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    The Inventor - Cery


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    The Inventor - Cery  Empty The Inventor - Cery

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    I. Biographical Data

    Given Name:
    Ceryni Anil

    Nicknames and Aliases:
    A nickname of sorts that is used by most friends.

    Known as this towards customers and unknowns, this nickname is presented for means of secrecy within' the smuggling game and thus is almost second nature to most of the crew.


    October 21st, 336 – 26 years old.


    II. Physical

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
    - Height:
    6 Feet, 3 Inches.

    - Weight:
    185 Lbs.

    - Hair Colour/Style:
    Dark Brown; Long, Messy, Unkempt.

    - Eye Colour:
    Icy Blue.

    - Skin Colour:
    White but lightly Tanned.

    - Makeup (optional):

    Body Type & Physical Condition:
    Body Type - Athletic
    Physical Condition - Healthy.

    Physical Abilities & Limitations:
    Abilities - Possesses incredible strength and stamina due to his constant work around engines and other heavy devices.
    Limitation - Not very capable of running long distances at fast speeds.

    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions:
    Physical Illnesses - N/A
    Physical Afflictions - N/A

    Physical Imperfections:
    Physical Imperfections - Due to a an accident within' a ship's Engine room, a wide-light scar runs from Cery's right cheek bone and over the bridge of his nose.

    Clothing style:
    ***Refer to Picture***

    Distinguishing Features:
    ***Refer to Physical Imperfections***

    While often lazy Cery's voice carries a deep but careless tone.


    III. Mental

    Chaotic Good; Rebel.

    Outer Goals:
    To invent, to learn, and most of all to have an adventure while doing so.

    Inner Goals:
    To invent a a humanoid like figure with a conscious mind.

    Super Objective:
    To understand how everything 'ticks', whether they be mechanical or alive.

    Defining Characteristic:
    Although often lazy, Cery (or Doc') is often remembered for being quite witty, semi-reckless, kind/jolly, and above all things a smart ass.

    Likes - To Sleep, Eat, and Invent.
    Dislikes - Egotistical figureheads, Blind Arrogance, and Bitchy Women.

    ***Refer to Super Goal***

    Fears the the spread of stupidity.

    Sexual Orientation:

    Dirty Secrets:

    Introvert or Extrovert:

    More Thinking or Feeling:
    In between.

    Selfish or Selfless:
    Selfish with his machines and tools alike. Selfless in his nature, especially with money and knowledge.

    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self:
    "The World is Massive and Expanding, yet only my Knowledge and sense of Adventure have the ability to expand with it."

    - Others:
    "Don't always assume things, just remember that stupidity is a Universal issue."

    - Friendship:
    "Acquaintances are a diamond dozen. True friends are not only rare but unlikely as well."

    - Love:
    "Heh...Yeah, Love. ;)"

    - Religion:
    "The sense of what I can do not only for myself but also for my creations will take me much further than any deity."

    - Country:
    "My allegiance stands to the people. What has my Country done for me other than brand me with a title?"

    - The World:
    "Reckless, Chaotic, Unpredictable. Don't rely on what you know about this World or any other."

    That society will destroy itself if equilibrium isn't met between Magic and Technology.

    Method of Handling Anger:
    Working relentlessly on one of his projects.

    Admirable Traits:
    Seeing as though Cery is a master of his own trade he can often be noted as a role model for mechanics and inventors alike.

    Negative Traits:
    Often likes to doze off or procrastinate when it comes to making repairs.

    Often doesn't think much of the younger crowd.

    Most Painful Things in Their Life:
    Never knowing his mother or really having a decent-father.

    Mental Disturbances:

    Philosophy of Life:
    Everything ticks a certain way and can be broken in another.

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Cooking - Due to the fact that his father was pretty much only interested in things that functioned with gears and fuel, Cery often ended up making his meals. Because of this, Cery's ability to 'whip something together' is renowned throughout the Smuggling crew.

    Persuasion - In order to survive not only through everyday life in a city of crime but also on the smuggling ship itself, Cery's ability to persuade one on nearly any subject is surpassed by very few.

    (Will add more once my character is given some more personality in my SL's.)

    Invention - Despite being apart of a lowly smuggling crew, Cery is actually known throughout the lands for his ability to create not only devices to help one through common day life, but also for his ability to make advances in ship-functioning and the series of battle.

    Engine Repair - Having grown up in a mechanical atmosphere Cery is highly educated when it comes to fixing things that function under technology both old and new.

    V. Social

    Political Alignment:
    Cery holds no political alignment.


    Skilled as both a Inventor and a Mechanic in trade, Cery is renowned for his skills and has often been sought after for advances in military technology.

    Mother - Unknown.
    Father - Deadbeat.
    Siblings - None.

    None at the moment.

    Noted accomplishments:
    Cery's most notable accomplishments are his inventions of course, the most famous of which are his gear-powered-mechanisms: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    While semi-famous among intellectual officials and military advisers, Cery is not known among many other.


    A Coelurosauravus - Name: Tex
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
    Besides the obvious tools of his trade, (wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.) Cery also carries along with him a couple of weapons. Two of these weapons are a couple simple revolvers. As for anything else, Cery also carries with him a bowie knife along his waist. With a blade length of about 12" the knife stands out as a both a lethal weapon as well as a good on-the-job tool.

    - Wealth/Possessions:
    Despite being renowned for his trade, Cery isn't actually all that wealthy. In fact before becoming apart of the smuggler crew he lived day-to-day, him hardly being able to distinguish funding him inventions or eating.

    - Land:

    While quite witty and intelligent, Cery's knowledge only goes as far as his inventions, mechanics, and history.

    - Languages Spoken:
    Very Fluent in: Avarin.

    - Literacy:

    While originally Cery had a very slang incorporated sense of speaking, since being apart of the smuggler crew and doing a bit of traveling he has began to speak more fluently.

    VI. Background/ History:

    Born – October 21, 336.
    Birth Name – Ceryni Anil.
    Place of Birth – Grimrah.
    Father's Name – Sirus Anil.
    Mother's Name – Unknown.

    Due to having been abandoned on his father's door step only days after his birth, Cery never actually knew his mother. And as for his father, well there wasn't much for him to know there either. His father was a mechanic first and last, a repair man, never what one could consider to be a fatherly figure. In fact, learning about matters concerning machines was the only possible way Cery could even get his father to talk seriously to him, and for that very reason he bared with it, him shoving his love for inventions to the side so he could simply talk to his father on a regular basis. However there was only so much he could learn. By the time Cery had learned all there was to the trade, he was 16 and already becoming just another figure in his father's life. For a short time he worked for his father, keeping his room in the house through rent. In time though he eventually took the hint and moved out on his own.

    At first things went well, Cery took the time to invest in his inventions and life took off like a rocket. Intellectuals and powerful figures adopted on his ideas and even funded a few of his 'experiments'. Cery thought that in reality things couldn't get any better. That was of course until one day. Another inventor came forth to Cery, he presented an idea; a crazy idea! The intellectual's name was Rivo Sparks and he believed that Cery had the ability to create a figure that could replace humans in the field of battle against magic forever. The idea was that this invention would be like a human in almost every aspect, that it could even think for itself despite having undying loyalties towards the cause it was created for. Even so, both a consciousness and undying loyalty weren't things that should co-exist. In the end one of the factors would have to be sacrificed; Cery knew this. With that being known, Cery did his best to turn down the project. While on one hand he felt that creating a figure with it's own consciousness was an exciting thrill, he also felt that he had no right to try and make a conscious figure obey one's wishes. It was practically slavery, an aspect of life he had no intention of being apart of.

    When the officials became aware of Cery's unwillingness to help with their cause, they completely restricted him of all his upper-credibility. In other words, Cery was sent in a downward-spiral back towards the muck he had been born in. Life became a day-to-day thing and his inventions came to a complete and utter halt. Whores and booze were really the only thing that kept him occupied besides work, and alley ways became a common place of sleep. That was until he was approached by a man of his past, a man who promised not only money and adventure, but Cery the ability to continue on with his inventions in return for being his mechanic. From then on he became a smuggler...

    ***(Like the rest of my Character, this will be specified and added onto at a later date. For now this will do. The ending also talks about his becoming a smuggler. A brief SL will touch up the loose ends in that. As for the loose ends concerning him being a renowned creator, I will do a couple of past based SL's so that I can come back in here and fill in the gaps.)***

    VII. Past Storylines:



    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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