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    Alastor the Haunted


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    Alastor the Haunted Empty Alastor the Haunted

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    I. Biographical Data
    Given Name: Alastor Sharpe
    Nicknames and Aliases: “That guy that sits in the corner” The ubiquitous nickname that is somewhat fondly given by the proprietors of the varied taverns Alastor visits.
    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: 338
    Race: Human

    II. Physical
    • - Height: Alastor measures up at approximately six feet, but if ever asked he just might add an inch or two.
    • - Weight: Alastor weighs in at a solid one hundred and eighty-five pounds of lean muscle
    • - Hair Colour/Style: Alastor wears his dark brown hair in a cropped short style however due to his travels, his hair will usually grow to fall to his eyes considering the lack of traveling barbers.
    • - Eye Colour: Alastor’s piercing dark brown eyes have been known to make any woman swoon.
    • - Skin Colour: Due to his many travels under the cover of the blistering sun, Alastor’s skin is tanned and almost always caked with dirt.
    • - Makeup (optional): N/A

    Body Type & Physical Condition: As Alastor travels extensively, there is little time to indulge in luxury items, which in turn keeps his frame covered with lean muscle; leaving him in excellent shape.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Due to his human physiology Alastor is limited by comparatively frail bones. However rather than excelling in speed as an elf would, and lacking the inherent strength that a clockwork might exhibit, when compared against other humans Alastor is seen to be in possession of somewhat remarkable reflexes.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Alastor is not currently a carrier of any illness but in the dark of night when by himself, Alastor is afflicted by a terrible sense of self-doubt.
    Physical Imperfections: Being thankful for what he has, Alastor does not wish to change any aspect of his body. However his body is marred by the occasional nick and scratch.
    Clothing style: As the consummate traveler, Alastor prefers to travel in light clothes that do not hang to heavy across his frame.
    Distinguishing Features: There is nothing distinguishing about Alastor apart from a ridge on his nose that alludes to it being broken once before.
    Voice: Alastor’s voice is both deep and smooth. It has a tendency to carry just far enough to reach those he wishes to talk to.
    Transformation: N/A

    III. Mental
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Outer Goals: Alastor has no apparent outer goals apart from traveling the lands and learning what he may from his adventures.
    Inner Goals: Alastor’s inner goal is simply to find a sense of self and a place he can call home. Somewhere to anchor him so he doesn’t need to travel anymore.
    Super Objective: Alastor is driven by the notion that someone, somewhere is waiting for him. He has no idea who, but like a feeling one simply cannot shake; he or she lays on the back of his mind always.
    Defining Characteristic: Alastor is widely known by his easygoing demeanor and overall pleasant personality; he will always spare time in order to help another.
    Likes/Dislikes: Alastor enjoys many things such as food and sleep to name a few. However he rarely dislikes anything besides an unpleasant person to be around.
    Hopes/Desires: Alastor’s deepest desire is simply to find someone kindhearted enough to settle down with.
    Fears/Phobias: Alastor’s persisting fear is that when the time comes for him to be needed once more, he will not be able to rise to other’s expectations of him.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight as an Arrow
    Dirty Secrets: Alastor is transparent in his goals and his past is an open book for all, by default then there is no outstanding secret that he wishes to hide.
    Introvert or Extrovert: While Alastor enjoys the company of people, he has no problem with the solitude of his travels.
    More Thinking or Feeling: While Alastor may say he rationalizes his decisions, when push comes to shove he will rely more on his gut feeling than anything else.
    Selfish or Selfless: Alastor has been known to selflessly put aside his own needs in order to help out another.
    Attitudes Toward:
    • - Self: Alastor is his own worst critic; good enough will never be good enough for him.
    • - Others: Alastor believes that there is good in everyone, but that doesn’t he should so readily turn his back away.
    • - Friendship: Alastor cherishes the bonds he has made over his travels but do to wandering he finds it hard to keep those bonds strong.
    • - Love: While Alastor hopes that love is truly other he is beginning to doubt himself.
    • - Religion: While Alastor would like to believe that there is some deity out there controlling the world for the better, he fails to see it due to the pain in the every day life of others.
    • - Country: As a traveler, Alastor feels no nationalistic ties to any one place.
    • - The World: Alastor believes that there is much more to the world than people believe and he would enjoy finding out what exactly that is.

    Superstitions: Alastor believes in a greater force at work that is not unlike Karma. Simply put, do good things and good things will come back to you.
    Method of Handling Anger: Alastor is not an angry person and therefore he never really encounters this problem often. If one does manage to irk Alastor, he’ll simply take a moment to breathe and stab you repeatedly in his mind’s eye.
    Admirable Traits: Alastor is proud of his patience and easygoing manner.
    Negative Traits: Alastor is constantly marred by self-doubt and loathing for himself.
    Prejudices: While Alastor does not fancy himself to be a racist, he has been ingrained from childhood to treat anything non-human with caution.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Alastor always feels like he is in a constant state of disconnect with those around him, the loss of his parents has been a driving force in Alastor's need to move around.
    Mental Disturbances: The only disturbance that sticks out above the rest is the voice in the back of his head, telling him that what Alastor is doing is wrong and will never work.
    Philosophy of Life: Alastor firmly believes in the concept of “Live and Let Live”

    IV. Skills & Talents

    Do to being a proud member of the human race; Alastor is privy to the skill of enhanced reasoning. When time calls for it, he is able to step back and take another look at the situation. This usually allows him to logically find a way out of almost every problem Alastor may encounter.

    One thing that sets Alastor apart from his fellow humans however, are his reflexes. From birth Alastor has been able to read and react to situations much quicker than the average human whether it be catching a ball or dodging a knife.


    Alastor is a jack of all trades and a master of none. He is able to do a variety of things such as archery, story telling, and swordsmanship but not particularly adept at any of them.

    V. Social
    Political Alignment: As a wanderer, Alastor feels as if he has no real home. Therefore he has no ties to any one city.
    Religion: Although Alastor is not completely sure about how his feelings concerning the concept of Deities in the world intervening with the affairs of the land, his family believed in Logism so if he were to choose he’d pick that church.
    Job/Class: As a wanderer Alastor does the odd job available at inns or bars. He has done everything from security detail to gathering chickens in order to throw a few more coins in his pocket.
    Family: Alastor hailed from a modest family that lay on the outskirts of Grimrah. His parents were farmers who worked hard to make their way and provide for Alastor however they were usually cheated whenever they attempted to sell their goods. The resulting effect being that Alastor grew up to be very poor as a child however he inherited his father’s tireless work ethic and his mother’s pleasant attitude.
    Relationships: N/A

    Noted accomplishments: Perhaps Alastor’s greatest accomplishment is not being known for anything. Thus by keeping his nose clean, he usually encounters no trouble on his journeys apart from the usual brigand looking to kill and steal from Alastor.
    • - Famous/infamous: Alastor prides himself on being neither of the two. He is content to remain in obscurity for the remainder of his life.

    Hobbies: Alastor can be seen to enjoy spending whatever free time he has during his stays in town participating in the time honored pastime of people watching and the occasional cloud gazing.
    Pets: N/A

    • - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: Due to being one of a peaceful nature, Alastor carries no weapons save for a knife tucked away in his cloak. However due to laying unused over time the knife’s blade has dulled and the handle has worn away. As far as armor, Alastor owns none instead preferring to wander in light clothes and a hooded traveler’s cloak. He usually carries nothing with him apart from whatever money he has at the time and a few odd objects of no apparent value. (What does your character usually carry with him/her?)
    • - Wealth/Possessions: Rather than judge his own wealth by gold Alastor prefers to count his wealth by experiences, if that were the case Alastor can measure up to the captains of industry however due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of people like to look at wealth by amount of gold Alastor finds himself to be not one of immense wealth, however he finds that he always manages to have just enough to get by.
    • - Land: As a professional wanderer, Alastor owns nothing but the clothes on his back and the shoes on his feet. The earth is his bed and the stars serve as his blanket but he will always prefers the warm bed of a good inn to his normal accommodations.

    • - Languages Spoken: Avarin
    • - Literacy: Alastor has maintained a rudimentary education: he is able to read, write, and do figures in his head but beyond that his knowledge about the inner workings of the world from a scholarly view is sparse. However he does happen to enjoy hearing the goings on of the common people in various taverns and inns that allow him to remain up to date on news.

    VI. Background/ History:

    Alastor had an unremarkable childhood. Being the only son to two hard working farmers Alastor learned to pitch in early and do what he could to make life easier on his parents. However despite doing as much as a child possibly could, his father was never able to make ends meet and his parents often sacrificed their own needs in place of making sure Alastor ate well enough. Despite shouldering this burden, his parents were always in good spirits and never cross with Alastor. In fact they were always telling him how one day, he would make enough to set them up for life. Being a child, Alastor had no idea that his parents never expected him to amount to anything more than hopefully a content farmer, but he had no way of knowing that.

    This lone thought has plagued Alastor for his entire life.

    Growing into adolescence, Alastor was driven to work harder than ever. Accepting more responsibilities on the farm, he sought to ease his parents’ load. As Alastor grew older and stronger, his parents grew weaker. It was only natural due to the fact that as Alastor’s growing body demanded more nourishment, it sapped from the stores available to his aging parents. Soon his father was unable to leave his bed; next his mother fell to excessive weakness. Despite only one person being able to work a three-man farm, Alastor worked hard and rested little. But all was well, if he was already beginning to make good on his promise to take care of his parents. If only he found a way to maximize profits on his next trip to Grimrah.

    If only things didn’t go horribly wrong next.

    Alastor was both excited and afraid to visit the city of Grimrah by himself. He of course visited the city numerous times before hand with his father, but never alone. The last thing his father told him was if he were not on his guard, the City of Thieves would grab hold of him and never let go. Alastor naturally thought his father was kidding, so it was with blissful ignorance that he hitched the wagon to his family’s sole horse and set out for Grimrah with hopes of somehow finding some mythical answer to his families’ problems.

    It is a shame that things only got worse.

    Young and ignorant of how the world worked, Alastor thought he would be able to peddle his wares better in a different district of Grimrah rather than the open market his father usually went to. All seemed well at first, Alastor ended up with a decent profit that allowed him to buy just enough supplies and a little medicine for his ailing family. However being for all intents and purposes, a stranger to the city, Alastor quickly ended up lost thinking a back road could lead him to a short cut out of the city. Night was falling quick and soon Alastor felt himself being followed. Not all was lost though, keeping calm and urging on his old horse to the open Alastor felt like he had a chance still.

    How wrong he was.

    Before Alastor could reach the open square, three dark figures cut off the exit to the alley. It was only then that Alastor realized the two thieves behind him, now blocking off any hopes of fleeing, were herding him to this very spot. It was never a chase but an ambush. Alastor’s horse stalled, not knowing what to do as its way was blocked. His mind told him to run, his gut told him to fight. Alastor jumped off the wagon and confronted the thieves in front of him. Alastor thought to take the first move and try to isolate one from the other two. He turned his back and laid a few good blows before the thief could draw his weapon. Alastor thought he was doing well until he felt the harsh, unrelenting blows of all the remaining four on his back. He tried to fight but Alastor soon was forced to the ground, he had no option but to curl up and pray the thieves do not take his life along with his possessions.

    His last memory was being stomped on the face by a thief and spat on by another.

    Alastor woke the next morning to a marvelous rush of pain. He took a moment to examine himself, caked with his own blood and stripped of everything but his own clothes there were no broken bones apart from his nose. He realized with a growing dread he had no crops, nor no gold or supplies to take back to his family. He reluctantly walked back to his farm only to see that his previous fears of how to explain returning empty-handed were for naught.

    What was left of the farm was in ashes.

    It now became clear that raiders, realizing Alastor, the only one left who could find, was gone took hold of their opportunity and ransacked the farm. Alastor screamed for his parents to come out of hiding until his throat ran raw but no one responded. He fell to the ground. This was not how things were supposed to happen. He was supposed to be there for his family. He was supposed to take care of them. He was supposed to protect them.

    He wasn’t supposed to let them down like this.

    Unable to face his obvious failures, Alastor turned and started running away. Running away from his problems, running away from his lost responsibilities, running away from himself. Now Alastor finds himself to be a wanderer, always running from one town to the next, trying to escape the haunting memories of his parents. Alastor’s deepest desire is what he now fears most. Unable to find a new home for fear he would bring pain to those who inhabited it, Alastor has never settled in one place for more than a few weeks. Alastor's pleasant demeanor is nothing more than a farce to conceal the self doubt and self hatred he feels within.

    VII. Past Storylines:


    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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