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    Oliver Empty Oliver

    Post  ladamannen on Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:58 am

    Name: Oliver
    Race: Undead Human (Goul)

    - Height: 190cm
    - Weight: 150kg
    - Hair Colour/Style: N/A
    - Eye Colour: Red
    - Skin Colour: Sickly green

    Body Type & Physical Condition: A quite regular build nothing would seem out of the ordinary, his movement is somewhat slower then even usual ghouls.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: The only thing that sets him aside from other ghouls is that it would seem that regular blades have difficulty piercing certain parts of his body.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Undead, need i say more?
    Physical Imperfections: decaying
    Clothing style: Wearing heavy clothing to conceal his undead nature he would be wearing a irradiation suit most of the time, his face near always concealed by a standard issue «gass mask»
    Distinguishing Features: ...
    Voice: Like a low exhaling whisper.
    Transformation: None

    III. Mental/personality traits

    Personality: Paranoid and claustrophobic he tends to stay clear of most people and tries to be more of a watcher in the distance. He is more the calm thinker then the rash emotionalist.
    Alignment: caotic neutral
    Outer Goals: finding new terretory for the holy ecclesiarchy.
    Inner Goals: Becoming human
    Super Objective: Bringing himself back to life
    Defining Characteristic: Quite cautious around new people he is hard to befriend and suffers from more then a hint of paranoia
    Likes/Dislikes: he generally enjoys the notion of one day becoming human again however has, in his own way come to accept his fate. He generally dislikes being reminded of his undead nature and really dislikes people who shun or discriminate against him for it.
    Hopes/Desires: he hopes to one day become human once more however his more realistic hope is to find a way to live with other living creatures without being scorned or shunned.
    Fears/Phobias: with his newfound undeath he has lost most regular fears however he still fears enclosed places and suffers from claustrophobia
    Sexual Orientation: straight however usually does not engage in acts of a sexual nature
    Dirty Secrets: if he has any he doesn’t remember
    Introvert or Extrovert: depends if he likes the look of you
    More Thinking or Feeling: thinking
    Selfish or Selfless: selfish
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: He seems himself as somewhat of faulty goods, knowing that he is undead he thinks of this body now as more of a vesel then actually a precious thing.
    - Others: others can be... confusing, agressive, friendly. He tends to stay away from others however there are exeptions
    - Friendship: is fleeting
    - Love: somewhat unsure since he cant remember having felt it
    - Religion: something for the feebleminded
    - Country: although they are all undead they accept him for who he is... sorta
    - The World: it can be a nasty place however it has some beauty in it.

    Superstitions: ...
    Admirable Traits: tends to treat all people alike.
    Negative Traits: tends to dislike people in general and is grumpy most of the time
    Prejudices: If people find his undead nature, they will try to kill him
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: when he was cast out from the village he called home due to his undeath
    Mental Disturbances: paranoia and claustrophobia
    Philosophy of Life: it keeps going

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Economics: He has always had a talent for making coin, buying cheap and selling dear. He thinks he might have been some sort of craftsman or merchant in his past life.

    Metal working: He has a way with metal, almost as it speaks to him. Telling him what it wants him to craft from it and even with somewhat clumsy rotting appendages he is able to make small works of art.

    Innovation: He has a mind that lacks the boundries of usual people and thus is able to not only imagine however also make anything he is asked to.

    Sewing: From having made his own radiation suit he has learned a special way of sewing to seal two pieces of fabric together.

    Flesh working: From his inert talent with metal working he has found that he can also use it with pieces of flesh, combining two pieces to become one, often addint metal to the mixture.

    Engineering: Having learned from the undead engineers of his new home he has found ways of powering the creations he thinks up.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment: He holds no real political alignment
    Religion: None
    Job/Class: Scout/handyman
    Family: none
    Relationships: none

    Noted accomplishments: stopped a headless chicken from running into the forge
    - Famous/infamous: none really

    Hobbies: Metalworking and drawing
    Pets: none

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: Having various tools of his trade he also carries a woodsmans axe and a blunderbuss(with ammo and powder for it)
    He also owns a backpack, a tent, bedroll and basic survival equipment.
    His body is also partially covered in metal plating, hiding his decay and protecting various parts of his body.
    - Wealth/Possessions: He owns some coin and most of his possesions are on his person seeing he is eployed as a scout/handyman
    - Land: he owns none

    Education: He doesnt quite know however he knows how to read, write and speak multiple languages and has been given some training.
    - Languages Spoken: Undead, human,elf
    - Literacy: same as spoken

    VI. Background/ History

    Having somewhat of a traumatic revival Oliver awoke within the depths obsidian, captured within a wooden box. Laying there both kicking and screaming he was finally released. It didnt take the holy ecclesiarchy long to put him to work, setting him to work with menial tasks at first they soon discovered his way with metal and his will to travel.

    Trying to take advantage of his will and way to create everything he could think of he was set to make new ways of conserving his fellow ghouls flesh, using plates of cold steel to cover his festering sores he helped craft the irradiation suits now worn by most of his undead brethren. However he still wanted to find... more and the holy ecclesiarchy saw this lust within him and soon he was asked to act upon it. Being sent with a smal group of ghouls he was part of a advanced reconocance team. Working ahead of the undead army, finding suitable locations for the holy ecclesiarchy to spread their undead affliction.

    His own agenda however, trying to find a way to once more join the ranks of the living, to once more be accepted by other humans and once more to feel fresh air filling his lungs.

    Ps: he was turned a few years ago (ca 3)

    Past storylines:

    None yet.

    VIII. Merit Purchases: None yet

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