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    Niels Solidor


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    Name: Niels Adelois Carudas Solidor


    Birthdate: June 22nd, 332

    Race: Incubus

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: As with all Solidors, Niels possesses the same noble characteristics as all who share his blood. With his small figure, graceful features and reserved face Niels is considered to be the perfect example of childhood innocence. His hair is a deep blue like that of the stirred sea, and his eyes are a misty gray... while his smile, though not often seen, lightens his whole countenance as if the sun chased away all mist and chill from a wintery sea. As a boy just coming into his adolescent years, Niels has yet to lose his childish appearance. Niels voice is very sweet and rich, the perfect voice of child innocence despite him being an adolescent. He is 5'4” and weights just over 100 pounds, the perfect size and shape for his age.

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    Transformation: Like all incubi, Niels possesses horns, claws and a tail. His horns gracefully curl over his ears and wind back upon themselves, similar to a ram's horns. His claws are forked perfectly down the middle, ending in two razor sharp points for each finger. His tail is longer than most, almost one and a half body lengths and ends in an arrowhead point.

    Personality: Niels is considered to be the most human-like of the Solidor. He is not exactly a shut in, but he is much more reserved than the others, rarely speaking or interacting with those he dislikes. When he talks, it is with a gentle tone, always trying to calm the instinctual lust that all members of his race feel. Strangely enough, Niels isn't as promiscuous as most members of his race and would prefer to be loved by one person rather than many. While he loves the other members of his family, only Ira has won his heart over. This young incubus loves to flaunt his intellect, his skills, and his artist nature; his cockiness veiled by his taciturn nature comes out rather charmingly and not at all obnoxious.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Political Alignment: Malekith

    Languages Spoken: Noldorin and Eldarin

    Job/Class: Scholar/ Youngest Prince of Malekith

    Inventory: Being one of the princes of Malekith, Niels has everything he could ever hope to have, but he has some possessions that are unique to him only. These are his teddy and his violin, each given to him by his grandmother on his 10th birthday.

    Talents: Niels has a very good ear and can detect subtle nuances in instrument's sounds and people's voices. He is also very good at keeping track of rhythm and time and as such he rarely loses track of them. Niels is a talented singer, just as he is a talented musician, and loves to play violin, piano, guitar and the flute.

    Skills: Niels is an experienced violinist, but is considered to be gifted on all instruments he has had time to practice with. He is also a very good orator and loves to talk and discuss with his peers and those more intellectual than him, although he is discovering the latter kind is quite difficult to find. Niels has decided to dedicate his life to learning new things and has amassed a vast amount of knowledge.

    Niels, the youngest prince of Malekith, was the last son born to Prince Daemian and Lady Isadora. He was adored and cherished as all children should be. From the time he was old enough to move about, Niels made a name for himself as being very bright and quick to understand new concepts and ideas. His parents adored him, his grandmother cherished him, his siblings loved him. He started his education as soon as he was able to speak, breezing through the basics of learning by the time he was seven.

    At the age of eight Isadora died, and her husband Daemian did not take long to join her. Ephiran blamed Niels for their deaths, causing a huge rift between them to develop, one that would never truly close. Ira, however, was not like minded, and coddled his youngest brother. Niels became dependent on Ira, growing to love him in a very romantic way. Ira was Niel's world and he made the young prince happier, despite the terrible times he was experiencing.

    Upon his 10th birthday Niels received a violin and a teddy bear from his grandmother, Veo. These gifts are something he holds very dear to his heart and is rarely seen without them. Along with these material gifts Niels was also given access to the family's royal library, allowing him to explore his vast curiosity. He was in utter bliss, living in serendipity with his siblings and his books. However this was only fleeting, ending when Ira left in the year 340.

    Niels was struck with a sudden and massive bout of depression, rendering him unable to get out of bed and totally leeching him of his will to live. He was contemplating suicide, but, luckily for him Ira came back regularly to console him, giving him the strength to carry on. To this day, Niels holds Ira to the highest of regards and does everything he can do to impress his brother, and eventually capture his heart. The young prince lives inside the castle, possessing no real desire to leave the side of his two true loves, music and books..

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