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    The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui.


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    The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui. Empty The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui.

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    Name: Reius Aurelui
    Alias/Nicknames: The Dark Child
    Birthdate: May 9th, Year One.
    Race: Demon/Arch-Hellion (Pre-Approved)
    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'-0”
    - Weight: 170 lbs
    - Hair Colour/Style: Pristine white, Reaching the mid back.
    - Eye Colour: Emerald, Varying with the mood.
    - Skin Colour: Dark.
    - Makeup (optional): None

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Athletic, Slender. A demon in his prime.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: As a demon he possesses great strength with a savage drive that'll keep going until he gives out. Unfortunately, His body tiring from over exertion of a period of time, leaving him vunerable.

    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: None.
    Physical Imperfections: None to his belief.

    Clothing Style: Having grown up a demon he bore virtually any clothing at all. When he did, It was just ripped and tore during battle. But as grew and adapted more humanoid ways, He began to wear more. Slightly opened in an ''V'' shape he wears a dark robe, tied at the waist by a black obi. As if to continue the black on black trend he bears the same coloured, ninja-type pants below, stopping at his ankles right above his tabi. Both arms, From the elbow down, Lie bandanged. Why? Who knows? Maybe it's just a fashion statement...


    Daggers: Two twin daggers at his waist, Nothing special.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Outer Goals: To reach his fullest potential.
    Inner Goals: To keep himself sane in such a crazy world.
    Super Objective: To become king.

    Defining Characteristic: A powerful presence, The darkness within creating an overwhelming effect upon those before him. His pulsing, Jade green eyes are certainly another stand out about him. Though a demon, He isn't one to rush into things giving unto his savage nature so quick. Intelligence plays an important role in the world, So he prides himself on such. When it comes to getting what he wants, There is no rebuttal. He will do all within his power to obtain whatever it may be he yearns for, Within reason. Also, Though he may be at the level of Arch-Hellion he doesn't boast about his power. It's said that his mere presence does the trick when intimidating.

    Likes/Dislikes: Destruction, Power, Respect, Implanting fear in the hearts of others, Knowledge, The dark. He dislikes all those who oppose him and those that lack respect.
    Fears/Phobias: He is fearless.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.
    Dirty Secrets: None.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Though he possesses a powerful voice, He isn't one for talking much.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Priding himself on his intelligence he tries to think through situations before acting.. But sometimes the demon within becomes too strong to ignore.
    Selfish or Selfless: Both.

    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: "The true king.."
    - Others: "Interfere and die."
    - Friendship: "Darkness provides the most comfort."
    - Love: "...."
    - Religion: "Only the shadows rule surpreme.."
    - Country: "An Iron Fisted rule is the only way."
    - The World: "The end looms near.."

    Superstitions: None.
    Method of Handling Anger: To lash out, At any and everyone before him.
    Admirable Traits: Smarts, Fearless, A true leader, One hell of a fighter.
    Negative Traits: Merciless, Arrogant.
    Prejudices: Demons over all.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: The loss of his comrade.
    Mental Disturbances: The struggle between his demon urges, and common sense.
    Philosophy of Life: Nothing is obtainable without power..

    Talents: Flexibility & Strength.

    Skills: A unique style of hand to hand combat developed through years of battling alone.

    Transformation:To be added at a later date.


    Not a word, Not a sound, Only scars.


    The only word capable of describing the events that occured so suddenly. There wasn't much to recall from it, Just a rumbling of the earth and a blinding light. Then that was it.. Life? A joke, No one was left. Nothing at all, Only a desolate landscape. Darkness had engulfed the world once flooded with life and light, As if the curtains had closed upon it for the very last time.

    But the show goes on..

    A heartbeat.

    Out of the shadows came a slight shift, rubble being casted aside as the shift transitioned into a bigger movement within seconds. From the ashes a phoenix rises anew, Full of life and eager to experience it once more. The same could be said for this instance as a being rose from below and onto it's feet. With it's frame hunched and clutching it's arm it was apparent that whatever had happened to the planet had infact, taken it's toll on the being. The sound for miles it seemed was the creature's hard breathing, Either stemmed from fright or sheer awe in the days occurances. As if it'd been aware the beings harsh breathing settled while simultaneously, it stood fully erect. Letting it's arm fall to it's side the creature began to walk, stumbling drunkenly over the debris covered landscape.

    The child bred through shadows and adopted by lightning, Had survived.

    Reius Aurelui, Lives on.

    In the years that passed the demon only grew stronger. Absorbing those select few from the thousands he'd slaughtered had become something of a hobby, different from the usual collecting pictures and numerous items. Each select kill and absorption pushed his evolution further towards his desired goal, Arch Hellion. A power thought un-obtainable by 95% of his race, He sought to be one of the few to claim such a title. But it was more than that. In his absence, The throne inwhich the ruler of all the demons had since changed. Carreau, Who had ruled the world Reius had left behind, Was no longer in power. A presumed ''Godling'' the New Worlders called, ''Solomon'', Sat atop the throne. From the intell he'd gathered, The demon was every bit of what the people said, and feared. Though stronger than his old self Reius was nothing compared to Solomon it seemed. The thought of Carreau losing his throne, Someone who he'd HELPED in aquiring such a rank and called somewhat a friend, Irked him. The loss of a friend was something he'd never experienced, Simply because he never let himself grow close to anyone. It was at that time when they become a liability, Which would only inhibit Reius in the end. But this is what he felt at the time, The loss of a friend. As if adding fuel to fire this only pushed the demon child to avenge his fallen comrade, As well as slaying the one responsible for consuming him. In order for that however, He needed more of one thing,


    He possesed such, But maybe it wasn't just the power in one that made a difference. Maybe strength did infact, Come in numbers. Who knew? He himself wasn't sure. Goals in mind, The Arch-Hellion set off, In search of answers, And revenge.

    Without a word, Without a sound, Only scars.

    Mental, And Physical..

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    The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui. Empty Re: The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui.

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    The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui. Empty Re: The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui.

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    The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui. Empty Re: The Dark Child, Reius Aurelui.

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