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    Act I. Biographical Data

    Given Name: Ivory
    Nicknames and Aliases:
    - Snow LeBlanc
    - Rose Red

    Gender: Female
    Birthdate: 04/21/342.
    Race: Clockwork Toy
    - Aspect: A Red Rose

    II. Physical

    With skin as white as snow; lips, red as a rose; hair, black as ebony night, heavy lashes lifted o'er eyes of still water, blue like the sky of another world, and she awoke. Ivory. A pale baby-doll princess brought to life by the strings to sooth his wounded heart with winter beauty.

    - Height:4'7''
    - Weight:90 pounds
    - Hair Colour/Style: Black as night.
    - Skin Color: White as snow.
    - Eye Color: Blue as a cloudless day.
    - Material : Ivory was hand made with some form of porcelain with a velvety texture like a rose would have. She has the movements of talking and blinking like any ordinary creature does that a doll doesn't have somehow.

    Body Type & Physical Condition:Like any other toy she is full of spunk like any child is, often having spurts of energy whenever she is excited.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations:She has a bad sense of direction as she has never needed to learn to go anywhere by herself. She also has a tendency to need help getting anything from high places she can not climb.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: She gets homesick a lot for her formal home. She often wonders if she is hearing things whenever she can still hear the other dolls which, makes her lonely through the telepathic bonds the dolls have with the clockwork.
    Physical Imperfections:Ivory does not think she has any imperfections.
    Clothing style:She wears a long sky blue dress with puffed sleeves,trails of flowing white and blue curve the arms. A long rose red ribbon holds onto a snow white apron wrapped around her lap when she sits so crumbs do not stain the dye of her blue dress. A slit going down the sky blue dress shows a bit of her white petticoat underneath aligned with red ribbons criss-crossed. There are white criss-crossing ribbons along her blue dress she uses to hold objects to her dress when she does not want to carry them. White long stockings, red ruby shoes, and a golden crown finish the ensemble.
    Distinguishing Features:Ivory's height disadvantage and her fairytale clothing are her main distinguishing features.
    Voice:Ivory's voice is soothing as a bell.

    III. Mental

    Alignment:Chaotic Good
    Outer Goals:To cherish her companions.
    Inner Goals:Ivory wants constant companionship and care, how she was brought up with.
    Super Objective: She one day wants to find a way to fix "her" broken doll.
    Defining Characteristic:Energetic ,innocent, tranquil, mischievous, prideful, beautiful, and cheerful.
    Likes/Dislikes:She likes tranquility, tea time, pastries, bread, but by far most apples. She dislikes confusion, being alone, getting lost, and swallowing her pride.
    Hopes/Desires:Ivory hopes for all her companions to like her and become good friends. She desires to do anything to help the broken dolls if there is anything she can do for them in the future.
    Fears/Phobias:Ivory has a couple of fears however her main fear is that she will never see her beloved doll that created her again.
    Sexual Orientation:Asexual
    Dirty Secrets: N/A.
    Introvert or Extrovert:Extrovert
    More Thinking or Feeling:Feeling
    Selfish or Selfless: She is a mixture of both often doing what she can for her friends however, always vying for admiration.
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self:A beautiful toy that should be cherished and cherish others company.
    - Others:Companions to spend time with constantly.
    - Friendship:She believes her companions should be her friends.
    - Love:Love is cherishing and caring for your friends and family.
    - Religion:N/A.
    - Country:She misses her home in Sable.
    - The World:She has very limited knowledge on the world and so far finds it a bemusement from her former home in sable.

    Superstitions:Doesn't want anyone touching her ribbon around her neck in fear that her head may pop off and won't go back on.
    Admirable Traits:Ivory's patience is very strong for one so childish.
    Negative Traits:She plays pranks on others who do not pay attention to her or hurt her pride.
    Prejudices:Ivory is prejudice against anyone who doesn't give her affection.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Ivory's most painful occasion in life wasn't being subjected to force trade as goods but being abandoned, for her safety, by her beloved doll that was breaking.
    Mental Disturbances: Her broken doll sometimes calls out for her to come keep him company that she is unsure whether it's her imagination or reality.
    Philosophy of Life:True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere?

    IV. Skills & Talents

    • Embroidery,
    • Painting,
    • Singing,
    • Her newest talent in progress is baking sweets.

    • Gardening,
    • Climbing,
    • Reciting,
    • Making jewelry,
    • Naivety to danger,
    • Being cute.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: Sable.
    Job/Class: Clockwork Toy companion.
    Family:Her only family she has so far is her beloved doll. (More will be written up later after story lines).
    Relationships: So far, she has a father/daughter relationship with her doll. Back in Sable she and him were known as Snow Leblanc and The Prince. (More will be written up later after story lines).

    Hobbies:She enjoys reading fairy-tales. She often will go into an apple orchard and pick ripe apples to be baked for her sweet tooth. Ivory likes to sing whenever she isn't thinking deeply. Spending time with others is Ivory's favourite pass-time of hers

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
    Upon the ribbon tied to her neck is a little clasp with a small ring tied to it. The ring is a golden hue with a small red rose engraved into it, a symbolization of her essence.

    - Languages Spoken:Avarin, some telepathic communications at the discretion of dolls only.
    - Literacy:She can read profusely well however with her childlike mind her writing is a bit of an understatement.

    VI. Background/ History

    (More history will be written up later on when I have a feel for what Sable is like and what things she would have done besides be around her doll..that also includes history after she was sold after story-lining her a little since I have no idea where she ended up...)
      With threads of dreaming he wound his desires into seeds, so that they might take root and find life within the earth. He loved his green children with all the attentions time could afford, and then some. Each was watered and whispered to as willowy stalks like little fingers reached toward the sky in their growing, and they blossomed - they blossomed for him. Flowers of every shape and color thought to be beautiful adored him with their painted petals. Amongst them grew a single rose, and she was most lovely of all. Though thorns lined the curve of her spine he held her in his hands to tend her roots. Though she grew apart from the rest as if to spurn their company, he spoke to her, sang to her, and professed his love.

      His rose was a delicate thing that had not yet unfurled, but already the edges of her petals had been bitten by the green-bodied caterpillars! And so it was that he forged for her a glass globe, so that the world might not touch her so carelessly. So taken was he that the other flowers grew wild in their neglect, and spread their seeds to the wind so that it might carry them away. He noticed them not, for he had eyes only for the rose. When at last her petals opened for his eyes.. he wept! For all his efforts, his care taking, her perfect beauty was a fleeting thing and he knew it then - she would die.

      The thought was one he simply could not bear, and so he took her from the bosom of the earth and into the hands of his queen. She was of his own kind, but unlike any other. With her hands she could birth immortal children charming and lasting in their life so's to stave off the loneliness he, himself, now felt approaching. His lady was kind. With her magick for making he brought into being a body as perfect as his rose, and together they opened her eyes.... Ivory.

    VII. Past Storylines:



    VIII. Merit Purchases:

    - Clockwork Race: Toy (2,500)

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