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    -Name: Nyfel

    -Desired Race: Wood Elf

    -DOB: May 18th, 290

    -Height: 6'

    -Hair color: Blonde

    -Hair style: Long, one inch from small of back

    -Skin color: Pale-ish

    -Body Type & Physical condition: Lean yet muscular, top physical condition

    -Physical abilities & Limitations: Can run for several miles in intervals. Can fight for hours but tires faster after two

    -Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Allergic to all mushrooms when ingested

    -Physical Imperfections: Several scars - arms, legs, torso, back

    -Clothing Style: Plain, usually an open linen shirt and pants with knee high boots

    -Distinguishing Features: Pierced ears, well shaped eyebrows

    -Voice: Semi-deep, smooth

    -Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    -Outer Goals: Find a mate

    -Inner Goals: Learn better self control

    -Super objective: Find a mate and become wealthy

    -Defining characteristics: Can be bipolar and violent; Loves sexual and bathroom humor

    -Likes: Crab meat, animals, reading, botany, other men

    -Dislikes: Most women, bugs

    -Fears: Spiders, blood

    -Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    -Dirty Secrets: Prefers men over women


    -More thinking


    -Attitudes toward:
    +Self: Low self esteem unless angered
    +Others: Quick to judge, but doesn't show it often
    +Friendship: Wants friends, but fears what others will do/think
    +Love: Desparately wants love
    +Religion: Dislikes it
    +Country: Indifferent
    +World: Indifferent

    -Superstitions: None

    -Anger management: Punch things, run

    -Admirable traits: Strong willed, romantic

    -Negative traits: Doesn't mind stealing, unpredictable, can be bipolar and violent

    -Prejudices: Dislikes a lot of women

    -Most painful thing of his life: His first love cheated on him. She told a friend of theirs to tell him that their relationship was over, but the friend never told him. He found out the hard way that she no longer wanted him. Years later, it still haunts him.

    -Mental Disturbances: Doesn't mind stealing

    -Philosophy of life: He lives his life however he wants to.

    -Talents: He has rather inelf senses. His eyesight is like a hawk's, his hearing like an owl's, and his sense of smell is like a blood hound's. His aim with ranged weapons is superb. He has always been able to understand animals.

    -Skills: Knitting, sewing, botany, able to make makeshift items out of various materials

    -Pets: One stallion named Kalah

    +Weapons: Bow(Yew, stained a dark brown), arrows, sword(Looks like an Elven sword in Skyrim), dagger(Elven Dagger in Skyrim), throwing knives(Simple, steel)
    +Armory: Leather and chainmail
    +Inventory: knives, shears, twine, rope, various sized burlap sacks, canteens, iodine, waxed brown paper, bedroll, strikebox

    -Wealth: Has enough to get by and then some

    -Possessions: His horse

    -Land: A small shack in Riv Amar and Grimrah

    +Languages spoken: Eldarin, Noldorin
    +Literacy: Very intelligent, very educated. Loves reading. Interested in botany, dragons, and animals.

    When Nyfel was a little boy, just able to understand and speak the native tongue of the Elves, he was separated from his parents in the middle of Riv Amar. He was scared out of his wits, and decided to try to look for them. After a few hours, he became even more lost.He had no way of knowing what to eat, or where and how to get food and water. But his instincts kicked in, and he went into survival mode. He let his heart lead the way, for he knew that it would be the only way he could stay alive.

    As he wandered along, gathering what food he could, he began to notice signs of an intelligent presence. Tree limbs had been cut down, roots were dug up, and places where there should have been sticks and twigs were clean of them. He followed that path the best he could, and came upon an old hermit's dwelling. All along the hermit had been watching him and guiding him to his dwelling. The hermit took him under his wing and taught him how to read, write, speak languages, hunt, gather edible plants, set traps, sew, knit, and fight with sword, bow, and dagger.

    As he grew older, Nyfel began to become a natural at the things the hermit was teaching him. Soon, the hermit grew old and could not fend for himself. As the final stage of Nyfel's training, the hermit had Nyfel care for him until it was his time to leave the mortal world. Kalian did so, going out every day to collect firewood, food, and medicinal herbs to keep the hermit alive for as long as he possibly could. After two years of taking care of the hermit, the hermit passed on. Nyfel was distressed, but buried him by an old, ancient oak tree. Nyfel had no clue
    how to begin his new life without the hermit. He knew not where to go. Again, his instincts kicked in and he decided to travel the land, learning the plants of the various areas of the world.

    At the first town Nyfel came to, there was a very large marketplace. There were so many things that he had not seen before. New smells, new sights, new tastes. But he had no money. When he came upon the stall of a trader that sold wild herbs, and was looking to buy some, Nyfel gladly sold what he had, earning a hearty sum of money. Nyfel then made his way to the Livery and bought a horse - a beautiful black stallion which he named Kalah. With the remaining amount of money, he bought tack for the horse.

    On he traveled, through the harsh weather, through terrible terrain, only to end up in Grimrah. This place caught his attention. He was on his toes the time he stayed there, as he knew of the slavers that were around every corner.

    -Past Storylines:

    -Merit Purchases:
    +Locations: None yet
    +Titles: None yet
    +Magick: None yet
    +Items: None yet

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