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    Viktor Terenti


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    Viktor Terenti Empty Viktor Terenti

    Post  Viktor on Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:09 am

    ** I just wanted to note that I still don't know when I'm gonna be really active again. I just wanted to get my character out of the way. **

    I. Biographical Data
    Name: Viktor Terenti

    Alias/Nicknames: Vik

    Birthdate: Human Birth: Feburary 15th, 330 (22 years)
    "Reborn": September 23rd, 352 (10 years)
    (32 years of life and undeath.)

    Race: Ghoul (Human)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    - Height: 5'9"
    - Weight: 162 lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: Violet-red.
    - Eye Colour: Cinnamon brown/red.
    - Skin Colour: Slightly yellowed after being raised, but overall semi-pale complexion.

    If you were to look at his bare legs, you would see where he got stitched back together again after the accident.

    Transformation: Nope.

    Personality: Viktor was always the quiet type, revealing just enough to where people would know who he is, but not on a personal level. Emotions are thoroughly kept in check, and it's very rare that he ever decides to open up to someone. It's not for some tragic reason; Viktor just never quite cared to worry so much about those kinds of things. However, he's quite kind, helping out fellow ghouls fix their DCC's when they need repairs and offering advice to those who are still getting used to the undead lifestyle. Even he's still adapting, however, suffering from bouts of delirium and paranoia under stressful situations or just when the thoughts in his mind collide the wrong way. He's awkward in social situations, but tries to mask the fact he's pretty bad at talking to people. Living his new undeath and making the best of it is something he's been trying to do for a long time.

    One thing he does miss is his human relationships, namely with his parents and a few coworkers. However, he never truly had "friends", just acquaintances and people he knew.

    In his spare time, he enjoys making modifications to his DCC, racing, simple card games and delving into certain artistic endeavors (namely drawing and sculpting with metals and clay-like materials, very rarely painting) since he has plenty of time on his hands.

    Oh, and he hates maggots. A lot.

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Political Alignment: The Ecclesiarchy; formerly the Republic of Howldon.

    Languages Spoken: Hexxarin, Avarin/Mannish (doesn't speak the latter since entering Obsidian.)

    Job/Class: Mechanical Engineer in Doomforge factories.

    DCC -
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Viktor's customized Volche DCC. Over the years, Viktor has slowly been taking out and replacing parts in the vehicle, trying to make the machine more accessible for other terrains and turning while gradually removing most of the bulk that weighs the machines down to begin with. However, he's yet to find the right design to combine the speedy vehicle with a wider dynamic of moving, and it bothers him to no end.

    Talents: Viktor has two main talents, mechanics and art. While working at Doomforge, he puts his mechanical skills and talents to the test, performing maintenance on machines as well as putting them together. Art, though not as prominent in his past life, has became much more important now, especially since he can draw at any time after work. Most of his papers are riddled with DCC designs, architecture, and other ghouls.

    Skills: His skills, like his talents, are not many, but are more than enough. After receiving education on mechanics, electrics, and engineering twice, he has become quite proficient in repairing, maintenance, and building of different mechanical devices. Free time has given him many opportunities to perfect his drawing skills, as well as allow him to practice some sculpting if he's lucky enough to get his hands on some clay or clay-like-material.

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    Post  Viktor on Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:38 pm

    Background/History: (Rushed parts of it so it's not the best history ever.)

    Life was simple for Viktor; no bad neighborhoods, no unnecessary family quarrels, no abuse; simply going to school, doing his work, and playing with other kids during the day time.

    He never really talked much, though; never let anyone in his head. Except when he drew. That was the only time his parents ever knew what was going on inside him. Nothing bad, to their relief; but his silence still troubled them greatly.

    Despite this, he graduated from primary school with above average grades and was looking towards a promising future in the factories. His parents were proud, yet he never quite felt complete...

    Working in the factories wasn't a hard task either; he did his job and all else that he was supposed to do. Viktor didn't quite like the routine; nothing ever really changed, and the only interesting thing that happened was when someone got injured from machinery, but it gave him some small pleasure to at least be doing SOMETHING with his life...

    The Accident (A History SL will be done in the future to add onto this and explain better)
    Viktor looked forward to a nice, relaxing evening at home just a short hour from now. Things had been going on smoothly throughout the day while at the factory; no mishaps, nobody getting sucked into the machinery, no one injuring themselves from tools. Except Viktor didn't expect the first and only accident of the day to be him.

    He was working on a conveyor belt, tightening some knobs on the miscellaneous machine; it was nothing of particular importance, and yet many of the accidents happened here. Maybe it was because people often got swept away by the belt into the slicing machinery ahead before someone could get them off.

    And, that's exactly what happened.

    Just when he had finished tightening the last bolt, something hit him in the back of the head, knocking him onto the belt. Once he finally regained some sense and realized this, he was already towards the end of the line. A weak cry escaped his shocked system; he would have just rolled off, but he was still dizzy from the blow and the steam-powered Demon, with its metal teeth, was upon him.

    Viktor felt a burning unlike any other in his legs, slowly being devoured by the beast. And then he felt nothing.
    Later that evening, when the cadavers came to get his half-mangled body, they were quite shocked to see it was not there at all...

    The Start of a New Existence
    He wandered for several days, unaware of where in Nyx he even was.

    The landscape was foreign, sky muted with smog. Black spires rose through the clouds and stood solid, acting as menacing shadows above his head. A constant reminder that he was not home. He'd never been here before, not even in a dream. Perhaps he had heard it from his parents in the past but couldn't recall? It was plausible...

    Viktor knew it was cold because he could see the frozen air fly out of his mouth as he exhaled, but he didn't feel cold. Upon removing his red glove from his hand, he was surprised to see a small, white trail leading from his wrist up to the crease of his elbow.

    Scars...? Do these show up after you die...? Coulda sworn I got torn up into little pieces by that thing... Thousands of questions boggled his mind, and yet he couldn't quite figure anything out.

    Upon walking through the streets of this unknown city, he met a young man in black robes, carrying a large, leather-bound book. The man looked to be in a hurry, but he took notice of the wandering Viktor and stopped him.

    "Are you lost, Son of Nagash?" he asked in a hush tone.

    "Nagash...? Who is 'Nagash?'" Viktor replied. Despite the fact the name had no meaning to him in his past life, there was a certain familiarity to it that he couldn't place.

    The man fumbled with his book for a moment, then took Viktor by the arm. "Can you come with me? If you do, things will be explained much more thoroughly."

    "... I suppose," he said.

    That's when things went topsy-turvy. The man took him to a nearby church and sat him to talk with a few members of the service. From what they spoke, he was now in Obsidian, he had died, then been brought back as a "ghoul".

    To him, this was a bombshell hitting him in the skull. Even after discussing what he was to do for the day and what to expect, nothing could prepare him to deal with being a walking ball of slowly rotting flesh. During the day, the Church taught him Hexxarin, the language of these Undead, and they spoke highly of Nagash and told him of his greatness, his will, and other aspects of the Ecclesiarchy and the Church. At night, he struggled to cope with this new "life", often going through bouts of delirium and other hallucinations due to the stress. However, when the thought of "dying again", or suicide, came to mind, he could never finish the plans. Something stopped him from doing so.

    As the months went by, Viktor was snailing towards accepting this new "life". There had been so much in the future for him in his past... Why couldn't he be back in Howldon with his family, his coworkers? Grudgingly, however, he made decent with what he had. After spending a year learning about his new existence, he applied to an engineering school in order to get a degree and obtain a job. Once that was in his grasp, he took in a vacancy in Doomforge factories as a mechanical engineer. Viktor made two purchases once he had the money: An apartment in Ingwaz, and a Volche DCC.

    Ten years later, he's found some comfort in his new lifestyle; making a few ghoul acquaintances and having a steady job does that to a guy. Occasionally, he still slips back into the past, recalling the first weeks of his rebirth with much contempt. But, at least he has a chance to make up for what he would have missed in life if he was just... dead.
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