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    The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune


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    The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune

    Post  Gemini on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:17 am

    The Tattered Man

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    Name: His real name is unknown even to himself, but after his sudden awakening he adopted the name “Rune” because of the strange runic markings that covered his body, that distinguished him from other humans.

    Alias/Nicknames: Rune (More or less an Alias) R, The Man in the Tattered Robes, The Tattered Man.

    Birthdate: His birthdate and age are both kept to himself, and adds to the mystery surrounding The Tattered Man.

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance: Rune is Six feet and three inches tall. He weighs one hundred and eighty pounds and his eyes are a dark hazel/brown. His hair and body remain shrouded in a colorful arrangement of cloth and garbs, but as the stories go the Tattered man has hair as red as fire and is covered in strange unknown markings.

    Transformation: N/A

    Personality: Rune is a very different...his personality differs, let me explain. Rune is a mimic, and illusionist who specializes in disguise. He takes on the image of anyone he pleases, and with a new image comes a new personality. He finds fun in creating new personas, living different lives because his isn’t the most satisfying. In his normal state Rune is calm and logical, speaks very little and constantly observes.

    Alignment: Neutral.

    Political Alignment: Runes loyalty lies with himself, but if he were to choose somewhere he was most loyal too it would be Asrai because it was where he awoke, and his strong connection with Muses.

    Languages Spoken: Rune is a mystery, no one knows how long he has been around but he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the world, including its various languages. He is fluent in all of the majorly spoken languages in Nyxheim. Avarin, Eldarin, Noldorin, Sindarin and Sign Language. Rune is also studying Thyrsar “The Speech” he has made some progress, but it is quite difficult to he proclaims.

    Job/Class: He is an entertainer. He plays illusions for the public eye to enjoy, without revealing who he is, often disguised as other personas. Along with his illusions he is also a bard, playing a variety of instruments for coin.


    • Al’Tories- This is Rune’s magnificent scimitar. With a bejeweled hilt and magnificently forged blade of Gungir crystals he is holding a blade worth millions. Rune can’t recall how he obtained this blade, it was with him when he awakened, all he knew was its name...Al’Tories.

    • Scimitar- This is Rune’s second weapon, an average scimitar born of common steel of a common forge. This is the blade he most often uses in combat because he rarely needs to draw Al’Tories.

    • Baol’Nyx- Baol’Nyx is a brilliantly crafted Mandolin. Its red in color and born of the finest red pine in all of Nyxheim. Rune travelled for many years obtaining the materials in its creation, and once he finished it he was truly in love. His music means the world to him and Baol’Nyx is his most prized possession.


    • Connection to the Muses and Dreaming: Rune is connected with nature and the dreaming itself. He can channel the power of the muses which they grant to him, he is a friend. The Dreaming is big in his life, he has a constant flow of dreams and can even see things, or so he believes. He doesn’t understand where this connection comes from but its very important to him.

    • Musical Knowledge: Rune has always had a talent for music. He loves beats and lyrics, and it has always popped with who he is. His talent was almost instantaneous, picking up on how to play instruments. A talent he keeps to himself is his voice, he is a spectacular vocalist, but he doesn’t like to be heard, only by the Muses.

    • Intelligence: Rune is very quick to learn. He pays such strict attention to everything that he develops keen understanding on whatever he is interested in much faster than others.


    • The Art of Eight Limbs: This fighting style uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques in its style. The Art of Eight Limbs is also referred to as the "Science of Eight Limbs" because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight "points of contact", as opposed to "two points".]

    • Sword Mastery (Locked): Rune has always had a fascination with combat, and for a brief point in his life he was a criminal. These criminals were adept in thievery and combat and taught Rune a thing or two. He became highly fascinated with swords, and excelled in combat with them. His colleagues became quickly afraid of his talent when he grew beyond their skills.

    • Pickpocketing (Locked): While living as a thieve he learned how to pickpocket. It wasn’t something he was particularily great at though. He didn’t move swiftly when it came to stealing. He was heavy, made noise and always thought he had to work on his tip toes. He knows how to do things properly he just isn’t so great at it.

    • Magick (Locked): Rune has the capability to perform magick. He awoke with the power to use this ability but it wasn’t until he met a particular mentor that he learned to harness it into a specialty, Manipulation Magick.

    • Illusion Magick (Locked): Rune is a spectacular illusionist. He learned from a man, no, a legend. This legends name was unknown to the world but he was known by a name...The Tattered man. He wore a colorful array of cloth and garbs that helped with his illusions. He could manipulate the senses of others in all sorts of ways, he was magnificent, he could be anyone or anything. His race was unknown to Rune but the man was powerful. He had a clear connection with muses, a pure soul and he was the man to find Rune after he awakened. From the point of his eyes opening he was on the path to becoming one of the greatest illusionists to present themselves to the world.

    • Independent Magick - Illusion (Sight): Illusions are a magic of deception, of bending what is with what might be and bringing something of dreams into the physical world. While powerful tools capable of powerful effects on the mind illusions are not truly a physical kind of magic. And while they may feel as real as the rest of the world they are no more than sensations called forth from the nothing.

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    Re: The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune

    Post  Gemini on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:23 am


    He awoke alone in Evergreen. He had no recollection of anything before his eyes opening. Who he was? A mystery.
    He had nothing but a black robe to cover his nude body, and a Scimitar, Al'Tories.

    His body was covered in odd markings that he couldn't understand. They covered his entire body from neck to toe.

    A man appeared in what seemed to be a blink of the eye. Rune was frozen. He couldn't move, and had no feeling in his entire body. The man was veiled in colorful tattered robes. He looked the boy up and down and finally said a word "Rune."

    The mysterious man took "Rune" into his home. A lone cabin in the middle of the thick forest. The Tattered Man rarely spoke but he taught Rune. Rune never understood why he was there, and why the tattered man took responsibility for his well being, but he was in debt and grateful.

    The tattered man had a strange connection with nature, something he shared with Rune. They could communicate with Muses and consciously enter the Dreaming. The tattered man taught Rune all he knew, that included music and magick.

    After years of learning and living together the tattered man passed away. His cabin now Rune's. His Runes. The tattered man wouldn't die, he would live on in Rune.

    Rune became a travelling vagabond after the passing, a man of great skill. He studied human nature, technique, science and magic. He found out that the tattered man was a myth, many stories surrounding him, and unknowing to this he entered the world in his robes. The myth became a reality, and the word of the tattered man spread...

    [I left out a lot of details concerning Rune because I plan on displaying them within SL's. Once I finish the SL's I have planned to delve into the mystery that surrounds Rune, I will be creating an Advanced template to replace this one.]

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    Re: The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune

    Post  Gemini on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:26 am

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    Re: The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune

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    Re: The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune

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    Re: The Man in Tattered Robes - Rune

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