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    Jon Rivers


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    Jon Rivers Empty Jon Rivers

    Post  Viper on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:05 pm

    "My name is Jon Rivers, and I've killed more people than you've ever met."

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    Name: Jon Rivers

    Alias/Nicknames: Rivers

    Birthdate: December 23rd, 256

    Race: Vampire [Heretic]

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


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    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 168lbs

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: He has long black hair combed and jelled back with slight curls.

    Transformation: N/A


    Jon has changed dramatically since he was turned. He was always so afraid of what people thought of his and afraid of his purpose in the world. Why was he born? What was he here to accomplish? He was never given answers. His friends in Howldon always talked of becoming soldiers, heroes. He never really wanted to himself, he had a fear of death but as they grew so did the pressure of finding his path. He fell easily to peer pressure and to what others wanted. Once he was turned his fear stayed, in fact it grew. He was so confused, why was he allowed to live? Well what he didn’t realize was that he wasn’t allowed to live, he was granted the gift of undeath. With one last moment of following his peers, he listened to the one person who told him what he wanted to hear. “You are here for a reason and this is the beginning of your path you must follow. I am Nagash and welcome to the world of Undeath” A metaphysical link was created between him and Nagash and with that link came faith, religious faith. He began to take charge in his life, believing he had a purpose, a purpose that made him better than everyone else. He became almost completely heartless, taking his anger out on others. He felt superior, he became superior. His personality had changed from the shy and lost human to the undead Apex Predator. As he grew his faith began to falter again. After so many years of following his path he began to feel lost again. Why was he doing what he was doing? Why did he become such a killer? He became calmer and tried to control his primal urges. He took charge of life and became his own person acting upon his own free will. He now walks the path of a man who's lost his faith in existence and has been given the gift of eternal life and doesn't know what hes supposed to do with it.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Political Alignment: Obsidian

    Languages Spoken: Avarin, Eldarin, Hexxarin and Noldorin


    Throughout his many years of existence Jon has had a lot of occupations.

    He started off as a soldier enlisting within the Howldon army at the age of eighteen. He was sent off with his squad to investigate an empty village just outside of Malekith where they were informed of suspicious activities taking place. No information was given, they were told to take a look around and investigate and return with the details. They searched around the village and found nothing. No one had lived there for many years and there were no signs of suspicious activity. They decided to set up camp and return to Howldon in the morning. In the middle of the foggy night Jon went off into the woods to take a piss. As he entered the woods an eerie feeling came over him. He looked around and in the darkness hundreds of blood red eyes glowed, all fixated on him. That night he was turned... [An SL will depict this Tale]

    Jon later joined a coven within Caelin. The coven was small and they existed with a purpose and that purpose was to feed. They were dedicated to becoming a master clan filled with the most elite of vampires. They took contracts of assassination and evaluated their targets, the healthier the more likely for a contract to be taken. They would feed on the targets and either turn or kill them. Jon was a part of this coven for many years. He was paid for feeding and was allowed to do whatever he wanted during his free time but he soon became...stronger. The coven leader Raphael took interest in Jon and soon grew jealous of his development and growth. Jon was stronger, faster, smarter and more likeable. People easily followed Jon but Raphael began to detest him with every second he continued to exist. Raphael gathered his loyalist followers and organized Jon’s assassination. They surrounded him, prepared to kill...but Jon was the one to walk away, disappearing from Caelin with nothing but a tale of his departure. Twelve vampires were found slaughtered within the suburbs of Caelin on the night of the dissapearence of both Raphael and Jon. After that the coven was torn apart and the members scattered across all of Nyxheim. [Am SL will depict this Tale]

    His next stop was Obsidian. He found honest work as a night club manager in the Hagalaz district, but that honest work didn’t last too long. Ever since his previous occupation as an assassin for the not-so elite coven, he had always had a fascination with money, or maybe more of an addiction. The more money he had the better, he would often take contracts and kill the target without feeding just for the money while the goal was supposed to be feeding on the healthiest of beings. The Nightclub was filled with people looking for drugs to get a good high. Jon took interest in this business opportunity and began to purchase and sell a variety of drugs. It was a small business venture but it quickly grew. He became famous within the underground public for having some of the best drugs around for the best prices. With this he made many enemies which he tends to get rid of quite simply. His drug dealing grew to drug trafficking, his business growing into other cities such as Caelin, Howldon and Grimrah. Today he is one of the most successful drug tycoons in all of Nyxheim and is known under the name Rivers.


    • Prometheus: Prometheus is Jon's Night club it the Hagalaz district of Obsidian. He started out as the manager but eventually bought the place with his savings from assassination contracts. He renovated the basement to make an office where he sells a variety drugs. Its his place of homage for his illicit activities.

    • Warehouses: Jon owns a warehouse in Caelin, Howldon and Grimrah for where he stores his drugs to sell in those particular areas. He has minions who manage deals in various cities but he makes his way around from time to time. He likes to oversee the big deals.

    • Safehouses: Jon has many safehouses all around Nyxheim for when he needs a place to stay while in foreign areas.


    • Mathematical Knowledge: As a child Jon was one of the brightest students ever to take part in the educational system in Howldon. He was known as a prodigy and one of the greatest mathematical minds for his age group. His fall for peer pressure ruined what could have been a fine future in mathematics, but fate had other plans for his devilish talent. He has studied mathematics throughout his entire life, never losing his passion for it.

    • Advanced Chemistry: Chemistry is the science of atomic matter, especially its chemical reactions, but also its composition, structure and properties. Chemistry is concerned with atoms and their interactions with other atoms, and particularly with the properties of chemical bonds. As a drug dealer he has studied a lot of chemistry in order to develop his own unique drugs all in pursuit for more coin.

    • Story Oriented Mind (Over active imagination): Jon has always had a fascination with stories and storytelling ever since he was a boy. Tales of heroes and misfortune always caught his attention. He has read so many stories throughout his lifetime he can easily create them within his mind, in fact he does frequently entertain himself with his own fictional stories that he thinks up. He has written his own books but has never released them to the general topic, he has just created so many ideas that he had to write them down because there were too many to keep spiralling around in his mind.

    • Enhanced Strength and Stamina: These are physical traits given to him after turning. As he grew and fed as a vampire his strength and stamina also grew. He became very agile and powerful as he practiced as an assassin. He still works himself physically and has yet to find a peak he hasn’t broken with hard work and determination.


    • Silver Tongue: Jon is able to clearly and effectively express himself and has a clever way with words. He is an excellent manipulator and is very sly when it comes to conversation. In his line of work it’s often needed.

    • Seduction: Jon is very attractive and has learned to use that along with his social skills to become seductive. Seduction is one of his main tools in feeding and manipulating both males and females into purchasing his products.

    • Stealth: While working as an assassin, stealth was a key factor in survival and reaching his goal. Jon has learned what attitude to take on, what clothes to wear and how to move when wanting to be stealthy. He is very skilled at it.

    • Lockpicking: Another skill picked up as an assassin, he has learned to pick locks pretty well. He still has lots of room to improve.

    • The Art of Eight Limbs: This fighting style uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques in its style. The Art of Eight Limbs is also referred to as the "Science of Eight Limbs" because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight "points of contact", as opposed to "two points". While working in with the Coven of not-so elites, Jon met a man known as Gram Li. The man was adept in the The Art of Eight Limbs and was a target for Jon. Jon was instead interrupted during his attack by a burglar. The burglar fought Jon off for a short while before Gram entered the room. Gram decapitated the man with the style known as The Art of Eight Limbs. He thanked Jon thinking he was a civilian who noticed the thief and came to help. Jon said if the man taught him how to fight like that his debt would be repaid. The man accepted. [Gram will be a reccuring character later down the line]

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    Post  Viper on Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:46 am

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    Jon was always a bright child, growing up with a fascination for mathematics. His teachers always noticed this and inspired him to work towards a career in mathematics and science.

    He was very shy and therefore fell easily to peer pressure. Whatever attention he got, he kept and that usually entailed being a follower. Once him and his friends became adults, there plans for the future took over his. He took up arms in the Howldon army.

    He hadn't been a soldier long before being put on a squad to investigate a village where suspicious activities were allegedly taking place. When they arrived it was empty. There was no sign of life, in fact there hadn't seemed to be any life there for quite some time. It was getting late and by this point they had already searched nearly everywhere so the squad set up camp. In the middle of the night Jon woke from his slumber and needed to take himself a good ol piss. He wandered into the woods and from within the darkness, hundreds of glowing red eyes were gazing at thing he knew he was waking up in the woods covered in blood...and he had been turned. [An SL will depict this tale]

    He later got discharged from the army and ventured to Caelin where he joined a vampire coven. This coven was lead by a man known as Raphael and nothing more. There goal was to become an elite clan of vampires and this involved contracts. Contracts were made to assassinate, but the true motive behind taking contracts was to find the healthiest specimens of flesh and dine on it to grow healthier.

    Raphael took notice of Jon's superiority as a sentient being and became jealous. He soon arranged a "little get together"with Jon and his loyalist deciples. The goal of the get together? It was to kill Jon. Sadly that plan didn't go over too well. The night Jon left Caelin leaving 12 slaughtered vampires and a tale of his treason within the coven. That night both Jon and Raphael were reported to have never been seen again...[An SL will depict this tale]

    After leaving the Coven, Jon made his way to Obsidian. He found a job as a bartender at a night club. He quickly ascended to manager and then bought the club Prometheus to himself. He soon took another business venture, drug dealing and became pretty popular for his good prices and amazing product quality. As the years past he began to expand around Nyxheim becoming a major dealer and drug trafficker within Obsidian, Caelin, Howldon and Grimrah not being overly popular many places else. This occupation has gotten him into many misadventures and situations that have helped him grow to become who he is...and more are yet to come.

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