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    Sköll Graymane


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    Sköll Graymane Empty Sköll Graymane

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    Name: Sköll Graymane

    Alias/Nicknames: (Optional. What do people tend to call you if not by your birth-name?)

    Birthdate: Septemeber 21st 342

    Race: Efferii - Northern Wolves

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Sköll stands at around 6ft and is around 175lbs, he has a slender yet heavy muscular build with a few claw like scars on his body. As in his essence he shares the same silk like silver hair which is short and scruffy, a few other traits are passed over from his essence. Sköll also has his wolf like ears, his soft bushy, silver tail. His incisors remain fang like while his eyes are the same vibrant blue that seem to glow faintly in certain light.

    -Essence of the Wolf: In this form Sköll has a silver-grey coat of silky fur with pale blue eyes. There is not that much difference that would differ from an average wolf, apart from them having a slender yet heavily muscular and powerful build. When standing on all fours leg he is still able to reach a fully grown mans chest. While in animal form his sense of smell is enhanced even greater, giving him excellent tracking skills

    -Transfiguration: An ability that is used to bring part of their body, or even all of into between the two forms Human and Animal. It cannot be used with any other animal form other than ones essence. It temporarily increases the strength and abilities. This ability takes a toll on the body and will tire the user the longer used. The area in which this ability is activated will take on a more bestial form yet remain for the most part human in structure.

    Personality: Kind hearted and free of spirit, when happy or excited his tail is known to wag and will have a slight puppy like quality to him. When provoked, angered or attacked his vicious side will emerge fangs showing and a cold stare. Sköll has always been more curious than cautious, he is talkative and confident, folling that of his own morales than that of the law in a few cases. His main downfalls are his general lack of experience in the outside world As well as his occasional tendancy to act without thinking.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Political Alignment: Fenrir Woods

    Languages Spoken: Esferin, Avarin.

    -Hunter: A hunter by nature, this is how he eats and makes clothing or tools. When the hunt is plentiful, Sköll will sell meat, pelts or other sought after parts of the animal.

    -Guide: Being raised in the nomad tribe Sköll knows the roads like the back of his hand. He is known to do this job from time to time, escorting people traveling on foot through the fastest and safest possible path. His hightened senses, especially his sense of smell usually allows him to detect dangers ahead.

    - Basic tool set, for handcrafting.
    - Skinning knife, made from a wolves bone.
    - Satchel, big enough to carry his clothes and personal belongings while in his wolf form. (Made of tanned leather)
    - Clothing: He wears dark leather trousersand a dark leather vest

    - Very High Stamina: He is able to run for hours at a time without rest and endure the most challenging of situations.

    - Gift of the Wild: Upon physical touch, an Efferii is able to instantly read the thoughs and emotions of an animal, as well as convey their thoughts to them. Through a calm and gentle mindset, if done correctly it can be used to tame and command wild animals. They must view the animal as an equal to gain its loyalty.

    - Enhanced senses: While all his senses are heightened to that of a wolf the animals sense of smell is the most honed, making him excel at tracking enemies or prey from a great distance.

    Skills: He has aquired several skills from living with his tribe, such as; He has a basic understanding of medicine and trading, while being fairly skilled in handcrafting. His main skills however were physical combat, tracking and hunting.

    Sköll was born into the nomadic tribe of the Northern Wolves, the leaves had lost their once green glow, changing to amber and brown hues. He never really had the chance to know his mother nor her scent, touch or sound of her voice. Problems with the birth of Sköll took her life shortly after.

    Edon, Sköll's father was an accomplished huntsman among the small nomadic tribe and was away alot. Throughout the days of his adolesence he would stay with the tribe while his Father was away, often playing as any regular pup would, or learning the skills of his people. Raised and looked after by many of the female Efferii close to the family, each one he viewed as a mother in a way and each one left their own mark on his personality.

    Sköll was brought up with the aspirations of following after his father and becoming a defined and accomplished hunter/warrior of the Northern Wolf tribe. Before long he was of age to begin training under his Father and join in on the hunt.

    A few years later and Sköll had earned himself an okay status as a hunter, he now believes the best thing for him to improve would be to venture solo, hunt prey from around the world and learn through life itself.

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    - Race, Efferii: 750 Merits


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