a few years, Kylar was happy... but he was growing very weary of a facade again. Drake suddenly appeared one day, whispering sweet dreams of freedom and escape.

    VII. Past Storylines:



    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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