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    Daggoth, The Innkeeper


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    Daggoth, The Innkeeper Empty Daggoth, The Innkeeper

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    I. Biographical Data
    Given Name: Daggoth Radon Woolseye
    Nicknames and Aliases: Dag, “Dagger” to some.
    Gender: Male
    Birthdate: October 12th, 340
    Race: Human

    II. Physical
    - Height: 6'5”
    - Weight: 160 lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: Long brown hair, naturally curled and neatly parted at the front.
    - Eye Colour: Big, light brown eyes.
    - Skin Colour: An average white skin color that looks like it has a slight tan.
    - Makeup (optional): N/A

    Body Type & Physical Condition: Average body in perfect physical condition.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations: Standard human strength, able to lift heavy crates and run long distances. No real great strengths or limitations.
    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: Aside from a few body scars, there are no permanent illnesses or afflictions to his body.
    Physical Imperfections: He feels as though he's too skinny for his current height, and feels as though he'd be better suited with a shorter stature, preferably around a simple average height of 6'0”. He also doesn't like how big his forehead is, despite that it's not that big at all. His perception of himself is very low and feels unvaluable in terms physical apperance.
    Clothing style: He dons a simple cotton shirt and pants, tightened securely by a leather belt. His feet are adorned with brown boots to trek through large city streets or long dirt roads in the suburbs.
    Distinguishing Features: He stands at a staggering height of 6'5” while only weighing a less than average weight of 160 lbs. Some scars on his chest could show that he was seriously wounded in some form of battle, despite the fact that a few milk crates snapped on his chest while working at a side job.
    Voice: His voice is slightly on the deep side, though loud enough to be heard when he talks.
    Transformation: N/A

    III. Mental
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Outer Goals: He determines to be as successful as his father was in running a local inn on the South Harbour in Earlford. Although he did study at the nearby University, as his father grew in age, he stepped up to take responsibility of his father's business, and now it rests on his own shoulders.
    Inner Goals: Daggoth yearns the wonders of Magick. He's seen it as a child, and seen it growing up in the outskirts of the city. He wants to learn Magick and feels a strange connection with it, though he feels as though Magick is far beyond his capability. The idea, however, will never fade from his mind.
    Super Objective: He believes his reason to exist is to keep open his father's inn at the harbour. Although he may not know it, however, his destiny is intertwined with a series of events that will change his life forever.
    Defining Characteristic: Daggoth is very quick to make a joke at any opportunity, provided he knows the person he's talking to. Compassionate and friendly, he strives to make all feel welcomed at his inn. To those hostile, he's shy and nervous, ready to make a stupid mistake if it means saving the lives of himself or one he cares about. Even though he's upbeat and happy around most of his customers, he suffers from fatigue and feels very lethargic at the end of the day.
    Likes/Dislikes: Company and beer; the two greatest gifts he could ever ask for. Criminals and know-it-alls; the worst that this planet has to offer.
    Hopes/Desires: He dreams of settling down and marrying as soon as he can, ready to have children of his own that can help him run the inn one day, or even make it to the Howldon University. Nothing would make him more proud.
    Fears/Phobias: Although never explained or understood, he has a great fear of small objects with a bright green color. A vision he's seen in many nightmares, it always brought about death and destruction followed by that green light.
    Sexual Orientation: Completely heterosexual. He is currently single and looking for a long-term girlfriend whom he can eventually marry and settle down with.
    Dirty Secrets: His nightmares have been increasing in numbers lately, with one depicting the body of a snob he used to go to the Universitiy with being decapitated by a Wight. That following day, he arrived to the scene of an accident, where that same kid he saw in his nightmare was laying on the ground, cut up in a similar fashion as the Wight did to his body. He didn't have time to figure out the cause of his death because the sight made him run back to his home and lock himself up in his room. He didn't talk about the kid to anyone, nor ask anyone about the kid. He's kept it to himself for a few years now. No other instance like that has happened.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
    More Thinking or Feeling: He tends to act with his heart rather than his head.
    Selfish or Selfless: He is selfless when it comes to helping his neighbour, though selfish when he has to choose between a stranger and family or himself.
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: He thinks low of himself though puts on a happy face for all his customers.
    - Others: He values the business from strangers, always welcoming them with open arms.
    - Friendship: Not as important as family, though welcomed if it presents itself to him.
    - Love: A major goal of his is to get married and have a family. Love is the most crucial.
    - Religion: Not important in his life at all. His concerns rest solely with the inn his father left for him to take care of.
    - Country: If it weren't for the city he lived in, he wouldn't have what he has today, so he considers it semi-important.
    - The World: The world as a whole does not affect him in the slightest. The least important with the exception of Religion.

    Superstitions: Anything small that can fit in the size of his hand with a light green color is considered evil.
    Method of Handling Anger: He takes out great anger in his house above the inn, though keeps calm and collected around unruly customers disturbing his business.
    Admirable Traits: Polite and positive, very well-spoken and considered great company.
    Negative Traits: Pessimistic in terms of his own self, loud and crude in company he's comfortable around.
    Prejudices: He holds no prejudices to any, though weighs caution near undead.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: His nightmares overwhelm him, and his father's inability to work concerns and pains him.
    Mental Disturbances: No mental disturbances. Just nightmares.
    Philosophy of Life: He lives his life one day at a time, taking in all the work and customers he can to his inn. He lives with a positive outlook that things might get better someday.

    IV. Skills & Talents
    Talents: His greatest talent is a keen sense of hearing. In a loud room with a bunch of drunks, everyone yapping away, if a bottle were to fall on the other side of the room, he'd be able to hear it. If robbers were sneaking up to his inn, he could wake from a cold sleep to hear them approach. His hearing has saved his life once before, and probably will safe his life again someday.

    Skills: He's exceptionally great at cooking and maintaining cleanliness in his work environment. Though he needed to practice, a great business came from his efforts.

    V. Social
    Political Alignment: He is a citizen of Howldon and lives in the Earlford district, living in an apartment above his inn.
    Religion: He shares no religious alignment or belong to any religious group.
    Job/Class: Inn Keeper. He inherited the business from his father after he was unable to continue work due to illness.
    Family: His father and mother are middle class citizens, living with him in their apartment above the inn at the harbour. He holds them in high regard and would do anything for them.
    Relationships: He holds a few women close to him, unsure of who he'd want to pick for a suitable life partner.

    Noted accomplishments: He once saved an important political figure in Howldon from an assassination attempt by an unknown source, simply by accidently bumping into the man and halting his step before a masked man could jump out and slit his throat. He was thanked and given a small reward.
    - Famous/infamous: Besides him saving the political figure, there are no real great accomplishments to make him famous or infamous.

    Hobbies: He enjoys reading up on Magick in old books, wondering how to use it and hoping to one day be given the chance to do so.
    Pets: He owns no pets, though enjoys the company of them.

    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory: He carries a standard pistol on him at all times, no matter where he is.
    - Wealth/Possessions: He pays taxes on his inn and gives himself a small income. His business staying alive is his insurance on his home above the inn.
    - Land: He owns the White Wind Inn, located at the Harbour in Earlford.

    - Languages Spoken: He speaks common tongue.
    - Literacy: He is able to read and write exceptionally. He once went to Howldon University and studied in technology before his father had fallen ill. He had a side interest in Magick.

    VI. Background/ History:

    Daggoth Radon Woolseye was born on October 12th, 340. Growing up, the boy had a fair childhood. He was taken great care of by his parents, and was able to enjoy life to the fullest at home, about in the city, and in school. When time came to further his education, he decided to apply for the Howldon University, where he was surprisingly accepted into their halls and was to be given the best education in Nyxheim. Life couldn't get much better than this.

    That is until his father had fallen ill to disease. Though the man made a full recovery, he could no longer lift heavy objects and work in such a busy environment as an inn. Faced with no other choice, Dagger had to drop school and work in stead of his father, claiming the White Wind Inn as his own place. Though he's saddened and disappointed in his inability to complete his education, as well as his parents are devastated for making him take this path, Dagger found a happy compromise in the people and regulars who came to his inn.

    He earns enough to be able to pay for his taxes, and the inn is popular enough to draw in a lot of revenue. In short, he was a great success, and was a considerable match for a suitor by many women his age. Though he's gone through many girlfriends, he's kept a few friends close by, in the case he were to make a decision and finally settle down. Life was beginning to look up as he drew to his 21st birthday when sales were as high as they've ever been.

    Then the nightmares begun. The night of his birthday, a bright green flash was seen in his dream, followed by death and decay everywhere. Most dreams were peaceful, but that same dream always returned, and even gave appearance to a Wight causing all this destruction. Not knowing what it could mean, he turned towards paranormal help and decided to seek refuge in those who could interpret his dreams and nightmares.

    “You have a great destiny...This world is not for you...You will leave this world by your next day of birth...And in your stead, bring forth that which causes you great misery in your dreams...He will roam this world, and your spirit will stay by his side...It is your destiny to become the harbinger of great destruction!”

    Ignoring the words of the old fortune teller, mostly due to paranoia of his words, he decided to continue on with his life without another thought in the world.

    Never did he tell anyone of his trip to the old fortune teller.

    Never could he even think of bringing forth such a terrible creature the old fortune teller spoke of.

    Never would he imagine in his lifetime that the old fortune teller's words would ring true through a series of events to come.

    The events of his final days.

    VII. Past Storylines:


    VIII. Merit Purchases:


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