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    Ira the Rockstar

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    Name: Ira Ferrinas Mythos Solidor

    Alias/Nicknames: Carian the Dark Prince (stage-name)

    Birthdate: October 29th, 310

    Race: Incubus

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: The Solidor Royal Family is legendary among the incubi not only for its political power, but also for its alluring beauty. Ira majestically honours his bloodline on this last mentioned aspect. With a flawless ivory flesh, silky raven hair, perfectly sculpted visage, and spellbinding amethyst eyes he is said to be a walking portrait of Carian the Great. His slender body stands 177cms tall and weights 68kg, and has the finely toned muscles of ballet dancers. When he moves, he does so in such an elegant yet sensual manner that most are stricken with admiration or distracted by lascivious thoughts. Mischievous as he is, Ira’s fashion style deals with revealing or skin-tight outfits.

    Transformation: As all incubi, Ira has a more devilish form with obsidian horns, claws, fangs, and a dangerous tail.

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    Personality: Hedonist, alluring, proud, and selfish are the main traits of this incubus. Ira enjoys to be loved and to toy with other people’s hearts without remorse. Having been raised in the Dark Elven society, he is extreme, callous, and finds amusement in cruelty. Ira also suffers from a severe obsession over his grandfather that has created some strange form of identity crisis that still persists. Nevertheless, the most interesting aspect of him is that while being capable of the most inhumane acts, he is also capable of the most beautiful ones.

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Political Alignment: Malekith

    Languages Spoken: Noldorin, Eldarin, Avarin

    Job/Class: Rockstar & Dj at Guilty Pleasures/ Prince of Malekith

    Inventory: For the sake of privacy Ira lives in a penthouse in Regent Hills with a lovely view to the Old City and surrounded by an excess of luxury.

    Talents: As any pure blooded member of the Solidor Dynasty,  Ira exhibits great proficiency in his racial abilities. He has managed to use them to enchant his fans and make them almost addicts to his music.

    Skills: As it is with all children of such immaculate breeding, Ira received a well-rounded education encompassing sports, military training, politics, fine arts, linguistics, and the study of the written word. Thus it is no surprise that Ira has a keen intellect and is quite versatile. Ira's upbringing has endeared him with knowledge in a variety of fields, and though his personal points of excellence are in fencing and music, he would make a reasonable diplomat.

    Ira is the second youngest of the four children conceived by Prince Daemian of House Solidor and Lady Isadora of House DuSoleil. Ever since his birth, he became Queen Veo’s favourite due to the striking resemblance to her deceased brother and lover, Carian. This would greatly shape his personality in years to come.

    There was no lack of affection in the Solidor household. The siblings had the luck of having very loving parents, and quite healthy relations between siblings by incubi standards. Ephiran was the eldest and dutiful son, always concerned with serious matters such as military and politics given that he had to be prepared to inherit the throne. He always was a bit distant and formal, while his sister Riein was his partner in mischief. Since they were only a couple of years apart, Riein and Ira developed a much closer relation.

    Ira was widely adored, and especially pampered by the Queen. This made him develop a quite conceited personality. Even Leiados, the royal family’s chief protector who had barely said a word after Carian’s death, seemed rekindled by his presence. It was no secret that all this love was brought upon him, in great part, due to his resemblance to his grandfather; so the young incubus became obsessed with him. He began to read and ask a lot about Carian, which only endeared him more to those who had once known him. As he grew up, he developed an eerie resemblance to the point that some say he is the reincarnation of the Dark Lord.

    Everything changed a couple of years after the birth of the youngest brother, Niels in the year 332. The Solidor family had always been famous for the longevity of its members, so the tragedy was expected. Isadora was found pale and beautiful, bathing in her own blood on the fifth of December of 340. Daemian followed a couple of months after; he was unable to overcome the loss of his beloved. Ephiran seemed strong and detached, but the other three siblings struggled to survive the Black Rose.

    During those years, the three youngest drew closer. Niels specifically developed a strong admiration and love for Ira. Ephiran blamed Niels for the death of their parents, and the little incubus took solace with Ira who began to have heated disputes with Ephiran. Unlike the other siblings, Ira was not afraid of the eldest because he had the support of their grandmother.

    Everything settled eventually, but Ira wanted to leave. He begged Veo to allow him to live out of Malekith for a time, and she finally agreed thinking it would do him good, and had Leiados accompany him for safety. It was somewhere in the year 350 that Ira moved to Howldon with the help of an elder of the Vampire Coven. He lived with the vampires for a while below Guilty Pleasures, and he got into music. He was a DJ for the nightclub until his career took off as rockstar around the year 358. He then moved to Regent Hills, where Niels occasionally visits him. Now he enjoys the luxurious life of a celebrity, and still makes random appearances as DJ in Guilty Pleasures.

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