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    Sariel von Ira


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    Sariel von Ira Empty Sariel von Ira

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    Name: Sariel von Ira

    Alias/Nicknames: Saria, Puppy

    Birthdate: October 23rd of 334.

    Race: Daevol Demon.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/ clothing
    When in humanoid form, Sariel has a rather slender lean and hardened body, standing at a height of 5 feet with 10 inches and weighting 73kg. His most defining traits are his pointy ears, his wild yellow eyes of a wolf, and his luscious red hair that reaches well beyond his shoulder. Normally he has two black horns spiking out of the top of his head at a slight angle, bat-like wings, and black claws; due to discrimination against demons he sometimes has to suppress these traits, but at home his Master encourages them. In addition, he often wears casual clothes, a black shirt perhaps with some easy dress pants. When the occasion requires it however, he eagerly wears whatever his Master commands, such as a tuxedo, shorts, skirts, etc.

    Surprise in the To Do List.:
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    Butler outfit.:
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    Making something special for Master Ira.:
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    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Sariel’s true form is not that of a red haired youth; he is a hellhound, with horns, wings, and a serpentine tail. In Malekith he was seen very often in his canine form because Ira did take much delight in playing with him as if he were a puppy, running about and even playing games like fetch (save with live human slaves, oh how fun). In Howldon, however, he does not have as much freedom do transform because demons are illegal and it would be quite easy to spot him due to his large size (7 foot tall). When Sariel speaks while in hellhound form, his voice is deeper and much more threatening.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Political Alignment: Malekith

    Languages Spoken: Noldorin, Avarin and Eldarin.

    Job/Class: Butler for Prince Ira

    Level-headed, simple, humble, calm, patient, persistent, and loyal; Sariel is a devoted being epitomized for any hedonistic predilection that his Master desires. After being tamed by Ira from a state of utter savageness, he has gradually gained mastery of himself and grown into a respectable butler, thrilled to serve as commanded. Like a trained dog, Sariel likes to be used and ordered about.

    Most of Sariel’s possession were gifted by Ira. Amongst them the one he considers the most precious is a diamond shape gold earing adorned with a blood ruby, which was given to him when he earned his Master’s trust and love. He never takes it off.
    Having been bred for it, Sariel is naturally a very talented watchdog and hunter with an extremely sharp sense of smell. He is good at sensing danger and treacherous people. In addition, he possesses and extraordinary memory and impeccable organization that do help him perform his duties as butler.

    As butler, Sariel has learned skills of such caliber as to be able to please a hedonist incubus prince. The chief of these are: a blessed hand for cooking, knowledge of a large array of alcoholic drinks, awesome maid cleaning skills (with costume if asked), and anything related to household management.

    It was an afternoon like every other, and he spent all of it behind bars. That morning Sariel had been allowed to come out for training, to learn how to be a good watchdog, and he returned sore from all the bruises caused by the whips and kicks. Such was the payment for biting the hand of a Dark Elf, and that was what his miserable life was like daily. He hated his tormentors, but he hated himself more playing the role of a submissive dog.

    Yet that day, the 25th of May of 341 was unlike any other. The Dark Elves were rushing from side to side, cleaning like maids even the dust under the tables. He did not have much time to wander when the reason became evident: someone important was visiting. A slender and androgynous youth entered escorted by a red-haired guard of handsome yet solemn visage.

    “Please forgive the disorder and filth your grace,” said the Dark Elf who was leading the party. “Had we known you were coming, we would have cleaned thoroughly and organized our merchandise to ensure you only saw the best we have to offer. Alas, we had no time to prepare!”

    “It is fine,” answered the prince rather laxly; he seemed indifferent to the formalities expected.

    “We are greatly honored by your presence. If I may inquire your grace, what kind of slave are you looking for?”

    “I want a dog, one of your famous Hellhounds. “

    “Excellent! They are the best we have to offer my prince. As you may be aware, we have been breeding them for decades and I doubt there is any seller who has hounds of better pedigree than ours.”

    “And that is precisely why I am here. ” replied the incubus, and the demonstration began. The Dark Elf was an expert, talking about the wingspan of this dog, the strength of this other, the muscles and size of that other one, and how they had taken such precautions to ensure that serpentine tail was a deadly weapon. Taltos, Shamsiel, Anannel, Zaquiel… so many powerful and domesticated demons…

    “What about this one?” the prince inquired as he stood in front of Sariel’s cage. Unlike the others hounds, he had not sat or stood forth to receive him.

    “Well… we are having problems with that one your grace. He is much too wild, even for his age. But we have other pups that are much better and obedient. For example, thi-” he was interrupted.

    “No, I want this one.” He approached the cage. His amethyst eyes met those wild yellow orbs of Sariel. The demon defied the prince. Had he been a Dark Elf, he would have probably growled, but there seemed to be a subtle allure that silenced and paralyzed the savage puppy.

    “Bring him to my palace,” said the prince but the Dark Elf objected.

    “But he is much too wild your grace! You may be harmed. We have better ones! Please reconsider.” Sariel took some pride upon hearing this.

    “Don’t worry silly,” his tone was casual, as if he were speaking to a friend. “I will take full responsibility of him and his actions. Don’t be a coward and give the prince what he wants.”

    “Forgive me my Lord” The Dark Elf bowed as he agreed to Ira’s demands. He was still very concerned though. Should a Solidor be bitten by one of his hounds it would mean the end of his business at best.

    Suddenly, as the party exited, a girl snatched the prince’s arm. Everyone was alarmed, but before the Dark Elf could open his mouth to scold that slave Leiados silenced him. Ira looked down at the beautiful girl.

    “My Lord, make me yours. Free me from this prison and I will pleasure you with my beauty. You shall tremble to my touch.” She was a succubus. How had she ended up there the prince did not know nor did he care.

    “I will buy her too.” the girl let go of his arm and smiled in victory as the prince continued his march past her cage. She knew she was too beautiful to be resisted. “Feed her to my puppy. I want him to have a humanoid form.”

    “No my Lord!” she pleaded with an annoying squeal. “I can satisfy your every desire! I can swoon you like no other! I can make you scream with pleasure!”

    “No, you can’t you conceited strumpet. I like to fuck boys, not girls.” The Prince exited before her begging was silenced with a club to the head.

    Why me? Sariel was thinking to himself. Why does he like me? There was a mixture of excitement to the upcoming change, yet at the same time fear. He was unchained, sitting in the corner of his gloomy cell, when his wondering was interrupted. "We've got a present for ya, Sariel." A Dark Elf shouted as the door creaked open. Sariel said nothing, he had learnt from prior experience not to talk back. "Eat up!" The shady figure pronounced as he tossed the succubus into the cell.

    The exhibition was over so the lights were turned off. It was dark, too dark for any human to see now. Sariel stared at her. She was truly beautiful. They had never given him a live meal like that before. His primal instincts were pulsing through his veins. Edging closer to her, his claws extended outward. Raising his hand up, he slashed on a downward angle at the girl’s face. How frail beauty is, crushed with ease by a cut or withered by time. Blood splattered onto the wall. Sariel grabbed her by her long hair and slammed her head repeatedly against the wall. He didn’t want her waking up as he ate her.


    Chained and walking on two legs he was brought to the Solidor’s Palace. It had been a painful for his bones had cracked and his skin had torn, but now he had gained the ability to have a human form, and it was in this very same one that he met his new Master for the second time. The prince was very beautiful, but Sariel only felt like crushing his head too.

    To his surprise, he became a very different kind of pet than he expected. His new prison was not a cage but a luxurious room, and although he was chained, it was to a large and comfortable divan. His Master never asked him to turn into his hound form, and for a long tome he did not because his collar and shackles impeded him from doing so. He started getting use to this fragile humanoid body, and his Master taught him to like it. True that at the beginning he was impudent, ashamed and resisted being penetrated, but with time everything changed. Whether it was because of his new heart (he noticed that ever since he ate that girl he started feeling different about things) or due to his Master’s bewitching charm, he grew to love his new life and Ira. He had been dominated, tamed, subdued in every possible way.

    The long awaited day finally came. His Master pierced his ear lobe and gave him a gold earing with a blood ruby as symbol of his ownership. Now the prince trusted him, and never again would Sariel have to wear any chains (that is unwillingly, mind you). Since he was one of Ira’s favorite, the prince was happy to indulge him, and he hired tutors to educate him (Ira likes bright minds).

    Now Sariel is Ira's perfect little pet, and like an obedient puppy he loves to be used and please his Master in every possible way. He has, and always will live to serve Master Ira.

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