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    Delsaren Eldvindir


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    Delsaren Eldvindir Empty Delsaren Eldvindir

    Post  Del on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:58 am

    Biographical Data

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    Given Name: Delsaren Eldvindir.
    Nicknames and Aliases:
    • The wretched spear - A title given to him on the streets of Howldon, most commonly recognized by his trademark trident, Delsaren thinks of the moniker to be fit for what he is aiming to become.
    • D - The name he prefers to be called, ever since he was a young lad. No one knows exactly why he calls himself this however it has caught on and now most just call him by his nickname.

    Gender: Delsaren is a male and there is no common mistake that he is one, all those that do make that mistake end up with a broken nose.
    Birthdate: 15th of July 343, 19 years of age.
    Race: Delsaren appears to be human and is for the most part; however, people often comment on his pointed ears and even though Delsaren can make excuses up most of the time to hide his true linage, Delsaren is only half human while his other half is a wood elf. A hybrid of both races, but his human features are more noticeable then his elven.

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    Post  Del on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:12 am


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    Byakuran - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    - Height: 5”7’inches.
    - Weight: 154lbs.
    - Hair Colour/Style: Silverish/corn-silk color, long however not shoulder length.
    - Eye Colour: A very odd pale lavender.
    - Skin Colour: A very beautiful tan color however holds a faded pale complexion as well.
    - Makeup: Not really make-up but war paint, Delsaren has purple war paint in the shape of a upside down crown under his right eye and up his cheek bone.
    Body Type & Physical Condition: For his age, Delsaren has a very athletic body and build. His muscles are noticeable and defined however Delsaren also has a slim physique meaning he is often mistaken for a rather week person. Although Delsaren has a good and athletic body doesn’t mean he can’t stop training, every day he finds sometime to lift some weights to keep himself in the tip-top shape he is currently in, even combat sparring with one of his few friends is helpful as it keeps his body active. The days he doesn’t train are the days he generally is plundering the skies and that in its own right is a work out by itself.
    Physical Abilities & Limitations:
    • Heightend Speed and Agility: Because of his elven heritage, Delsaren is agile and fast. Faster than the average human and wood elf, he is in a class of his own when it comes too physical agility but also mental agility as well.
    • Excellent smell: His sense of smell is better than a humans yet is not as good as a full blood elf. Because of this he can pick up on scents at a faster rate than any human however not as fast as a elf or even a efferii
    • Superior sight: Superior eyesight has granted, Delsaren to perceieve things better than both humans a elfs alike.
    • Superior intelligence: Both human and elvish races have superior intelligence and creativity for science and the arts alike. Because of this, Delsaren has a rather advanced and complex mind, this has helped in many situations that any normal person or creature would fail and get caugh and/or die.

    Physical Illnesses & Afflictions: In his current state the male has no current afflictions or illnesses. Looking after himself by eating and drinking fluids, Delsaren should be fine.
    Physical Imperfections: Although, Delsaren likes to believe he is fine in his current state he would like to bulk up a little to appear stronger. He is sick of the fact people assume he is weak because of his body build. Also his hair, while not extremely important he wants to try and style his hair differently just has never found the exact style or the time to do so.
    Clothing style:Delsaren although being a pirate doesn’t wear the traditional pirate attire but a more steam punk and modern styled of a pirate and a thug’s garb combined. His style of clothing gives off a bad boy vibe and Delsaren likes to play on that fact by wearing studded leather jackets, long cargo pants matched with a tank top. Also wearing a silver ring on both his index fingers. While one the ring is pure and untouched, the other however is engraved on the outside of the ring it has his last name, Eldvindir which in the elvish tongue means elder wind.

    Delsaren’s current garb at the time consist of a black, leather jacket that has white leather stitched together over the top of it running down the chest, shoulders and back. Along the leather which was bleached white and had metal studs pressed into it. On the shoulders of Delsaren’s jacket are larger studs with a thin but noticeable spike on each shoulder. Under his signature jacket is a white singlet (tank top) which is tucked in under his brown cargo pants and held up by a thick, black leather belt. For shoes he wears fully enclosed shoes that are white.

    Distinguishing Features: As mentioned before, under his right eye is a war paint in purple paint. The shape of a upside down crown under his right eye just moved slightly up the bottom eye lid so it’s not directly under his pupil. The three crown points are shorter on the outside with the middle point being the biggest and touching the top of his cheek bone.
    Voice: A deep and powerful voice, one that is not forgotten easily. His voice is a symbol of power, on his ship and Delsaren is often looked upon before the tides of battle for a motivational speech. While his voice is powerful it is not sinister, cynical or evil in anyway, a certain compassion comes across when Delsaren talks.
    Transformation: Currently not available.

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    Alignment: Currently Delsaren is unsure of his actions and believes you need a balance between good and evil and has a habit of being what people call wild and free thus Delsaren is a free spirit and no one can stop him. Chaotic neutral.
    Chaotic neutral can be a dangerous alignment because it seeks to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.

    Outer Goals: Ever since he was a young boy he wanted to meet his father, not his fake father but the real one that mated with his mother. Delsaren wants to ask him why he left, and show him he lived a better life without his father. Making Delsaren’s father regretting his decision of leaving the young Halfling.
    Inner Goals: Delsaren is unsure of what he wants and currently just wants and is currently contemplating on what to do next in his life, all that is certain is that he wants to fly.
    Super Objective: Everyone is given a objective at birth from the goddess, however it is up to that person or creature to figure out why they were put in this world for as no one else can tell you. Currently Delsaren is doing just that, finding what he was placed on Nyxheim to do.
    Defining Characteristic: What defines, Delsaren is not his clothing, not his actions but his personality. People see, Delsaren as a person who’s very influential with his words and actions alike, a natural born leader if you would go as far as to say that. He has the ability to think on the spot and always get out of a tight knitted situation without any problems.
    Likes/Dislikes: Aside from being active and involved in action some of the little and finer things in life are what Delsaren enjoys. Things like looking up to the stars on a warm winters night in the fields of the Evergreen, eating exotic fruit from all over the land and acquiring extreme amounts of beautiful, beautiful treasure.
    Hopes/Desires: Delsaren desires for many things that most would; fame, fortune and women however he knows very well that the superstar/rock star life is not what it appears to be and generally overrated so he also has desires for more realistic things such as lots of gold from plundering the skies.
    Fears/Phobias: Delsaren is scared of only a few things, one being demons and the second being lightning.
    Sexual Orientation: Unknown currently even to himself, every chance to be with a girl and even a guy he has passed up on. Delsaren is looking for the right person whether it be girl or boy he does not care. Pansexual is what you would call him.
    Dirty Secrets: Not exactly a dirty secret but, Delsaren doesn’t like to bring up the fact he is a Halfling.
    Introvert or Extrovert: Being the talker he is, Delsaren is an extrovert.
    More Thinking or Feeling: Delsaren thinks with his heart and always will, he is not afraid to open his mouth and yell out what he is thinking or felling.
    Selfish or Selfless: Selfish for personal gain.
    Attitudes Toward:
    - Self: Delsaren takes care of himself and likes the way he is, even if he wants to change certain parts about him.
    - Others: Delsaren doesn’t get along with people outside his circle of trust and it takes a long time for people to enter it.
    - Friendship: Delsaren has trouble making friends but the friends he does make are ones he can trust deeply.
    - Love: Currently unknown.
    - Religion: Currently unknown.
    - Country: Delsaren doesn’t hold allegiance to any country.
    - The World: The world is one big toy to explore and play with!

    Superstitions: None.
    Method of Handling Anger: Physical training.
    Admirable Traits: His strong leaderships skills and the ability to keep his mind calm during the mist of important situations.
    Negative Traits: Doesn’t know how to show his emotions upfront to others, including his mother.
    Prejudices: None, currently.
    Most Painful Things in Their Life: Taking on the quest of trying to find his father.
    Mental Disturbances: While not a actual disturbance, Delsaren doesn’t like bright colors.
    Philosophy of Life: Delsaren believes that to find adventure you must got and look for it.

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    Post  Del on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:45 am

    Skills & Talents

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    • Resourceful: Delsaren knows how to use what he has to his advantage so that he does not need other resources to do things. Mostly goes hand-in-hand with his cooking talents.
    • Cooking: Being the main cook out of the two brothers, Delsaren isn’t the best however is ample enough to possibly find a job if he wanted to. Preferring to cook things like soups and stews just because their easier to cook over a hand-made fire.

    • Charismatic: Really no need to explain that he is a man who just has a certain charm everyone loves about him. Something, Delsaren plays on a lot and uses his charm and charismatic personality to get what he wants and to get jobs done without violence. A silver tongue if you might call it such a silly name.
    • Rash thinking: More of a negative than a positive skill, he tends to think with his emotions and not his head at times (more than he should). Because of this, Delsaren’s actions are from the heart and not his head however even though they’re not logical, the skill in rash thinking comes with his actions that are always truthfull.
    • Self taught combat: He taught himself to fight and developed a unique style that only someone from the streets could learn and with his trident, Delsaren’s combat style is truly unique.


    Political Alignment: Howldon and the Evergreen however he will not fight for them.
    Religion: None.
    Job/Class: Currently a street thug.
    Family: Delsaren’s family are very poor as it’s only him and his brother and they can’t find the means to earn lots of money to put aside without spending it on them to live throughout the following days.

    Relationships: Currently there is no other significant figure, in his life besides his lovely trident, Elizabeth.

    Noted accomplishments: None worth mentioning as everyone he is noted for is false.
    - Famous/infamous: Infamous on the streets of Howldon.
    Hobbies: Delsaren likes just being in the open air and not cramped in buildings. Doing anything outside is considered part of his hobby and at night he looks up to the stars.
    Pets: None.
    - Weaponry, Armoury, and Inventory:
    • Elizabeth: Delsaren is not one to carry swords and only uses his gun in situations he needs too. Elizabeth is a trident that he saved money for quite some time to get the weapon forged. The trident is roughly 40inches in length with a diameter of 5cm.The metal used to make the three ponged spear also known as a trident are; Org for the head of the trident, Lythen for the metal pole that is finally welded onto the trident’s head so the two connect. The last metal is uncommon to see on weapons, tar in its solid state has been placed (the tiniest amounts) on the sharp tips of the trident. Because of these uncommon modifications if you would call them that, the trident is able to channel large amount of electrical volts in the three points. Delsaren is not affected by the volts of electricity because on the shaft that is connected to the tridents head is a thick rubber grip that just doesn’t just stop, Delsaren from getting electrocuted but also gives him superior grip on his trident.
    - Wealth/Possessions: Besides the few articles of clothing he owns, his weapon and the expensive jewellery he has acquired, Delsaren doesn’t own much and is not wealthy at all. To get what he needs, he normally has to steal or take and never return as he likes to call it.
    - Land: None.
    - Languages Spoken: Mannish & Eldarin.
    - Literacy: He is not going to learn anything new and only reads what he can be bothered too. Not really caring for topics, Delsaren normally likes to read informative pieces on the world and about current enterprises and how they’re doing in the markets.


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    Post  Del on Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:37 am

    Background/ History:
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    Act I - Genesis
    Working the streets of, Howldon wasn’t what Isabella always wanted to do. In fact she was saving money so that she could buy a house and a decent education to get out of this job that she didn’t want to do but was the only way to get money. People attempt things they wouldn’t when they’re desperate for money. At first, Isabella vowed to stop when she had earned enough money but the wages she was getting paid was poor and she would have years before she could ever get into the course of education she wanted. It was all but a dream that was too hard to reach, and after a few years of being a lady of the night, Isabella just gave her dream up.

    Around this time Isabella meet a customer that wasn’t human but a wood elf. It was odd for a elf to want to have sexual interactions with a human however he paid a good sum of money and Isabella couldn’t refuse such coin and she already had been with another elf before and was perfectly fine with him. His name was, Dakath and that night, Dakath treated Isabella to a night of passion, romance and excitement. Or that’s what she told to her son, Delsaren.

    After the night of erotic pleasure, the man left to go back to his homeland on the Evergreen, telling Isabella that he just needed to release his frustration about his own life. At the time of course, Isabella didn’t know she had been impregnated and thus continued her life, yet when months passed and she finally found out she couldn’t do anything about it as again, it was too late. She had the child and only had a successful delivery because she had help from her friend’s mother in delivery with the little boy with lavender eyes. She named the boy Delsaren and even though he was going to be growing up on the unforgiving streets of, Howldon. Isabella was going to make sure that the boy didn’t become like her, but that as well was too much to wish for so when the boy had reached the age of four, his mother had given the boy to a orphanage for elves where he learnt to speak Eldarin and was educated to a extent by the teachers there.

    Act II - Finding Your own Path (Current Act)
    Delsaren grew up at the orphanage for most of his child hood however constantly saw his mother; she would tell him stories of how even if it was a one night stand felt like a proper relationship. Delsaren wanted to meet his father to convince him to come back because of the stories he was told, his mother really liked the wood elf. But growing up in the streets of Howldon is an accomplishment in its own right and when he was old enough o leave the orphanage, Delsaren did and started his reputation as a street brawler. At the same time, Delsaren has acquired enough money for the local weapon smith to make him a three-pronged spear, a trident which he named, Elizabeth, after the smiths beautiful daughter, so to save up more money for his goal, Delsaren went to work at a junkyard and kept his brawling career during the night. However after a few months, he was caught stealing by the junkyards owner, taking money straight out of his vault, luckily enough the owner had pity and decided not tell the guards and let him keep some of the money he took because, Delsaren had explained his current situation and goals of finding his father. Returning from the orphanage he goes and leaves as he pleases now.

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    Past Storylines:


    Merit Purchases:


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