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    Damiano Marcovini


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    Name: Damiano Marcovini
    Alias/Nicknames: (None as of yet.)
    Birthdate: June 4th of 335
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 188LBs
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair: Mid-length, black, Straight.
    Transformation: N/A


    Merchant Personality: During business transactions (selling merchandise), Noce likes to keep a friendly when necessary and enticing attitude that is calm and understanding with consumers. If at all possible, appeal to the interest of the person that he is talking with to make his pocket a little fuller.

    Regular: Can be talkative with friend. Open-minded. Somewhat timid in questionable situations. (Don’t ask for much more cause I’m still trying to figure out how to describe this part in words as well.)

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Political Alignment: Loyalty to himself and humble citizen of Grimrah.

    Languages Spoken: Avarin. The tongue of demons sounds familiar to him due to the nature of the demons that occasionally roam around Grimrah, but he has no understanding of the language.

    Job/Class: He works as a merchant within the city of Grimrah; selling his wares and whatever he might be able to. His business also extends to information and ‘illegal goods’, but (at the current time) his information is only a matter of hearsay that is traveling around the street and his illegal goods (drugs, weapons and the so forth) are small time to avoid any unwanted attention from the ‘protection rings’ and factions of Grimrah.

    Inventory: In his manner of possession, Damiano has the following belongings within his possession.

    Handgun: A simple firearm that is used in defensive purposes if the client that he is talking with is getting a bit out of hand. Holds ten 9mm rounds and the accuracy is moderately decent. Nothing special or remarkable to note about this item.

    Apartment: In the slums of Grimrah, there is a shabby one room apartment that he owns that has some basic essentials inside it such as some food and some pairs of clothing. Nothing really interesting stays at this home because he doesn’t like to use it unless necessary due to the basic nature of the area that the apartment resides in.

    Market stall: Inherited from his father, this stall sits in the market place where business bustles in the Mercator District of Grimrah. Made out of Steel and wood, the stall has hinged, shelved doors and retractable wheels to allow the stall to be mobile. When not in use, the doors for the stall close and turn it into a box, keeping the contents inside secured. The design is meant to keep the build-up inside of the stall to a minimum along with a chair that folds out from the stall, keeping the owner comfortable in shade.

    Hearing: Not on par with the races attuned to the highly sensitive listening capabilities, but the whisper that would happen across the room would just as well be whispered into his ears. Damiano has had a good ear for listening and that is what mainly helps him get his information that he gets these days when it’s to get the latest news on the happenings of daily Grimrah business, or when he feels like getting a little more information on customers that seem to be discussing the distress between one another. Any way you cut it, if you want to keep a secret from this guy, it’s better if you keep it to yourself until you’re away from him or speak it in another language.

    Quick reflexes: Not necessarily saying he can react faster than a demon or the terrorizing vampire, but his ability to react faster than the usual riffraff of Grimrah has helped in many a situation where someone would otherwise steal from him; giving him that extra second to smack away those that would hinder his business.

    Intellect: Smarter than your average person(bear), he has a natural side of him that always uses this intellect he has to try and sway the person he’s talking with to try and appeal to his side (of business). Not effective all (or most of the time), but when he has a good sway in a conversation, his intellect helps become a useful thing for helping people get to see his side of the matter. This is labeled as a talent instead of a skill for converse because he doesn’t realize this potential or has intentionally practiced it and comes more like a natural thing to him, perhaps making it less potent because of that aspect.

    Merchant’s tongue: Due to his upbringing, he has become a bit more attuned to his profession of working as a merchant. He takes the thing that people says (not necessarily to him) and their gestures to make his wares more appealing while setting up a more friendly relation between him and the consumer. Used on a daily basis, it is one of the things that help him get by with his daily business.

    Sleight of hand: With trading and his daily business, he uses his better than average movements of his hand to perform swiftly in obtaining items from shelf and little displays of tricks to woo the people that purchase things from him (sometimes magic tricks should the buyer have a kid with him). It would be a good talent for pickpocketing, but the people that travel through Grimrah are usually too aware of that possibility for him to get away with it.

    Lock Picking: The ability to pick basic locks. He can pick locks that are deemed unimpressive, though if he were to pick locks that were more complicated, but still had basic mechanisms, they would prove to take a bit more time.

    Mathematics: Though he is not refined in the more complicated forms of math, Damiano is quite capable in solving almost any problem(mainly summing up totals from purchases) that is presented with just like any other merchant.

    Dreams: "Maybe a store of my own and a truck to carry around supplies."


    Raised by his father,Damiano lived in Grimrah the entirety of his life. His mother died during birth and though he never met her, the pictures that his father had of her and the descriptions of the times they had together depicted her into a respectable, kind, gentle and beautiful woman. Even though he had been curious about her since an early age, his father didn't slack in the slightest bit when it came to take caring of him in place of two parents. From his days of taking his first steps, Damiano was put into the atmosphere of the merchant markets of Grimrah's plazas, watching while playing until he was of age to help out with selling goods.

    From the days of working with his father, he learned the value of money, how to tell what products were good and how to haggle someone over when bartering. Math was introduced after the value of money was taught to him and, though it took him a bit, he learned how to figure out the total of the bills for the customers that bought from.

    Due to their constant moving from apartment to apartment to avoid the more extreme parts of the slums, they roamed to various parts of the city through the years. Most of the doors that were in their apartments had troubles with the locking mechanisms, causing Damiano and his father to learn a little bit of the mechanisms that locked the doors. After a good many pass ups, they figured the locking mechanisms for a few different doors and allowed living in the slums a little bit easier.

    Though his father was his teacher in many things, that didn't stop them from getting some good laughs when he turned sixteen. His father started to talk with people in a more friendly manner in order to sway them easier; especially the ladies. His father talked with them and flirted with jewelry to get them to buy and keep coming back. Sharing the little secrets of conversing with people in regards to what they want to hear and how to use it against them, they had a bit of fun seeing who could sway the most girls during the days of working(especially fun when one girl got irritated and pulled a gun on father, let me tell you.).

    Then came the day of Damiano's 19th birthday that he woke to find his father missing. Searching without clue, he ended up at the Colosseum, finding his father just being defeated in a gladiator fight with another opponent. It was a crushing experience, but a wake up to reality. The next eight years of his life he found himself getting over the experience and making friends with people back in the plazas and working to make ends meet with the payments of living. But every so often will he find himself looking over the thieves and murderers of markets and slums, watching them as contempt filled their eyes with the next criminal act they were going to do and most of them condoned by the higher ups in the societal rankings. This was the cruel life that he was awoken to. This was Grimrah.

    Past Storylines:

    - Title:
    - Date:
    - Location:
    - Participants:

    Merit Purchases:

    Locations: N/A
    Titles: N/A
    Magick: N/A
    Items: N/A

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