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    Vallen - "V"


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    Vallen - "V" Empty Vallen - "V"

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      → "I can't save you, but I can show you the path to tomorrow."

    - V - Asylum Guards and Nurses

    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: September 13th, 341
    Birth Place: Howldon
    Orientation: Pansexual

    Physicality & Wellness
      → "My strength is not measured by my power, but my ability to turn conviction into a blade."

    Eye Color: Everchanging
    Hair Color: Jet Black
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 193lbs
    Body Type: Robust
    Physical Condition: Hardened
    Distinguishing Features: A subtle light behind the eyes that simply cannot pick its flavour.
    Physical Imperfections: Scattered scars from past confrontations.
    Illnesses & Afflictions: Severe Schizophrenia & Histrionic Personality Disorder [HPD].

    Vallen's Closet:

    Makeup: N/A
    Hairstyle: Medium length midnight bangs that fall in any given direction. Little care is spared for the males mane; instead he simply allows it to go a little wild.

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    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

      → "If it wasn't for that sociopathic inferiority complex you keep harboured right on the shoreline of your masculinity, I'd probably screw you too."

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Dirty Secrets: Sometimes the voices are the only ones that will listen.
    Superstitions: "If a dead person's eyes are left open, they'll find someone to take with them."
    Fears & Phobias: When so many voices speak at once, you can't help but worry you won't be heard.
    Hopes & Desires: To maintain his stability, no matter where it may lead.
    Super Objective: To find someone, anyone that he can relate to; one simple connection to another human being isn't that much to ask is it?


    Traits: Openness to Experience and Intellect. Behavioral aspects include having wide interests, and being imaginative and insightful, correlated with activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Considered primarily a cognitive trait. Impulsive, exploratory, fickle, excitable, quick-tempered, and extravagant. Associated with addictive behavior. Shows signs of alexithymia at times by unwillingly showing difficulty identifying feelings and distinguishing between feelings and the bodily sensations of emotional arousal. Risk taking, lack of planning, and making up one's mind quickly, a component of disinhibition. Abnormal patterns of impulsivity have been linked to lesions in the right inferior frontal gyrus.

    Displays extreme psychoticism, a personality pattern typified by aggressiveness and interpersonal hostility. High levels of this trait were believed to be linked to increased vulnerability to psychosis such as schizophrenia. Persistent, often unwelcome, and frequently disturbing ideas, thoughts, images or emotions, rumination, often inducing an anxious state. Obsessionality may result as a dysfunction of the basal ganglia.


    • Onychophagia
    • IEED
    • Misophonia


      Vallen is a twisted soul that has lost himself to the chaos within; often his grasp will slip and he loses sight of that which is and that which is not. With a personality that sporadically changes dependant on the influences being pushed upon him, he is volatile even at the best of times. Caution is always advised.

    Feelings Toward

      Self: It's rather difficult to explain how you feel about yourself when most of the time there seems to be more than one of you. Not to mention every one of "you" seems to have an opposing opinion.
      Others: Dangerous, predatory, compassion lacking fiends that don't deserve to waste good air. Sometimes they're lovely though. Must depend on the time of day. You can't blame people for being upset at times.
      Romance: One day Vallen will no doubt express his feelings to someone, however before attempting such a daring act, he'll need to find out which of the voices is his.
      Friendship: Extremely volatile.
      Religion: Who's he?
      The World: Strange how one person can change yours.

    Likes & Dislikes:

    ● Open Spaces
    ● Dark Meat
    ● Jewellery
    ● Nightlights

    ● Restraints
    ● Medication
    ● Guards
    ● Insomnia

    Social Evaluation
      → "It isn't intentional, I just haven't got the right medication."

    Profession: Asylum Patient
    Accomplishments: Biting out two cell guards larynx's in under eight seconds.
    Degree of Renown: Extremely "popular" with the Control-Team at the asylum.
    Level of Education: Masters Degree in[sanity].
    Political Alignment: N/A

    Pets: N/A
    Family: N/A
    Friends: N/A


    ● Fighting
    ● Reading
    ● Hunting




      Fera Impactus
      A specialised form of fighting Vallen developed for himself personally; the stance is lowered, with arms hanging at his sides but with hands open in a flat palm. Sometimes a position on all fours can be taken too. The art itself consists of speed bursts, leaps and impact striking. The beauty of Fera Impactus is that it’s unorthodox, unpredictable and very much like an animal. By utilizing strikes with the palm, elbow, feet and knees combined with a menagerie of leaps, slides and spins this particular method is quite deadly, capable of tearing muscles, breaking bones and when used with large amounts of force, able to rupture organs.

      Fera Translatum
      The striking method of the martial art; this is a fulcrum-based transference skill; an example of force transmission shifts the point and force of impact to the dead centre of an object. This technique forms the basis for the Fera Translatum-based techniques. In slightly more descriptive terms; a moderate amount of force is condensed below the skin then released upon impact with an object/person to cause extreme damage. Fera Translatum is the base of all further damaged based Fera techniques; roughly 30 strikes can be made before Vallen's energy runs dry. (15 strikes infused with large amounts of energy.)

      Fera Inflatus
      A technique which utilizes the fulcrum-based transference skill of “Fera Translatum" to shift the force of impact wherever Vallen desires. At the moment of contact, the user thrusts their collective momentum through the palms of their hand and right into the opponent, blasting them with concussive force. This technique may be used 3 times before depletion.

      Fera Ultim
      This technique utilises the complete control of the Fera Translatum in the body by focussing it into a single blow momentarily upon contact; this allows for instantaneous release to a desired area with pinpoint accuracy. When such a technique is carried out in this manner the force punctures directly through the skin and muscle as opposed to knocking the opponent back. Due to the deadly nature of this technique it can only be used once, because of this, Vallen will usually aim the attack at his opponent’s heart.

    Armaments & Holdings
      → "I've never seen anyone do that with it before."

    Jacket › Black Trench:
    "I have no personal bubble,
    no space of my own. All that stands
    between me and them is this.
    This, is my armor."
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Armor Name: Deconstruction
    Armor Type: Jacket
    Craftsman: Heartless Revival Clothing
    Origin Lore: N/A
    Level Of Sentience: N/A
    - Temperament: N/A
    Weapon Description:N/A
    - Measurements: 72 Inches
    - Material: Denim
    Imbued Properties: N/A
    Other Effects: N/A

    Background Script
      → "Sometimes I wish it was all just a story..."

    Act I "Can You Hear That?":

    "Momma, can I sleep with you tonight?"
    Every child in existence has found ways of getting out of going to bed, for some it's because countless tales of the boogeyman plague their ability to sleep, others just have too much energy. But what if the moment you closed your eyes the world caved in on you and the voices started calling your name?

    Little Vallen was caught in the web of suffering so young, a fragile boy of few years and even less experience, he'd always been a tad odd, even his parents knew that something didn't quite tick over right, but being parents they loved him none-the-less. It wasn't until the "nightmares" came most every night to disturb both the boy and his parents that finally the weary couple sought help. Help that came in the form of a psychiatrist.
    Act II "I Feel Fine":

    "Now tell me young man, what do these voices say?"

    The first visit to the Doctor wasn't so bad, he went over social skills with Vallen, taught him methods he could try to help with his sleep and overall helped to calm the boy and suppress his anxiety.

    However nobody likes to be silenced, especially not the voices of the mind. Within weeks the night terrors became more and more severe, it was very rare that a night went by without one in-fact. Slowly Vallen's father began to lose hope in the psychiatrist and instead demanded that the boy be involved in proper medical treatment. Treatment that came in the form of a little white pill.
    Act III "Just Another Pill":

    "They don't like it when you do that daddy..."

    Things started out grand; Vallen happily swallowed his pills, rest finally reached the weary and all seemed to calm in the household. But as is with any drug, slowly a resistance builds and in this particular case, it came far too soon. Within weeks the boy had started to show a vast variety of other medical symptoms; his personality flipped over and over, charming one moment and crying hysterically the next. When not screaming Vallen would simply chew on his nails, biting them all the way down to the skin until they bled. The medication had to be stopped.

    Unfortunately things just went from bad to terrible from there. Vallen's other symptoms didn't vanish with the halt of the medication, some of them worsened while the previous burdens returned with nothing but spite in their eyes. Demons took hold of the boy and turned his life inside out in a matter of months, that was until his father could take no more.
    Act IV "Projecting Pain":

    "Please mommy, make daddy stop!"

    The screams broke out one night from Vallen's room; another night under siege from the voices within the lads mind. He cried out endlessly for help but it did not come. Hour upon hour of torment racked the very body of the poor abandoned boy until his father finally stepped into the room.

    No comfort came that night, the father strode oh so nonchalantly across length of the room, with his arrival at his sons bedside the boy reached out with begging arms and eyes, a tear-stained pillow beneath him and urine covering his body induced by the fear he felt. A cold stare was all that met his pleas at first until the initial blow came. A straightforward punch straight to the jaw. Vallen would have screamed could he process all the information that was hitting him at once, instead he just trembled beneath the strike, eyes wide and mouth gaping as he looked up at the only man he had ever loved; his role model and saviour in life. That all evaporated as blow after blow rained down on Vallen's tiny body; each hit yanked all hope and love from his soul. The blood of an innocent painted the walls and the face of his attacker. A grim sight indeed.

    A final hope emerged when from the corner of Vallen's eye he noticed his mother appear in the doorway; with the last of his willpower the boy pushed broken yet trembling fingers in her direction. She stared for a moment, maybe two before turning away and heading back to her room. It was then, with that passing moment that something within the boy broke. A cord that is made within the heart, one that reaches out and connects to those that you love. Though this cord was not cut shall we say, mercy no, this bond was shattered. Abandoned by the only people that ever loved him Vallen simply went numb and took the beating until his father could hit him no more. That, was a very long night.
    Act V "An Unpleasant Scene":

    "Have a pleasant stay now."

    When Vallen awoke the next morning in a pool of sweat, blood and other assortments of his bodily fluids the boy noticed only one thing; the bodies of his parents on the floor beside him. His father and mother both dead, knives driven through both of their necks and the remaining weapons spread all over Vallen's bed. Try as he might the boy could not comprehend the events; he simply screamed.

    It didn't take long for one of the neighbours to make a call to the authorities. They of course, came to investigate the screams with little interest, until they found the boy, covered in blood and surrounded by knives, alone with nothing but a pair of corpses to keep him company. In minutes the scene had been surrounded and the boy restrained. One look at his medical history and the unmerciful rule of the law deemed the boy not only insane but also a murderer.

    Act VI "Forever":

    "I just want to be left alone."

    Kane Hill Lunatic Asylum for the Criminally Insane. A life sentence. Unfortunately this wasn't going to be one of those "Out early for good behaviour" type deals. Life in Kane Hill means until you die.

    Vallen was admitted quickly and forgotten even faster. The boy just sat most of the time; mulling over the events of the past days, occasionally have a hysterical fit or arguing with the voices inside himself. The guards were all quite amused by the young man's shortcomings. They took great pleasure in breaking him every week. Of course the boy occasionally gave into his demons and took a little payback; on one occasion whilst being escorted to the "play area" Vallen took a particularly nasty blow to the back of the neck and lost his temper for a moment. Two guards lost out on their throats that day.

    It wasn't until Vallen entered his teen years that the hatred and anger took hold near completely. Fuelled by his past, with no care for the present and no chance of a future, Vallen turned himself into vengeance, manifested into a physical form. When not crying, screaming or otherwise occupied with some emotional trauma the lad would train himself within the confides of his cell; pushing his body to and beyond the very limits of regular human condition. For hours on end he would strike the walls and doors with all his might; often breaking his own bones Vallen would simply use other parts of his anatomy to strike with.

    With practice and perseverance comes product. In a mere matter of years Vallen had developed his own fighting style, the art of "Fera Impactus" a wild martial art focussing on the unique ability to transfer the point of impact.

    Act VII "New Day":

    "Apparently every dog has his day."

    Living in an Asylum has very little advantages. Well, actually, it has none at all. But making something out of nothing is a talent all on its own, one that Vallen had come to perfect.

    Utilising the ability of his now diagnosed "HPD" Vallen could charm the very birds down from the trees if he wished to. However for that kind of thing you need birds. And trees. It wasn't often Vallen got to see the outside world. Once a week if he was lucky, the guards would take all the "Abominations" as they liked to call them, outside for some "lovely fresh air". Patronizing assholes.

    Apart from the guards occasionally ripping someone to pieces, the outside trips were wonderful; all the more so for Vallen. Every time he managed to get outside he'd simply sit and stare at a piece of fence and the surroundings beyond it. Each time a new part to take in. Slowly the very image burned itself into his brain and Vallen had mapped out the opportunities that lay beyond the border.

    In time, Vallen would escape this place. No guard, judge or even deity was going to stop him. Not a chance. This little dog was definitely going to have his day.

    Out Of Character Synopsis

    Intended Purpose:

      This particular character is likely going to be the only one I use here and it will be involved in a longterm play-ship with Jeanne and her associates.
    Past Storylines:

    Storyline: [url=thread link]Thread to Come[/url]
    Characters: [url=person who participated's profile link]Characters Will be Here[/url]
    Synopsis: Currently Unavailable.

    Storyline: [url=thread link]Currently Unavailable.[/url]
    Characters: [url=person who participated's profile link]Currently Unavailable.[/url]
    Synopsis: Currently Unavailable.
    Merit Purchases:


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