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    The Wyvern - Serial Killer

    The Wyvern
    The Wyvern

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    The Wyvern - Serial Killer Empty The Wyvern - Serial Killer

    Post  The Wyvern on Tue May 29, 2012 3:02 pm

    I. Biographical Data
    Given Name: None
    Nicknames and Aliases: The Wyvern (prefered, though rarely used as it ID's her as the serial killer), Mariya Simonov
    Gender: Female
    Birthdate: Unknown, claims October 31st. Nearly 3,360 years old, though looks to be in her late twenties.
    Race: Human due to a curse, previously a Shadow Dragon

    II. Physical
    - Height: 5'1"
    - Weight: 102 lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: None, keeps it shaved.
    - Eye Colour: Pale grey
    - Skin Colour: Brown

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Petite
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Strength similar to humans somewhat larger than her, faster than most humans are capable of
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Cursed as a human, addicted to Umbrol Six.
    Physical Imperfections: Her size and human body.
    Clothing style: Every piece of her clothing is black as the night. If she wears a coat, it's liable to have long tails. She almost always wears hood or scarf. Sleeves are rare in her wardrobe. She has no shoes.
    Distinguishing Features: Nothing, short of her incredibly pale eyes.
    Voice: Sharp.
    Transformation: Turns into her original 1'11" Shadow Dragon self while under the effects of Umbrol Six.

    III. Mental
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Outer Goals: To kill.
    Inner Goals: To get her real body.
    Super Objective: To serve the Shadow Mother.
    Defining Characteristic: Her cruelty and hate are her most commonly seen traits.
    Likes/Dislikes: Flying, murdering, stealing, pineapples, eating, dosing on Umbrol Six / Pretending to be human, sleeping, lawful good, good in general, humanoids, coming down from Umbrol Six.
    Hopes/Desires: Finding a way to permanently retain her old body, hearing the voice of the Shadow Mother again, killing all the mudmongers.
    Fears/Phobias: Dying as a human, shrinking, getting stepped on.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.
    Dirty Secrets: Sometimes finds herself being attracted to humans based on their pheromones.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Feeling.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfish
    Attitudes Toward: (How does she feel or think about the things listed below? What value does she give them?)
    - Self: Hates
    - Others: Hates
    - Friendship: Hates
    - Love: Hates
    - Religion: Continues to reach out to the Shadow Mother
    - Country: Hates
    - The World: Hates

    Superstitions: None
    Method of Handling Anger: Homocide/property damage.
    Admirable Traits: Fierce loyalty in rare occasions.
    Negative Traits: Far too many to count.
    Prejudices: Hates nearly every bit of sentient life.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Her mother's rejection, the exile from the Swamps, receiving the curse of humanity, the loss of the connection to the Shadow Mother, learning the state of the Shadow Dragons.
    Mental Disturbances: Depression.
    Philosophy of Life: Just keep killing until it's all sorted out.

    IV. Skills & Talents
    Talents: Exceptionally fast and strong for her size due to her dragon blood. Immune to all but the most powerful curses. Resistant to minor poisons. Natural tendency to move silently.

    Skills: Expert in stealth tactics. Seemingly able to disappear, sometimes even in plain site, due to her excellent abilities at hiding. Full, in depth knowledge of anatomy across a wide variety of species. Exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, particularly with knives and daggers. Fairly good with a guitar. Working knowledge of basic quantum physics. Learning to construct simple machines.

    V. Social
    Political Alignment: None
    Religion: Shadism.
    Job/Class: Serial Killer
    Family: The Wyvern was born into the Simonov clan. Her mother was clan leader until the Wyvern killed her and ate her heart for rejecting her and refusing to bless her with a name. Currently the only remaining member of her family and clan is her brother, Rykov. They hate each other.

    Noted accomplishments: Has nearly 1,400,000 confirmed kills.
    - Famous/infamous: The Wyvern is a name that carries weight across the land for the massive amounts of murders she's preformed, though no solid description of her exists, short of a few obtuse lines in rhymes.

    Hobbies: Hording shiny objects, slaughtering humans.
    Pets: None.

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: 12" steel kukri, black leather gloves with steel claws, always carries at least one dose of Umbrol Six, pockets usually have stray knives and sharp objects.
    - Wealth/Possessions: Owns a massive amount of treasure, loot, and various junk that she takes from her kills. She uses next to none of it however, as she just steals anything that she might need or want.
    - Land: Living in the well-secured abandoned loft of a textile factory within the Wolfenham district of Howldon.

    - Languages Spoken: Shadic (the Shadow Dragon tongue), Common.
    - Literacy: Has no formal education, but has self-taught herself to read and write. Very quick to learn new subjects. Knows a great deal about Shadow Dragon history, anatomy, and quantum physics.

    VI. Background/ History:
    The Wyvern's birth was unceremonious to say the least. Shortly after hatching, her mother discovered that the Wyvern was a runt and subsequently tried to eat her, the standard policy amongst their culture for such an occurrence. It was dumb luck that she managed to escape. Throughout her childhood she was hated by the entirety of the Shadow Dragon population. Fortunately, her small size and quick thinking made it nearly impossible for any of the other dragons to catch her when she traveled close to them. After a few centuries of this they gradually gave up actively hunting her every time they noticed her, allowing the Wyvern to maintain a closer proximity to the clan.

    Shortly after turning five hundred, the Wyvern had her first encounter with a human. While she had heard of them many times before, this was her first time actually seeing one, allowing her curiosity to get the better of her. Thinking the dragon was newly hatched, the man attempted to capture her. The Wyvern immediately tore out his throat and gained a taste for the mudraces. A year later she single-handedly slaughtered a small village on the outskirts of the swamps. Thinking this would put her on good terms with her mother, she immediately returned to her clan. Her mother, however, still despised her and still denied her a name. The next day the Wyvern's mother, leader of the Simonov clan, was found dead with her daughter atop her chest devouring her heart. Rykov, the Wyvern's clutch-brother, immediately exiled her by chasing her from the swamps with aid of the Simonovs now under his command.

    Over the next twenty-five hundred years the Wyvern cut a wide path of terror across a world that was unprepared for the kinds of horror she was capable of. Gradually she became something of a boogeyman, a scary story told to children to make them behave. However, just as her life was starting to become routine, a freak accident resulted in her receiving a powerful curse that made her nearly human, short of a small amount of dragon blood that greatly slows her aging and helps with her strength.

    Over the next few centuries she's been hunting down every means of removing the curse that she can, all resulting in failure. Recently she came across a drug that temporarily alleviates curses, but even that is becoming less and less effective with each dose. Her desperation for her true form is beginning to tear at her.

    VII. Past Storylines:



    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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    The Wyvern - Serial Killer Empty Re: The Wyvern - Serial Killer

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