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    Dr. Elina Monteux


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    Dr. Elina Monteux Empty Dr. Elina Monteux

    Post  ElinaMonteux on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:03 pm

    Name: Elina Monteux

    Alias/Nickname: “Stephanie”

    Birthdate: September 14th, 293 This has never been very important to Elina, but if one were to ask, she would no doubt readily give the information.

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Astounding beauty in mind and body only remotely provides an after-image of Elina. Her hair color changes on a regular basis, but not excessively. She does favor a blond color because it compliments her piercing blue eyes. A slender figure, Elina is stronger than she lets on. Years walking the streets have given her a sense of self and devotion to classy appearance in the day hours. She is normally the best dressed for any occasion, even at the lab, and cannot shy away from the spotlight. Acquainting some amount of fame has also helped her gather her image as she looks at herself on the cover of a local magazine. Elina is confident, beautiful, and attractive to all persons.

    Personality: Everything Elina does is in the pursuit of knowledge. However, a causal onlooker, and even her most trusted of friends, cannot see that in her everyday action. The simple act of putting on makeup, commuting to work, and even breathing are constantly being self-analyzed. Everything she does, and everything she will ever do, is for the sake of bettering her knowledge base. And, as she puts it, with mind comes body. She does not flaunt her excessive good looks by day, but is always looking for reactions among those attracted. Elina does not believe in frivolousness assigned to pointless meaning.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Political Alignment: Elina grew up in an unnamed suburban home, but eventually was transferred into the primer educational system of Howldon. That is where she currently resides.

    Languages Spoken: It wouldn’t take much effort to learn a new language. Elina knows, that even at her age, neuro-linguistic development is highly likely for someone of her stature.

    Job/Class: Not a single living creature with the exception of Elina knows her whereabouts at all times. In the day, Elina is constantly seen in the most prominent lab of Howldon. Exploring her fathers works and detailing them even further. The head of an esteemed research foundation, Elina is always busy leading, teaching, and providing for pupils.

    All ends at sunset.

    Occasionally putting on a lavish strawberry-blond wig in an attachment to curls, Elina always styles her hair just so it accents, but doesn’t overpower, her new outfit. Elina takes to the streets of Howldon by nightfall. Not a single sole has been cursed with the knowledge that Dr. Elina Monteux is, in fact, a prostitute. All in the slums know her as Stephanie.

    Inventory: Other than a standard make-up bag, Elina does not keep the same things on her person at all times. Many of her prized positions are stored at her family’s home in a quiet suburb near Howldon. Many local inhabitants and fellow colleagues have said: “Stephanie can get anything from anywhere, at any time.”

    Talents: A surprising ability to be knavish and thieving is only undermined by her fantastic knowledgeable prowess. Even then, in the midst of her discoveries in all scientific fields, Elina cannot fathom what her life would be like without her marvelous sexual talents. Many men have tried to withstand the urge to not cheat on their spouse again with Elina, but so far, all of them keep coming back. Elina is, needless to say, very good in bed and even better in the laboratory. Her years of prostitution have developed her ‘tertiary’ mind, as she puts it. This is the only reason why she walks the streets. Elina is petitioning herself out for no more than to broaden her on-the-spot environmental and colloquial knowledge. Highly regarded in high-society for her knowledge base; highly regarded in low-society for her sexual genius. Elina is a master at everything she does.

    Skills: Elina can put things together seemingly out of nowhere.


    Some of the biggest philosophical and ethical questions of this period may be raised on scientific frontiers. As we gain a better understanding of the deep structure of space, time, magic, and the wilder “micro-world,” Theoretical Geologist and Physicist, Dr. Elina Monteux paints a fascinating picture of how we might be changed by what we do not know.

    “Even empty space has a kind of structure. And we don’t understand that at all. In fact, most scientists would guess that empty space does have a structure, but on a tiny-tiny scale. There are many ideas, and one of the festinating ideas is that if you could chop up space into little tiny structures, what we once thought is a point in space, is actually a tightly wrapped origami of magic and science.”

    Ethics, Magic, Finite Structure, and High-Deities, sound like science fiction, but these are all matters of real scientific inquiry. Dr. Elina Monteux is a Theoretical Geologist and Molecular Physicist who spends her life contemplating such things. A listener may be strangely comforted by her insistence that we, ourselves, are the most complex phenomena by far. Although, says Dr. Elina, “we’re probably not the apex of history. “ She points at philosophical frontiers and ethical frontiers, that citizens and scientists, religious and non-religious, must enter together, and with humility all around.

    “If science teaches me anything, it teaches me that even simple things, like an atom, are very hard to understand. And that makes me skeptical of anyone who claims to have ‘the last word’ or a complete understanding of any deep aspect of reality.”

    Dr. Elina Monteux holds the honorary title of “Physicist Royal.” She is currently the president of Howldon’s “Scientific Society,” the most influential scientific fellowship of which many famous names, including Dr. Castel Monteux, belonged. She recently drew criticism from scientists and religious believers when she accepted the “Canterbury Prize,” for her discoveries on the Relative Power of each metal. The Canterbury Prize honors an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s magical dimension. Interestingly though, Elina is atheist. As one would quickly learn when talking to Elina, she has little interest in science and magic battle, or ‘science religion dialogue’ per-say.

    She’s much happier reflecting on unexpected discoveries in her lifetime, and bringing these interpretations to relief, as a subject for common life.

    “It happened early, I decided that I wanted to do some kind of science. But by a series of lucky accidents, actually, I ended up doing Geology and Physics.”

    Born of a faceless loving mother in the suburbs of Howldon, Elina Monteux always knew her father was the famous Dr. Castel Monteux, but never shared this fact with a single soul. The search for her father encompasses her everyday life, her nightlife, and most of all, her scientific intuition.

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