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    Bob the Pyro

    Bob the Pyro
    Bob the Pyro

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    Bob the Pyro Empty Bob the Pyro

    Post  Bob the Pyro on Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:46 pm

    Name: Bob (Unsure of last name)

    Alias/Nicknames: Bob the techno pyro.

    Uncertain. Looks like he's in his mid twenties.

    Race: Not-quite human.... With technological (clockwork?) prosthesis.



    Height: 5'9"
    Body type: Thin but wiry.
    Hair: Bob's hair is an uneven mess of browns with undertones of red. It's obvious he cuts it with a knife when annoyed with its length.
    Eyes: An autumn mix of red and gold hues. In the darkness they glow dully, though not enough to give any useful light.
    Skin: Even though Bob spends allot of time under the sun, he still seems relatively pale. Luckily, a good dose of dust and grime that often covers Bob and hides this oddity.
    Sounds like: ..... (Bob is Mute)
    Detail: Bob is a spry thin young man often seen wearing loose clothing/rags usually mix-matched from various races/areas. His most obvious feature is the fact his left arm, most of his left torso, his entire neck, part of his left chin are a dull clockwork style prosthetic. A person with knowledge on mechanical limbs will quickly agree that whoever worked on Bob was a master craftsman who works beyond the limits of what seems humanly possible.. That is, if Bob allowed them to look close enough. Usually Bob is quite shy of these unnatural parts though, and even in the city where man made legs and arms are common, he will usually cover them up in large baggy jackets, pants, and a scarf/hood for his face/neck.

    Except for being able to take off his outer clockwork 'skin' for maintenance, Bob does not have the ability to transform.

    The Biology of Bob:
    As this guy doesn't fit in the 100% human or even 100% mechanical category, I feel I should explain Bob a bit further just so everyone understands how he works... Even though he himself is not aware of it. As stated before, Bob's left arm, left chest, neck, and a bit under his chin is completely clockwork technology. On the outside, all that can be seen is a strong, overlapping metal plating protecting the more delicate inner structures. Some of the inner structures include a sort of metallic left lung, and a ticking/pulsing heart.

    The clockwork heart: His mechanical heart holds a few unique features. Visually, the dull metal casings have some glass windows, showing a constant red fiery glow within, pulsing in time with the rustic ticks of the heart. Another unique feature for this 'heart' that as well as powering his non-human hydraulic joints, it also does the work of a normal heart, powering the pump in which human blood flows to and from fine tubes that go in and out of Bob's biological body, supposedly attaching to veins.
    Bio/mechanical co dependence: As the heart feeds blood to Bob; Bob also 'feeds' his body and heart with the fuel it needs through eating. Because of this, Bob needs to eat three or four times more than average human. This constant hunger has driven this poor poverty stricken mute to pick up and eat just about anything: sticks, plants, snakes, bugs, uncooked meat, wooden furniture/cutlery, etc. (As a bit of a side note, Bob has a built up resistance to allot of natural-based poisons, as well as medicines because of his eating habits). Another unique feature is that the mechanical part also depends on Bob's biological part as the metal articulations are constantly lubricated by natural oil from his body delivered via specialized tubes. The only time Bob feels stiffness is when he takes a bath, and the soap washes away some of this natural oil. Speaking of water; Yes, Bob Can go underwater without dying. This is because nothing in his body is electrical: It's steam/hydraulic based and the heart chamber itself which holds intense heat/power is waterproof. Actually, water can bring quick relief to Bob when his mechanical side overheats causes harm to his human flesh.

    Bob's special ability:
    Bob's left arm has a special built in ability that allows him to shoot fire either from his fingertips or the palm of his hand. Even though this has many uses in a fight or simply lighting a bonfire, it has many drawbacks as well. Firstly, the more Bob uses this ability, the more he will need to eat before and after. This has almost led to starvation quite a few times. The other more obvious issue happens when the fire he creates begins to heat the metal of his arm, chest, and eventually his biological body. Bob has about five minutes using his fire at a  full and constant blast before it starts to cause damage to his body.

    Alignment: Good (He is neither chaotic nor lawful. He does what he feels is right, but tries to follow the laws whenever possible.)
    Outer Goals: Getting to his next meal, or the new shiny thing he wants to look at, or helping the person who looks like they need help.
    Inner Goals: Gain friends, and learn about the world he doesn't remember.
    Super Objective: To learn about his past.
    Defining Characteristic: Curious, a good listener, freakishly optimistic, creative in problem solving, hard worker, short attention spanned.
    Likes: New things, shiny things, fixing things, fire, nice people, food.
    Dislikes: Broken things, mean people, sad people, getting beaten up.
    Hopes/Desires: Just... wanting to see people happy?
    Fears/Phobias: Drowning and captivity.
    Sexual Orientation: Uncertain. Bob has never encountered an 'intimate' situation to really explore his orientation. Nor has he ever thought about it.
    Dirty Secrets: Bob enjoys skinny dipping while no one is watching. It gives him a chance to clean his cloths as well as himself at the same time.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
    More Thinking or Feeling: More feeling towards others and overall. But when faced with a dilemma, (like how to fix something that's broken, or the best way to run from an angry mob), he can become very focused and logical.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfless to a fault.
    Attitudes Toward:
       - Self: Bob is Bob. Who else would Bob be?
       - Others: Others are as others do.
       - Friendship: A good thing, but usually doesn't last long til something happens.
       - Love: He loves finding out new things.
       - Religion: Bob knows there is more than one god out there now, and sometimes wonders which one helped him survive for so long.
       - Country: Yup, there are a lot of countries. Bob is still learning about them all.
       - The World: Bob has figured out that it's a very big place. He needs to remember it.
    Superstitions: Bob believes his spork brings him good luck.
    Method of Handling Anger: With his positive attitude, Bob is hard to anger. But... when he does get very angry, he's been known to accidentally set things on fire.
    Admirable Traits: Good listener, caring towards others, giving, quirky in a way that seems 'cute', hard worker, creative thinker.
    Negative Traits: Attention span of a fish, and has a knack for walking into bad situations without realizing it.
    Prejudices: On more than one occasion, Bob's hunger and lack-of-money has lead some random greasy, apron-wearing kitchen lady to beat him with a ladle. Bob now mistrusts greasy apron-wearing women with ladles.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Bob woke up with a high pain tolerance as well as a high tolerance for stress. He is pretty sure the most painful thing in his life happened before he can remember.
    Mental Disturbances: Bob is very self conscious about his clockwork part to the point where he will physically wince if anyone tries to reach out to touch his left side. Apart from that, Bob also has terrifying nightmares showing parts of his past he cannot remember; Waking up in a sweat, shivering at the sounds, emotions and images he was assaulted with... Only to feel frustrated as the memory he gains soon slips away to his subconscious.
    Philosophy of Life: He is alive, he is free, and he has a new world to explore and help. This makes Bob the luckiest person in the world.

    Skills & Talents:
    Note: Natural talents and learned skills become a bit confused to a person who has lost their memory recently. Things that are most obviously skills (for example: lock picking), seem natural as the hands remember what the mind does not. So the below is correct as talents or skills... Even of Bob himself may not be aware of it.

    -Listening/Mimicking: Bob has an unnatural gift that allows him to simply observe others, and learn much. Just by watching people speak a foreign language, he would be 'fluent' in understanding it in less than a week. By observing people's actions, he could pick up the basic motions of their job, and imitate it perfectly. This has also helped Bob greatly in blending in with a crowd.

    -Dexterity: Even with a metallic limb, Bob can move quickly to the point of being naturally acrobatic. He can parkour his way over cities and forests with childish ease. Along with his talent at observation, Bob can evade an average fighter's fists and weapons easily, and make a quick escape. Which is good... Since Bob punches with a power comparable to a princess with weak wrists.

    Mechanical Blowtorch: In Bob's mechanical left arm, there is a hidden blowtorch in which Bob can redirect fire to either the fingertips or his palm. This thing can create fire as small as a candle or as large as 10ft cone. It is powered by his mechanical heart, meaning that as well as the dangers of overheating, Bob will need to eat more in order to sustain himself. And unfortunately... Bob has little ability using this as a very effective weapon.

    Fixing: Bob has some skill at looking at something that is amiss, and figuring out a way of fixing it. This includes basic fixups on machines, or fixing a broken leg on a table. True, Bob's uncanny fixing method can seem 'macgyver'-ish, but they always seem to work for what is needed for that moment. Bob uses this skill most often to patch up his own mechanical prosthetics.

    Basic thievery: Bob is near certain that at some point in his life, he was a thief. Even though he doesn't remember doing the acts themselves, Bob does know the basics on how to pick a lock, and how to spot someone tying to pick a pocket. He also knows how to wield a dagger proficiently.

    Political Alignment: None, but he feels closer to the human side...
    Religion: Bob is very spiritual as he believes it was one of the gods which has spared his life and allowed him to live once more. He dreams of meeting the God which has  

    Job/Class: Officially? Bob could be considered a vagabond; Doing odd jobs here and there as he can. He has cooked, cleaned, played the roll of a servant, and his knack for fixing machinery has made him a temporary mechanic from time to time. He.. also has a lot of abilities as a thief. If Bob ends up bordering starvation... Doors end up being picked, and food storages become bare.
    Family: None but the most distant feeling he has/had a brother... a twin.

    Relationships: Not yet.

    Noted accomplishments: Bob has won a pie eating contest. It was one of the best days of his life.

    Famous/infamous: Not really known as either.

    Hobbies: Fixing things. Wandering. Searching for the Gods. Making friends.

    Weaponry: A dagger and the blowtorch in his arm.
    Armory: The ragged cloths and cloak on his back.
    Inventory: Bits of dried goods, a pen and paper to write to people with... And a spork.

       - Languages Spoken: None... Bob is mute.
    - Languages understood: Common (Mannish), Fey, Eldarin,  
       - Literacy: Bob can only currently read/write in Mannish. He'd love for someone to teach him the other languages.
    Formal education: None that he remembers.

    VI. Background/ History:

    There was screaming all around as the skies blackened... He ran, oh god he ran as fast as he could, seeing the earth literally crumble and fall into nothingness just moments ago. The people shouted that their God had abandoned them and the world was being consumed. As the ground heaved, something fell on him.. A boulder? A part of a castle? It didn't matter; It managed to crush his once-unbreakable body. His blood seething hot underneath him, catching anything on fire. Fire was all around him, Even as the darkness consumed him.....

    Then... There was light.

    He woke up, blinking at the sun, the world blurry as his consciousness stepped out of the everlasting darkness. His lungs taking in air as if it was their first time in a long while. Wincing, he sat up, his fingers twisting into the earth, slowly registering in his mind that he was laying on sand. The crashing sound of waves confirmed with that he was at a beach. Bringing his arms to rub his aching head brought a new sound: the grating squeak of unoiled metal. With a start, he looked at his hands: His right, completely pale and normal as a regular human. The other hand..... The other hand was made of metal joints and plates, like that of a very detailed doll... Yet it was completely under his control and moved as naturally as his human arm. He followed the metal onward, realizing it was also his arm.... and spread over his chest, covering his left breast, and his left side. Bringing his right hand up, he traced the progress of the alien part of his body. Soon he realized in horror that his entire neck was like his left arm, giving a slight sigh of relief as he felt the last plate end partway up his left cheek. His face at least was still human. When did he get metal parts!?...

    Sadly, it was then, and only then that he paused as a flood of questions came to the forefront of his mind; How did he end up here? Where is here?? How long was he asleep?? How did he know he was human. or.. humish??? Why is he naked?!? .... WHAT WAS HIS NAME!?!!?!? He started gasping, holding his head, feeling a panic attack as cold hard reality hit him hard. He couldn't remember anything!! Friends, family, his life, who he was as a person.. It was gone! Completely gone!!! Just as he just about to break down and cry in panic, something brushed his foot as it washed in with an ocean wave. The light reflecting from the shimmering metal distracting him.. It was an odd looking spoon.. the end of it having little pointed ends. It was a spork... Of all the things that he might have been carried to him from his past, it had to be this shiny little spork. Even then, it was enough to spark a warmth deep in his chest as he reached out and picked up the oddly-familiar object. Somehow... Bob knew he'd be alright...

    Oh right...

    His name is Bob.


    Some months has past from first awakening on the beach, prone and exposed to the world. Even though no new memories had returned, Bob had learned the basics of the land of Kyrheim, how the world worked, and how to survive in it. Bob had quickly learned there were two things that were strange about him compared to everyone else: Firstly, he was mute. No voicebox in that metal neck of his. Secondly, even though there were people with mechanical prosthetics... No one had the skill to replace a person's neck and organs. Thus, Bob was still a freak of nature. Keeping this in mind, Bob has still pushed on taking in odd jobs here and there and living long enough in the cities that he now fits in like any other person. He never stays in one place long though:

    He was alive, and somewhere... there was someone he had to thank for that.

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